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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

60 days ago

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Post #1403 Response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (47 days ago)

Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (47 days ago)

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#1106 50 days ago

Just spoke with technical support at JJP and Mirco is testing out different clear coats on Wonka. They are making 12 more CE playfields for JJPOTC as well, as they apparently ran out, although I'm not sure what that means as I was under the impression they were all sold. I'm guessing spare playfields.

#1114 50 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

No its everywhere,
Im seeing what I see a lot when I get back race helmets for repair , bunching of paint Exactly like this around the visor screw Pivots
When I deliver the a new freshly painted helmet , I always say, when you change the visor, hand tighten down, that will do the trick.
Some ignore it, and because the clear Inc underlaying artwork are twisted/squeezed so hard, the bond or key with the base breaks and it flexes slowly around the pivot. Being soft this is possible, after the hardening continues, the trapped air underneath can still expand and contract, but now the paint wont flex anymore and .. chips under the stress.
So once the bond has been broken, it will never return.
I heated up the affected areas on my “Willy” with a hair dryer , and as hoped, the air expanded, you could hear the pop when it broke the seal with the paint squeezed into the paint , and then settled down flat.
After cooling it would not come up again.
Did this on 7 post that were in sight, and replaced with washers of the same diameter as the posts or slightly bigger. This helps to spread the load instead of just the starpost edge digging in.
For now this should hold up, but the deeper issue remains

Impressive, as always. Too bad you aren't in the industry full time!

#1123 49 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Cite your source, please. Who did you speak with at JJP, date and time.
-wonka owner #08742206, play field case #5107

One of the technical support guys at JJP earlier this afternoon. I usually talk with Frank, but he was out. Just passing on some information that I thought would be helpful.

#1128 49 days ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

So they admitted they have a problem with their clear?

I was just calling to ask about a spare playfield for JJPOTC. From my point of view, it would be great if they find a solution, so we can buy NIB machines again without worrying about this.

#1147 49 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

So what happens to the people who already bought a replacement?

Not sure, a lot of this is pretty theoretical at this point. I may just put a playfield protector on and not worry as a playfield swap would be a ton of work on POTC.

#1631 46 days ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I am just saying ...Let's give JJP a chance...I know this been going on for awhile with it showing up on some of the POTC playfields. And with the increase of those out there being made aware and it now showing up on Willy.

I agree, give JJP the opportunity to fix this. Prefer more disclosure along the way but hope for the best, plan for the worst to protect the playfields. I’ve spoken with Jack more than once in the past by phone and found him accessible. My JJPOTC has otherwise been mechanically great, minor tweaks, a blast to play. But right now I’d lean towards CGC rather than a new JJP or Stern as long as this isn’t addressed fully. The remakes have been excellent with the old process at the same factory that Williams made their cabinets and playfields, which are silk screened by hand rather than a printer robot. The cabinets use decals but they have been great. So, I’m gonna get MBr rather than Wonka or JP at this point.

#1633 46 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

My Wonka is shooting and looking great, I can assure you Wonka’s code is and will be even more deeper then anyB/W I burn thru the easy ones too quick and once beaten they hol the same allure

New code is appealing, I agree. Good to hear you have a good one!

#1929 41 days ago

Not tracking with the criticism of Jack, and I'm not an apologist for JJP. I've owned DILE and POTCLE. Jack just gave me a call about my playfield, which has a small area under the Tortuga scoop where paint lifted, now covered by a Cliffy protector. There is mild clear build up at some posts, with protectors now. Anyhow, they are shipping a new playfield. How many times will the head of a company call a customer directly and resolve an issue? I wasn't even making a big deal about it, just reported what I found when putting on Cliffy protectors. I'm actually completely happy with my POTC, which is an incredible game, and was going to put a playfield protector on if any other issues come up. The idea of a disintegrating playfield is nonsense so far in my experience. It looks great overall. However, some playfields have had more problems than mine, others less. My understanding is that the factors that went into the soft clear on some playfields are being addressed. Some were soft from heat in New Jersey and Chicago (to explain Stern issues as well), some didn't have adequate time to cure. They are using UV at Mirco's facility to cure the clear better, allowing more time before manufacturing the game, controlling heat better. Anyhow, I'm confident to buy in the future from JJP as this issue is resolved.

#1932 41 days ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

What bothers me is that the POTC owners would not be receiving free playfields if the WW ones had not been an issue. You all would have been left holding the bag or should I say, bad play field. They should have resolved it when it was first brought up years ago. Not the second time around on a new game. What about when it happens again in the future? Have they resolved it for any of the current WW owners? Actions speak louder than words. And the POTC owners had to go through a lot to get here. It should never had gone that way in the first place.
A properly run business would have resolved the issues on POTC and made changes at the production line to prevent it from happening in the future. I will give home credit for calling. But they put themselves in this position. Not the customers.

It may have finally reached a critical mass at the point of Wonka, but has been an issue with Stern and Spooky in the past as well. Hopefully all manufacturers will make sure ink is adhered, clear is cured, and conditions cool enough for the playfields from now on.

#1965 40 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

OMG dude really? All it takes is a personal call from Jack and you are all giddy and happy now? Do you think he’s calling people because he’s a great guy? Hell no, he’s calling people because his business is going down the shitter and he’s trying to save it! Its amazing how some people can be made happy about getting screwed on a 10K game just from a phone call from Jack! If he called me i would be giving him a f*cking ear full instead of kissing his ass!

Let us know when Gary Stern calls you in person about a problem with your machines. Not seeing why you are angry at JJP, as you don’t own one. And yes, Jack seems like a great guy every time I’ve interacted with him.

Quoted from DerGoetz:

On POTC Collectors Edition? Is that what you own?
And those who already bought an old stock POTC playfield weeks back and now got a refund offered from Jack, will they get a new and fixed playfield as well just like the rest was supposedly offered or did they screw up when they paid for a bad replacement playfield prematurely and unknowingly.
Are they stuck with an expensive poster?

They were making more CE playfields, why not call and find out what the policy is? I held off on getting the playfield replacement to see if the clear issue would be resolved better, but was considering sending one to Ron Kruzman to sand down the clear and apply his own.

#1990 38 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I truly believe in my heart that almost every single playfield that has been made in the last couple of years has pooling around the posts. Most owners just don't know it yet.

Well, four of the games I bought from this time frame didn't: IMDNLE, BM66Pre, MMr, and MBrLE. So it isn't a universal problem. But you could see some wood grain on IMDN, a couple of very minor dots where the silk screen ink didn't take on MBrLE, and some minor insert crazing on MMr. So I guess Batman 66 was the only one that looked perfect-but I bet with a microscope there were issues! These are hand made, for the most part. Differences can emerge even in the same game. Perfection is nice, but the minute you play a new game, that is gone. IMO, this playfield problem will be fixed and a footnote to pinball history.

#1992 38 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Only one of the four games that you mentioned had pooling issues and thats IMDN. Im sure theres a game here and there that has no issues but pretty much everyone ive personally seen has issues. I dont think thats a coincidence. Also you show none of these games in your collection. Did you sell them all already? Maybe the IMDN pooled after you sold it?

Oh, I thought you meant most every playfield made in the last couple of years. My IMDN went out in a trade with around 600 plays on it, pretty good test. I looked at some pics from before it went out and it looked good. It was in the first batch of LEs that went out in May, if that means anything. It is good this is coming to light. How hard can it be to return to a better product? My STLE looks great. So does TBL, which Mirco made in 2015, I believe.

#1994 38 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not sure but its going to be interesting to see. I heard that the new BM66 Catwoman editions are having some issues as well. Not sure if thats true or not though. It makes me sick honestly. I haven't even been playing any pinball because of it and my IMDN and Munsters both need cleaned and i just don't even want to do it.....cant find the motivation..

Well, maybe just try to enjoy what you have, a great collection, and take a break from this madness here, or sell a few. I enjoy rotating my machines and have only a couple that I wouldn’t sell or trade.

#2040 37 days ago

It may be different with Wonka, but JJP doesn’t have the parts available to send out populated playfields for JJPOTC. They sold 1000 machines and only had some extra parts beyond that.

#2060 37 days ago
Quoted from Manic:

They have the parts. Your parts. They can do it like Stern did. Stern sent customers a box for them to send back their populated PF. Then Stern took their old mechanical parts and swapped them onto a new undamaged PF. Then they sent the new assembled product back to the customer. That way the company doesn't eat the cost of all new mechs, etc and only has the PF, shipping and labor.
JJP could do the exact same thing for POTC customers that really had obvious damage... if they wanted to.

That makes entirely too much sense!

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