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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

3 months ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

  • Yes, more LEs 42 votes
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#16 3 months ago
Quoted from jkleinnd:

There's alot of smoke and mirrors surrounding this title. Such an aura of high desirability and deep satisfaction. Yet, a surprisingly high number are for sale (out of a low production run?!) It's not hard to acquire one.
Would love to know the true, behind the scenes story, not the one they spin, nor everyone's speculation. The idea that they cut production short because there are too many of other great titles to get to doesn't make sense to me.

There are a few LEs for sale or trade that are not exactly flying off the shelf. I doubt they will make more, parts may be an issue as might cost. Demand really only picked up when people realized supply was being cut.

#217 3 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I almost considered my Addams Gold for a CE but decided not to. What was I thinking.

I would have done that in a second if it was a straight up trade. Potc is an amazing game. Taf, while very cool, is just not in the same league.

#368 3 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

please stop trying to lump TNA in.
for a few reasons:
1. It was a small number of total TNA pf that had chipping
2. TNA issue appears to be completely different than what was seen on Beatles, Maiden; and those are different than what is seen on POTC
3. TNA was already rectified by game 420 ish so Spooky is the one that seems to have found the root cause, addressed the issue, and from what it seems... even took care of customers.3
4. it is not doing any of us good to generalize things when there are likely different issues going on at the root cause.
TNA root cause in my opinion was a single human muscle freak that was screwing up in production. Not a systemic issue with pf
STERN issue appears sporadic and limited to primarily 1 of their 3? contracted pf makers which is why it comes and goes, some people are impacted and some are not. It appears to be a ink not bonding combined with too quick of production speed that allows bubbling of art and clear at posts.
JJP issue is 100% a mirco issue. It appears he is doing a very poor job of prepping blanks, the direct print machine is over flooding the ink and that layer is not binding properly, so then the clear is chipping. Chipping clear infers plenty of cure before assembly.
I believe the only commonality is that all three issues were exacerbated by star posts causing greater pressure points now-a-days than how they were jeweled and made in the past. The posts are putting more pressure on the pf from ball impact.

Is it possible the clear is being laid on too thick? I don’t know his process, but a series of very thin coats is better than a few thick coats.

#381 3 months ago

i picked up my LE in this last run and it did not/does not have any clear coat issues. i posted pics earlier in this thread if you want to search for them. it's not every game. As a precaution, however, I did install star posts and put neoprene washers on. I was at the factory this morning getting my wonka and the POTC they had in the lobby also showed no sign of clear coat issues at the sling posts and they had the stock posts on.

Quoted from Psw757:

The difference in all of this is the other MFG’s all use multiple clearcoat providers so it isn’t as apparent especially with Stern as they make a boatload more games per year.
Since JJp is only using Mirco it is literally showing up on every recent machine whether people want to admit it or not, there are many who will say it isn’t happening to their machine just because they want to protect whoever.
Nobody is trying to harm any party with this but there does need to be accountability.
I know of two people personally that got replacement pf’s from Stern due to excessive dimpling and ghosted inserts which is far less severe than all of this chipping.
And guess what? They were free replacements.

#383 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Can only speak from my experience but mine has it and so do the other 5-6 I’ve seen in the wild. Take it for what it’s worth.
Some rarely play their games and let them collect dust, these will obviously fare better.
I play my games.
Do you really expect the game sitting in the lobby to have visible issues? Shit....how would that look for them?

Well, the game was not pristine, it was dirty and had seen some play. They aren't using it as a show piece. I doubt it was hand selected to be in the lobby. the point is not all games have the issues, some do, some don't. I don't think the number of plays is a factor. and 5-6 games you've seen compared to the 1000?? out there is pretty low. Even if it's 50, that's still relatively low, even though it may not be acceptable to those 50.

I haven't opened my wonka yet

3 weeks later
#409 86 days ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

My opinion is that the tweaking may be why they don’t produce it again. I have slight playfield issues, and had to replace the launch wireform and the button on the lockdown bar. The autolaunch was a major headache and the screws attaching it to the playfield were “stripped”. Also, don’t forget the damage that the t-nut in the map hole was doing to the balls, which would eventually chew up the playfield unless the problem is rectified. Lots of tweaking past that ... but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. That said, the enormity of dialing in this machine is not for a non-pinhead. I think selling this machine to the masses would be a support nightmare. The team at JJP (Steve and Shannan) have been great, but I am sure it is easier to deal with someone that somewhat knows what they are doing. So, how many more machines can they sell to pinheads? I guess that is the question. Mine is not leaving.

I have a game from the last run and haven’t had to do much at all and don’t have playfield issues. All I’ve really had to do is tighten upper flipper mech, secure a ramp opto and adjust the spotlight under the shooter lane. I haven’t touched the bp. I think that’s really all I’ve done to it.

#415 86 days ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I have a late run SE with silicon washers under the sling posts, but it didn’t stop the problem. It appears that all of the issues were still not rectified at the end, but I am happy that you got one that was relatively trouble free. That said, you would certainly be more capable of fixing problems than either me or the general population.

I did put down neoprene washers, just in case. I enjoy tweaking games, most times. When I did put those washers on, the hammer was coming out of the slings so I installed double star posts. This is a pretty complicated game, but the mechs are really not very unusual, uses bw parts and troubleshooting is similar.

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