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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

64 days ago

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#5 64 days ago
Quoted from rs812:

One of the issues I see is that Wonka already has the larger posts. The band aid fix they used on pirates by using larger posts won’t work here.

It will not work for pirates either, just covers for the problem for a while.
I'm still puzzled as to why they go back to crapco playfields when it's well known beeing crap.

#158 63 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

I’m sorry for the issues you are having.
Could this be a cure time issue for the pf’s?
Overzealous torque of screws? Too much clear?
Will JJP send you another pf at cost maybe?

Since there has been people in this thread and other posting replacement pf's beeing soft as butter after months of storage, what Do you think?

#213 62 days ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

I've only read the first 2 pages of comments so far, but the Corvette analogy is spot on. In my other hobby, high end audio, issues much smaller than anything I see in pinball would not be acceptable and manufacturers would have to address them. (however the resale value of pinball is outstanding vs. audio) I was thinking about a NIB machine but am definitely now on the sidelines. Has any other material than plywood ever been used for a playfield?

Also been thinking about this, why not a non-flexible material. there must be composites today, that can be absolutely still and thus enable harder epoxis and polyurethanes.

That said they managed to solve theese problems 30 years ago, so why not now?

#234 62 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Mirco would have to admit there is a problem, which opens a giant can of heartburn. Nobody has gotten him to even admit he has an issue yet. Given how he has treated others in this business, I hope Mirco is finally held accountable this time.

This is the worst kind of people to have any professional association with, they are never at fault, hence they can´t be confronted and the issues can´t be sorted.
The only way is to kick to the curve, and i was truuly puzzled when crapco wasn´t out with the pirates debacle.

#404 61 days ago
Quoted from underlord:

This is the reason they need to address this asap.. I'm sure they will get around to it. Question is when.

I'm completely puzzled they didn't kick mirco to the curb, when they must have known what he did to pirates.

Now they are dealing with the same shit and people will have zero confidence buying their next title.

It makes me really sad. I really love their designs.

#527 60 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

or a really inconsistent vendor at his craft of applying this stuff.

Could this even exist in 2019?
I would imagine pretty much all productionsteps are automated.

#530 60 days ago
Quoted from Pinballer67:

I don't know if that will impact the various concerned companies long-term, but I'm willing to bet they care quite a bit.

As i´ve said before, i´m totally puzzled as of why jjp went back to mirco after potc.

#535 60 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I always heard JJP had less distributor profit than Stern. Also, Wonka playfields were probably already in production when the POTC issues came to light.

I dont know if that´s a good excuse or looks even worse for jjp?

#643 58 days ago
Quoted from NPO:

It's this:
1. Take out mechs on v_56 or whatever WOZ they're on, raise the price, and people will still buy it because "OOOO, shiney!"
2. Put out a shit product at continually higher prices, and people will continue to buy it.
3. If they buy our shit product from their distributor, it won't affect us or our bottom line, AND they (both distributor and customers) will keep buying.
4. Get a new theme out really soon, need another "dream theme" to distract them and make them forget all these shenanigans. And jack the price too.
Face it - people with fat-ass deep pockets will keep playing monetary Russian roulette because "we have GOT to keep up with the Joneses!!!" Some people just cannot help themselves. JJP isn't going anywhere because some people have an addiction problem and they can......NOT help themselves.
Can't wait to see how many people bitching and complaining about their $12K toy being defective will buy GNR right out of the gate.
Prove me wrong, but some won't - and that's just sad.

Strange, i'm having the exact opposite experience.
The richer the customer, the less tolerance for imperfection.
It's also thoose people that are more prone to voice their dissatisfaction.
They usually also have the means, to have their way, lawyers etc.

If theese people doesn't seem to cry to high heaven, it's because their issues are dealth with silently.

On that, what odds do you really think it was that harry houdini, would get a defective replacement board?
I'd say less then zero.

The squeeki wheel gets the grease, and if the wheel has lawyers even more so.

#757 57 days ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

My POTC CE has a ton of plays....no problems at all. Please remember that the vast majority of owners have not had problems. .

If this would be the case, it makes even less sense JJP not taking care of thoose Who have.

As it stands, we are buying toys for amounts most people on earth would call a small fortune, and for most is really substantial money.
What Do we currently get?
Worries and frustration.

Not acceptable

#785 57 days ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

I'm not a fan of the washer fix. as I personally think the washers look like an eye-sore. Out of all the games in my game room, there's a few like BSD that have no art under the slingshots and that area extends past the slingshot posts. So leaving art off the area around and under the slingshots and posts has been done in the past and nobody has complained about it as far as I know. If the new normal going forward is digitally printed art not adhering well to playfields in places where things are fastened to it causing this issue (assuming this is the issue), and I could choose my "fix", I'd rather have art not around posts than unsightly off centered washers that look like they came from Lowes or Home Depot on my expensive NIB games.
Of course, maybe someone will come up with some anodized or gold plated washers to spice things up. There's an opportunity for the mod makers.
In full disclosure I do not have a JJP pin affected by this, but I do have an AC/DC Luci VE affected by this, so I'm posting this in the spirit of all of us pinheads being in this together when it comes to this particular issue, and I mean no ill will to JJP fans, as this washer fix is currently being used by both JJP and Stern. I would just like to know if others feel that the washer fix is unsightly and the no art option would be preferable as it is to me.

What Do you think the art will look like after the steel ball has bounced on it for a couple of years?

#844 56 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I prefer a wood playfield and really hope they don’t move to other materials.

Must be atleast 50 years since there was a pinball game that you played on wood.

It´s really silly. A good comparision is the hockeystick, where selänne was (to my knowledge) the last nhlér to use a woodstick.
Now it´s all composite. It´s harder, sturdier and much lighter and the decals and clear seem to stick thru many games. The only think that is worse, is sharp penetrating in to the surface which will crack it (a chopping player stick, or a slapshot to the shaft) forces that a pinball never ever would reach.

Wood is the past. Still it should be possible to coat a wood playfield.

#965 55 days ago
Quoted from Lounge:

From a purely engineering standpoint and understanding fasteners and clamping...
It seems to me that one solution would be to mount the posts through the playfield (underside electronics permitting). This would be the most economical solution as it would remove the torque from the top of the playfield to the bottom of the playfield during tightening, not to mention provide a more stable post over time. The neoprene washers address this issue in that the top of the washer absorbs the majority of the clamping torque as opposed to the top of the playfield. A nylon washer would probably be a better option imo.
I’m not defending sub standard processes and or coatings, just trying to find an intermediate solution to what seems to be a lot of bad playfields.
Just thinking out loud.

Wouldn"t it be better to use a playfield protector with small holes at factory mounting. Everything will be standing even on the crapco clear, then use some kind of wax, helping mimicing normal ball movement.

#1056 54 days ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

well less than 7 have reported issues to JJP, so where are the other 93

That great news, so since the numbers of playfields affected are miniscule, there shouldn´t be any problem replacing them all and make the customers happy.

Really great news and i do hope it comes with a promise?

#1062 54 days ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Damn. You beat my by 26 seconds.

You think as i do.

#1333 52 days ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Don’t worry fellas every Wonka LE comes with this piece of paper in the top now![quoted image]

Wow the thread "Will JJP survive past 2020? " just became real.

#1408 52 days ago

Rofl thoose two mumbleing drones.
Ah, um, ah.

Is this some kind of odd version of a commercial?

Honestly, it's one of the strangest things i ever heard.

#1454 51 days ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Rofl thoose two mumbleing drones.
Ah, um, ah.
Is this some kind of odd version of a commercial?
Honestly, it's one of the strangest things i ever heard.

It really was so silly and still it somewhat reminded me of an old interview....

What Do you pinsiders say?
Same guys?

#1635 50 days ago
Quoted from dts:

I agree, give JJP the opportunity to fix this.

That opportunity has come and gone, has it not?
He must have known there was serious pf issues with potc and did nothing.
The company couldn't even be arsed to fix stuff for wonka.

#1638 50 days ago
Quoted from dts:

New code is appealing, I agree. Good to hear you have a good one!

I think wonka looks awesome.
However for me a nib should be about fun and excitement.
If i bought one, as it stands, it would instead be about worrying and nervousness.
What's the fun in that?

#1732 49 days ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

so it must be a proto then... we had a proto at our club - it had no chipping also - something changed when the final manufacturing started.

Which basically means they can make a good product, but cheaps out in production.
It just gets worse and worse.

#1869 46 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

If this "course of action" - sending out hundreds of populated playfields for swap - would cause JJP to no longer be in the pinball business, would you still want them to "hang their hat" on it?
That might be what it comes down to.

This problem should obviously have been sorted at potc. Maybe washers etc for potc and a hefty discount on any other future or available jjp game.
Then fix the frekkin problem before starting wonka. Start by firing mirpoo.

Instead they choose the cba, route and made the thread if they are going to exist in 2020 a real interesting one.

Missmanagement at it´s finest.

#2089 40 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Back on topic. Here's another beautiful area I discovered on my SE today. Left outlane guide.
-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107
[quoted image]

Jeez. Terrible, maybe you can replace it with chewing gum?

#2106 39 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Actually the flood of high priced NIB pinball machines, perfect or not, is living on borrowed time.

Agreed, but i think the first thing you will see is a massive drop on the use market. When thoose fast buyers and sellers can´t sell, then they will soon stop buying new.

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