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Williams Champagne Fire Restoration

By Stevemoerke

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I am in the process of going through my Williams Champagne Fire and would like to know who does the brass plating restoration? I have gone to google and sent an email with pictures to at least 5 companies that I can find, and 4 of them didnt even give me a reply back, and one of them said their tanks are not big enough to do it. I have attached above pictures of the Williams “Fire” pinball machine that I am restoring that I would like to have 8 parts brass plated and 8 bolts. All of the parts are steel as far as I can tell and they have all been brass plated. I am looking for a company that can re-plate these parts for me, I am willing to ship the parts. Here are the lengths of the parts:

1-Brass plated Bell 4” Tall x 3” diameter
1-Brass plated lockdown bar 22.5” x 3”
2-Brass plated side rails 51.5” x 3”
4-Brass plated legs 28.5” x 2” x 2”
8-Brass plated bolts 4”

I was also wondering if I find someone to redo my bras should I be clear coating the brass parts after they are plated if that is an option? Maybe it is not necessary?






#2 6 years ago

Mike Chestnut is the man when it comes to plating. Not sure if he is taking work or not right now, he was extremely busy and not doing pinball stuff for a while I know.

#3 6 years ago

There's one in L.A.
Well, I have never been there before....
If you're rich, why not ask them for gold plating?

#4 6 years ago

Plating guys are everywhere , have to be 2 or 3 in your area. Just had my bell done, it's so shiny! $50, plated, polished, lacquered. My guess is your looking at $500. Poor lockdown bar. Please update as you restore! I'm still trying to get mine to work 100%, much less restore.

#5 6 years ago

Be careful.. looks like a dull matt finish, not polished shiny, But it's fresh you could go anyway you want. I just got a set of brass bolts on ebay for $10, you might just want new for those?

#6 6 years ago

I want to buy your machine!

#7 6 years ago

To the comment that platers are everywhere; no there is no plater in my area that does brass plating. There are many platers that do Zinc Chrome and other materials but not brass. There is one plater that will do brass located a few hours away but their tanks are too small to do the side rails. I actually have parts plated for the company that I work for in MN. I have a relationship with a good plater and the salesperson for the platers and their tanks in Minnesota, and there is only one place that does brass plating in MN, I have already talked to them, and their tanks are to small to do the long pieces. Yes I could have a small brass bell plated by them but I need the 51.5" long side rails, 3ft long legs plated, and the lockdown bar. I will try the plater in the link above but if anyone has actually had brass plating done (long pieces) and has a good plater to recommend please send it to me.

#8 6 years ago

I finally heard back from a plater that can do the brass for me (http://www.generalplating.net/) Thanks Shiny_Balls! I will be sending them the parts in the next week. I hope they know what they are doing. They said they would strip, clean, plate, polish, and clear coat.

#9 6 years ago

That's awesome! Yay!!
Wish you all the best on your project, send us some pictures when done!
I'm still looking for a standard model for my next restoration job....Grrrr.

#10 6 years ago

Just curious ... What are they charging you to plate all of that?

#11 6 years ago

Sorry Steve, I did think you could find them everywhere, my bad, wrong again! Been gone for a week or would have updated you with the 2 i have in my area. But since it looks like your good to go, sorry for delay. Look forward to seeing finished product and price, with the shipping, it's a cost. Eric

#12 6 years ago

Anyone have any of the fire plastics sets for sale that were sold through Marco Specialties. I never bought a plastics set because I didn't have a Fire at the moment, now I wish I had a set. let me know if you have a spare Fire plastic set for sale. Thanks!

#13 6 years ago

Hi Steve,

I am balls2thewall from pinballowners.com. I am glad to see that you were able to get a Champagne Fire. I look forward to following your restore thread!


#14 6 years ago


Fire plastics show in stock

#15 6 years ago

Thank you Imeh! The Fire plastics set is on the way! I cant believe I searched everywhere and couldnt find them. 1st of all I have never even heard of starship-fantasy.com but that they never came up in google with a link for the Fire plastics or pinball plastics. Somebody should help them with their SEO! Thanks again.

#16 6 years ago


Just called the Guy, Very nice and helpful. Sold his last 2 sets today. Had them for a year no interest, sold both to 2 different Pinsiders. I was the third and out of luck guy to call today. Has Lots of ramps I've never seen, hard to get.

#17 6 years ago

Stevemoerke- Steve please update all of us FIRE! die hards fixing our machines. Do tell when all your plating gets back and what you think. How much you paid and if it was worth it. Thinking of doing the same to my poor Fire.

#18 6 years ago

Starship Fantasy has taken over the ramp business as far as I know. Make quality ramps for a lot of popular titles, in addition to plastics and other stuff.

#19 6 years ago

Could someone help me out; I realized that not only am I missing the smoke plastic on the top right of the playfield that is above the shooter lane and the bonus shot, but I am missing the screws and parts to mount the plastic smoke. I did just get myself a new plastic set so I have that. Could someone please take some photos of the upper right area of their machine and show me the mounting parts that I need to find? There are screws and some sort of bushings or sleeves that are colored that cover the screws I believe. If you know how to pinpoint the part numbers for them please let me know the numbers. I have tried to look in the manual but cant find anything on the small hardware pieces.


#20 6 years ago

Is this the part you are referring to? I do not have any part numbers. If it would help, I can measure the dimensions of the plastic bushings, and length of the screws that are used on my machine.



#21 6 years ago
Quoted from Stevemoerke:

Could someone help me out;

Let me know if you need more pictures. Mine is torn down to playfield and someone beat me to the same smoke plastic picture above.
Could you please post a picture or pictures of your fire tube, and head cabinet fire tubes, scrolling fire effect???It would be very helpful, mine has been altered with a sharpie or marksalot.

#22 6 years ago

That is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the photos! Can you tell me are those bushing 1/2" and 1" or what are they? If you could measure them it would be very helpful! Also is there something that the screw and bushing thread into before threading into the house, its hard to tell from the top view. Can you send me a side view photo of how the smoke screw and bushing go into the house?

Thanks again!

#23 6 years ago

Steve- If you have the left smoke with its stand-off's it's the same small one @ 1/2 inch. The large one is 1 1/4 inch, just measured for you. There is only the 2 for right smoke, and 2 for the left smoke, both left's are the 1/2 inch. Eric

#24 6 years ago

Left SMoke.jpg

Here is a picture of my left smoke. Does it look the same as yours?

#25 6 years ago

Yes. that's it..Your bottom screw on house doesn't look right, hole in smoke looks to big. I'm going to add 6 picture I just took, hope it helps.

#26 6 years ago








#27 6 years ago

Thank you so much!

2 weeks later
#28 6 years ago

oh my! I sent all of my parts to general plating in CA 5 weeks ago. This sucks! I would send an email to them and get no response. When I finally heard back from them and got a quote ($450), it was to expensive to do all the parts including the legs and my legs don't really need it. So I removed my legs from the quote and asked them to re-quote. That took another 2 weeks. They finally said; can you drop them off for quoting; I said no I live in Minnesota and you are in LA. So I shipped them the lockdown bar, side rails, and 7 screws for quotation. I had a copy of the email trail and specific instructions with pictures of what they were to do, and to call me first to verify if they can do the job, and if it is polished or brushed brass plating? 3 phone calls to 3 different people, and 3 emails later over 3 weeks, and I still have no reply. I call them and they have no idea who I am or where my parts are. I look up the tracking information and I say to them; then who is Chris that signed for my parts at the dock? They say; oh we will check with him. 1 day later they find my parts. That was a Friday, now it is Wednesday and I just got my quote $350 for chrome plating?????????????????? I said what are you talking about Chrome? The owner calls and says he has all of my parts and they are steel and look like they are all chrome plated? Now I am arguing with them about the parts being brass plated and telling them I sent brass parts not chrome. He admits he hasnt even looked at any of my emails or my pictures that document everything. What has happened it seems is; his people have already stripped all the parts before he looked at them. I am waiting to call him back now while he is at his computer so he can check my photos out for the first time. Now he sends me a text with all of my parts done in chrome plating? I cant believe this. I hope this turns out, this has been the biggest nightmare ever. I am going to call him now and see what he says.

Now he apologizes, looks at my photos for the first time and all of my notes and says yes they are brushed brass plated and they can do it. I have my fingers crossed that they can straighten this out.

#29 6 years ago

Good luck, man I would have died when I saw the chrome.
Please keep us advised.

#30 6 years ago

Steve- Just got off the phone with a plater that has done a fire Champagne. He says they buff down to chrome base, because the brass plating sticks better when re-applied. They even cover the 3 carraige bolts during the plating process on lock down bar which is standard. I think it will be an easy fix for your parts. I am doing my ramp wires on playfield that go to mama and baby.
When you get a chance can you post a pick of your backboard with fire rollers? Thanks It would help me.

4 weeks later
#31 6 years ago

Any updates?

5 months later
#32 6 years ago

I thought I would post the pictures I received before I purchased my Champagne Fire in 2015. The seller Jon – 314-458-1500
http://stlpinball.com/ was an awesome seller. Not onl did all the great photos make the purchase easy but his honesty in the description was dead on!




































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