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Willy Wonka reveal details

By screaminr

3 months ago

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#87 3 months ago

Omg it's amazing!

Oh wait it's not even in yet.... Damn it!

#243 3 months ago

I'm liking it. Reminds me of Alien with the upper left and top right shots.

Might shoot a little too much like ALIEN up top....hmmmm

#268 3 months ago

Is it just me or does the standard look like the one to get? 2k less and what do you lose? ball lock?

#272 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

$2k difference from standard to LE, but there’s not much added to the le. Mostly cosmetic, shaker, invisiglass and the super ball lock. Seems kind of a steep jump to the le.

Well put - I was literally just thinking the same. I might go standard.....2k less is a lot.

#274 3 months ago
Quoted from teekee:

[quoted image]

seriously? Take that BK garbage somewhere else - that game is an absolute snoozer

#281 3 months ago

I need more Gene in this game - not hearing him enough. Not a big fan of the generic narrator.....

#345 3 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

A lot of opinions on the reveal tonight.
Im gonna try to head out to MGC tomorrow to flip it!
‪The front page Twitch gods have been kind this evening spiking at almost 12k+ viewers for the reveal!‬
‪All in, this should be hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on the game.‬
‪Being able to have this resource (front page) is huge for our hobby!‬
Well done kevinbuffalo skipnatty and Buffalo Crew!

wow 12k viewers? That's really impressive.

#363 3 months ago

Is that wonka vision showing the players face throughout (in that distorted view) and if not, it's kind of hard to tell what it's showing...

where are the Charlie clips or his audio? We need more varied actor audio clips JJP. Def didn't hit the hype but it still looks good.

#368 3 months ago

kid mb name needs to be changed. Want to see that elevator...

#450 3 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Kinda disappointed since my own imagination, expectations and hype were for this game to be a wide body and packed like WOZ with the flow of DI and the graphics od Hobbit.
Well, we all knew it was a standard body so that was just wishful thinking. Game doesn't seem packed with toys, but still has lots of goodies to like.
If code is only 40% then there is a lot of room to grow. Shots do look promising so will wait to play it at Pinfest.
My only drawback is as usual with JJP. Price!!!! Wish they would have pulled all models back by a grand. Really like the LE over the CE.

Code is almost done way more than 40 mentioned earlier.

#461 3 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Everyone saying the spinning gobstopper is a let down... thats cool but its the ball.lock underneath that's super cool imo. It opens and closes and maybe other stuff

It's the most disappointing thing for me. What about the ball lock is great though? Bc the ball falls in? It's like a scoop that gets closes temporarily. Maybe I'm missing something?

#789 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

There is something wrong with the power being supplied to the wonka games it sounds like. We played each of the machines last night and they were fine. Today the flippers were floaty and soft and squishy. Something definitely not right there.


#790 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

He has a podcast and is regulated by the FTC. If he receives anything at all in compensation, discount, etc he has to disclose it by law in his review.
It’s the same reason twitch streamers have to put in their title that the stream is sponsored or whatnot when they are given a free video game or compensation in return for playing a video game on stream, regardless of them giving a review bad or good.

No offense but no one gives a shit about a Pinball podcast. If he's getting a kick back no chance that it's reported and guess what? No one will care.

Sometimes we forget no one really cares about Pinball except us on these forums so let's not forget that and get too over the top.... And you know I'm a fan of yours so just straight talk here.

#800 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I feel so indifferent about Willy Wonka right now. I don't know if I like it or dislike it. I'm not impressed with the theme integration right now. 4 main modes and all of them have movie clips playing where you don't hear any of the actors talking in those scenes? I don't get it. A giant picture of Slugworth for Slugworth Multiball and then nothing that corresponds to scenes from the movie. Same for "Kid Multiball".
I'm also not really a fan of the ruleset design currently. Based on the rule flowchart Willy Wonka isn't anywhere near as deep as any of the previous JJP pins. Overall I just need to see how the code develops for this game and play it before deciding whether or not to buy it.
As of now I'm more impressed with all of JJP's previous titles over Willy Wonka. I'm sure that may change once I actually get to play it and the code is completed.

Look I’m a little disappointed too but worse than hobbit? Cmon now

#802 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Hobbit code right now is light years ahead of Willy Wonka and I prefer its ruleset design. I know Willy Wonka code is only 40% complete so will have to see how it develops. I'm sure a lot will change with its code in the coming months.

Code is more than 40% confirmed to be done except polish and wizards

Too bad hobbits shot layout is so bad and without that code doesn’t matter...

#1000 3 months ago

If I were to remove the expectation of this game really innovating and having something we've never seen before (thanks kaneda) - I would be very happy. Now that I've seen it that expectation not being met definitely stung a little which is why I'm not overly impressed.

I wonder how many folks had a similar reaction.

I will say though that I'm almost certain about buying a standard bc it looks like a better themed DI with a sprinkle of WoZ magic.

Not sure how they go from that CE POTC topper to the CE Wonka topper unless it's just a placeholder. Chocolate River topper opportunity completely missed.

#1216 3 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Too many WONKA threads, I never know which one is most relevant / interesting haha

Completely agree. The mods should close the rest and just have one.

#1218 3 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Alright, I've been avoiding wading into this, but since people are being pissy with me anyways I might as well earn it.
Putting on my design pedant hat, I really want to know what intern at Warner Bros screwed everyone over with this half assed logo, so prominently featured on the SE. They took a wonderfully whimsical piece of typography, and ran it through the wringer until it looks like crap, and it's a damn shame. It's been bugging me since I first saw it. I got inspired by the boring complaints to get to the bottom of it, so here's a hopefully non-boring, or at least overly detailed, complaint to break things up.
First thing I did was hunt down some original movie posters from the film's debut. Here's an example of one:
[quoted image]
Nothing particularly special really, a little dated feeling by our modern standards, but I like it fine. But for our purposes all that matters is the logo at the bottom. Someone hand lettered that, it's clearly not a font, especially given the era we're talking about. No computer warping typography then. That's a great piece of work, really fits the character of the film. Dates things to that era of psychedelic type, but that's okay, we're talking about an older movie here.
Now compare it with this bit from the game:
[quoted image]
The life has absolutely been sucked out of it. They're trying to hide it with all the colors and shading and outlines, but the basic shapes are just mangled.
Look at the H in "chocolate", in the original lettering the connecter between the two sides is a little ball, like a piece of candy. In the Warner Bros version it's just a lumpy mess. No sign of the ball at all. Look all the inside top of the C in "factory", see how on the original it curves in smoothly to a little point? The remake has a sloppy artifact poking out instead. Same with the curves inside the T next to it, weird chunks instead of curves. That artifacting is all over the logo. The smooth curves are chunky, the proportions are sloppy and don't connect right, and the whole thing looks like it was badly traced by that woman who ruined the Jesus painting and got internet famous.
I'll tell you what the intern did. They took the original poster, or probably a crappy photo of it, and brought it into Adobe Illustrator. Then they ran an auto-vectorize filter on it, to turn all the shapes into editable objects, rather than taking 45 minutes to do it all by hand. And then they took the filter result and ... called it a day. Went to get lunch, emailed the file out, and never looked at it again.
Here's some proof. I took the H I like so much, and brought it into Illustrator, and did just that, ran an auto trace on it. Then I did my own hand drawn version. Took a couple minutes, this isn't actually difficult stuff. Look at the difference here. I could have used a more high rez source to be truly accurate with the details, but I think you get the point:
[quoted image]
Here's what the linework looks like between my hand drawn and the auto trace in more detail. You can really see how not only is the ball connector totally lost, but the curves around the ends of the letter are lumpy and inconsistent, not smooth, or are done as straight lines without any of the hand drawn character. You can't follow the line of the side of the H from the top to the bottom with your eye as a continuous shape. The auto trace isn't that smart, it just takes a best guess stab at things, you need a human hand to guide it:
[quoted image]
This isn't JJP's fault, as far as I can tell Warner Bros put zero effort into their own franchise, and JJP had to use what they were given. But damn, what a wreck. And if that's all you've got to work with? Please don't make it the only art on the side of your game! I know some people roll their eyes at font talk, but this is really painfully obvious stuff. If Dirty Donny had drawn the Metallica logo wrong people would have been pitchforking.

Damn it. I was about to reply to this saying you have to be kidding me - now we're commenting on the text BUT my brain was blown away by the fact pattern and now my eyes can't stop seeing it either. Damn you for bringing this to my attention!

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