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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

1 year ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

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#129 1 year ago

No it won’t be run again. Grab a HUO if you want one. This thread reveals there are NO plans to rerun it. JJPOTC is dead and you can stick a fork in it. From now through 2020 if 1000 people tell JJP they want this title, then JJP would have to reconsider. But this is $9k purchase and the market isn’t waiting on the sidelines to hand JJP $9M to run more POTC. It would be a cold day in hell before you saw that happen. Those interested will buy an existing game at the current $1k markup and grumble along the way.

Pro Tip -> bet with LTG

edit - it is hard to accept that more JJPOTC wont be run, because we want to see POTC have a surge in demand and JJP fill that need. Putting emotions aside, it ain’t going to happen. Too costly and time consuming for JJP to set up for small run of this expensive and complicated title to changeover. Better to keep the line producing golden tickets.

9 months later
#515 9 months ago

Rather than asking ourselves whether JJP will make more POTC, I prefer to ask why didn’t JJP make more? When JJP was running the game, it was selling yet they stopped production around the 1000 game mark. Was it a high BOM, was demand saturated, was design susceptible to breaking, was it impossible to source parts, was the cost to reup the license high or maybe there was a lack of desire to renew by licensor. Of the possible reasons, having a high BOM doesn’t register as a legitimate reason because JJP could simply raise selling price.

Jack and Eric have been interviewed numerous times, but we have yet to hear why JJP stopped making JJPOTC, so we are left wondering. Why JJP quit running POTC holds the answer to whether JJP will consider running more. Some interviewer needs to ask Jack why?

3 weeks later
#765 8 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

The fact that they can't store spare parts tells me just the opposite.....

If JJP is strapped for cash, they should spend all available money purchasing parts for GnR, to be ready for building them, once they are allowed to reopen. Should that go well, they can shift their attention to building more JJPOTC, followed by the balance of GnR’s. There is no rush needed now to grab names. Hoping we see GnR later this year.

If you want a JJPOTC, it is probably best to buy an existing HUO one now. That means spending the bucks. The market currently requires a $3k to $5k premium. Not unlike the $2k to $3k premium that a R&M takes to pry one out of someone’s hands. The premium is 1) to guarantee you will get one and 2) to get it you soon.

5 months later
#1271 89 days ago
Quoted from drfrightner:


Why go backwards. JJP went back to the well tons of times with Wizard as they tried to figure out which direction to go with the company. Boom they got it figured it out... they moved the engineers together with the manufactoring. They ditched expensive wide bodies and they’re moving in a more focused direction. I seriously doubt you’ll see any more Wizards or Pirates because they have a new direction in front of them.

First I’ve heard JJP has moved on from wide-bodies. JJP currently has two designers and one of them is rumored to have one final design left (toy story) and then will hang up the design pencils. Therefore, the remaining designer has a lot of sway. He!!, two of his games are doing well and sit in the top 10. That guy has designed one widebody game.

Now imagine ...

Jersey Jack says, “Eric, I want you to design the world’s first double decker pinball experience. Everybody assumes the future is virtual pinball and wearing lightweight visors. I will zig while the world zags and direct you to create the world’s first half-ton pinball machine. Just take one fucking pinball playfield and smash it together with another fucking pinball playfield.”

Eric replies, “you know I could make it a wide-body?”

Jersey Jack, “yes, that’s a fine start. But I’m going to need you to think big for the upper playfield. We’ve done single and double upper playfields. But what I need from you is to design something so big, that we’re going to need a bigger boat. Now can you do that for me son? Design a deeper cabinet or put it into an empty juke box.”

Eric answers, “you know I could make the upper playfield a complete single playfield. It could have full mechs and lighting and be a complete game. But when ball drops to lower widebody playfield which is the main playfield, you‘d have a whole other playfield experience. Something like this has never been done before, but I’ll make it work. In fact that thing would probably weigh close to half a ton. Do you have a license for me? You want me to make a tic-tac-toe or caveman theme?”

Jack, “No, I’ve got something else licensed for you. You are going to need a lot of assets for this title and I got you full movie rights, all actors, all sounds, all songs, no obstacles. Any problem you have you let me know. I’ll put our fixer on the trail and he will get 100% results. He used to play music and has the funniest name - Slash. But I’ll put Slash on it and we’ll get everything. Like eating a big, beautiful piece of cake.”

Eric, “That’s a lot of assets but the BOM for this design will be twice as much. It’s like buying a Bentley and installing a hitch to haul your Tesla around. You have to buy both to get the full experience, but wowza! And while have two complete games in the one game it will be no more complex to operate than a current pinball machine. So what’s my theme? Something good I hope.”

Jack, “You might say that. You see my good friend dialed me on the telly the other day saying she wanted a blockbuster pin developed based on her movies. j.k. said the license will be expensive but knows we will work it out. Especially since she had heard I might unleash Slash on her. The project is a go. Now go make me a Harry Potter you lucky son of a bitch.”

Cut the scene —-

Actors take 5 min.

Back to Pinside. Remember when that fool said JJP wouldn’t make another widebody? Saying they’d moved on? Never say never. I hope JJP makes more widebodies. The bigger issue is a thicker playfield is needed to support the weight. Requiring mechs on both sides of the playfield to be redesigned. JJP has already done a lot of the work. Now a double decker design describered above would be impractical on many fronts.

#1273 89 days ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

So, you’re saying they will make more Pirates . . . . . ?

No but they could make more widebodies.

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