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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

11 months ago

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Post #1403 Response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (11 months ago)

Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (11 months ago)

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#55 11 months ago

Honestly, I had a little chip on my POTC but I was in the camp of eh, not a big deal. Now, on wonka, the same issue with clear bunching up. I really didn’t notice it until my brother in law pointed it out, because he has a Beatles pin with the same issue. Truthfully, If both JJP and stern (to whatever extent they use mircos PF) are having issues, then they need to address it quickly. Both companies are getting a substandard product from the supplier, and in turn are losing sales and people’s confidence in their products.

I read that people had messaged and called mirco with zero response, but manufacturers need to nip this in the bud ASAP. There’s zero excuse for us to pay as much as we do for these pins, only to have issues like this popping up. If I was JJP or stern, I would get with mirco and figure out what has changed, because this wasn’t a problem on any pin before the last year. They’ve obviously changed something in the playfield manufacturing process and some sort of explanation is definitely warranted.

The buck obviously stops at the manufacturers, but this is starting to be a relatively serious problem. Hopefully they start to hold mircos feet to the fire, because These issues weren’t present in the years before. Whatever it is, I hope they figure it out soon.

#214 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

The main difference here is in the rare playfield issue with Stern, they replace the playfield no issues. JJP only sends out washer kit to hide the problem, not replace the playfield.

Good lord, I’ve never seen someone talk with so much authority but be completely wrong every single time....

#315 11 months ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I'm just curious how many owners actually have this type of play field issue? Both my woz and Hobbit have been perfect for years. I'm curious how many people have chipping in either Wonka or potc?

It seems like the puddling started on a few POTC and has shown up in higher frequency on wonka. DI had a few clear issues, but never actually puddled around standoffs. My WozRR, TH, and DI were perfect, but my POTC has one post with puddling, and my wonka has 3-4. Clearly it’s getting worse before it’s getting better, and that’s why they need to come down on Mirco because obviously something has changed on the PF.

#316 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

On the money comment, but watch out the JJP moles will run you down for speaking the truth.

Speaking the truth? Pfft, you’ve made a half dozen proclamations that all turn out to be wrong or simply untrue. If calling out people who don’t know what they are talking about makes someone a JJP mole then so be it.

#320 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

On the money comment, but watch out the JJP moles will run you down for speaking the truth and call you names. Lol (They probably won’t now that I’ve called them out on it. Lol)

Well, I fell for it, I actually took you seriously for a second. Just a look at your post history, with 50% more downvoted than up, and it’s 95% anti JJP vitriol. Literally almost every comment you make is trashing Not only JJP, but everyone except stern...must just be my JJP bias, pfft.

I like all pin manufacturers and all have their plus’ and minuses. I like my sterns as much as I like my JJP and CGC pins and will continue to support them all. I honestly feel bad for guys like you....spending the majority of their time on some pinball forum trying to trash someone’s business with half truths and flat out incorrect statements....shew, I couldn’t imagine being that sad and miserable. Best of luck to you, you’re clearly on a crusade and I hope it works out for you.

#739 11 months ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

My POTC CE has a ton of plays....no problems at all. Please remember that the vast majority of owners have not had problems. The ones that do, post about it. I own every JJP game and can attest to the fact that they all have perfect playfields and no issues whatsoever. I also believe that most people (other than the ones sending photos on here) have had no problems either. I just think that the manufacturers need to speak up about this problem as gambling thousands of dollars is not a fun thing to do.

My POTC has one post with a half circle of bubbling, but otherwise good. My wonka has 3-4 of the sling posts bubbled, which obviously is unacceptable. It’s definitely worse on some more than others.

I gotta say though, jimwe5t using holocaust references is pathetic and disgusting. It’s par for the course to see him running to every thread to make sure everyone knows what a rage boner he has for JJP...but when the outright lies and exaggerations aren’t enough, he drops the holocaust comparison. How pathetic.

It’s the same thing when stern has a problem, some insane JJP defenders go and troll their thread and vice versa. Truthfully, both extremes are clearly crazy, But luckily there’s a lot of levelheaded commentary with good info to be gleaned from. Hopefully the one good thing that comes from all this is that manufacturers across the board realize this is a problem, and go back to making the quality product we all expect. Everyone of them has done it right in the past, so there’s no reason to believe they can’t get it back that way moving forward.

#747 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Trying to blow off my comments by calling them conspiracy??? Pretty low my friend, pretty low.
Unless you can count all the affected people that are not on pinside what does it matter? If just one automobile has a paint issue, any auto maker stands behind it with a repainted car or your money back period. There is no tolerance at JJP prices to say only a few is okay. That is not the case with POTC and WW, even though as a fanboy, you’re trying hard to defend a sinking ship.

Dude, look at your post history...Literally 95% of them trashing JJP. For someone that doesn’t like them you sure spend a lot of time posting about them. Never mind the holocaust comparisons, but claiming people are creating accounts to come defend their manufacturer of choice? Haha project much? Honestly, I feel bad for guys like you....literally nothing better to do than post endless screeds attacking a business. It’s pathetic when people do it to stern, and pathetic when people do it to JJP. Oof, I couldn’t imagine such a sad existence. Best of luck on your mission to set the pinball world straight.

#750 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

I’ve avoided making any comment to your constant nonsense and sexual harassment till now. Your filthy mouth and trying to bring holocaust reference to this is what is low. Name the lies pal?

You posted the holocaust reference you dunce. Sexual harassment? I gotta see this...show me where I “sexually harassed” you...

You clearly aren’t playing with a full deck, are you?

#755 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

You sir are the type of person that really makes this world nasty, with zero compassion or care about your neighbor. They haven’t come yet for me to go to the gas chamber...

I’m sure you think homeless people deserve it and would never donate to help them. Doesn’t affect you right?

Just in case you forgot. I’m sure it’s difficult to remember when you’re in the middle of an 18 day rant on pinside. You can get back to it now, Don’t want to take you away from your rage crusade....

#760 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Here you go again attempting to bully and attacking me when ever you come here to post. You’re the pathetic one and it never stops from you. I hope you find happiness in your very poor treatment toward me. Is this the only way you can defend JJP’s poor business practices toward us their customers? Constantly attacking a customer that is asking for JJP to take care of us buyers?

Post a picture of your JJP’s, I don’t believe for second you own one. For someone who has so much disdain for them how could you ever own their product? It absolutely defies logic that you are an owner when you said before they would be closed by 2020? What sense would that make?

#1348 11 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Until JJP sends ONE populated playfield to ONE customer with a crap playfield, a comparison doesn't exist. Is what it is. Very, very sad.
I'll try to read (keep up w) a few of these and minimize the redundant statements. Just hoping to see a pic or report of the right thing being done.
100% out on anything JJP...might still buy Stern, as I'm confident they will eventually fix the issue.....

I haven't seen them replace a playfield, but I know of three people's machines who were replaced entirely. Two from pinside and one locally. Hell, people have even posted about it before on these post pooling threads. I would be a little more sure of things you say before you post it as fact, because clearly in this case you're wrong.

#1349 11 months ago
Quoted from rs812:

Therein lies the problem. JJP is completely ignoring the customers with this problem. Their failure to even address this issue has led to the speculation that it is too widespread to be addressed in a financially feasible manner. If JJP wants to stop the wild speculation, they should stop being silent.
And to all those that think this is not an issue because it hasn’t happened to them, why don’t you man up an offer to trade pins even up with those that have if it is really no big deal, as you continue to claim.

Hahaha good grief, trading? Pfft... Most people are in agreement it's an issue, but some people, like myself aren't going to let it stop me from enjoying the pins. I just bought a Wonka and JP, and both have pooling. I knew about the risk before hand, and again, even though I think it's an issue, I'm not going to let it stop me from enjoying my pins. Every pin I've ever had started to show wear at some point (unfortunately the newer ones don't last as long as the older ones), and if it's a major concern I'll go back to the manufacturer and hopefully they will make it right. Any issue I've ever had both stern and JJP have been very responsive, and mostly corrected the issues I had. It may of took a little longer than I preferred, but neither have left me out to dry as of yet. YMMV, but my experience has been mostly positive with most pin manufacturers.

#1365 11 months ago
Quoted from rs812:

So because you have no issues and have received good service from JJP, those that have been stonewalled are overreacting? This isn’t about wear over a long period of time, this is about NIB issues in less than a month. If you have no concerns, then why troll those that do?
If its no big deal, then trade.

Again, I said it’s an issue. Not sure how I can make that more clear. Both my New wonka and JP have pooling. Does it bother me? Sure, but I’m not letting it stop me from enjoying the pins. My POTC has one post with pooling, but the rest of the pin is solid and doesn’t really show any signs of abnormal wear after 1500 plays. If my wonka and JP start showing crazy signs of wear after 6 months, then I will take it up with my distributor and the manufacturers like I have in the past. Do I wish it didn’t happen? Sure, it’s definitely a shitty situation that needs to be corrected, and I understand those that don’t want to risk buying new pins...But asking people to trade pins because they have a different opinion than you is just foolish.

#1366 11 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I have seen populated play fields provided by stern for severe ghosting and cracking issues, in several instances. Many examples in the threads. Only basing my statement on their prior history. If they choose to abandon their prior pattern, I'd have no problem of stating " I was wrong " and also shocked.
Common knowledge they meet to discuss each case, and then address. Can't speak to that process or outcomes, but they definitely address issues, up to, and including replacing entire machines.

I was just responding to your statement that you haven’t seen jjp send out one playfield to anyone. I haven’t seen them replace a playfield, but they typically have just replaced the whole machine. I know one DI and two POTC (one was local to me) where they had them picked up and replaced. Not even disagreeing that stern hasn’t done better when it comes to sending populated playfields out, but just providing some ancillary info that JJP has done it as well.

#1373 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Don’t believe what procrastinator has to say. He’s a true fanboy and will say most anything to support his idol, JJP.

One of the guys who had his machine replaced posted in one of these “pooling” threads you dunce. My god, I guess that suspension didn’t teach you much, huh?

Again, I’m a fan of pinball, I like them all and have bought from every manufacturer. Do I need to break this down monosyllabically for you, so you finally understand? Can you say the same about the pins you supposedly own? Why don’t you post a pic of your “jjp pins” that you say you have? (You won’t because you don’t own any)..... Out of all the people here posting images or helpful information, you’re the only who continues to make statements of fact, but has been completely wrong 75% of the time.

If I was a less mature person, I would probably assume you’re some mouth breathing incel on a fifth grade reading level that spends the majority of his sad existence antagonizing people on an online forum ....BUT I would NEVER call you those things because that would be against the site rules and would be extremely rude of me. Luckily, thinking those things about you isn’t against any rules, but hopefully this will deter you from tagging me in your ridiculous future posts.

It’s always fun to put you in your place every once in a while, but clearly this isn’t a battle you’re equipped for so I will bow out. If you need me to straighten you out on anything else feel free to PM me.

#1377 11 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

All good. That's encouraging to hear on the JJP front. I'm definitely not a JJP basher, quite the opposite, nor a Stern fanboy. Just love pinball.
Probably why this whole thing bothers me so much.

No, I totally understand. Its definitely an annoying issue to even have to think about.

What’s really strange is even after being a few months old, I installed a new lane post in a untouched position in my wonka, with the included half inch size washer on a pristine portion of clear. Within a week or so it already started pooling around the edges, and I was pretty careful how tight I installed it (firm, but not cranked down). Obviously whatever is wrong with the clear seems to be more of a mix/formula error, than a simple lack of cure time. We’ve all seen the manufacturers do it right in pins before hand, so we can only hope they go back to what was working before...at least that’s the hope anyways.

1 week later
#1935 11 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

What bothers me is that the POTC owners would not be receiving free playfields if the WW ones had not been an issue. You all would have been left holding the bag or should I say, bad play field. They should have resolved it when it was first brought up years ago. Not the second time around on a new game. What about when it happens again in the future? Have they resolved it for any of the current WW owners? Actions speak louder than words. And the POTC owners had to go through a lot to get here. It should never had gone that way in the first place.
A properly run business would have resolved the issues on POTC and made changes at the production line to prevent it from happening in the future. I will give home credit for calling. But they put themselves in this position. Not the customers.

Years ago? What are you even talking about? POTC has barely been out for a year, and the first thread about pooling was made probably two months ago. Might want to check your facts because you’re completely wrong.

#1941 11 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

I don’t know why you are attacking me. I am on the side of the owners who have concerns about the quality of their PF’s. They should be fairly compensated for the position they have been placed in.

You said it has been going for years, which is wrong. It was brought to their attention 2-3 months ago and they’re handling it. Making it seem like it’s some scandal that was pushed aside for “years” is ridiculous. How exactly do you know what JJP would’ve done for POTC owners? Again, you don’t...theorizing what would’ve happened is silly when you don’t even have the facts/timetables right from the beginning.

#1942 11 months ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

Another thing you guys can do if they refuse to refund is damage the playfield more and make it look like it was natural. Also this is a lesson about why you always use a credit card to make major purchases. Worst case offer to return it and if they formally say no, run a chargeback, then they can drive and pick it up at your house if they want it back.
And before you think that's credit card fraud! Exactly the opposite, this is exactly what chargebacks were designed for, sellers that don't stand behind their products and refuse to return them.

Right, You think a CC company will fight for you over a few millimeter of flaking paint chips? Maybe some more than others, but you will absolutely be responsible for shipping it back. Haha you really believe the CC company will force the manufacturers to pick up otherwise you get a refund? Pfft, riggght

#1950 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Attacking by this person (procrastinator) is typical. Pay no attention and give trolls what they’re looking for. Ignoring them is best.

Man, you are next level...how many times do you need to be suspended until you finally learn?

I’d love for you to show how this has been an issue for “years” with JJP? You wont have an answer and will just attack me again, but if calling out Incorrect statements and habitual lies makes me a troll, then so be it, I’ll wear it with pride.

#1951 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Tis tis, delusions of grandeur only occurring in your mind. Now he thinks he represents not only JJP, but the Credit Card companies as well! Don’t you ever get tired of trolling???

Clearly you have trouble reading...I never said anything of the sort. I simply said it’s not as straightforward as some make it out to be. Try again, you actually may say something factual eventually...god knows you had enough tries.

When can we see that sweet JJP collection of yours?!? I’m totally sure you’re an JJP pin owner and have the purest of intentions in your crusade...

#1967 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Why would he contact Jack about all of his Stern playfields?

Literal lol. It’s amazing that the loudest voices in this thread are mostly the same people who have said they would never own a JJP product....it’s incredible the energy and time they have for a product they have no interest in...

#2042 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Agreed. Very excited about JPLE and have been following this closely as well. Still don’t understand some people in this thread that are willing to let any company get away with giving us defective merchandise for any reason.
I get those same JJP fanboys downvoting my legitimate concerns all the time. I’m baffled that they keep making excuses for JJP and are okay with spending big money on defective products. What they don’t get, is I hold Stern to the same standards, not just JJP. If they stop honoring legitimate problems, I will call them on it too and stop buying their product. But so far, Stern is standing behind their playfields on a case by case basis, to my knowledge.
I’m not a fan of the Stern letter of excuse (that JJP copied), that states these are unique American made products, that vary from game to game. I get that hand made items can be different from machine to machine, but a defect is a defect period. Hand made or otherwise, it’s a defect that needs to be fixed under warranty. No excuses for JJP or Stern.

To your knowledge? Can you share some of the info of who had replacement play fields sent out? I’m sure it would go a long way in assuring people there issues would be taken care of, as I haven’t seen anyone that has had a replaced populated playfield for pooling.

Everything is not black and white. No one has said this isn’t an issue and just go ahead and play on, but to act like the pins have zero value because of pooling/chipping? That’s just typical hysterics.

#2044 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

You know I can’t nor won’t share people’s personal information, no matter how much you try and bait me. Stay calm. Life is good! By site rules, you must PM me all your personal questions and concerns about my posts. They will thread eject you again if you keep this up.

So you don’t know anyone that’s gotten a replacement for the pooling issue, thanks for confirming. Not sure how that’s bait, but appreciate the info.

I have no need to PM you, not sure what that even has to do with my question? Weird.

#2049 11 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

I’m putting you on ignore and will no longer see your posts. Your obsession with me is what is weird. We were both told by the moderator to not discuss personal issues in the thread. Your going to be ejected again.

Good decision on your end.

#2071 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Just in case you are talking about me, and i assume that you are....the reason that i care is because i have two friends that were told that they were shit out of luck on their POTC games. I guess now they can get a nice phone call from Jack and a free unpopulated playfield that Jack was originally going to give them for the great price of 550 dollars.
I am also fighting for people that i don't even know who are being treated unfairly. Also i am not letting Stern off the hook either, i am not happy with them at all. Stern hasnt officially told anyone that they arent getting their games fixed yet, thats what you have to remember. JJP did that and then finally caved a little (not near enough) under public pressure.
I have two games myself that are affected and i know for a fact that there are a few people here hoping that Stern doesn't fix my games, so to anyone who feels that way l all i can say is shame on you! Do not think that i am letting Stern off the hook here because im not. I have bought 7 new games from them and i want JP and Elvira 3 but i wont buy them until theses issues are fixed and i would like them to make a statement saying so to win back my confidence as a customer.
There's one thing for sure, if i don't feel like they give me a satisfactory resolution you will not see me on here making excuses for them or taking up for them. As of right now though Stern has done everything great when i have had problems in the past so im not going to get too excited yet and start throwing them under the bus just yet. So far all of my problems that i have had have been handled in a very prompt manner and their tech guys have been awesome in helping me when i need it.

Hahah good lord, “I know for a fact some people are hoping stern doesn’t fix my issues”...you really believe that? Has someone outright said that to you? How does someone even draw that conclusion?

Edit: just to clarify, I hope anyone and everyone that thinks they deserve a replacement gets what they think is fair resolution. These pins are expensive and should’ve been right from the beginning, I think everything is at least in mutual agreement about that.

...But Since you clearly are unsatisfied with JJP’s resolution, and you have two stern pins with the pooling issue, do you feel the only resolution is two populated play fields from stern? People have said over and over that the clear will wear faster than normal, so stern replacing them seems the only legit way to solve it. I personally don’t think a populated play field is warranted in these situations, but can understand how some people do. If stern does replace both yours with populated play fields I’m sure a lot of people would feel a lot more confident with them and how they support their products. I guess we will see what happens.

#2074 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I have two games that i paid nearly 15 thousand dollars for and they have defective playfields so what do you think?

If they replace both of them I’ll be impressed. I personally think it’s a pretty tall order, especially if someone only has one or two posts with pooling, And what threshold stern would consider as normal wear and tear on a pin. Obviously pooling isn’t normal, but I don’t see someone with only a single post that shows an issue getting a populated play field. Who knows though, I have been wrong before so I guess we will see.

#2078 10 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

There are several JJP apologist on pinside: no matter what lousy product JJP puts out, they make excuses and keep asking us why we aren’t okay with chipped pooling PFs. Their mission is to uphold JJP and they try to discredit anyone that says otherwise, as they hold in their hands chipped up equipment, claiming they’re okay with it. Lol

Wow, what a Thoughtful observation, you really know how to call them.

I hope stern sends out populated play fields to everyone effected. I’ll be seriously impressed. I guess we will see if and when it ever happens for this issue.

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