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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

4 months ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

  • Yes, more LEs 42 votes
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  • Yes, some other version 88 votes
  • No, they are done. 152 votes

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#314 3 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Wayne, what's up?
You dont want to sell more Pirate's?
You could unload a c-container easy.

Ive looked and thought about the numbers.
500 would sell easy, sold out in days.
Just the announcement alone would cause a stir.1000 would be my number if I was Jack.
How many WOZ YBR have sold? That would give you a good number.
I say go for 1000 Black Pearl Edition , no missing mechs. $10,500.

They are licensing with Disney - who could not possibly care less about some dumb pinball machines. Disney licensing requires that if you change ANYTHING related to the artwork, copyrighted names, etc, you have to go through the licensing review process again. So thats 6 months to a year delay. And we don't know the total sunk cost plus BOM for each game. They could absolutely only be making $500 on these things. And what if they make (I'm making this up obviously) $600 on Wonka, and expect to sell as many, or more. They do Wonka.

that said, I do think the demand seems to be higher now than the initial sales predicted. Only being able to do 1 game at a time does seem to hurt them a bit, as they can't let sales grow organically.

#367 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I think it's more a matter of experience, which you acquire by doing. I know EVERYBODY isn't cut out for it, but I think that most pinheads that are determined can learn the skills over time. I actually enjoy the fixing up about equally to the playing. Love the transformation from trash to treasure.

100% same here . I don’t use a rotisserie either; I hang the playfield from the ceiling and transfer from one to the other standing up. Easy to work that way and way easier on the back. Pop bumper nails do have to be done carefully. I just have to remember to predrill holes thoroughly so I’m not forced to put much pressure on the playfield when I screw things in.

#385 3 months ago

I still haven’t picked up one of these games but I plan to after we get back from our trip. I will say that Ron kruzman’s playfield install kit will be a lifesaver in addressing the clear issues.

He sells a kit that has routing bits for drilling out a newly cleared playfield - but what they are also good for is cleaning up broken bits of clear when issues like this arise - and he also sells a special glue which is thin enough to seep into cracks and spaces to seal up any gaps.

The glue is Also super sticky and adheres to the clear, and helps to reattach bits which have broken off. It’s not as good as doing it right the first time, but it’s FAR less work than doing a PF swap, and makes that almost not a necessity to get the game back to fighting condition.

#390 3 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

I think your enthusiasm for Ron's kit is going to end up in disappointment. His kit, yes is meant to do exactly as you stated however it was designed to work with properly cured clear and you're not dealing with a properly cured clear coat. I did buy his kit and it's super nice, but I HIGHLY suggest you email him and ask him if itll work on that issue. I'll bet you he says no and has some other choice words of advise about the manufacturer.

Having done several repair already with it.. I think I’m good. But you’re right, it will not fix major issues with clear that’s not done curing. For chips and areas where the clear needs to be re-adhered ... works great

2 weeks later
#400 89 days ago

Just joined the club!! Couldn’t be happier with this ridiculous machine. It may never leave.. and not JUST because it’s over 400lbs...

#403 89 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

You finally got one???
Used or new?
Sucker is disturbingly heavy.

Used but spotless, and heavy as hell!!

#406 89 days ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I had to break mine down into three pieces to get it up the stairs because of our landing. Head, cabinet, and playfield. All the connections were in the head, and I was able to put it back together without issues ... but I took lots of pics.

That’s what I did, and typically what I do for all games now. I decided to bring the cab down the stairs with the playfield still in the game this time - it just felt less heavy than Hobbit.

The backbox is super heavy on POTC though, so that requires assistance to reattach. Only PITA is the cabinet woofer connector and the USB extensions, both of which connect to the Computer inside the PC box itself.
But not that hard to deal with

#417 87 days ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

I was lucky enough to get myself an le. I LOVE this game. BUT, I don’t know about everyone else but it took a lot of tweaking to get it playing solid. Mine does have playfield issues and i did order th replacement at a cost of 550+shipping, which is a total joke - what’s the point of a warranty? Anyway, not to get off topic,
Realistically, i think if the demand is there and jjp feels they can make $, they will remake it at some point, and unless something changes will still have pf issues....but it may be a different art package as JD is no longer part of the franchise.

Just checked out the "this week in pinball" with the interview with Jack from earlier in the month. Jack's comments were approximately: "well... we'd have to talk amongst ourselves to decide whether we make POTC again. There's a lot of stuff in that game.. I know there's a lot of demand, but we want to keep producing more games..."

wOw. First time I'd read /heard something that implies they really had a huge challenge with this game. Looking forward to owning it for years to come...

#430 86 days ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

There is no way they're not making the game again. I don't know why this is debated over and over again. Jack has clearly stated they still have the rights to make more... I think when the used games are now selling for upwards of 2k more than what people paid its going to be made again. Heck Monster Bash prices got way out of control what happened even that was remade. C'mon! LOL
I think the biggest issue with this game is the parts, they probably don't want to place another order without knowing they can move enough machines to make another massive parts order. The demand is there, so I think you'll see more games.
JJP has already put WOZ back into production how many times already. If there is demand more games will be made.
I think you're going to see another 500 LE's created and they will all be sold within the first 10 days.

Jack himself appeared on a recent podcast, and when asked directly “will more POTC be made?” He said (paraphrasing) “... eeeeeh. Well yeah we’ll see about that. That’s something we’ll have to discuss internally. We have the license, there’s a lot that would go into it. But right now, we are focused on a Wonka and the next game which will be out before the end of the year”

This is definitely not as positive as the other comments I’ve been reading as far as production goes. I think it’s definitely possible that the BOM and engineering cost that went into this game makes it very unlikely to return in its current state. Perhaps they could do another run and charge $11500 for it, but, wow. The price was justified on this game, but only once everyone got their hands on it. At first it was “OMG 10K?!”

1 month later
#447 48 days ago

Sooo happy to have this at home. I do hope there’s another code update though!

#449 48 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

There's DEFINITELY another code update coming for jjPotC. Probably a number of them. Let's not pressure Keith into another heart attack, though. He's got a lot on his plate!

ANOTHER one? Yikes. Yep everybody stay calm. STAY!!!! CALM!!!

#452 46 days ago

Crikey, I seem to have missed that. I wonder if he's got an insulin pump. Diabetics in particular have had a horrible last 2 years in between prices for insulin skyrocketing (for no reason other than greed, I might add) and overall insurance and Medicare coverage plummeting. We could all do better with exercise and diet, but that is just BS.

1 month later
#458 13 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Really? I didn't see what the big hubub was about three spinning discs. I think adding that back would add nothing to the game, imo.

It wouldnt. Even the prototype - which looked cool - would have been impossible to read during gameplay, and it didn’t really spin the ball much (any?) differently than the single larger disc.

Putting the map disc on the LCD screen was one case in which this was the right call. It’s always a bummer when a mech gets “virtualized” but in this case the game is better for it.

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