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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

4 months ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

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#7 4 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I would be interested in an LE from what I’ve seen on video. I would just need to take a spin or two before committing. I live in a rural area so finding one to try out is a challenge.

There's one a couple of hours from your area at Stonehedge in Akron.

Stonehedge Entertainment
580 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave, Akron, OH 44310
(330) 928-2161

I drive here from Pittsburgh, two hours away, and find myself playing it.....even though I own it. It's just that good!

#87 4 months ago

Let's say 100 Pinsiders say today, they'd buy a POTC, and that number is most likely bloated. How many actually would? 10, 20? Say that demand outside of this vacuum is ten times higher than that, also doubtful. That's just not worth the effort in ordering parts, opening a sideline for production, and possibly just scooting by with minimal profit for JJP. Especially when there is new ground to be tread with new, fresh games.

Also, the brand of Pirates, as long as Depp has this cloud over his head, can't be something JJP or Disney really want to be ensconced in.

Too little profit, minimal demand, and ongoing controversy.

#100 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I would love to see more produced. It provides me no benefit to limit production and I rarely sell pins, so I am not focused on increased price. But, what I see in the posts is ...
Unknown person posts definitive "no". Person is known and respected by Lloyd, lending significant credibility. Lloyd has an impeccable reputation with this community. I can't see him damaging it for a marketing ploy (although it's possible he could be completely out of the loop). Unknown person has been on Pinside for two years, but is not located near JJP facilities. Sounds like an investor to me. Didn't they join JJP about 2 years ago? Major investor opinions would likely trump all other ideas on whether POTC is manufactured again.
Just a hunch.

That's Steve, a tech from JJP. He's a solid source. Great tech and very knowledgeable also!

#116 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Yes, and I respect Steve a great deal ... but he would know less than an investor or upper management on production plans (i.e. There is a chance, however small.)


I just don't know why we keep circling around this game with topic after topic. If it happens, it happens. If not, so be it. I adore the game, but man we seemingly have minimal pinball news to discuss at this point. Which sucks....

#166 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Post situation isn’t exactly fixed because there is a shitty clearcoat component to it but think whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy I guess.

This is kind of what I felt as well. Post situation has been addressed, not necessarily corrected, due to the existing clearcoat being gummy. Not much current owners can do at this point.

#173 4 months ago
Quoted from chad:

Wonder if it will be packed crazy like JJPPOTC?

Am I the only one that thinks POTC is more design, audio, gameplay packed than "toy" packed? I think the code and cleverness of diverters fills out the table nicely, but as far as gadgets and such, WoZ is unheralded, and DI is pretty stacked too.

I find POTC impeccably balanced. Hobbit feels a bit emptier feature wise, whereas WoZ and DI are really too cramped for space/feature usage.

#177 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Chest with redirect forks
Spinning playfield wheel
Rocking ship
Across playfield canon shot
Spinning pops
Maelstrom w/diverter
Rollover buttons
5 Flippers
Lockdown action button
That's at least as much as WoZ:
Rising witch
Tree pop bumpers
State Fair pop bumper
Flying monkey
Spinning house/upper pf
Throne saucer with lit wizard (not really a toy more like a feature)
Rollover buttons
6 flippers

For me, I view many of POTC's "toys" as functional features. Only the Dauntless is just kinda....there, which I somewhat wish something else was, that had more function to it, as there's a good chunk of space for just one effect, for one multiball shot.

When I see WoZ, there's so many gratuitous features, which feel more environment oriented than feature enhancing.

Just my views. Nothing is gospel. And I also don't feel it's the greatest pinball game of all time. I don't think any game is, and I hope none ever feels like it is the greatest game. As once that precipice is reached, how can any game get any better? Where would hope and anticipation lie?

#186 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Guys, time is money and are you all forgetting we are coming up on 2 years since the reveal?
That license cost them a whole bunch up front and Disney is a bitch to deal with. stern can’t even get the topper produced for Star Wars.
If they were raking in the dough and even just meeting financial expectations it wouldn’t have been stopped abruptly, I mean who would do such a thing. It makes zero sense. There has to be something else that muddied the waters for this game that we are missing.
All of this really has nothing to do with whether it’s the best thing since sliced bread, if it isn’t performing for whatever reason it gets the axe.
Big question for all the self anointed experts, it was a 3 year deal according to Jack, when did the clock start?
With three games on the horizon there may not be as much time as you all think to realistically get another run done.

And I can't imagine a renewal of the license at any point, given the current affairs revolving around the brand.

The Hobbit seemed enough of a stumbling block, the overestimation of demand after WoZ, and the delays from licensing and Smaug. Pirates is the exact opposite approach here, minimizing excess parts, and moving forward, versus being swamped by a less than stellar outing, and unsold games years after launch.

#188 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I hear you on this but I think that happened.
Companies as making certain assumptions and realize later those ranges were way off.
You think if jjp was killing it with potc they wouldn't run that game all day? They just can't bc pricing is off.
Kind of reminds me of the other game they grossly missed on cost to produce - a little something called WoZ.

And then looking, appearance wise, at Wonka in contrast. It's seemingly a downgrade from their prior work, and that makes sense, sadly.

#228 4 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I would have done that in a second if it was a straight up trade. Potc is an amazing game. Taf, while very cool, is just not in the same league.

I wonder how enthusiasts will feel twenty years from now. What will have come afterwards, and where Pirates falls within the larger scope of games.

For me, TAF is certainly a top 5 of all time pin, give or take, but given it's insane production, at literally a possible 20 to 1 ratio to Pirates, definitely no contest there. Not sure how I'd pit them against one another, as I feel TAF represents the best of that era, and what pinball seems to be as whole.

#244 4 months ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

TAF is one of, if not the best theme intergration of all time. It has been an incredible earning game even when the relevance of the license is not there. An all around phenomenal game and will always be a top 5 all time for me. I don't know what will come but within that era, that game stands out more than any other for me. I probably opened 2 dozen tafs in my lifetime and had more than I can count.

Funny, as I was going to say the same about TAF, but knowing the word "theme" and any sniff of it around POTC either makes people love or hate it due to the non encompassing totality of it's theme integration in a pleasing way, or the failure to use it's license in a beneficial way.

I really envy you. I can't imagine the pleasure of being able to covet those moments. I loved the game as a teen, and never would have fathomed ownership of such a thing. Now, to do so either entails finding one that a bird made it's home once, or where the price far exceeds it's original retail value.

It really is such a special game. The playful and simple art, juxtaposed with the glorious and elegant backglass, basic yet brilliant toys, and it's sound design complimented by the wonderful Raul Julia. It does so many things right, and is far more accessible that TZ, which I still try to this day, to understand how that games fit's it's many pieces into one another.

The one thing I'll always say about JJPOTC is that similarly, but not at all with the same level of heart and wonder, it accomplishes many of the same strong points that TAF does, but misses nuance and harmony in ways I can't quite put a finger on. Maybe the most unique, fun pin of this era, but the magic and cohesion, the pure joy of something like TAF, just isn't occurring for me here.

#246 4 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Spot on.....the bigger question will be "was all this hype caused by the inability to get one?" We always seem to want what we can't have.
Biggest intrigue here is why?
Easy to look at boutiques failing, only to get a few or any out the door. But for the #2 producer to stop production as such could be interpreted many ways.
Doubt the actual truth will surface for quite some time though.
Was there hype for the game? Sure, but not more than any other "next new shiney".
Then things happened (mechs and timeline), and hype slowly started to fade. Game gets released, received well, but still no crazy comments.
As soon as the opportunity to own one evaporated, it escalated to "best ever", "I'd sell my house to get one", and similar nonsense.
Give it a year.....I'm in the huge minority (on this thread anyway) that I passed on my CE not once, twice, but 3 times.
Think I saw around 60 (yes sixty) pf problems in the other thread before I stopped going to it. Just couldn't pull the trigger. To see an ad for sling post washer kit scrolling under this thread sums it up.
Forest for the trees man, forest for the trees.......

I don't really understand people's motives myself. I sat and read this thread daily for 2-3 months before considering buying. I kept seeing "GOAT", (such a goofy acronym) touted with complete sincerity, yet feeling to an outsider like some sort of half baked compliment.

The game never struck me until that Valentine's Day stream at JJP with DeadFlip. Seeing how this game....could....be played, had me and many others, leaping to buy very quickly afterwards. The rumors already at that point, surrounding it's culling, only intensified that crazy hype.

Months later, people then wantonly flip those very same games, for a small profit.

So who knows where this dust will settle?

It's an amazing game. The sound design is unparalleled in the modern era I feel. The multiball rules are exciting and exhilarating. Yet beyond those same rules, there's not much layering or dare I say depth. It's a multiball masterpiece, but modes aren't it's strength, rather the general theme integration using momentary vague video clips, punctuated with memorable, enthusiastic callouts, and a sense of gameplay that enables brief pausing to collect yourself for a moment or two inbetween chapter selections. It's a god damn sensory ballet, but a logical, heartless one in ways. Definitely more inspired than any other modern game of it's era, but not near the whimsy and clever mechanics of games gone by.

I will say, the team of Meunier, Johnson, Thiel, JP de Win, and Zielinski, and everyone else, absolutely "nailed it" when creating this modern gem!

#252 4 months ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

So the take away from this thread seems to be that TAF will be remade, there’s a guy willing to sell his house In order to get a Pirates, and some A-hole from NYC (meaning me) is contemplating selling his TAF for a JJPOTC.

Check, check, aaaaaaand checkerooni!

#254 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

How do you find Houdini though? I loved the idea and the theme, but the execution seems to have missed what you are saying about TAF.

Man, there's a lot to unpack there, for sure! API needs more components all functioning at high levels, to be entirely complete and competitive. I am very mixed on Houdini....

Quoted from gumnut01:

But there lies the problem. Do you create a linear mode driven game like LOTR or TSPP? Or a game with a beautiful theme with a fan layout but a small amount of custom goals?
The former becomes a chore after a while travelling over the same old ground, the later gets old quick. You just play it once in a while for a nostalgic fix.
How do you create a game that is always going to throw something new if you don’t make some of the chapters a bit generic?
I understand what you are saying. It’s a bit like thinking of computer games with a sandbox game compared to a linear story driven game. POTC is a sandbox game.
What makes it work is the amount of shots available. I actually like the chapters with just lit shots. It may be nice to have the story telling of the TSPP modes, but poor Keefer would have his work cut out for him to code 125 of those.
Just my thoughts.

I agree quite a bit with ya! There's so much movie content, and frankly, we have no idea what occurred behind closed doors as to how Disney wanted JJP to approach this game. I'd imagine they have a hand in design approach, not just asset usage. And after having the Hobbit based within so much asset and film structure, POTC is somewhat license palette cleansing.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Great post, and admire the way you approach the reasoning....
"GOAT"....our new "Grail", sadly...it's an acronym based world anymore....
This game will always have an odd spot in my pinball journey...."had to have" the CE (1 of the first to commit), as Eric is just such an awesome guy, and pinball engineering genius, IMHO. For this to be his first game, it was an absolute no brainer. No way I was out of this. It would be my next JJP, period.
Time went by and the story (not worth repeating) just started eating at me. It even seemed he was disappointed about certain things in some of the interviews....it resonated. I have never had such an up and down vibe on any previous pin decision, ever. Saw the stream, and had several pinbuds pming about all sorts of things about the game. Confusion ruled.
I'm not a very lucky guy, and just allowed logic to overcome desire on this one (pinball and logic?...oxymoron for sure). I have alot of amazing machines...this one will go down as "missed out big time", or "dodged a bullet"...either way, just a game, and there are always others...

Thanks for the kind words, it's very much appreciated!

I do think we're channeled into a non gray way of approaching life, and media especially. This game scratches oh so many itches, yet leaves me craving very specific things as well, hence it's no GOAT or ALBATROSS or whathaveyou. It is a game I throughly love playing even on location, despite owning one myself! Part of that is due to it being so damn good, and part of it is exactly what held you off on purchasing, (I'm still dealing with QC issues three months into my purchase.)

It'll always be around, and given you own Alien, seems you have pretty good luck right there! Next time this year, POTC might be as elusive or freely buyable, who knows? But 1,000 games isn't akin to King Kong numbers, that's for sure!

#323 3 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

Buy one that has stood the test of time if none can so be it move on there is always another game out there

There is no other JJP Pirates.

#350 3 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

I don't care whose problem it is I will take exception with anyone who thinks buying a $10,000 game that you need a back-up playfield is a good idea. Advising a fellow pinhead to do a full playfield swap when you do not even know if he can build the rotisserie needed to do the work is even a worse idea

I don't think anyone is happy about this situation JY64, it's more about...sadly...damage control, whether present or future.

This entire situation has me questioning home ownership in general. I adore Pirates, but man so many issues I've run into could have been prevented with better quality control, and now...a better clearcoat. For me, this has now been a take out of the box, and play experience. Well, it would have been if I hadn't raised the playfield to inspect it as a new owner.

#387 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I still haven’t picked up one of these games but I plan to after we get back from our trip. I will say that Ron kruzman’s playfield install kit will be a lifesaver in addressing the clear issues.
He sells a kit that has routing bits for drilling out a newly cleared playfield - but what they are also good for is cleaning up broken bits of clear when issues like this arise - and he also sells a special glue which is thin enough to seep into cracks and spaces to seal up any gaps.
The glue is Also super sticky and adheres to the clear, and helps to reattach bits which have broken off. It’s not as good as doing it right the first time, but it’s FAR less work than doing a PF swap, and makes that almost not a necessity to get the game back to fighting condition.

Quoted from CLEllison:

I think your enthusiasm for Ron's kit is going to end up in disappointment. His kit, yes is meant to do exactly as you stated however it was designed to work with properly cured clear and you're not dealing with a properly cured clear coat. I did buy his kit and it's super nice, but I HIGHLY suggest you email him and ask him if itll work on that issue. I'll bet you he says no and has some other choice words of advise about the manufacturer.

Hmm. I was just about to repair a chip today with either super glue or an epoxy. Would this stuff from Ron make any kind of a difference?

3 weeks later
#401 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Just joined the club!! Couldn’t be happier with this ridiculous machine. It may never leave.. and not JUST because it’s over 400lbs...

You finally got one???

Used or new?

Sucker is disturbingly heavy.

#434 89 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

And selfishly reducing the POTC supply to 999????

998! Mine's going to be a mini Pirate attack ship! *honk honk*

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