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Williams Liberty Bell Troubleshooting

By Galacnor

65 days ago

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#1 65 days ago

Hello all,
My father grew up in the late 1960's and early 1970's and loved playing the Williams Liberty Bell that was at his father's market when he was in junior high, I purchased a new Liberty Bell for my father as a Christmas present about 3 years back, it doesn't appear to have ever been shopped, and it was always a little "fickle" but has recently stopped playing completely.

The main problem now is that the machine, when you turn it on, turns on, all lights, but then doesn't seem to start its start-up cycle, it just sits there making a humming sound that leads me to believe that something is stuck in the on position inside the circuit and not allowing the cycle to begin so that play can begin.

The other problem that has existed with the machine since I purchased it is that the credit counter shows "1" instead of "0" when it has no credits remaining, and will roll up to "2" when you insert the first credit and so on, so when the machine is out of credits, the counter remains at "1". This is more of an annoyance than an actual problem; but, I would like it resolved so the machine works correctly, as it really does bother me. I've thought about simply removing the score wheel and turning it so that the "0" sits where the one does now; but, I'm a little hesitant to do this as I doubt that this is the origin of the problem (I don't know why anyone would have moved the wheel forwards by 1 or how it could have shifted to display the wrong number on its own) and I don't believe its the true solution and don't want to just "hide" the problem.

I talked to a local repair operation and they bill 150 hourly plus parts for the repair. I wouldn't mind paying them that but they were a little rude with me over email and I don't want to reward a poor attitude.

What would you all recommend I do? Any tips on how to start trouble shooting this? I'm handy with a soldering iron and good with electronics (I started out as an electrical engineering major); but, I admit that Liberty Bell really seems like a-lot to handle and all the wires scare me, I don't want to do more damage to it trying to fix it myself and creating more work later! But, if you all know what I should do with it and think its something relatively simple, I'm all ears! I have the original owners package for the machine as well, which has the schematics and parts list, so if thats useful, I can pull some scans and information from it!
Thanks for the help!

#2 65 days ago

What happens if you push the left flipper button? and did you try cleaning the start button sw. at the cabinet?
And the hell with any people who give you attitude; they also charge way too much!!

#3 65 days ago

Hi Alex
In a running pin some relays do pull-in when we press the Credit-Button to start a new game. When we press the armature (anchor-plate) on one of these relays (press and then let go): We simulate "Coil on the relay gets current and pulls" - so
Please toggle off the main power switch and unplug the main power cord (Safety Reasons). Wear rubber gloves or use an wooden stick - practice the "manually activating by pressing the armature" on the AAA "Credit Unit Reset Relay", BBB "Coin Relay", CCC "Reset Relay" --- look out in the cabinet / Backbox for these relays). And then after: Plug-in, toggle-on, wear rubber gloves or use an wooden stick --- press the armature on the AAA (Relay) --- if nothing happens press the armature on the BBB --- if nothing happens press the armature on the CCC.
Write about what happens. Greetings Rolf

#4 65 days ago

Rolf-I think you forgot the image.

#5 65 days ago

Hi currieddog
No - I do not had / have an JPG to post. ipdb has no manual to the Liberty Bell - I cannot look-up in the manual where in the pin these relays are mounted (mech panel is cabinet, insert is backbox) --- (I tried to) shortening my writing - I used AAA "Credit Unit Reset Relay" to later on in my text simply / only write AAA ... The OP, Alex must find in his pin these relays - then try the trick with "manually activating by pressing the armature". Greetings Rolf

#6 65 days ago

Galacnor, Williams machines have a Hold Coil that frequently hums, it activates when the left flipper button is pressed and consists of switches that pre-set the machine so it is ready for play.

With your background all that is needed is a little study;

Learn what normally open or normally closed switch positions look like.

Put a bright light in your machine with the playfield raised and just look closely. It quickly becomes apparent. Relay switches skewed to one side bending all blades into an unnatural position. Cut wires. Rodent-eaten wires.

A cheap Mechanics Stethoscope can pinpoint exactly which relay/coil is humming. So can a paper towel holder against your ear.

Learn to set your machine to freeplay, this eliminates a lot of coin option problems.

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