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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

1 year ago

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Post #1403 Response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (1 year ago)

Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (1 year ago)

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#54 1 year ago

LOL @ the guys saying "give JJP a chance at fixing the issue".
Wake up, time for school. They arent going to do jack shit about it. If they arent taking care of the pirate owners they arent gong to help Wonka owners in fear of pirate owners retaliation. Amd JJPs idea of service is to charge $550 for a new playfield that is literally plagued with the same problems (PROVEN ON POTC thread). Best way to handle JJP is to STOP BUYING their games until he gives Mirco the boot. Hit em in the wallet. This is my public sworn statement of which I truly hope I'm wrong . But someone please feel free to quote me in the future... I want to be famous too.

#380 1 year ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Now you’re finally making some sense and we actually agree. It has been since DI the real big PF issues have popped up. Only this is not just a Micro issue people are trying to pin this on. JJP manufacturing is also involved heavily in this issue. JJP is not giving enough drying time to these playfields in an attempt to deliver more quickly. I understand why they are doing it, but the Micro PFs should have been ordered and drying/curing 6 months ago and this issue would not be so widespread is my bet.

Fully disagree with your assessment and here's why.
1.) Mirco told me in an email he is intentionally using soft clear coat. Repeat- intentionally using soft clear coat.
2.) The ink is not adhering to the wood.

You literally have 2 separate issues occuring here. I've spoken to 2 different well respected clear coat guys and they both agreed that they didnt feel sending them a new Mirco would end well since the ink isn't adhering to the wood.
I'm far from an expert but this is like building a house. If the foundation isn't good everything attached on top is a mute point. My .02

1 week later
#1367 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

C'mon... is it really fair to act like this is an wide spread conspiracy?

C'mon... is it really fair to NOT act like this is a wide spread conspiracy? See what I did there? I made you feel like my perception has more validity than yours (which it doesn't nor does yours). I honestly don't know exactly just how wide spread this is but it does indeed exist. Common sense tells me if it wasn't wide spread these companies would gladly pony up a new PF. Thus far that has not been the case which leads me to believe it's more widespread than what you're thinking. I'm seriously happy you havent had issues, but how about showing some sympathy and empathy for those who are affected? It costs nothing to be nice.

#1601 1 year ago
Quoted from kvan99:

It seems to me that there are multiple issues at play here, first off, the clearcoat is not something we see on the market, it's especially formulated for Mirco. We don't know (at least conclusively) how different the formulation is, is it just because it's water based? Or is it how it's mixed to speed up production? The second thing is the digital printing, the art seems to come off with when the clear chips, there seems to be an adhesion problem, why? Is it because the ink is not attaching itself to the wood properly? Is it a prep issue? I think the robotic automation and the speed aspect of his production line may also play a role, I'm guessing here, but I think the first step to address this issue is to re-formulate the clear....or perhaps use a name brand product that's widely available.
PS: some good info regarding his production line......skip to 7:30 mark for the clearcoat comment.

LOL. He's so sure and full of himself. Admitting fault opens them up to a law suit. As previously mentioned. ALWAYS use a credit card to buy a new machine. NOT your debit, an actual credit card. File a claim and your issues instantly go away.

#1907 1 year ago

JJP loses either way. What they need to figure out is what avenue of loss they want to go down. It's actually common sense easy to figure out their only options.
1.) They pay to ship fully populated playfield nd pay return shipping costs. They lose a substantial amount of money.
2.) Customer pays shipping for a fully populated playfield to swap. Customer responsible for return shipping. They lose a substantial amount of money.
3.) JJP pays shipping to and from factory and performs of swap. They lose money.
4.) JJP has customer pay for shipping of machine back to factory and they swap components and once again customer pays return shipping. They lose money.
5.) Offer substantial discount on next machine purchase. They lose money.
6.) Offer repair service through authorized dealers. They lose money.
7.) Do nothing
Honestly #7 is going to have the same result as expecting people to pay for their crap replacment playfield. Loss of revenue due to sales plummeting. They lose money. So unless I've forgotten an option here, they lose money no matter what. So with all options available what is the least financially damaging move they should make to ensure the company survives?

EDIT: Just read that jack called some people and refunded their $550 for the replacment playfield. That's definently a move in the right direction. However the report that the issue hasn't shown up on the replacement pf is ... well.... I think that's probably a little too early to make that call. They were "likely" made around the same time Wonka was going on which means the same clear and ink process was used.

#1944 1 year ago

It's not the perfect solution but lawdy bee it's better than silence and doing nothing! I hate to be a devious shit here, but I would almost bet JJP told Mirco he's eating this shit sandwich, to fire up the printing press and make a bunch or they'd sever business ties. That's exactly what I'd do. JJP only has to eat shipping costs. Also betting whoever it was that said Jack was going to be unavailable as he was out of the country I'd guess he was hammering things out with Mirco.

I sure hope that is the case, because Mirco is the only game in town that can knock out a playfield in short order. He really has done a lot for the community but if your product sucks - better to not be in the game at all. I personally owned a Mirco playfield that was plagued with these issues amongst others. I've seen what the man can do - let's just hope this was his wake up call.

I applaud JJP for what they're doing. I just hope the ink adhesion and soft clear coat are both never to be seen again.

#2069 1 year ago

How about we all try to be respectful of one another and if someone is happy with the offered "solution" then be happy for them. If a person ie not happy then support them or just shut up and don't comment.
Seriously this crap of people telling others how they should feel or "what is fair" needs to stop. This thread has turned into nothing short of an attack fest by a few. Just stop. Please.

2 weeks later
#2145 12 months ago

Just a decal on a washer. Easy to do. Use snippet and outline one candy round, copy and paste into a word document, right click the picture and set the parameters to the same size as your washer, uncheck option for keeping relative size, insert sticker paper, print the job. You should use self adhesive laminate over the top and then an exacto blade to cut it out. Stick and apply.
Screenshot_20190928-160816_Amazon Shopping (resized).jpg

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