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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

1 year ago

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Post #1403 Response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (1 year ago)

Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (1 year ago)

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#51 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

Okay so lets be clear, you posted in a manor that I felt was over the top. Last time I checked I can comment wherever I want to so unless the rules changed, I commented in a manor that lacked context I'll admit that I thought you were overreacting given that JJP hasn't had a chance to rectify the situation. You then decided, in order to prove some sort of point or whatever, to go and dig up a post of mine over something that actually affected gameplay at the time it happened to me (unless I'm missing something your friends issue does not affect gameplay) to mock me or whatever. The only way that happens is if you remember such a post or went digging either of which are juvenile at best so I commented accordingly.
Vitriol seems to be a bit of an over the top accusation but whatever... I have been clear that I think JJP hasn't handled any of this well going back to POTC but until your situation is given a chance to be addressed by them, I still don't see the purpose of this thread. That's my opinion of course and in no way does my opinion prevent you, or other members, from posting/creating whatever threads you chose. Think what you will, I admit my original post in this thread lacked any semblance of context and could be deemed as hostile but oh well, that's life...

Could you post some pics of your CE w no PF issues? In truth, I have not seen one...hence my cancellation of WonkaCE awhile back...

#52 1 year ago

Zero issues w my AlienLE or WOZECLE pf's.....something has changed...

#65 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

I've heard they do fill ins with Mirco, but never seen any proof, except that Stern has had the exact same clear bunching problems occasionally, too. Seen it on Iron Maiden and Beatles recently.

And plenty of threads where they sent populated play fields out under warranty.

Same thing w ghosting inserts awhile back.

People buy the games from the manufacturer w a warranty, not a parts vendor. This is squarely on them to correct, not Micro, imho.

If another vendor has to be sourced for replacement parts, so be it.

#71 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

I posted these in the other thread, but thought I would share them here...Wonka CE (12.5k)...
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Good grief...

#73 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

I pulled my wonka ce deposit over the same thing. I have a pirates ce.

How is your Pirates CE PF (hesitate to ask)?

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

and Spooky on TNA.
I can probably put up with anything in pinball except the playfield being faulty, especially when for 30 years play fields have been fine...

I think any manufacturer would be susceptible to defects. It's how they handle it ( or not) determines ultimate credibility

#81 1 year ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Great post! Lmao. Only 13 in and already making a positive impression!
Were the posts in this game the ones with sharp edges that dig into the clear? That’s what the damage looks like. If so, shame on JJP for still using them (or was this only discovered recently?).
I was pretty deflated and pissed at Stern when their playfields were having so many issues and I am now at JJP. For the cost of these games, this is so lame. How did Stern fix their problem? Or did they?

They will go as far as it takes...Numerous posts of populated pf replacements, new cabs, etc. sent under warranty. Sometimes it took some pushing, but they have always done this...

#198 1 year ago
Quoted from pingod:

There was something wrong with all three Alien play fields I had. two out of three play fields had the wear at the scoop from the ball slamming the playfield on eject.

Wear, or chipping? Early models didn't have the scoop protector.....

#266 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Not surprised. And I'm sure HEP and Kruzman are restoring PF's without the defects mentioned in this thread.
I'm sure it all comes down to time & money.


#280 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

That would be the ultimate WOZ

It is......that machine (including the pf) is beautiful, and plays outstanding. That machine will always be the bar for JJP, imho....sadly.

#356 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

"Oh mighty Stern you can do no wrong, take my money sight unseen for I know you can never disappoint me". The Stern fanboy pledge and you sir are the new #1 lol. Give it a rest.
Look at this, what's happening on a new Jurassic Park Pro?
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Let's just see how they handle it vs. JJP.

None of this came to serious light in serious #`s until POTC. They are ALL f**ked up to differing degrees...

This one actually DOES boil down to the 2 manufacturers....

One has sent populated pf's...Not all the time, but true.

The other has sent washers....Yet to see a single populated pf sent....

I'm a pinball fanboy, not Stern, JJP, etc.

Ridiculous....Hunt down the line for an occasional Stern, or ask for a single picture of a POTC around the slings that looks OK.

Terrible for the hobby...period

#360 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I agree. JJP won't do anything as they can't afford the hit to send out populated playfields. I was hoping someone at JJP months ago would have told Micro to straighten this out. Something changed with the way playfields were being made between Dialed In and Pirates.

+1 for an honest assessment.... still sad, and feel terrible that some spent this kind of $$$

#368 1 year ago

Reading all this makes me grateful for the games I have, and won't be buying any NIB for awhile...

#391 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I haven't seen anyone getting a new populated PF or free PF for GOTG, Beatles, etc? If I have missed them replacing all these problem PFs, please link it to us? I think the GB playfield is the only place I saw this happen, but haven't seen anything on the other titles of PF replacement.

I've been told it's happening by several pinsiders via PM...granted it's a process and pita, but they do replace them if under warranty....

#432 1 year ago
Quoted from dung:

Yeah about Stern sending those playfields out... Might want to talk to some of the owners. I know of one LE owner who had ghosting in the first 20 games and it took a year of fighting stern to get the pf replaced.

But they did eventually swap it. They dealt with it, albeit a pita, as I've said multiple times. And I have talked to a few pinsiders that went through the process.

Has there been a single populated JJP POTC pf swap under warranty?

Is there really a single POTC that doesn't have pf problems?

Both answers equal zero.....beating a dead horse here...truly can't believe this is happening...

#455 1 year ago
Quoted from MrBally:

I recall one or two WoZ and one Hobbit were talked aboot getting new drop-in playfields on pinside or RGP awhile back.

Seems I remember a WOZ too...mine ( Mirco I'm guessing) is still in amazing shape on my ECLE. All the worse now, as something's going on, obviously

#456 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Welp, one day later and it's no longer "pooling," now it's "chipping." Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk
This is seriously annoying. 5 weeks. Five freaking weeks.
[quoted image]

Very sorry to hear/see this

#652 1 year ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Everyone needs to calm down. Problem is being handled and they will eventually make a statement. I support JJP and will buy a wonka.

They handled it w washers on POTC, and have had more than enough time to do the right thing.

I also cancelled my POTC CE, as well as Wonka CE when it was obvious there was no intent of addressing the issue.

Commending richiewrench for taking a stand...speaks volumes....

Something wrong in JJP land, is what it is

#655 1 year ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Everyone needs to calm down. Problem is being handled and they will eventually make a statement. I support JJP and will buy a wonka.

They've made a statement. Been making one for quite some time. Have a feeling this latest is going to hit pretty hard.

#672 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

JJP response has been “buy another bad playfield unpopulated for $550”
Stern response is
I’m loving JJP less these days :/

Exactly.....Stern does stand behind it's product, and though a pita, will send populated pf's, cabs, whatever, if you bitch enough (sometimes you don't even have to).

Paranoia over spike board availability? imagine what a Cl**ster F**K it would be if you couldn't get proprietary JJP boards!!! Does anyone even sell these outside of direct from factory?

I'm still amazed that people are thrilled to pay for the 2.0 board upgrade....think about it...making people pay for replacement boardsets that were crap when they bought the machine. I'm not thinking about it anymore...this is completely out of control, and been going on since inception. Eyes super wide open now....

#673 1 year ago

If I hear one more time "most innovative, best built machines"......sick of this shit....really am

#721 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

And I thought I over-reacted over things... By all means, make a Mt Everest out of ant hill if you must but it's pretty comical and hysterical to see someone freak out over something that hasn't affected them. Yes yes everyone, flame me if you want but I can only go on what has actually affected me and I have absolutely zero reason to even question JJP or think that my WONKA CE will be anything less than absolute perfection. Now if the CE turns out to be an LE with a different color and some glitter than I'm out anyways simply over the absurd delay we've been experiencing...
I'm not saying any of this is okay or acceptable, I've been very clear on that. But, it hasn't happened to me so to me it's inappropriate and ridiculous to speculate on what would happen or what has happened to others based on what they chose to share in an online forum... Grab your pitch forks if you require, if it makes you feel better or whatever, but not me...

Pics of the sling posts around your POTC CE please......

#724 1 year ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

Mint POTC CE[quoted image][quoted image]

love to see under those huge washers, or after the game has had a few hundred plays on it

#732 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

There are a good number of Pirates that never had this issue

There are many, many, many that do have the issues, as talked about endlessly in the threads that are not being replaced but sent washers to temporarily hide the mess.

There was no bigger JJP fan than me, and after massive support from Eric and effort on my part, my ECLE is electronically stable. It still has a beautiful playfield, and will keep it until my entire lineup is sold at some point down the road.

It is, however, the last JJP I will ever buy. Had so wanted a Pirates and Wonka.. Out of this thread, and admire those that are speaking out with their wallets.................

#1298 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

What did JJP do when the POTC chipping and pooling happened?

Discontinued the game, realizing with this, and the mound of other problems, they could never fix all of it and stay fiscally solvent. Just on to the next. Unfortunately choosing to ignore the pf problems.

Stern has and will send populated play field replacements. They've done it before, and will do it again. Fact.

#1300 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Potc was discontinued because they underestimated demand, didn’t have parts to continue for another run and had to move to wonka. It really wasn’t until they announced they were stopping production that demand for the game increased. My potc from the last run earlier this year does not have any playfield issues and the only issue I’ve had is with the camera, which was promptly replaced. It barely needed any adjustments. I think I had one opto and the upper flipper that I had to adjust.

Demand didn't show until they announced they weren't making it anymore ( you even mention it in your post)...Everybody wants what they can't have. After a 2 year wait, no one really cared anymore. Not the thread for all of that, but if the demand was so over the top, it would still be running....Business 101....

And I stopped reading the repair thread after a few thousand posts, including the part where the defective play fields ( face it, in the hundreds). Maybe they do ship corrected populated play fields to regain the credibility, excitement that was genuinely earned/deserved w WOZ....who knows...situation is bad, and anyone denying it...well, is in denial.

#1317 1 year ago

Until JJP sends ONE populated playfield to ONE customer with a crap playfield, a comparison doesn't exist. Is what it is. Very, very sad.

I'll try to read (keep up w) a few of these and minimize the redundant statements. Just hoping to see a pic or report of the right thing being done.

100% out on anything JJP...might still buy Stern, as I'm confident they will eventually fix the issue.....

#1363 1 year ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

I haven't seen them replace a playfield, but I know of three people's machines who were replaced entirely. Two from pinside and one locally. Hell, people have even posted about it before on these post pooling threads. I would be a little more sure of things you say before you post it as fact, because clearly in this case you're wrong.

I have seen populated play fields provided by stern for severe ghosting and cracking issues, in several instances. Many examples in the threads. Only basing my statement on their prior history. If they choose to abandon their prior pattern, I'd have no problem of stating " I was wrong " and also shocked.

Common knowledge they meet to discuss each case, and then address. Can't speak to that process or outcomes, but they definitely address issues, up to, and including replacing entire machines.

#1368 1 year ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

I was just responding to your statement that you haven’t seen jjp send out one playfield to anyone. I haven’t seen them replace a playfield, but they typically have just replaced the whole machine. I know one DI and two POTC (one was local to me) where they had them picked up and replaced. Not even disagreeing that stern hasn’t done better when it comes to sending populated playfields out, but just providing some ancillary info that JJP has done it as well.

All good. That's encouraging to hear on the JJP front. I'm definitely not a JJP basher, quite the opposite, nor a Stern fanboy. Just love pinball.

Probably why this whole thing bothers me so much.

#1388 1 year ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

No, I totally understand. Its definitely an annoying issue to even have to think about.
What’s really strange is even after being a few months old, I installed a new lane post in a untouched position in my wonka, with the included half inch size washer on a pristine portion of clear. Within a week or so it already started pooling around the edges, and I was pretty careful how tight I installed it (firm, but not cranked down). Obviously whatever is wrong with the clear seems to be more of a mix/formula error, than a simple lack of cure time. We’ve all seen the manufacturers do it right in pins before hand, so we can only hope they go back to what was working least that’s the hope anyways.

Yep, from what I hear from a VERY skilled restorer, if the problem isn't showing yet on POTC, it definitely will. No such thing as an unaffected game w these, just a matter of time. Very, very sad.

#1420 1 year ago


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