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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

88 days ago

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#63 88 days ago

maybe set up a website with pictures of all mirco's playfields so people know what quality they are.

maybe cpr should make them

#500 84 days ago

I know how Chicago Gaming make them and I have never seen this problem on any Remake.

There are a few things different on modern Playfields most are doing
The Playfields are now digital printed, which adhesion is not as good as screen print
the clear coat is water based and could be reacting with the solvent based Digital Ink
It could also be the type of petroleum based chemicals in the plastic posts reacting with the clear coat.

If these playfields by several manufacturers are having the same problem, and if they are not being made by Mirco and I am sure they are using different clearcoat what else has changed.

The digital printer has that changed?
The clearcoat?
The Post supplier?

Its not rocket science

#508 84 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’m not going to trash the distro because he is a good guy and family friend but I was definitely surprised by the response.
I do have to say, it’s amazing how it’s nothing but crickets here from people in the know who post here a lot. The JJP guys, the various distros involved, Mirco .....it’s like a big f’ing conspiracy.

Not sure what you expect the Distro to do, other than buy you a free Playfield from his profit on the sale?

#761 82 days ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Post a picture of your JJP’s, I don’t believe for second you own one. For someone who has so much disdain for them how could you ever own their product? It absolutely defies logic that you are an owner when you said before they would be closed by 2020? What sense would that make?

He has no Games listed in his collection

Maybe he owns the flyers

#766 82 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

I actually thought this was funny. Lol

What's funny is you don't have any games registered with JJP as an owner either or any support requests logged

#1010 79 days ago

First up Jack was on a Family Holiday, Not a Working Holiday, he is an employee of a Company not the owner, all I have seen is the same pictures of a handful of games with problems.

Jack will stand up on behalf of the Company when he returns from his Holiday nobody else will address any issues but Jack.

It is not a widespread problem with JJP or Stern or everyones games would have problems

#1015 78 days ago

Ok so Stern made 10,000 games last year and how may have chipping?

What % exactly

#1018 78 days ago

all I am saying is its not widespread be lucky if its more than 1%

#1019 78 days ago
Quoted from Brtlkat:

Whaaat? Why would he be the only one to respond to this issue if he is just an employee? We need someone higher up then him then.

Because he is the President, Gary Stern doesn't own Stern Investors do, Maybe you should contact Sterns Owners Directly I am sure they know nothing about Playfields or how they are made.

You would want to hear from The Face of the Company

#1035 78 days ago

Im not saying people are not having issues just the number isn't as widespread as it appears here

Stern over several models/years and JJP over the past year still talking probably 20,000 games and I am just not seeing that many with problems against these numbers, if you have a problem I would log a service ticket with the manufacturer.

is the pooling around posts where there is no artwork as well?

Just if its a adhesion problem or reaction with the ink it wouldn't appear on just the cleared wood section.

so if clear pools around a post without ink the problem is the clear used 100%

#1037 78 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

407 potc owners on pinside of which a minimum of 100 are reporting issues so at a minimum 25% if not more since many don’t report their collections and pinside is a small piece of the puzzle.
It’s widespread enough for it to be a real problem for JJP.
As for family holiday, high level execs are always available when crisis strikes, nature of the beast.

well less than 7 have reported issues to JJP, so where are the other 93

#1038 78 days ago
Quoted from Hemispheres:

Okay before THAT snowballs let me re elaborate. It is not like my phone is ringing off the hook with every game we've sold having issues. Have we had customers call us asking about this issue? Yes. Have we asked JJP about it just like you have? Yes. I personally would really love to know the numbers.... and I'm sure everyone on this form would. Out of the total number of games that have shipped how many have issues? That's ultimately the question. Are we can go off of his the numbers that we sold and the phone calls that we've received. For the record, that number's been pretty low. Is it still a concern when we see the photographs? Absolutely.

Agree that's what I am saying, very few issues reported to the Distributors and Manufacturers, so if you have an issue by all means report it,

#1041 78 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

What a bunch of rubbish, why spew factually incorrect info, what is your agenda.
I think there were more than 7 on the certified letter recently sent to JJP.
I’ve been dealing with JJP since April on this and know for a fact that many more than 7 have contacted them.

I spoke to JJP a few mins ago and that is the number reported to have issues via support Tickets

so rather than certified letters contact support and log tickets is the process

list all the support ticket numbers or it didn't happen

#1045 78 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You Sir are full of shit. How in the hell do you know how many people have reported issues? Do you work for JJP or something?

list the names and game numbers of these other 93 you claim have issues otherwise you are the one full of shit

#1054 78 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

Ask the distributors.

Oh Ok maybe I will

#1065 78 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

Why do you assume that everyone's first reaction is to contact the manufacturer instead of the company that sold them the game? The number of open tickets through the JJP site means absolutely nothing. You're spewing the same type of pure BS that you were spewing in the Homepin thread (RIP).

Ok fair enough so we have had 2 Distributors on here and one sells more JJP games than any other Distributor outside the USA

and only a few have been reported to those.

I just don't know what to tell you, they might be on pinside posting etc but not reporting it

#1069 78 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

so lets assume for a second your correct and its less than 1% of the games. So your telling me that JJP is handling the warranty issue correctly? Thus far their solution is to sell that customer a $550 play field....u can't possibly agree with that solution? Who ever came up with that solution should be fired on the spot....if its less than 1% than replace the play field with a new one....the reality is its waaayyyyy more than that, and JJP can't afford to replace these play fields, because they have no "free cash"..... clearly the investors are sick of throwing good money after bad....Jack may be a good salesman, but clearly he knows nothing about running a large manufacturing business....JJP is running out of gas

my comment was re Stern and the 10,000 games last year was the 1% comment

The $550 playfield was a guy who bought a used game which was out of Warranty, I am sure JJP will take care of its customers, the same as Stern will.

#1070 78 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

12 days of play, luckilly its only 1% of the playfield..
Groovy stuff , but I prefer another kind[quoted image][quoted image]

any pooling around posts NOT with ink under the post? Just cleared Timber

#1214 77 days ago
Quoted from pinsanity:

FYI Paul at pinballsales is the sole exclusive JJP distributor for Australia as per their website -
The distributor sets the local MSRP and handles post sales service/support and any agents would be subject to the restrictions found in a typical distributor>agent agreement.

As above.

You are Wrong, if we are not a Distributor then why are we listed on JJP website,

The website you mention is for our online sales only, support Service etc is still with us

1 week later
#1843 70 days ago

I doubt this is true

I am sure Jack would go bat for people with upper Management for a resolution

#1845 70 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Well, for some reason it just isn’t happening yet. In the past I would agree with you. I just posted a couple of my photos in the POTC thread with game and case number like you requested we all do. It’s real and for the POTC owners going on 6-8 months of nothing now from JJP.

There is no reason for not replying to you, normally log a ticket with support, call them or email them, the normal response would be

A. The problem to your game is minor and we have a service kit to repair or cover any damage, if the problem continues we have your report logged
B. The problem requires a replacement playfield and will contact you when one is available
C. We are working with your Distributor to repair or replace your game.

I am pretty sure All Manufacturers who have an issue are looking to resolve any issues before offering a resolution, but should at least assure the issue will be resolved.

#1847 70 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

No offense seriously, but you are dreaming. JJP is not standing behind their games. I doubt Stern is going to be any different either since so many games have been affected. These playfields are total shit and i would venture to say that almost all games that have been made in the last two years have pooling and or chipping.

I can assure you they are and will, I am sure they are looking into any issues

Be Patient and Polite gets you further.

#1849 70 days ago

This looks like a similar problem, proven artwork produced 1,000s of times nothing changed in production but this one fitted by an idiot

not prepped the surface correctly either used solvent based sealer or didn't allow enough time to degass before fitting decals

after fitting looked great, then after days and weeks a reaction

RFM04 (resized).jpgrfm1 (resized).jpg
#1850 70 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I can assure you that they are already telling lots and lots of people that they aren’t going to fix their games. Their solution is to send them a unpopulated playfield for 550.00 dollars, which is totally unacceptable. Go over to the POTC thread and ask those guys how many of them have been sent a new populated playfield. The answer is NONE!

I am sure they will only replace the defective part the playfield not a populated Playfield unless really bad

#1853 70 days ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

What does this have to do with WW clear coat?
Did that happen to one game or hundreds?

I am just saying its the same printing system and clear

#1854 70 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

How can you only replace part of a playfield? Its either all or nothing.

well I guess it will be nothing in your case then

No Manufacturer is going to send out New Fully Populated Playfields in exchange for used ones.

Maybe they might ship your playfield back to the factory and swap all your parts over to another, But I cant see them shipping entire New Populated Playfields

#1859 70 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Stern did with all the bad Ghostbusters playfields and why shouldn't they? They sent out a defective product and they should have to make it right. The only way to make it right is to send the customers a new populated playfield. Thats the only satisfactory solution.

I don't think you will see Stern doing that this time around

#1861 70 days ago
Quoted from bounoun:

Do you even read this forum ?
Hate on stern all you want, but they atleast offered a solution during their ghosting problems.

Do you even read posts on this Forum, I said Manufacturers didn't even mention Stern

#1867 70 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Is Stern not a manufacturer? Or are they a "lifestyle creator brand" now?

Wow you really need a new Hobby!

The word today is cat or is it dog did I missss spell this GOD!

#1916 69 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

ballypinball why on earth are you posting in these topics now if you've not done your homework?
It's like fucking groundhog day... you're posting stuff with zero regard to the activity that has been going on for MONTHS, responses and activities during that time... and then posting stuff like 'no one will replace with populated pfs' when it's common knowledge Stern HAS done that... and not just with GB but prior titles to. It's their nuclear option when dealing with bad PFs. You of all people should be familiar with this.
I mean for fuck sakes, you roll in with stuff like 'only 7 people...' taking stats from who knows where, that are easily debunked with just a little reading. Do yourself a favor... get off whomever's teet that is feeding you info.. and do some of your own research.

I have done my homework, I own a ton of JJP games and none of them have the chipping issues mentioned, and many posting here don't even own a JJP effected game, I understand you saying Stern Replaced Ghostbusters Populated Playfields, I cant see that happening with these current games from Stern.

Jack has started Calling customers with Problems and are rolling out a Program and dealing with issues on a case by case basis, as some have no issue, some have minor issues and I guess some have major issues, it won't Happen overnight but JJP are working on the problem with the manufacturer

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