Williams System 9 Space Shuttle Microswitch Problem

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By FrankStock

5 years ago


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#1 5 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I have the Williams Space Shuttle and the problem I have is with the outhole microswitch (I think that's what it is called). It is the piece that registers that a ball has ended. It is a switch with a half loop at the end that triggers the metal piece to reset the ball and continue to the next. The problem is when the ball drains, the ball just sits on top of this half loop and the game does not recognize the ball has drained and you cannot continue. I have to turn the game off and on and the mechanism resets. Also, during gameplay, the machine will switch to the second player even though player 1 is still playing. Do I need to replace that switch and if so, does anyone know what part number it is? Thanks for your help.

#2 5 years ago

before you do anything else, take the apron off and check the physical operation of the switch. Does it "click" each time the ball comes to rest on it? If not, you just need to adjust the wireform so it pushes down further when a ball sits on it. Your switch edge test in the settings menu can also help you here by giving you visual confirmation on the screen.

It's probably not going to be that easy, but until you verify mechanical operation of the switch there isn't much point in poking around any further.

If this doesn't work, there are some specific tests you can do while you are experiencing the problems during gameplay. But let's eliminate the easy stuff first. Good luck.

#3 5 years ago

Hey frank glad you found your way to pinside! Like examiner said check and make sure the metal arm is pushing down on the switch. It was working last night when we played so it shouldn't be a big problem. sometimes things get knocked loose during transport. Hope your enjoying the SS! I really miss it already!!

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