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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

3 months ago

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#174 89 days ago

I guess I dodged a bullet because my hobbit play field is good. But I will not buy a nib from JJP or stern until they address with HOW they have corrected the issue and a commitment to customers it won't happen again. Until then HUO for me with close inspection or a game built more than 4 years ago.

This effects all of us that are buying new pins.

#275 89 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Have had zero issues with nearly a dozen NIB purchased Sterns. Not sure why you’re putting Stern in the same category as JJP? Purchased a NIB JJP with no issues as well, but that table had been in the box for months, so clear coat was fully dried/cured.

JJP certainly has issues and Stern does too (to a much lesser degree - but still unacceptable levels in my opinion).

You stated that you are trying to keep JJP fanboys from lessening the severity of the issues by looping in Stern. I did not do that. I am not a JJP or Stern fanboy. In fact, I would not recommend anyone buy a NIB JJP POTC or Wonka at all until the PF issues are corrected during manufacturing. Don't buy them. As for Stern, I will not buy a Stern NIB if the playfields are made by Mirco.

I am not going to buy a used pinball (Stern or JJP) that have this issue - and I am not going to roll the dice and get a NIB right now from JJP OR Stern. Buy at your own risk at this point.

#277 89 days ago
Quoted from dashv:

ECLE? Forgive my n00b-ness.
The new 75th Red has such a nice topper. But those aren’t out yet right?

Ruby Reds were sold years ago - I guess you can still find them NIB. Not sure. The RR (built 2+ years ago) and WOZ ECLE (with the 2.0 upgrades) 'should'? be OK.

#369 88 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Your friend would be wise to blow them out just like many of us have done. Too much money to be lost on current JJP machines in the resale market. Stern is the giant of the industry and still cannot understand why JJP and Stern are put even in the same discussion. Fanboys don’t like the truth.

With comments like this it is laughable when you call others fanboys. Also you seem to think all your opinions are the 'truth'.

JJP pin owners don't need to 'dump' their collections...jeez man.

#397 88 days ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Giving even a free unpopulated, let alone $500, playfield is a non starter. Playfield swaps are for lunatics (having done a couple). For an issue that will get worse...I can see it if people are nitpicking but if this stuff is going to worsen over time they need to do full replace gratis or buy the entire game back.

I agree - I don't want to do a PF swapout where I had to remove everything.

If I had a machine that had that defect I would request a replacement populated PF. If that didn't work I would ask/buy a replacement un-populated PF and then turn around and sell the pin to someone who is aware of the issue beforehand and is willing to do the swap (and let the new buyer get the 'hopefully' free PF). And then I would get another title, or (reluctantly) find another that didn't have the issue. Of course I would take a hit on the sale, but my only other options are:

1. Live with it
2. Hope that the manufacturer replaced with a populated PF
3. Sell it for a loss

All sound pretty bad to me

#399 88 days ago

This thread may help - as I would expect Stern and JJP to reject any bad PFs BEFORE they use it. CLOSE Inspection before and after assembly. Don't send another out with these issues.

#407 88 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

WHAT does this mean????????????

I think it means, what is the recommended way to replace the chip (if he has it) and try to prevent it from getting worse.

My course of action, if I didn't get better advice, would be to see if I can place it exactly where it was before, and cover with mylar.

#410 88 days ago
Quoted from jadziedzic:

Water-thin super glue to adhere it to the playfield, then a layer of clear mylar above.

If you go the super glue route make sure to use the absolute smallest amount possible (and then try to make it less than that). And don't apply directly from the tube, apply with a pin or toothpick to reduce the possibility of spreading the glue. My .02

#444 87 days ago

Think about the children!!!

#515 87 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Valid points and certainly many good questions there.
The interesting thing with the Stern games is all the recent builds that suffer from these same issues is that I’ve seen more good games out in the wild that are defect free and this is likely due to the different vendors being used.
It would do the hobby good if one of these vendors was able to chime in on why this is happening to some but not all games.
I’m sure Stern uses multiple vendors simply due to the sheer volume of games they build but clearly not all to the same std. or are they and one vendor is just better at their craft?

I would 'think' that even though Stern does use multiple PF vendors - they don't have different PF vendors for the same game. Anyone know if they have different PF vendors for the same game? Or do they give the business to a single PF manufacturer for each game?

#516 87 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

The part I don't get is they HAD the playfield "secret sauce" dialed in at the end of the ECLE WoZ era and ALL the Hobbit era which had almost completely trouble-free playfields, then they they CHANGED SOMETHING (who knows what?) and produced brittle Dialed Ins followed by pooling jjPotC and Wonka with ink adhesion problems.

I agree on the Hobbit PF's - I don't know anyone that has reported an issue with those PFs.

As for mine - I, and guests, have played the hell out of it over the last 3 years and PF looks fantastic. No pooling, chipping, and only very minor dimpling (as expected). Hell, it still looks shiny and new to be honest.

If Micro did that PF - and I think they did - they should not have changed a thing because that PF is freaking perfect.

#520 87 days ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Jumping can lead to contusions though.

This issue is giving me a contusion ...

#533 87 days ago
Quoted from woody76:

exactly this right here, if this is what we get then we should be able to buy direct from Stern/JJP or whoevcer for lower price.

I ordered by Hobbit direct from JJP for 8K (5K to preoder, and rest on ship). But that was way back in 2014 in the preorder days.

They allowed me to upgrade to Smaug for no additional cost, back then they were going for 9K (instead of 8.5K for the LE).

I didn't even think of asking for a non-distributor discount...and I bet there isn't such a thing anyway.

2 weeks later
#1902 72 days ago

Best of luck to those that have an affected playfield by either company.

I think JJP - and to a lesser extent Stern - doesn't have the ability to do recalls, or send populated playfields, out to customers at the scale that apparently the problem suggests. I think they will correct the issue going forward to keep the company going. A pinball manufacturer can't last too long if they can't sell any new pinball machines.

Hoping for the best for you guys - but fearing the worst. Which is they just try to let this blow over with minimizing replacements - and making sure they get the next pins out the door with the proper clear coat.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer

#1912 72 days ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

No, the clear on my White Water and Creature Mirco playfields look thinner than the clear on these JJP playfields. JJP gives their suppliers specifications for the parts to be made to, and I would think it would be no different for playfields, but who knows for sure?

I would guess that neither Stern or JJP directed or provided specifications to Mirco about how to do the playfields, and they got burned. I'll bet they have much better PF quality control and rejection rate after this debacle.

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