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Thoughts on Willy Wonka or Hobbit?

By Vino

59 days ago

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“Wonka or Hobbit? ”

  • Wonka 28 votes
  • Hobbit 36 votes

(64 votes)

#1 59 days ago

Interested in hearing from owners or those with much more experience on both titles. Had the most time on Hobbit very early on and a dozen or so games on Wonka early as well. Not theme dependent, overall gameplay experience matters most.

Curious on feedback now that they’ve been at/near full code?

Man, I miss shows.

#2 59 days ago

I don’t own either, but have played both. I’ll follow the thread, but if I was a betting man I’d say, from an owners perspective, Hobbit will get the majority of the votes. With that being said, both are great pins. You can always nit pick everything but all of the JJP offerings are more than solid.

#3 59 days ago

Owned both and enjoyed the Hobbit more. Both were fun, but Wonka’s cheap drains (and my lack of skill) prevented me from getting more than 2 golden tickets. I was able to get much deeper into The Hobbit (some people complain ball times are too long). Hobbit uses sounds, music, and lighting to create an awesome experience. It also has some of the best screen work of any LCD pin IMO. I’ll own Hobbit again, and I can’t say the same for WW.

#4 59 days ago

The hobbit gets serious hate because early code was crap and the vendors set em up at such a weak pitch the balls just floated. BOTH items ruined the experience. Setup correctly it's a serious contender for fun!

WW music / audio grinds on me something fierce. I cannot comment on the depth of the code of WW but TH code is 5 miles deep.
The two games are also 5 miles apart in play ability differences.

I think the're both good machines. You'll likely gravitate towards what theme you relate to the best.
For me being a JRR Tolkien nerd it was a no brainer to buy a Hobbit to sit next to my LOTR

#5 59 days ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

The hobbit gets serious hate because early code was crap and the vendors set em up at such a weak pitch the balls just floated. BOTH items ruined the experience.

That was my experience on location as well, but it was really early on. Thanks for sharing

#6 59 days ago

Wonka all the way. Owned both. Never could get into hobbit. I regret selling my Wonka. Theme integration was excellent, the rule set was deep and fun, and the shot flow was awesome. It took a really large number of games for me to really grasp what was going on so you have to give it some time.

#8 59 days ago

Do you like fast hard games with shorter ball times? Then Wonka.

Do you like long playing games with crazy depth to explore? Then Hobbit.

I actually solid my Hobbit because I could have games well over 45mins. With that said I do miss it.

#9 59 days ago
Quoted from joelbob:

I actually solid my Hobbit because I could have games well over 45mins. With that said I do miss it.

You must be a hella lot better than me or you didn't set it steep enough.

#10 58 days ago

Have owned Hobbit for 2 + years and Wonka for 1 week. Hobbit is my favorite game to play. It pulls you in and is a cinematic experience. I feel like I am in the battles. It is multiball heavy, but I love that. It has the best pinball moment ever in my opinion with killing Smaug. Nothing has ever felt more exciting and satisfying. It is the perfect blend of shots, skill, luck, lights, music, and video. Some folks don't like the creatures that pop up, but they are very well integrated into the code. It has 33 modes and each has unique features and shots. This is not a shoot the flashing light type of game. Hobbit stays because you continuously peel back layers of it as you learn that each mode is a mini-game in itself. Smaug multi is a mini game. Each Wizard Mode is like 4--6 levels of mini games. I've never been to "there and back again", but someday I will. Yes, good games can go long. But it is not a grind, it is epic. Plus music, callouts and video assets are amazing.

Wonka is a joy to play for me. The shots flow like butter. I like the music, sounds, and movie callouts. The narrator voice is a little harsh. It is a harder game and harder rules to understand and I am just starting to open it up. Haven't found that amazing pinball moment yet. The Wonkavator multiball startup is pretty cool, but not as grand as I thought it would be. I think the game captures the fantasy and personality of the film. Light show is amazing and more like WOZ with all the colors. I can tell I will be keeping this game for a while. It may not be as deep, but it plays faster and harder so getting deeper takes some skill.

To compare the two, Wonka wins with shots and layout. Light shows are even, but extremely different. The light shows fit the themes perfectly. Wonka is rainbow colors and Hobbit is a lot of golds, whites, and fire colors. Audio and video integration goes to Hobbit hands down. I agree with previous people that Wonka will have shorter game times and Hobbit is a longer player. Wonka feels more casual and Hobbit feels more epic. Like you are sitting down to watch or read a saga. Wonka is ramps and loops, Hobbit is sharp shooting, drop targets, and mechs. Unfortunately, they are so different in character, layout, and theme it is hard to directly compare them. Hopefully one will speak to you more. I don't think you could not go wrong with either. A Hobbit LE and a Wonka Standard should run you about the same on the used market. Word to the wise, Hobbit is the heaviest JJP pin clocking in at 300+ pounds and Wonka is no light weight either. Good luck!

#11 58 days ago

For me , The Hobbit -it has the best theme integration and so much to do and the best value pin going around . If you really want a Wonka wait a while until the prices go down and get the Hobbit in the meantime .

#12 58 days ago

Hobbit! I’ve Owned hobbit a few years and I still play it. I love both themes, but hobbit is hands down the best theme immersion I’ve seen. I’ve played wonka on location and want to play it more, but the time I had on it was frustrating and difficult to understand. It’s intriguing to me, and I may have bought one if the code would have pulled me into the movie more like hobbit does. Hobbit also plays differently than most games, so the change of pace is nice.

#13 58 days ago

If you like games like Iron Man, F-14 Tomcat or something that's fast and brutal with short ball times, Hobbit is not for you. I know competitive players that despise Hobbit because there's no obvious strategy to rack up a really high score.

You need to play Hobbit differently than most other pins. IMO your score is almost secondary, it's really about the journey that you're taking and how you get there. The real enjoyment is immersing yourself in the story through the gameplay, exploring the different modes and wizard modes as if you were personally experiencing the quest as it unfolds. In this way, the long ball times are really welcome so that you can uncover as much of the game as possible with one credit.

If you approach Hobbit in this way you will appreciate the game much, much more.

BTW, Hobbit over Wonka for me, although I'd like to get more time on Wonka.

#14 58 days ago

Both are great games, hobbit is more immersive and has a better sound package/theme integration.

#15 58 days ago

A lot of people are saying that ball times on Hobbit take forever. You do realize you can pull the posts, make it steep, tight tilt, etc. to prevent that. Just do whatever you think makes it fun for you, but that being said Hobbit is a journey game so you’re gonna need a while to get through it. It’s definitely not a game you play over and over. It’s more of a once in a while game.

I’ve had a Wonka on loan for a bit and was excited to learn it. After 30ish games I got a hang of the rules and shots, and within the first couple weeks of having it, got to the wizard mode twice and a 27M GC (only 2 EB on). It’s probably the easiest JJP to beat imo besides Dialed In. The rules though are very solid. Takes some strategy to get a big score and there’s a *lot* of mini modes and features. The layout is certainly different, but there are some annoying things about it: unfair drain from pops, camera ramp is the only thing to hit from upper right flipper, right ramp feels weird, center orbit and left orbit are underused and dangerous, left ramp too easy.

1 month later
#16 5 days ago

I owned one and played both for sometime.With wonka it’s ying and yang but very flow once you get your pattern down it becomes easier but it’s a loaded pinball with tons to do.Hobbit is fun but more clunky than wonka.Honestly wonka is the best game I’ve played if your talking about whole package ie.flow toys rule set.The only thing I hate on wonka is the artwork play field.Hobbit is even more visually loaded but doesn’t have the gameplay in magnets and such as wonka.Wonka is a masterpiece Lawlor should have won some awards for this gem.

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