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Wizard of Oz WOZ Flaming Witch with Realistic Fire Mod - Shipping

By harryhoudini

1 year ago

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#46 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yikes. There are SO MANY ways to go with new mods to make and sell - literally thousands of possibilities you can pull from your brain that don't take from others making mods too. Why do you have to rip off someone else's very well received idea, ESPECIALLY when he is about to start making them again?
Do not understand this move. At all.

What is the ripoff, the flames? Changing the witch is natural since it came from JJP.

The design seems to have been changed adding the castle walls below the flames. Doesnt look like a copy to me.

Maybe I am misunderstanding?

#47 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Are you just trolling? I answered the "why" of your other question and you downvoted it? You're welcome...I guess?
But here's the answer to your question of "when" - the witches were done at the beginning of 2018, so not even 2 years ago. At the time he said he may be making more in the future. Then this year Steve said he was making more about 2 months ago if I recall correctly. So there was never a "I'm done making my mod forever" statement, and the gap wasn't even that long. So, that excuse is out the window.

Ehhhh I dont know on that. So about 2 years ago they stopped being sold and its wrong for someone to make a new one?

#65 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Harry, this is not a competition between modders, some do the same function but are not copies. Your witch mod does look like a copy just added bricks. It would have went a different way if you reached out to the original modder with you idea to copy and enhance his work. Its all about how you present it to the pin community and right now you have upset and disrespected alot of really good people and they will also speak with their wallets. A apology to all the people you have called out is a start. But please stop with this tough guy commando keyboard warrior rants about others and focus on you. Really you keep digging a hole you probably won’t recover from.

I disagree. I dont think it looks like it at all. The witch is the witch from the movie, so thats going to be set. Other than that, the mod does look different.

And I am going off of the updated look which is this:

pasted_image (resized).png
#72 1 year ago

Curious to see this mod when fully completed...

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

There’s no legal standing to any of the modding community’s products, despite all the hard work that goes into them.
My view is that this is akin to a “party foul” where IMO Scott should have reached out to Gouveia, given the fairly stark similarity to his mod. Did he have to do this? No, absolutely not. But would it have saved all this shitstorm? Yes IMO it would have.
Scott gives very clear credit for the JJP chest mod he produces, so I believe him when he says he didn’t think this mod was that similar to the other witch mod. I personally disagree, and think it would have been smart to at least reach out, or acknowledge it - but again this is more of a “mod community norms” thing than some legal situation.
what we are all talking about is respect for each other’s work.
Anyway, the mod looks good, he has doubled down on pushing back (I might have cautioned you against that one Scott) and will still produce it. Scott’s (Harry’s ) support and follow through is EXCELLENT. I have not had the fortune to install one of the Red Witch smoke mods but I understand that is kick ass too.
so - for me - while I think he should give a nod to the original, he doesn’t really “need” to, it’s just a matter of how the community responds at this point.

I dont see a point in doing that. It has been out of production for like 2 years. So what would happen, he reaches out and then gets told no, I am going to do a rerun at some time and then what?

Everyone has been wanting a witch mod, so to me, if you snooze you lose and someone jumped on the opportunity.

#77 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

“Hey just wanted you to know I’m going to be working on a new mod, and since you created the first one, thought you should know”
The new Creature mod creators reached out to PinballMikeD AFAIK

Yea I dont see the point in that what so ever.

3 weeks later
#100 1 year ago

Has there been a finished product image yet?

2 months later
#135 1 year ago

Does that control box come with the mod when purchased?

Also, not sure if I missed it, but can the LED's within the flames be color controlled? For example, if I went with the smokey clear but wanted it to light red when lit up?

I assume that if I went with a painted version other than clear, it will light up the same color. Green will be green, red will light red....

#139 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Yup, the entire kit, plug and play, comes together. Lighting, flame, base, witch, control box, all connectors, etc.
The LEDs have brightness, color, speed and effect controls. No matter which flame you purchase you can choose whatever color lighting you want. They are pallets of colors (since the flames are a mix of colors). For example, red/orange/yellow is one combination. There is a more reddish one, a green, yellow, etc. Several pallets you can cycle through.

Would you be able to share some videos of the different flame colors with different LED colors running through them. I am having a hard time understanding how something like a "green" flame can produce any other color than green when lit up.

Sorry if thats dumb or perhaps im not understanding fully.

To better explain, I have a green edition WOZ. Now, I think it would be cool to have the flames be emerald green when there are no lights lit up, but turn red when the lights light. That doesnt seem possible obviously.

#142 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Working on videos, trying to get as many shipped for folks who have been waiting a long time.
Choosing red flame lights inside a green flame shield would produce a sort of reddish light, behind the green. The flames are all semi-transparent so you can see the color of the light through the shield but obviously whatever color the shield is printed in will always be somewhat visible. I'll get all the color combinations posted, lit up with different lights.

Great! I look forward to seeing that...

1 month later
#172 1 year ago
Quoted from Dashmonster:

Gouveia is making a crystal ball mod and I don’t see you blowing up his thread with copyright disappointment. Ya’ll need to stop discouraging people from making things for these games. You see what we have here are choices and that drives competition and innovation. My wife bought me the Mezel mod throne room lamps for Xmas and although I really like the PMC version I am happy with what I have. I just received and installed the OZ lanes the other day and love them. If PMC decided to try and make one and add a laser to it I would pass. Now if someone redid the castle walls somehow to look like a real freaking castle you can bet I’m in. Capitalism wins the day.

Ha, I was waiting for someone to mention the other crystal ball being made. Seems a bit hypocritical of him to complain like that when PMC came out with his own witch and then do the same thing a few months later haha.

I agree, competition and options are a good thing..

#174 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

If you guys don't know all the facts and history of events between these two gentlemen, then you probably shouldn't judge or offer an opinion.

Lol, Thanks but I will share my opinion when I want to. If what I am saying is incorrect, feel free to correct me.

It was pretty public on the forums of what was happening earlier, so please fill us in if what we had said is incorrect?

#177 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Thanks for making my point. There was a ton of stuff going on in the background and before any of the forum posts that you don't know about. And since it's not really my business, either, I'll just let it go at that. But feel free to continue posting your uninformed opinions. There's a lot of that going on around here, so you fit right in.

The situation is the same regardless of any background. And it simple.. one got mad that someone else offered a product that they made in the past (although he was not even making them for years), and then he did the same thing that he was mad about, when other mod maker came out with his product.

Regardless of the background, thats the situation.

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