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Williams Alien Poker Club " I win, you lose"

By BMHouze

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I didn't see a club for this title.
I spent most of my teen years pinball playing on this title.
Recently added a project to my collection (the new dog of my rather small collection).
Looking to share and get some tips as I fix AP up to be one of my long term keepers.
Currently I have the mpu/cpu sent out for bulletproofing. Power and soumd boards go next.
I sealed up what's left of the backglass.
Only have one broken plastic (long one on rigjt side over the 2 outholes).
Cleaned up the inserts and replaced some dubious looking parts on the flipper assemblies..
The plan: LEDs, colour under inserts. Superbands, new plunger spring, black rubber, new ball.
Down the road: powdercoat legs, repo backglass (or an alternate).

Welcome everyone to the table,
Ante up...

20170723_082225 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#3 2 years ago

I got my board back today from being bulletproofed.
Game powers on and thats about it.
Going to be a long road.
40 pin had a spider nest under it.

20170922_123216 (resized).jpg
20170922_123231 (resized).jpg

#5 2 years ago

Still a project. I will probably leave the rail off. Make it a little harder.
I was considering bg restos.

2 weeks later
#9 2 years ago

My AP is going to my techs house today. After it is fixed and playtested by his kids it will come home.
Anyone have an undamaged large right side plastic?
Mine came broke. Not a super huge deal but if you have 1 and the price is right....

Currently my AP powers up, I get the cool Williams sounds and the speech. Looks like the board is going to need a bit more work but will check the power supply 1st as the machine came with a spare installed.
Future: LEDs, Superbands.
Hopefully there will be a programming mod for 2 ball multiball similar to the one for flash, nitro ground shaker. I don't want to do the existing mod that replaces bonus X.

#17 2 years ago

I keep thinking of the extra small left flipper ala Laser Cue. Especially with the playfield I currently have.
I also look forward to a cpr playfield as the lack of features 'should' make a swap easier for a first swap.

image-4 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#19 2 years ago

AP is still not back from board rebuild.
Looks like the blanking circuts are the current culprit.
Just bought some tix for Ann Arbor vfw show to play their AP.

Always wierd playing other machines that I own. I typically find mine are faster.
Always good to see if there are any mods that can be put into my own machine.

Anyone know a good online source for sys 6 repair/tips with lots of pics?

5 months later
#24 1 year ago

I considered multiball. But it screws with bonus X.
Works good on Nitro Ground Shaker....

1 month later
#36 1 year ago

I was lucky enough to be the only bidder on a CPR ebay auction for a set of their repo plastics.
Still waiting on my board. Went to the alt cpu and have to reconfigure a few components.

1 month later
#43 1 year ago

You obviously have not seen the CPR PP Hockey plastics next to the originals.
Bobby Orrs' hair colour is wrong.

I say as long as you don't have a wear line to the wood under the target bank you are gold.

1 week later
#45 1 year ago

Do you have/sell a sys6 test jig?

2 months later
#58 1 year ago

Multiball mod kills bonus X

I have been debating the PP bg.
I have seen the bg resto and I prefer the mirroring.

#65 1 year ago

Anyone done the pf overlay?

#67 1 year ago

Can't say I am a fan of the cab art.
It would be a nice cab to experiment on.
Already eyeing illuminated flipper buttons.
My cab is very dark, art hardly shows.
I looked a long time for a nicer playfield.

Always thought the overlay would make a nice spare pf if I wanted to experiment with the multiball mod and had to cut the trough larger.

3 months later
#78 9 months ago

I just got my board set back from a week at the flat rate repair salon.
It's alive.
Lots to still fix, but alive.

No ball to trough at start, weak left flipper, dead far right flipper, still have to see what targets and holes register.

#88 9 months ago

Do I need a special board to run LEDs?

I see they sell a board for older stern and bally...

Do you only need six of the drop target pieces 3d printed? (looks like 6) at least 1 on each end of the assembly and one between each target.

#91 9 months ago

I just ordered my LEDs
Tech coming by in 2 days.
Have finish the black rubber and superbands before he gets here.

Also found a $10 Imperial Palace LV chip I may want to find a spot for.

#94 9 months ago

My tech buddy dropped and after a few hours we are up and running.
Still has a few weird issues.
The flippers score and my 2 step is middle then outer (is that correct?)
2 of my displays have 2 columns out.
LEDs come this week. Noticed the pops don't like them.

#104 9 months ago

Laser Cue is a fun game.

Back to Alien Poker
Anyone know what for or why the hole in the right plastic by the shooter lane exit???

#107 9 months ago

I picked up my items. It doesn't appear they cooled off evenly.
I sanded them up and plan a swap out.

My LEDs have got held up and I added some coil sleeves to swap out.

Plastic hole is nowhere near the screw. Looking for ideas for something to put there.

Message_1555623640707 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#114 9 months ago

I have 3 bulbs that are being 'difficult' (2 are inside the pops) but otherwise LEDs
Nice and blinding.
Makes the backglass look like it needs replacing next.

20190426_125958 (resized).jpg
#115 9 months ago

I guess next I will start on the display issues. First guess is swap them around to see if its the display or the input.
Tech has no good things to say about the display componets originally used.

1 week later
#117 8 months ago

My 1st problem is the right flipper.
Every time I hit it the machine 'jokers' and scores.
Game seems like its not supplying enough power to the flippers.
Gotta find my short.
For such a 'simple' machine (compared to most of the titles I have had) it really suprises me with some of the 'repairs' I can easily see that I already had to sub out.

3 weeks later
#124 7 months ago

There is only 1 empty light socket available (I believe it gets used for the multiball mod.
I was considering adding led lit flipper buttons.
1st things 1st is 100% working.
Next on my list is compiling a list of stuff to swap out. Mostly switches that are 'crispy'.

2 weeks later
#136 7 months ago

I want to see pics the repo PF from Europe...

1 month later
#141 6 months ago

It's all about the BG and PF.
I had to wait a while to find one without wear under the drop targets.
Repo PF is a bit pricey for me.
Looks nice LED.
I opening bid the repo plastics in a CPR ebay listing cheaper than their retail.

2 weeks later
#145 5 months ago

Is that a BG resto backglass?
Doesn't look reflective enough where I have mirroring.
A very undervalued title.
But it does lack multiball.
I love the sound, AP sounds like the old arcade.

1 week later
#146 5 months ago
received_530115020859222 (resized).jpegdownload (resized).jpeg
#147 5 months ago

Drop target 'track' wear.

received_530115020859222 (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#152 4 months ago
received_2416604228570961 (resized).jpeg
#157 4 months ago

Since you'll take a project, I suggest you get the repo PF from Europe.
It took a while to find one without too much wear from the lauch.
Too many down to the wood under the target bank.

My wife recently hit 800 000+ and took the high score.

1 month later
#161 3 months ago

Anyone out there put in the repo PF?
Wondering how the process went. I have heard CPR ones sometimes don't have the backside holes in the right spots.

That's one of those way down the road upgrades for me.
Love the game, it's just so slow compared to my Sterns.
Way more ball spin from this game.

1 month later
#169 51 days ago

My repair guy was a bit baffled by the flippers but here's how they look on mine.

20191202_112056 (resized).jpg20191202_112114 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#174 14 days ago

That's not to say the side art could be improved.
We've come a long way from the 80's...

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