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Will you ever consider buying a NIB JJP pin?

By megalo17

78 days ago

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“Will you consider buying a JJP pin in the future?”

  • Yes. Playfield damage is overrated IMO. 33 votes
  • Yes. Eric’s and Pat’s designs are too good to pass up. 31 votes
  • No. Jack insinuating that pf damage is caused by the customer was the last straw. 114 votes
  • Maybe. Depends on if they fix the QC issues. 111 votes

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#101 68 days ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Did you get that in written contract form? With the owner's signature?
Sounds like snake oil to me...

Maybe that’s because you don’t have a good relationship with your local distributor. I’ve purchased many NIB machines from my guy. Whenever I’ve had any issues he takes care of it directly, I don’t have to try to get ahold of the manufacturer and file a ticket. He alleviated my concerns when I thought about cancelling my order and judging by my past experiences with him, he would honor his word.

#102 68 days ago

Prove to me issues are fixed and I would consider it
Otherwise I am out - no FOMO for me at all.
Would rather miss out on a "great machine" then deal with pf issues
There is nothing in pinball that I need at all

#103 68 days ago

Interesting thread. I was in this hobby to a much larger degree when JJP was getting off the ground. At that time people were totally PO'd at Stern for shoddy quality compared to Bally/Williams and were holding up JJP to bring quality "back" to pinball. I got a NIB WOZ and all were impressed with quality.......until the LED board issues. I was pretty choked that I had this expensive (at the time 8k canadian for a new WOZ) that was IMO a lemon. Unloaded it and said I'd never buy a NIB JJP. So to see the discussion now - names have changed but seems like the same old same old.

I do think its pretty short sighted to not address these issues before they become issues - meaning catching them at the factory. You "MIGHT" be able to excuse Stern on poor build quality a decade ago - as a pin going on route........"what evs" right? But this hobby is now pretty much driven by individual hobbyists who are buying a game........... but also a piece of art, and they want it to be beautiful. And for the price being paid now - ya, they shouldn't be putting up with manufacturing defects like this. Again - maybe a electrical engineering defect (the lighting and boards on original WOZ were "new territory") on some new electric toy/effect.......but the recipe on fit and finish has had 25 plus years to perfect. So no real excuses for it to be happening.

I suppose to catch it at the factory would mean smaller batches with quality control on those smaller batches to prevent these issues making it to the customer - that in turn would likely drive up cost. To what degree not sure, and not sure anyone wants to pay even more TBH.

#104 68 days ago

I've always had really good customer support with them. Eric is often out there on social media helping people with problems (and sometimes the other guys as well), and Steve Z. is always good help, and Lloyd is always around here and Facebook, and every part I've ever needed from them (about 5) has arrived here quick and cost me $0.

I've had to use the customer support for all of Stern, JJP, Spooky, AP, DP, and CGC the last few years. DP is a little tricky because of the time difference, but otherwise they all did the jobs you'd hope for. Some days are better than others, sometimes they get backed up, go on vacation, but it'll get done.

(edit: I also have no pf wear or clearcoat bubbles on my GnR, so I'm not feeling the sting of that like others are)

#105 68 days ago

Ever? Sure. If you'd asked me circa Austin Powers if I'd ever buy a NIB Stern game, I'd have laughed in your face. But now they make the best games in the world, by a large margin, and I have bought several.

Anytime soon? No thanks. I'm more bothered by how they sluggish they play than by clearcoat and/or customer service issues.

#106 67 days ago

"stern the best pinball machines in the world" looool !!! Can't wait for the next JJP, me and my friends are looking forward to it. Greeting.

#107 67 days ago

Probably not. Flipper feel...

#109 66 days ago

Pinball manufacturing is hard. There is no doubt about it. Supply chain is the hardest it has ever been for so many reasons. IMO Jack is human and maybe has said some things in haste that he wishes he could take back. In some cases, maybe he was even right. Here is the thing, JJP games are at a level that is on its own (IMHO). With this in mind, yes I would buy another JJP machine. My guess is Jack is already looking at other playfield options (again?). Hopefully he gets a good partner to put this to rest.

The truth is I LOVE the titles and innovation going into his games. They are really really good. If it wasn't for him pushing games out on the market, Stern would probably still have dot matrix displays. Bottom line is this is fixable and hopefully things will calm down on both sides. My personal experiences with Jack over the years, and there has been a lot of years now, has always been fair.

I am just happy there is competition out there and innovation continues. What JJP did with GnR's was nothing short of amazing.

Peace everyone! Let's try to enjoy pinball

#110 66 days ago

no i dont gamble i work hard for my money i wont risk 10,000

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