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Wizard of Oz WOZ Flaming Witch with Realistic Fire Mod - Shipping

By harryhoudini

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Here is an alternative to your tired, bored, encapsulated witch. This is meant as a plug and play, drop in replacement for your existing witch and tube and shouldn't take more than a half hour or hour to install. Everything is printed, sanded and painted by hand. The highest quality and strongest filaments are used to make a long lasting, highly detailed piece.


The mod consists of 3 pieces. A stone base, a flaming fire insert and a witch figure. The base is set to match the walls and rock work of the RR Backalley Creations castle walls. The witch is modeled after the movie, with a menacing look and an actual wooden broom in her hand. All pieces were hand designed by a talented 3D artist who has sculpted each element individually.

While the base and witch are the same for all versions, we are offering 5 different flame finishes surrounding the witch.

- Classic Movie Red Smoke & Flames (translucent red filament)
- Ruby Red (clear filament with a metallic cherry red finish with sparkling flecks)
- Emerald City (green translucent filament with a metallic emerald sparking coating)
- Yellow Brick Road (clear filament with a yellow gold sparkle coating)
- Clear (translucent PETG flames which are foggy clear (like white smoke) while unlit)

Each mod comes with an embedded set of micro controlled addressable LEDs which add a whole additional layer of depth and interactivity to the witch. All of these features/functions are controllable and disable-able so you can make the lighting work how you like it. Color selection of the flame lights can be chosen to match your flame look. The LED strips are embedded within the flames for a very realistic look and even color/glow.

- When the witch is retracted a slow, steady, dim glow slowly pulses in the flames
- When the witch starts to travel upwards the slow pulses increase to a roaring flame with flickering wisps of red, yellow and orange (default, or other colors selected to match your flames)
- When the witch is defeated the flames retreat down and go out. After a short time they start up again back to the first stage of lighting above.

A keypad is included with the controller which let you configure the "show" (slow simmering flames to raising flames to going out, or just have the flames come on when the witch is up), the flame colors (fire, emerald, golden), max brightness and the speed at which the flames flicker. You can make this mod custom to your game and your tastes.

Unique touches and finishes are available upon request to customize your mod.

As we are finalizing this mod and gauging interest I'll leave you with this images to give you an idea of what you can expect in a finished product. Printing these takes a considerable amount of time so it will take a bit to get all of the finishes tested and finalized so we can post them for your review.

Since these do take so long to print and assemble they are being done in a batch process. We can produce about 3 of these each week as we ramp up production. As soon as we have finalized the designs we will open up ordering and will produce witches as they are ordered. We will offer an option without the lighting and controller if you have your own lighting ideas or would rather it just use the two stock LEDs (which will not light up the flames, necessarily).

If you have already replaced the tube with another design element but are still looking for the upgraded witch figure we are going to offer those for sale individually. They should fit any enclosure that fit the original witch and is a quick swap.

A special pre-order price of $225 is being offered so we can do some bulk ordering of parts in advance and start to build the lighting controllers. After we have completed the design the price will increase.

Here is a very early test of the ruby red flames and about 1/4 of the overall lighting that will be in the final version. There will be many more flames, evenly spread out and more constant light versus the sporadic light. This is about 6 LED elements when the final will have closer to 20.

pasted_image (resized).png

#4 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yikes. There are SO MANY ways to go with new mods to make and sell - literally thousands of possibilities you can pull from your brain that don't take from others making mods too. Why do you have to rip off someone else's very well received idea, ESPECIALLY when he is about to start making them again?
Do not understand this move. At all.

We started on this many weeks ago when it was very well established that there were no other companies making these mods and no intentions that I knew of to make more. Spent lots of time and money on design work making it a different product with distinctive features and look. There are/were other versions of mods very similar to this which are also no longer being produced. Did the modfather well come first? I don't know...Did the witch replacements come first? I just know that it isn't a unique space. Constantly there are posts asking where people can get any sort of witch replacement, if any of the other manufacturers are making them still, etc. It seemed only fitting to try and make our own to serve that need. I searched for a witch mod to replace mine for years, missing out on Steve's original batch, the modfather well didn't fit my game after two were sent to me and the other people making witches were no where to be found. If I wasn't able to find one on a used machine I'd still be sitting with my stupid looking tube waiting to see if someone might do something still. Instead of sitting around we took on the task. If we knew Steve was producing more we likely would have focused on the other concepts we are producing. The limited availability of a replacement witch was not my doing.

*edit... I also think, in my limited history, I have a pattern of creating unique designs and products that no one else is producing. If there is nothing else on the market I see no reason to not produce a mod that is being requested. If I knew we were competing, like I said, I would have likely focused on other items, which we are also working on at this time.

#13 1 year ago
Quoted from gouveia:

It looks like you "spent lots of time and money" copying my design. There were many different versions of a "witch mod" when I created mine--in a well, in a birdcage, Hallmark toy in the tube, cauldron, etc. You had a tube and you could do a million different things. If you were creative, you could have designed your own new idea. Instead, you bought my witch mod second-hand (just like my monkey--plan on copying that too?), and then proceeded to copy and and steal my design.
Even if I wasn't going to make any more (which I am), that doesn't give you the right to steal from me.
Your witch is not different. It's not distinctive. It's an overpriced, sad attempt to replicate my design. It's cheap and misleading.
But most importantly, YOU HAVE STOLEN MY WORK.

Did you make the first well? Ah no, you didn't... modfather did, years before you, yet yours looks remarkably the same. But I'm sure that was all something you designed from scratch somewhere without any inspiration.

Did you make first witch? Ah no, you didn't.. others have been made and sold before and after yours, did they also copy you? Yet, we created and modeled a witch from scratch using stills from the movie. But, of course, making a witch for the wizard of oz game is something only you could do?

So if you are considering the fact that you added red smoke around the well somehow made your design something unique then I would also consider our flames and lights unique. Nothing of yours was copied. Do you consider all the slim earbuds that charge in their case airpods?

Did modfather post in your thread when you started selling your mods claiming you stole his design? What about wozmods?

You are on quite a high horse for a design that really isn't entirely that different from other options that were on the market before your first post.

#14 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Whether or not Steve's design is available for purchase at any point in time does not provide a green light to just rip it off to supply pent-up demand with an inferior version of his creative work. Try that line of reasoning with Disney products that are limited edition or out of print sometime and count the seconds until you're sued. Stealing a design is stealing a design, and that's what you've done. The worst part about it is it was completely unnecessary. There were other ways to creatively mod that witch that haven't been done even now if you really wanted to provide something cool to that market.
Anyway, I just dropped in to rebut the "but there weren't any to buy" excuse. I'm done droning on about this. It's not my mod, but I felt offended that you so blatantly ripped off a valued pinsider's original work and felt I had to speak out about so if anyone else is tempted in the future to do something like this they might have second thoughts.

It's not an excuse, it was the state of the market for the last 2 years or so. I searched high and low for options, I posted several times looking for alternatives and scoured places to find something suitable. The witch shows up a limited number of places in the movie in the same outfit. There are two remarkable scenes for her and the other is with the crystal ball, which exists elsewhere in the game.

You also seem to be on some high horse when there is very little that was remarkably unique and different about Steve's design over items that already existed at the time his was created. There are only so many ways to design around the limited space and features in that area. If you put more flames in front, you can't see the witch. If you don't put anything behind her you can see the mechs that exist. There is going to be similarities across the board. To say that red flames/smoke is unique is also somewhat pretentious when you go back and look at the options in the movie. If I put a tall castle wall behind her would I be copying modfather?

Please, if you want to share with me one of the many design ideas for that area I'll be happy to produce it.

#16 1 year ago

The 3D printed mods will last as long as any resin cast mod. The original artists would be modfather or backalley creations or the other folks who made witches and wells before Steve's. Let's at least credit those who came up with the ideas.

I think my work is also unsurpassed through the hundreds and hundreds of other mods we have created and sold. In fact, I would venture to say we've sold more mods at this point.

#18 1 year ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#19 1 year ago

Ha... it's funny, Steve actually added the modfather wall to his after he initially created it. That's sort of rich, glass houses and all.

#25 1 year ago

Just wondering which specific part you all consider the ripoff. Because the witch isn't Steve's idea. The block wall isn't Steve's idea. The smoke is part of what is in the movie, so are flames. Adding flames around the block base isn't Steve's idea. He didn't offer colors or put lights in them. So if someone made a Wizard head would I also not be able to make one of those? You act as if he has some monopoly on witch wells, witches and things around them. His concept is only different from every other thing that was out on the market in one way. Yet you all consider it some sort of gold standard when it was only as unique as from the other concepts as much as mine is at least unique from his. Your pretentiousness is unreal.

#28 1 year ago

Emerald City green. Mostly a test of the color, the next version of the flames should be done this weekend and I'll post an updated one. A few more licks of flames, a bit more randomness and adjustments for lighting. Oh and the blocks are being sliced properly so they can be printed on the base and the flames sit inside of them.

pasted_image (resized).png

#29 1 year ago

Here's a basic test of the fire light layout. The pattern isn't programmed for the layout of the lights yet, I had to see how to best smash them all in there. It's 24 or so lights I think but I'm waiting on a denser light strip to arrive to see how many I can pack in there. Then I'll adjust the programming to match which lights are at which height so the flames can build vertically instead of haphazardly.

Can't wait to test the green flames, waiting to build more lights until I get the other LEDs.

Oh and waiting for the diffusion material to get here which will spread out the lighting more within the flames.

#32 1 year ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Wanna see a magic trick?
Poof I’m boycotting all Harry Houdini products!

How many did you buy so far?

#33 1 year ago

Those jerks Mezel Mods copied ModCouple again:



Another one?!


How dare they!!

Wait, did someone create a direct copy (save one peak) from the actual game itself that JJP designed?! Say it a'int so!

Are you telling me JJP also put a tornado in a game they sold?

Are you telling me multiple people make backboard and trough lighting for the same game?


Or plastic protectors... or shooter rods... or side art... or lexan washers, or what?

You all can go stuff it.

Added 19 months ago:

In case you didn't get the sarcasm, this was all in jest. Multiple people make the same mods, for the same games. None of these people are jerks nor should you not buy their mods.

#34 1 year ago

Btw, I also just posted a 10% off coupon since we launched our new webstore recently, a little promotion. Not sure how long I'll leave it active but it's there for you to use on this preorder or barrels or whatever. Gotta find my thread though!

#36 1 year ago

This was an early test of the "movie red" flame look on one of the very early, low quality flame prints (so ignore the print lines and such, you won't see those in the finished, sanded pieces). Just messing with flame ideas and colors. I think it might get some more orange and white, still playing around with it working to give a representation of the flames in the movie. Probably some more shadow work with some darker red.

pasted_image (resized).png
#37 1 year ago

This chick is pissed

pasted_image (resized).png
#41 1 year ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Great business plan. I'm sure your stuff will sell like crazy now.

It has and it will.

#43 1 year ago
Quoted from SirScott:

It looks more like the witch's vajayjay.
[quoted image]

Wondering how you know what that looks like.... hummm...

#44 1 year ago

Teeny tiny view of the latest render. Might be the last one before the final print, I think all the dimensions are done.

pasted_image (resized).png
#50 1 year ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

"Those jerks Mezel Mods copied ModCouple again"
Harry, call me 1-505-358-5818, you got some explaining to do.

Sorry, didn't add the "/s" to the end. Was not calling you out, merely suggesting multiple people can make the same mod for the same game.

#51 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Same product made by us and sold by our partners, do your homework. Saw you were copying this too.

Also in jest, multiple people can make the same mod.

#53 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

This thread is slowly becoming a dumpster fire...


And fire... pun?

#55 1 year ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

You should've just made knock off pinstadiums - people would be cheering instead of yelling.

Hah. I actually have a WOZ lighting kit that I like a lot better than pinstadiums, personally. But I do have an idea for a full playfield length lighting solution which will not bathe the playfield in light but rather give unique lighting to individual areas, fully configurable. Taking some time to develop but it could be an interesting option.


#57 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

No different than having your sparky painted. I think the real issue is Harry has called out other modders who have been assets to our community and they work together. Your attitude is less than desired and as a consumer you lost my wallet because of it.

Sorry that it wasn't clear that it was in jest. I own many of those mods I linked to. The point was that other people overlap constantly on the same mods.

#58 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Same product made by us and sold by our partners, do your homework. Saw you were copying this too.

Hard to do when one site doesn't list the manufacturer. The point still stands from my post.

Yeah, I'm copying a strip of LEDs. Better sue me. You must have some proprietary hold on the market. I doubt anything about mine is like yours, but I wouldn't know since I have never seen yours.

#61 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

How was that long post in jest? That makes no sense.
And there IS some overlap in modding, but creatively on the same area in the same way there's rarely overlap. All the modders around here have been pretty respectful of the work other modders have done with very few exceptions. Some even team up on occasion.

Did you look at the products I posted? They were all overlap (apparently except the lermods stuff is sold by both) of almost identical concepts. Some extremely close to others. To say to one mod manufacturer you can't make a cannon for the BP because someone else made a cannon is ridiculous. Did everyone blow up the POTC thread when different mod makers made the same items for the same game?

It is in jest because it's obvious it's a pick and choose as to whom is allowed to do what by the powers that be here. No one is throwing a tantrum because those people have the same mods. I'm happy to have a choice between Mezel and Modcouple, I have mods from both of them on my machines.

Tell me, did the pitchforks come out when Steve added the castle base to his original mod (which did not have it, which he commented looked like it needed it, etc)? Because he didn't come up with the base, it existed before his mod was ever conceived in public. Why was that ok? He literally copied what existed and being sold still at the time. Hypocrites.

#62 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Harry, this is not a competition between modders, some do the same function but are not copies. Your witch mod does look like a copy just added bricks. It would have went a different way if you reached out to the original modder with you idea to copy and enhance his work. Its all about how you present it to the pin community and right now you have upset and disrespected alot of really good people and they will also speak with their wallets. A apology to all the people you have called out is a start. But please stop with this tough guy commando keyboard warrior rants about others and focus on you. Really you keep digging a hole you probably won’t recover from.

You, and many others, have a skewed view of what you think is allowed and proper. I didn't call anyone out, everyone is free to make the mods they want and everyone else can choose which mods they want to purchase. If folks don't want to purchase what I make for whatever reason they are free to make that choice. Comparing several mods which are the same for the same game made by different manufacturers isn't calling anyone out, unless you believe that it isn't proper for those mods to be created by multiple people. So, which is it?

It's fun to jump on a bandwagon and get riled up behind a cause. If those folks can't see that there is much hypocrisy in their position it is not within my power to fix them. You all have no explanations or excuses for those who have duplicative mods which I linked to, yet somehow you want to throw me under the bus because it's all the rage right now.

Quoted from shovelhed:

some do the same function but are not copies

Sit with this quote for a while and let me know how you want to explain that nuance to me. I'd love to hear the mindset of people who think those other mods "do the same function but are not copies" and how my witch flame mod "does the same function" but is somehow a copy. You know, the flames... with the interactive flame lighting.. with the ruby red or emerald green, which none of exist in any other witch mod.

Steve didn't create the witch mod. Steve didn't create the castle well mod. Go post up a storm in his thread about how tee'd off you are at his blatant copying of those elements.

#66 1 year ago

Working on base finish and paint.

BaseSample (resized).jpg
#67 1 year ago

Ooh danm that's looking good, if I do say so myself.

Can't wait to see this thing catch on fire as the witch raises up.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#68 1 year ago

I also just got in the most dense string of 5050 LEDs I could find. They cost a ton but I think it will give a much more overall glow. I also got in the diffusion material so we'll have a test up soon with those new changes. Still doing some fine tuning on the witch, expect that reveal soon. Been working on the flame programming and it's getting there. Have a nice low rumble going on and working on the animation to get it to a roaring blaze. I can't wait to see what that looks like in the smokey white flames..

#69 1 year ago

Oh, this thing is so well designed with such tight tolerances that the two pieces lock together without any adhesive. More environmentally friendly, lol.. and you can swap them out at your leisure and change up your game. Have one of every color, get new ones as we change up the lineup.

That being said. Anyone who gets in on the discounted presale will get one additional flame shield with their order. I'm not sure how much those will be priced individually but we're talking at least $30. The 10% discount is still hanging around if you want to get in on the presale.

#79 1 year ago

I appreciate the feedback on my posts. Maybe a bit too sarcastic for my own good.

#80 1 year ago

I hope to be posting a very special update regarding the witch here shortly. Good things

I have been working on the new lighting array. We are printing, what I hope, is the final version of each element. I have the paints needed to do the YBR version and will get a sample of that posted soon.

Everyone who gets in on the pre-order will get contacted before we ship to ask them which color they want for the 2nd flame shield. That way I can get a chance to post finished versions of each one lit up and you can see all options.

#82 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

Easier mod to install than your POTC trunk? That one broke me.

Heh, much. Just remove the old, drop in the new. Fish a wire down through the witch hole (heh) and plug it in. You can set some options with a push button keypad for color and speed for flames. That's about it.

Swapping the flame shield is pop off and on. It's held in with pressure, it clicks in to place. The LEDs are either going to be swappable or each shield will have a set, I haven't settled on that yet. They will be socketed either way so you can remove them without having to remove the wiring.

The micro controller plugs right in to existing molex connections for the power and signals it needs.

#84 1 year ago

Happy to announce that we are proud to be offering the sillyoldelf witch figure as the final piece to our flaming witch mod. I have long loved this figure and when I was originally searching for my own game this figure wasn't available anywhere to purchase. Working with sillyoldelf we were able to license this figure while helping sillyoldelf raise funds for a charity he supports.

If you haven't seen the figure before, here are some prior images. I have, what I hope, are the final flames on the printer right now. Already have the final base printed and all the LED components here. I'll be painting a YBR version of the flames for viewing, as well. Once I have the flames ready I'll post a pic of the whole thing installed, final version. Then lights!

2b341ec9b2aa55ace2458d6bd8da5f2a47e28489 (resized).jpgdb767527e67ccab9642e780fb46d941bc5e01676 (resized).jpg
#86 1 year ago

Testing out the YBR finish. Not quite as yellow as I think it needs to be, but I don't have access to a YBR so I'm gonna have to send one out to someone to test.

pasted_image (resized).png
#87 1 year ago

Flaming Witch Blacked Out Edition

I think that's pretty much the finished design. Working on a few technical changes to accommodate some of the lighting elements. This is a raw print with no finishing and low quality, fyi. Can't wait to do the finish work on one and post the actual quality you'll be getting.

The witches are being sent to a SLS resin printing company to have the most detail possible.

Are the green eyes and the red flaming fists of interest to anyone? I wasn't planning on doing it but sillyoldelf did some cool lighting and so maybe that's something that's wanted.

pasted_image (resized).png
#88 1 year ago

Ignore the print lines, again low quality test print (or the shape, very old version). I think I have the YBR color about right. Still haven't found one local to test so maybe I can send it to someone to match. Not sure how popular it will be but I wanted to get it right for some other mods.

Nice day here

Working on the lighting today, it is going to be awesome. Will post a video when I have all the sequences done.

pasted_image (resized).png
#89 1 year ago

It was brought to my attention that some people may not know about the witch lighting mods and I had a request for functionality that would take advantage of this.

Here is what sillyoldelf posted when he did this originally:
pasted_image (resized).png

The request was that this would be an option so when Fireball Frenzy mode was activated these lights would turn on. I am working on a prototype to detect this kind of mode change for another mod coming out soon and so if that goes well this should be doable. It would not be fesible in the timeframe to produce the mod without the lighting addon but I have some ideas on how that would be able to play out for those who would be interested versus those who are not (or not right now). I think we can provide an upgrade kit for this if you wanted it down the line and if you know you want it now then we can hold your order until it would be ready.

Open to feedback and thoughts on interest.

#91 1 year ago

Cool, sounds like there might be a few people. I have a few other electrical mods on my plate but I'll check in to the ability to read the fireball frenzy mode and update here.

#92 1 year ago

Made some changes to the witch to allow for the wires for the lighting mod, FYI. Looks like everything is pretty much set model-wise. Continuing to work on the flame lighting this weekend.

#94 1 year ago

I've done a lot of research on the flickering flame bulbs. We actually ended up making our own mini wedge bulbs that are for sale now.

We use them in the flickering flame for the balloon: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/WOZ-flickering-flame-balloon-JJP

And for the POTC window: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/Stand-up-illuminated-window-jjp-potc

There are not many bulbs that really look like flames. Comet sells a "fire" bulb but it's hardly realistic, sadly. I asked them to make these bulbs but never heard back.

But for this situation we are using WS2812B addressable 5050 LEDs which are controlled with a micro controller. The controller reads signals from the game to determine what state the witch is in and goes through a sequence of flame effects in which the fire grows up from the bottom when the witch rises and puts on another show when she is defeated. I'm going to work on a requested integration with fireball frenzy which would let me do some further flame effects during Frenzy and then also, optionally, the witch can have glowing hands of fire which turn on when FF is active. That will come later as I won't have time before we need to start shipping these.

#95 1 year ago

A bit behind on the lighting but we made some final, final changes to the flame and base to clean it all up and adjust a few areas and already started printing them in earnest. So that's on schedule. I'll be asking for 2nd flame shield choices here shortly and the pre-sale is going to be done.

The controller is being tested and will be in production here shortly. All of the hardware parts are on order and should be here soon as well.

The witch has been modified to be ready for lighting if I end up doing that.

The lighting took a bit of reconfiguring and testing with various LED strip layouts, densities and sizes and I think it's pretty well set in the hardware. Now just to finish up the software.

#105 1 year ago

I've done the research on the fireball integration and the lighted hands/eyes and looks like it's not a problem. I have most of the supplies already but am going to look at that after we are shipping consistently.

I'll take some good pics of the finished version installed. I haven't painted a finished one yet, only a bunch of prototypes, so I'll get that done and take some pics.

The red flame will be printed in red and detailed with air brush, similar to the white smoke one. I will get those painted and pictured as well.

#107 1 year ago

Yup, for sure. Been tweaking the lighting effects, LED layout, etc. We have about 10 controllers built and should have around 10 fully printed this week so we're a bit behind on the first shipment but should be able to catch up as we're ahead in the printing.

#108 1 year ago

Here's a view of the entire final design. Not the final quality or finish, just the overall model design. The witch has had a lot of time spent on her for ease of adding lights, rotating her head towards the player, enlarging her and working on fit. A new bracket comes with the witch along with screws to change up the space usage. The hat is integrated now, as well, so no separate pieces.

pasted_image (resized).png
#109 1 year ago

Here's a quick video of me testing diffusion and light layout. This isn't fully inserted into the flame housing. It's about as good as it is going to get for having such a small place to embed LEDs. It looks pretty darn good in the almost clear flames. All of the flames will have some finish on them so it will be even more diffused.

#110 1 year ago

Here's the "quick witch" mounting system. These little posts go on the screws that the original witch tube mounted to. They are 8-32 threaded and designed with a tapered press fit with a hex head. The base and flames just press down on to these and they hold the whole thing in place. No visible screws, no mechanical fasteners needed. To remove the whole thing you just unplug the lighting (one plug under the playfield) and lift the whole thing up.

pasted_image (resized).png
#112 1 year ago

Emails are going out to those in the first few batches asking for your 2nd flame option. If you didn't get an email and were in on the pre-order early, you can PM me and I will look to make sure I didn't miss you.

#113 1 year ago

Getting ready for hair and makeup

pasted_image (resized).png
#115 1 year ago

Ready to get her clear coat.

Would anyone have an issue delaying a week or so? I was talking with the printer who is doing the witches in resin and he saw the flames and said he would like to take a stab at producing them and would give a really good deal. It's more costly which is why it wasn't part of the original plan but it might be a cooler look as with the liquid resin we can control opacity and refraction a bit more. It would have been another $30-40 just to get the flames done this way but he's local and able to beat the online production places. I'd eat the cost, just need time for him to print and get the resin in stock. I am waiting for a prototype print and will post it if you want to judge that way.

I just realized, after someone mentioned, that this pic is pretty crappy quality. I'll take one with my DSLR once the clear dries. Still using my old crappy cell phone camera. 3 years still going strong.

pasted_image (resized).png

#116 1 year ago

Here are the "movie red" flames, at least how they look right now depending on the different printing process. Again, crappy cell phone pic. I think they will get a small amount of air brushing to highlight the flames and shadows a bit. The lights look really good in them.

pasted_image (resized).png

#119 1 year ago

Sorry for the confusion. We created a witch that was pretty close to done, then I heard back from sillyoldelf and I was really partial to his but I thought he was no longer around. Here is an image of the first painted version we have of his witch. This was painted by us, in-house. A professional model painter is doing the rest of them which should be even better.

pasted_image (resized).png

Here is an early render of the witch we had created. I was waiting for a better version but wanted to reply. I'll post it when I get it. I suppose we could offer this one as well, if people wanted a different look. It would be much later as we would have to finish refining it, test prints, etc. In her left right would be a real wood broom stick with real bristles. My issue with this early one was that her features were not exaggerated enough so we were working on a longer, narrower chin and a bit more evil look.

pasted_image (resized).png

I suppose if you want no witch we could do that as well, just send me a PM.

#120 1 year ago

Oh, a few more updates. Got a better clear coat that is much flatter so that's good to go. Also got the resin flames... not better. They actually end up losing detail when printed that way, oddly, and they are rubbery because the walls are so thin. The FDM version (the originals I have printed) are actually much better at diffusing light and have way more detail. So, experiment done. We're working away painting witches and detailing the bases and flames. Witches are in resin, much better for figures/minatures, but flames and base in PLA+. Lots of hand sanding, hand painting and 3 coats of matte clear.

Resin on the right. Feels like a cheap toy.

pasted_image (resized).png
#121 1 year ago

I added a little bonus to the mod. It took a bit of extra time so I apologize for the delay, but I think it will be worth it. The lighting effects now have hit detection. There is now an added sensor connection which will animate the flame lights each time you hit the witch and will use a different effect if she is down versus raised.

I also have been taking some time to figure out how to handle the fireball frenzy detection. It's not part of this release but I wanted to make this a bit upgradable so we're adding in extra connections so when the time comes you can add on the lighted witch eyes/hands with the FF detection to make those effects work. If I didn't add the connectors now you would have to swap out controllers (or do soldering) which isn't ideal. Another $5 in connections now will save hassle in the future.

I'm still working on the lighting effects. In the background we're continuing to produce and finish the mods. We almost have enough flames, bases and witches to cover the first 3 batches. The consensus on the 2nd flame shield for the pre-orders seems to be the flame red so we're focusing on producing a bunch of those so everyone can be shipped their extra flame with the mod. I'll have a ton of time this week to dedicate with the holiday so expect a video of the full operation soon.

#123 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Do you have an ETA for when the hands and eyes witch will begin to be sold? I'd rather buy like that than upgrade.

If there are no complications with it, I have all of the parts here. I want to modify the witch a bit more to make it easier to install the bulbs. I already created tunnels for the wires but I'm going to make a version of the witch with holes already made for the lights. I'd guess maybe a month or so. Trying to finish up the last details for the first set of orders.

#124 1 year ago

Quick update, while working on the lighting code over the weekend I found an issue with detecting switch change states. I am using voltage change detection and it was working fine, so I thought. What I've determined is the voltages aren't consistent enough to hard code the values to compare against. For example, the voltage change of a Witch switch opto is around 300 mV but the starting voltages started to fluctuate with in my change tolerance which started leading to inconsistent switch change detection. This is mostly an issue for the hit detection which requires an instant reading versus the optos which I can poll over time to determine a change. I went back and re-wrote some of the code so now there is a baseline detection. When the game turns on I take a series of readings from all of the switches and store an average as a baseline. I've then set some threshold percentages that each switch must bypass for a set number of cycles (more for the optos less for the hit) for the change to be counted. This has been a lot more reliable and I think will create some leeway for variances in each game. I have no idea how much this will vary, if someone wants to test this on their machine to gather some data I can send you a quick video. You need a DMM and some needle probes or some breadboard wires or something to shove in the small 4 pin connectors for the optos. You just want to test the change in voltage on the white or green wire in either of the witch opto sensors from open to closed. I'm sending out a controller to another pinsider to confirm the detection changes are consistent on their machine as well.

If there is an issue with this down the line the controller can be updated with new code to fix any issues. I have been reviewing the code again and again to try and prevent any code updates. While I've been working on this we've been producing and finishing flames, witches and bases. We almost have enough to cover all of the pre-orders now. There is a new metal bracket to attach the witch to, which are all done along with fastening hardware. Each flame is getting fitted to the base and tweaked as needed for good tight fit and easy removal. We're working on the lighting arrays right now, making enough to cover all of those orders as well.

Here's a view of the raw controller, wiring harnesses and such. This is a prototype one, the final versions are packaged neatly and will come ready to mount inside the game, nice and tidy. Shown are power connectors, a buck board for lowering the input voltage, outputs to the LED array and inputs for the switch detection. Also included is the wiring needed for the future witch lighting.

pasted_image (resized).png

2 weeks later
#125 1 year ago

I'm gonna have to recant that statement, can't do bash detection at this time. There is a whole slew of technical challenges and I'm going to work on them but I don't want to hold it up. A few mods are going out to a few pinsiders who have agreed to test everything before we send out the whole batch. Expect an email if you were in the pre-sale and I didn't get your 2nd flame option yet.

#129 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Is there any chance of a flying monkey mod coming soon?

I mean, I guess maybe... I wasn't planning on it but the mod I bought broke so maybe I'll have to make my own.

1 week later
#131 1 year ago

I've had a bunch of people ask about that. Mine also broke so I'm gonna have to make something for my own game. I have a few ideas on how I'd want to do it so once we're caught up on the witches and some of the other mods we have going for WOZ I'll get some monkey ideas modeled. We have a monkey created already that is on the Crystal Ball base so adapting that shouldn't be a problem.

#132 1 year ago
20191231_165927 (resized).jpg
#133 1 year ago

Witch control box, custom designed. Mounts neatly under the playfield, unobtrusive, not permanent. Extra wiring already included for future upgrades (lighted witch, hit detection). Full control with 4 button keypad to set fine adjustment to your preference. Exposed mini USB port for any software updates.

Lighting array has 57 individual hand soldered connections and about 15 unique wire lengths. 31 individually addressable RGB WS2812B LEDs sandwiched between an ultra thin backing plastic and a custom printed diffraction shield. 4 of those are individual LED pixels on individual circuit boards which get arranged under the front flames for lighting throughout. Each connection reinforced with hot melt glue. With this arrangement the lighting array easily goes in and out of the flames so swapping is done without much fuss. All lighting shields will be installed within your primary flame color (what you ordered). If anyone who has a 2nd flame coming would like a 2nd set of lights PM me and I can figure out a cost. I think we spent about 2 weeks solid just producing the lighting arrays. My original concept, which I posted videos of, had a single string of lights which we didn't have to solder but it didn't provide the robustness nor the flexibility I wanted to have for an evenly dispersed light array. No shortcuts were taken.

Flames have all been hand sanded and painted with most needing 3 different colors of paint (adds up to about 5 coats) to give the depth and dimension (matching the powder coat for ECLE, YBR and RR) and then 3 coats of triple thick clear coat (which, in essence, is about the thickness of 9 coats of clear). 9 individually designed and printed parts make up the entire witch assembly. New stainless steel witch brackets have been produced to fit this specific arrangement. No splicing, cutting or wiring hassles, plug and play.

Witches have been throughly customized from the original SillyOldElf custom design with integrated hat. Witch has been rotated 15 degrees to face the player more with better visibility of face. Thickness has been added to any thinner areas for added robustness and for more dimension. SLA printed with a high strength UV cured resin. 8 different colors have been hand painted on each witch with custom mixed acrylic colors and 2 coats of an absolutely flat clear coat (I tested 6 different clears).

Each complete mod takes around 24 hours of print time.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you, shipping notifications will be automatically sent from the store (or Pinside orders will get them manually inputted, but you'll get notified either way). Installation video being shot and edited and then will follow up with a product demo video.
pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png

#134 1 year ago

Something wicked is inside

pasted_image (resized).png
#136 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Does that control box come with the mod when purchased?
Also, not sure if I missed it, but can the LED's within the flames be color controlled? For example, if I went with the smokey clear but wanted it to light red when lit up?
I assume that if I went with a painted version other than clear, it will light up the same color. Green will be green, red will light red....

Yup, the entire kit, plug and play, comes together. Lighting, flame, base, witch, control box, all connectors, etc.

The LEDs have brightness, color, speed and effect controls. No matter which flame you purchase you can choose whatever color lighting you want. They are pallets of colors (since the flames are a mix of colors). For example, red/orange/yellow is one combination. There is a more reddish one, a green, yellow, etc. Several pallets you can cycle through.

#140 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Would you be able to share some videos of the different flame colors with different LED colors running through them. I am having a hard time understanding how something like a "green" flame can produce any other color than green when lit up.
Sorry if thats dumb or perhaps im not understanding fully.
To better explain, I have a green edition WOZ. Now, I think it would be cool to have the flames be emerald green when there are no lights lit up, but turn red when the lights light. That doesnt seem possible obviously.

Working on videos, trying to get as many shipped for folks who have been waiting a long time.

Choosing red flame lights inside a green flame shield would produce a sort of reddish light, behind the green. The flames are all semi-transparent so you can see the color of the light through the shield but obviously whatever color the shield is printed in will always be somewhat visible. I'll get all the color combinations posted, lit up with different lights.

#141 1 year ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

whats finished product cost?

Currently $265: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/wizard-oz-pinball-flaming-wicked-witch-mod-with-realistic-fire

We are talking over some concepts. I think we have some ideas which would make a great mod.

#143 1 year ago

If you got in on the pre-order and haven't selected your 2nd flame we've emailed or messaged you. Make sure you check email and spam folders.

#144 1 year ago

Witch Mod introduction video

#145 1 year ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#147 1 year ago

Yup. Install video first, then product demo video.

#148 1 year ago

Not sure how good this came out but a look at some of the flame pallets. When it cycles around it double flashes so you know it is starting over. I'm cycling through some of them by pressing the button on the controller. This is the lighting array outside the flames, much more diffused inside the flames

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Looking good !
a more realistic flame pattern would have the flickering light at the top of the fire rather than at the bottom ,just a suggestion to try if you are tweaking the leds.
Once it is all together probably any led pattern will look really good!

Yeah, I played around with this a lot trying to get a good pattern with the odd layout of the lights. The nice thing is that I can modify code later if there are improvements that can be made and release it for people to update. We did that with the POTC chest mod. Not ideal, but it's not entirely out of the realm of most people being able to do on their own. Some sent them back to us and we programmed them for the customer.

You can also change speeds and effect intensity which will have some change to the flickering.

#151 1 year ago

Found a bug that I didn't realize could happen, thanks to an early tester. If you don't kill the witch and you drain the ball we didn't account for the witch going down but not being killed with ball drain. Making some adjustments now. If you mod hasn't shipped (even if you got a tracking number) we held it so we can update the software. Already working on the fix so shouldn't be too long.

#152 1 year ago

Here's the end solution. Had to add some product cost to the whole thing but I think it is worth it. We were using existing switch signals to trigger the witch but it has become apparent for many reasons that there isn't enough reliability there. So we moved to a mechanical switch setup. This custom bracket slips on to the witch mechanism and mounts two standard micro switches which will trigger the up and down actuation. I have a similar idea for the hit detection, if it works out I can send out an update kit as the whole thing already has the wiring built in.

The plate secures itself but I built in ziptie mounts to strap it to the bracket for added security. Adjustment built in for switch movement, switches of course included and wired up to the controller, screwed to the bracket ready to go. This one was printed in white for testing but I think all the finished ones will be printed in something cool. I am going to test carbon fiber filament for this, which I think will work and I have an excess of so perfect fit. It should blend in and be a bit cool looking at the same time. The bracket also sort of acts as protection for the rod and lower opto. I bent my original rod so sort of nice to have this added.

Thanks for the patience, it was worth it to make this change now and prevent further headaches. We have a handful of updated harnesses and we'll be getting the rest of the switches delivered tomorrow and will update the rest. As soon as yours is updated it will be put in the mail.

I have a few other WOZ mods coming out and as a thank you for the understanding I'll have a special offer or gift for everyone who purchased the witch mod so far. Might be a limited edition thing, not 100% sure as I have 3 WOZ mods in development.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#153 1 year ago

Thanks for the patience, we are done with the fixes and have tested and it looks great. **Ooops, new tracking numbers are being generated** They are getting boxed up again and put in the mail (again).

I am updating the install video to cover the new parts and how they integrate. The parts have been printed in Carbon Fiber filled PLA which is nice and dark and blends in well under the game, not that it matters.

I took the time to add in some more gradient options for the flame colors. There are something like 7 brightness levels (including off), 5 effect speed levels and 25 or so gradients. Should give a good option for most any color flame.

I'll do an actual product video once I put some of my game back together but install video will be posted in the next day or two so by the time you get the mods the video will be there. For most people you could probably figure it out without the video, it's that simple.

#156 1 year ago
Quoted from Mrtattooz:

Bro don't let these haters get to you. I've noticed a couple things being a pinball collector over the past 5 years. You have 2 types of people. Those who are really cool and those who are very arrogant and talk crap!!! I love you're mods and there isn't a damn thing wrong with you making them regardless of the haters. They don't understand supply and demand at all. I wouldn't even give these haters a response at all!!! Just keep right on doing what you're doing, because if people aren't talking about you good or bad then that's when you should worry!!!!

Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

Btw, you were downvoted from an account that has made no forum posts and has nothing in their profile. Nothing like a fake account.

#157 1 year ago

For anyone who didn't get a tracking number yet you should have one in the next day or two. We are shipping out the last batch of initial orders.

If you ordered within the last few weeks we are working on the next batch now. Should be out next week.

I'll be watching this thread for any issues/feedback with the orders sent. No matter how much testing and prototyping we do I am sure there will be questions.

I was hoping to shoot the new instal video on a GoPro with a mic but mic adapter isn't working so I'll be finishing it on my phone or doing voiceover. Trying to get it posted tonight for those who are getting their mods already.

#158 1 year ago

Installation Instructions for the Flaming Witch Mod by The Pinball Mod Co
More Information: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/wizard-oz-pinball-flaming-wicked-witch-mod-with-realistic-fire

Step 1: Removing the witch

Step 2: Install the base and flame assembly

Step 3: Swap the witch

Added 15 months ago:

Step 4: Controller Install

Added 15 months ago:

Installation Instructions for the Flaming Witch Mod by The Pinball Mod Co
More Information: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/wizard-oz-pinball-flaming-wicked-witch-mod-with-realistic-fire
Installation Instructions (on our site): https://pinballmods.co/flaming-witch-mod-installation

She is fragile. She has very fine detail elements which can easily be broken.
Only use gentile pressure and avoid touching any of the thin areas (hat, fingers, etc).

Introduction: The Controller & Testing

Step 1: Removing the witch

Step 2: Install the base and flame assembly

Step 3: Swap the witch
She is fragile. She has very fine detail elements which can easily be broken.
Only use gentile pressure and avoid touching any of the thin areas (hat, fingers, etc).

Step 4: Controller Install

Step 5: Alignment

#159 1 year ago

All orders that did not have a crystal ball on them have shipped. We are working on the next revision on the CB, I think we're just about there so we should be able to ship soon. If you did not have a CB and did not get a tracking number yet feel free to PM me and we'll see what is up. According to our order management system all have been marked as shipped with tracking.

Any new orders in the last week or so will be shipped out next week and then we'll be able to ship out new orders fairly quickly, 1-2 weeks likely the most wait depending on the colors we might not have available, etc.

Thanks everyone! I am finishing up the last 2 videos and will post them ASAP. Feel free to watch my videos at 2x speed if you want to skim by my meandering thoughts and attempts at comedy. Questions feel free to post or PM. Issues we'll take care of them ASAP.

Once we get a prototype witch with hand and eye lighting I'll post. Also editing a product video with flame colors, light colors and in-action video.

#161 1 year ago


That was all the expanding for now. Very soon!

#163 1 year ago

So I think I figured out what we would like to do for everyone who ordered the witch. I can actually provide some options as one requires money out of your pocket and the other two are without cost (except maybe shipping).

- First place in line for any mod coming out (Crystal Ball, Throne Room or Munchkin Hut) with a discount on the mod price
- First place and no charge for a mod we haven't released yet. Don't tell anyone, it's a replacement start button themed to the game. I have a prototype here, we're making another version and might offer both if they work well. Might just charge for shipping to just cover costs on that.
- Free flickering flame mod for the state fair balloon (which we have in stock and already made)

We'll figure out the details and I'll send everyone an email who purchased the Witch Mod up until this weekend (so if you want to buy the witch and get in on this you can have a few days to get in on this). I'll try and make preference for the order you purchased the witch, so the earlier you ordered the witch the earlier you can have either one of the above.

If you have any feedback on this feel free to let me know. No need to contact me about your preference or whatever now, I'll set up an automated process for you to choose or send out coupons for the item you are interested in. We'll figure something easy for everyone.

#164 1 year ago

Installation Instructions for the Flaming Witch Mod by The Pinball Mod Co
More Information: https://pinballmods.co/pinball-mods/wizard-oz-pinball-flaming-wicked-witch-mod-with-realistic-fire
Installation Instructions (on our site): https://pinballmods.co/flaming-witch-mod-installation

She is fragile. She has very fine detail elements which can easily be broken.
Only use gentile pressure and avoid touching any of the thin areas (hat, fingers, etc).

Introduction: The Controller & Testing

Step 1: Removing the witch

Step 2: Install the base and flame assembly

Step 3: Swap the witch
She is fragile. She has very fine detail elements which can easily be broken.
Only use gentile pressure and avoid touching any of the thin areas (hat, fingers, etc).

Step 4: Controller Install

Step 5: Alignment

Step 6 (REPEATING) Introduction: The Controller & Testing

1 week later
#167 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevinjo17:

Does anyone have an extra support for the witch they don't want? One I got was defective and don't want to change my original. Thanks.

I can send you another. Was it the one with the holes that were off?

#169 1 year ago
Quoted from Kevinjo17:

Ya but nevermind, wife drilled out the holes and got it to work. Thanks anyways.


#170 1 year ago

So for anyone who is having an issue adjusting switches we are working on an opto replacement for those. So if you were in the first few batches of orders who have mechanical switches and want a replacement kit for optos just send me a PM.

#171 1 year ago

A look at the new opto switch layout (early version shown, just a test on the layout). Adjustable position so you can slide it as needed. Putting them together to send out.

pasted_image (resized).png
#178 1 year ago
Quoted from RTS:

When will you post a pic of the new Witch holding the broom?

I need to do some actual pics and video of the finished witch, but got side tracked with the opto change. I am heading out of town to do some test fitting on a R&M and when I get back we'll work on that. Our designers are busy with new WOZ and R&M mods but I'll get this shuffled in. We need to make a few changes to suit the layout changes we made with the sillyoldelf witch and test. Shouldn't be too much work.

#179 1 year ago

Man, shit is going to really hit the fan when I list my personal Gouveia mods for sale.

#181 1 year ago

I'm swapping out micro switches for optos for anyone who wants it. Just seems more practical after taking to a few owners. It's not necessary, many people are running it as is.

#183 1 year ago
Quoted from Hoss_Coog:

Are you including optos on future witch shipments as well?


#185 1 year ago
Quoted from etien:

Thanks for your reply, when you say more practical do you mean more robust or easier to install?

More or less. The switches required a finer level of adjustment. The optos only need to have the rod break the beam.

#186 1 year ago

Ok, switch upgrade kits are ready. It's as simple as snipping off the old switches and clipping in the new ones (comes with quick connectors). I'm working on a video to show the upgrade and then another video to replace the original install videos.

One nice thing is these optos have a light when they are closed (blocked) so you can easily tell when you align them. They have slot adjustments for enough left to right movement that should handle everyone (they are off-center on the PCB so you can swap the PCB around if you need movement the other way). Nylon lock nuts and hex head screws. The optos are also modular (they have a socket for connection) so if they ever need to be replaced you can simply plug the new one in and they are a fairly ubiquitous part.

Best of all, I don't think there are any programming updates. I am working on a device that I can send to people to update code on any of our mods so that makes it a bit easier but in this case they appear to be a direct swap.

#187 1 year ago

Here is the upgrade video for the switches

2 weeks later
#189 1 year ago

FYI any pending witch orders are going to have to be on hold for a few weeks. We can't get parts in right now so we've sourced them elsewhere but they take much longer to get to us.

#190 1 year ago

As long as we are delayed we are working on the two things that have been requested. The alternate witch is being adjusted to fit the last tweaks we made to the sillyoldelf one (fit and layout mainly) and then we are adding the tubes to run the wires for lighting on the hands and eyes. I'm thinking we can do an upgrade program for anyone who has the base witch and wants the lights. Trade the old one in or something.

#191 1 year ago

Here is alt witch. Printing now to test fit.

pasted_image (resized).png
#192 1 year ago

First print, got a few changes to make but I know some people were waiting for this.

Holes in the eyes for lighting, which is optional on both witches as soon as we get that sorted. Controllers are all ready for the lighting, witches can easily be replaced if you already have one we'll do an upgrade promo.

pasted_image (resized).png
#193 1 year ago

I think we're ditching the real broom. Too labor intensive and I don't think it makes it that much better. How many of these am I making guys? I'm thinking this one will only be made with lights in the eyes, no other options.

I'll have one painted this week probably.

pasted_image (resized).png

#194 1 year ago

You can see the veins

pasted_image (resized).png
2 weeks later
#195 1 year ago
0418201858 (resized).jpg
#196 1 year ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#197 1 year ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#198 1 year ago

I suppose it would go the other way, green eyes and red hands. The original witch (not sillyoldelf) only has room for lights in eyes since she is holding a broom.

Will be adding them to the site for order soon.

3 months later
#200 9 months ago
Quoted from DanielJDougherty:

Hey there, how's the progress coming? Looking forward to a witch with light up hands/eyes

Witch Mod 2.0 will be out shortly with the lit options, two witch options and some other minor updates. Throne Room and special surprise should be ready next week, then witch 2.0.

#202 9 months ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#205 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball69:

When do you think the led witch will start shipping out? Or how far out will these be ready VS the non led witch?

Based on the response so far they should all be shipped out within the next week or two. If everyone wanted a lit option it would be longer since we only have a handful of those ready. The v2 witch will be longer, we need to produce them. The lighting is a slow process.

#207 9 months ago

For sure, you'll be getting a shipping email/PM with tracking information as soon as they ship. We are planning to have them all out this week.

If anyone has placed an order and wants to upgrade there is still time, but we will be shipping out the plain witch without lighting for anyone who did not reply.

#213 9 months ago

Weekend in still in this week! They are starting to go out, tracking numbers will be automatically emailed if you purchased on our site or we will update the order here if you purchased on pinside.

Head down, assembling the last bits and boxing. I would love to show video of the witch lit (psst, it doesn't just stay solid lit the whole time... ) but I think people would rather us spend the time shipping. Soon!

#215 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball69:

No tracking for me as of today. I’m assuming Monday will be the tracking day or I may cancel. Will see.

Hi Jeff, we are a small company who make things by hand. We aren't going to rush stuff out to make a specific day. I try to give best estimates, things happen, we can only do so much in the day with a few people. Your order is the last, other people have been waiting much longer, and it was 10 days ago. I tried to make it clear on our home page that these products take time to hand make one at a time, I believe I note up to 2-3 weeks which your order is well within. I hope you are able to wait, if not let me know and we will cancel your order. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

As you can see the wiring in the witches (red wires) are like threads next to the brown wire which is like 28 gauge (still tiny). We have to be very careful, testing multiple times along the way so we don't pull the tiny pin head of a light off the tiny hair wires that connect them, all while not affecting the finish that we spent hours hand painting.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
#219 9 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Lucky you. I ordered over a month ago and still nothing.... ☹️

Everyone should be getting a tracking number. I will check on yours and resend.

#221 9 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Maybe it’s because I also ordered the crystal ball too?

Ah yes, it was still getting packaged in a larger box than all the rest. It is updated on your pinside order now.

#224 9 months ago

Btw, installation for the new version is relatively the same as the old. Please note that there are two identical plugs for the optical sensors. One plug and one socket are painted with a pink dot, those go together. If the witch is working weird, swap the plugs. Of course watch the installation instructions and then when I'm not coherent enough or I skipped a step, feel free to post here.

The only difference in the install with the lit witch is that you have a 2nd lighting connector from the witch going to the controller. One connector on the controller is labeled FLAMES and the other is generally unlabeled. That unlabeled one is for the witch lighting.

Any questions let me know!

Full Witch 2.0 details coming shortly.

3 weeks later
#228 8 months ago

Hey Mike, thanks for the feedback. The alignment with the original bracket would make sense, that's part of why our bracket is thicker. There should have been two silver screws for the bracket. Happy to send those out so you can mount properly.

For the opto alignment, it does take a fine touch. I've installed and tested something like 20-30 bracket designs. Tweaking the metal holder for the optos (it can bend in 3 directions) has allowed me enough play to get them lined up. I tested with the alignment guide but it's a bit of a concern because the rod can get caught up even with a gradual curve.

But, I agree that it is tough. And that is why we are working on a solution for this (and other mods coming out soon) which don't need additional optos. I hadn't posted yet because we're still refining. I'll share more soon and we can look at upgrading existing opto/switch installs to this new method.

For power, there aren't a ton of other 12v fused lines. But it would be odd for the witch to reboot without the fuse blowing (I mean, 12v is 12v) and the controller of the witch only uses 5v (it has a step down board) so even weirder. What you might want to do at this point is get an independent DC power supply and use the service outlet to power some of those mods. You could measure the amperage draw on that circuit (it's F713) but in my limited knowledge the fuse should blow if there is too much draw.

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