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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

3 months ago

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Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (3 months ago)

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#108 3 months ago
Quoted from Chicoman:

I've heard their playfields are being made in China. Not sure if there's any truth to that rumor but that could explain it. Hey what do you expect for almost $10k?

I’d like to hear more about this possibility. Maybe Mirco is outsourcing the PFs to China and keeping it quiet. I would guess something is new and has changed in the PF process. To let this continue on and on like this JJP deserves whatever negative comes their way. I want all the pin companies to succeed but this is certainly in the category of taking advantage of customers.

#133 3 months ago

People should just boycott NIB machines. Some manufacturers can’t be trusted to do the right thing even after an obvious defect is present. This is only going to get worse. What till all these machines with bad PF’s hit the market in numbers. Those with bad PF’s will sell for a lot less and in some cases people won’t want them at all. I know I wouldn’t take one. These manufacturers who are not taking care of customers or resolving know defects have a tidal wave of **** coming their way. They would be smart to stop the bleeding now or pay a heavier price later.

#281 3 months ago
Quoted from swanng:

How about allowing the playfields to completely cure and outgas before populating them?

I highly doubt this is the issue even though so many keep saying it. JJP would have fixed this issue if it was just curing time. If the mix/process is not right the clear will NEVER fully cure. I would say this is closer to the problem than curing time. Let’s just say Mirco wants everyone to think it is curing time to get him off the hot seat. I believe it’s his process that is the problem....

#543 3 months ago

And yet another question is if these issues are caused by a switch to water based clears then shouldn’t all the PF’s using this method be pooling/chipping? Confused by the fact some people are saying their clear is good and not pooling. The plot thickens.

#548 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Exactly what I was getting at with Stern using different vendor and even different vendors on same license. How can many Beatles be perfect with no issue and all of a sudden boom we have a batch that is all jacked up. Different vendor and different process is my suspicion. Does Stern actually dictate the type of clear coat and process that must be used on their games or do they just say to x, y and z vendor...hey we need 250 pf’s made to each of them and let them do their thing however that may be? I’m guessing the later.

For Stern yes but what about some saying their POTC PF is fine. How does that work if they are all Mirco?

#592 3 months ago

Needs more research ^^^^^^^

#752 3 months ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

I agree Richie! Maybe JJP should let people know those numbers. It might resume people’s confidence.

If the number of affected PF’s is so small then why is JJP not quietly taking care of those with the PF clear issue. And why radio silence on a very small number of defects. Why? Because I believe the number is large. JJP’s behavior and lack of action speaks volumes. They thought this was just like the dimpling scenario and they would get away with this. And now people are canceling orders. All over a few people with PF issues? I think not.

#762 3 months ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Yes and you’ll cause them to go out of business. Good job! I think they heard everybody now. Hopefully they will be able to solve the problem. Time to give it a rest.

And this is exactly the attitude that gave the pin manufacturers the confidence to push things to the breaking point with customers. If they go out of business it will be because of bad business. Period. The pin business gets more leeway than any other high priced product I’ve ever seen. People have let them cut back and water down for years now. And now the heart of the whole machine can be garbage? Doesn’t get more serious than that for me.

#1118 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Any idea when?

As soon as Jack can get a signal....

#1124 3 months ago
Quoted from dts:

One of the technical support guys at JJP earlier this afternoon. I usually talk with Frank, but he was out.

So they admitted they have a problem with their clear?

#1148 3 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

That wound be absurd. You guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill with this clear coat stuff. It's embarrassing.

What? Bad clear on a PF is a mole hill. I can’t think of anything worst for a pin. Care to give me some examples of what would be a worse issue than this? This is the mountain. Not knowing or admitting that is what I would consider embarrassing.

#1156 3 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Good luck convincing anyone other than an anal pinsider that this is a big deal.
Anal Pinsider says "Stand close, lean in and look right here. Can you see it? It's right there. Isn't that horrible? Think I should sue?"
Normal guy says "Umm. Yeah. Maybe you should get some help. Can I play now?"

It’s such a small deal that Stern has taken the large expense of sending out populated PFs for the same issue of pooling then chipping. Now why in the world would they do something like that for what you claim is a tiny issue. Answer: they absolutely wouldn’t send populated PFs out unless they knew it was bad and wouldn’t be good for them in the public eye.

#1283 3 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Nothing but respect to Spooky...I wasn't much of a Spooky fan before, but playing ACNC this year and seeing how hard Spooky works to do the right thing earns them a ton of respect from me.

Spooky is also now on my radar. Like what I am hearing from them.

#1337 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

You guys realize that letter says nothing about chipping or rippling?
It does cover many of the other issues we’ve seen over the years though such as ghosting, crazing, dumpling etc.....
This isn’t what these threads are about and that letter doesn’t even touch on that the real issue.
Hope bout all us who bought games prior to this letter?
Seriously hope this isn’t the official response that was coming because if so they are really doubling down on their fuck up and could be the nail in the coffin.

That letter looks like they are doubling down to me. Good luck to them when they lose half the orders for their machines if they don’t make people with defective PF’s whole.

#1696 3 months ago

So if my machine literally burst into flames when I pull the plunger then I have a legitimate gripe and can complain. Got it. Sorry for my overreaction.

#1786 3 months ago

Since the tourney guys think they are the ones saving pinball maybe they should all buy a NIB JJP/Stern in an act of solidarity to support the pin companies that can apparently do no wrong. I mean someone will have to make up for all the lost sales of the lowly collectors. Let’s go tournament guys...JJP/Stern need a sign of real support....your money.

#1795 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Nothing like hyperbole to put the icing on your mistakes. The typical “us verse them” crap again. Events and shows != tournaments

My guess is a lot of the tournament guys are more concerned with their social community and their pinball personality that now makes them somebody. Or so they think. That ain’t going to pay the bills at JJP/Stern. You and the rest of the gatekeepers might have to actually pry open your wallets and help save pinball. Again......lol.

#1972 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It doesn’t matter what “side” you are on,... you don’t get to makeup facts to support your POV. He was calling out your incorrect statements about the age of this problem.

Exact age aside JJP and Stern have known about this problem for some time and were knowingly sending out machines with bad PF’s. Once you know you shut it down until you figure it out. Sorry if that’s bad for bottom line but if you knowingly put out a defective product you are liable in a court of law. Truth. The customers caught them putting out a defective product. That’s why these manufacturers are going to change course. It’s certainly not because they are nice for Christ sake. You and others trying to nitpick certain facts can’t cloud the big picture here. The manufacturers where trying to put one over on its customers and got caught doing it. When the manufacturers didn’t fix the PF issue as soon as THEY noticed it they were in the wrong. That’s where the gloves come off for me personally.

#1974 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

No, again, you have flawed idea that 'if you counter me, you are against the big picture'. No, just because you are on the correct path, that doesn't mean you get to just make up whatever you want to help justify it.
Even the righteous need to be accurate. Hyperboyle, flailing, and flat out wrong facts, do not aid the cause -- they undermine it.

True however some people will use small inconsistencies to try to discredit people when they are losing the larger discussion at hand. Maybe he didn’t have the time frame on this issue exactly right but the time frame was long enough to have it on POTC and then continue with WW. Plenty long enough to be the wrong thing to do by JJP. Overall he had it right because they knew long enough and did nothing about it.

#1976 3 months ago

Accuracy certainly matters. I consider myself very detail oriented. However in this case what is the difference between knowing you had the clear issue on the previous title and didn’t fix it for the next and knowing you had the issue for 2 years. You say the poster was just trying to keep him honest but it seems like he was trying to discredit him to me. I have seen it many times on forums. So have you.

1 month later
#2199 50 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

To be clear (no pun) it's not that I don't care, it's that it's not enough to stop me having fun and buying them, especially if the issue is small enough I can cover it (as it was with POTC.)
I only chimed back in on this pitchfork thread because the guy who said he was still going to buy was getting jumped on about it.
It's ok for him to keep buying just as it's ok for people who are sitting out to sit out. Nobody is right or wrong here.

You say nobody is right or wrong here yet one approach will make the manufacturers fix the defective machines they are putting out and the other approach only lets them get away with selling defective machines. You can’t grasp this??

#2203 50 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

"Getting away with this" implies that the manufacturers shipped bad playfields on purpose -and- had no inherent interest in fixing the issue without being forced.
I do not believe that for one second. Indeed, people are saying recent Stern JP machines are fine, and Jack said at Expo the issue is fixed.
Pitchforks down? At least tentatively?

How many titles over the last few years had this playfield issue? What 10? They knew they had the issue but they thought the people would let it slide. They were wrong. And so are you. No hard feelings but your wrong.

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