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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

1 year ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

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#589 9 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I've played both and the single disk that's in the production version actually produces more ball movement.... but man that triple disk version was sweet looking and neat to see.

I agree and also played both versions. The triple disk is or was the best way to go as far as being cool and unique.it did not throw the ball around any differnt then the single disk and was probably better then the single as far as throwing the ball to fast and out of control.

#591 9 months ago

License is the only reason Jack (ok mabie pat Lawlor if you believe he has the control in JJP as some claim, and he's jealous of its success) would not make more.He has all the cost of design and code already invested so making more of something that will sell out a limited run like rick and morty is a no brainer.Its pure cash and thats what its all about at the end of the day. It would be nice if JJP would tell us the facts as to why production stopped but that's probably not something JJP wants to admit or say due to business relations with Disney, cash flow,or hoping something could change and saying why would only hurt those chances.At the time it was being made they were so far behind on getting to their next game(Wonka) it was embarrassing for them if you ask me.They also were delayed because they made a bunch more Hobbits to use up parts.So my theory is they needed to move onto Wonka because if we all remember POTC was not flying out the door in sales back then.They had a super popular theme in Wonka and again it's a Lawlor game,so let's move on and get to the next game because we also have 2-3 more in the works.And still it's taking them over a year to get Wonkas out,and now they have Toy Story,and GNS ready to go.So obviously they need to get manufacturing issues up to a more reasonable output, or they already have over 3 years of games lined up.So now the move to Chicago, and hopefully they can finally get numbers up to meet their demand of what they could be selling. So many more units could be selling and its got to be killing them knowing they are leaving millions of dollars on the table that's not being earned.So if and only if they have a license issue and I am assuming the move to Chicago gets production were it needs to be, it's going to be remade.The profit margin in the game might make it less desirable to remake but again at the end of the day JJP has a few million of most likely guaranteed cash waiting for them with a limited run,so why would they not take the cash. I am fortunate enough to own one, and I totally think it would be great if they made more.It's a great game and it should be in more locations and homes so more people can play it.I personally hope they figure out how to get games out the door quicker and get to their new Titles.Does everyone realise the cool games we don't get to play because JJP can't get their manufacturing act together."Jack we love your games and want to give you our money, so please start getting games out the door".:]

1 week later
#731 8 months ago

I would think and expect a rerun to be equivalent to the yellow brick road price at 11500 or the Wonka ce at 12500. With so much in the game compared to sterns and other manufacturers it's what the pricing should be. We can argue no game is worth over 10 k, but if you put the high cost aside this game is worth every penny of 12 k in comparison to all other games being made today.

#780 8 months ago

we need new games like Eircs GNS and toy story to come out first. I predict pirates will be out sometime after new games get out and production gets going again. I think the people in this form is a small group compared to how many would buy a new title. Another run would sell and they know that but a new game will sell more units and they need to show the world what they got that is new and exciting and make reruns in between so to speak. It's fun speculating on what JJP will do but I personally want them to succeed and be around 10 years from now, and if it was my company I would stay ahead of all the new companies and get new titles out to keep the masses interested in their product. I really hope the move to Chicago helps get their production up so we see more titles and reruns of Pirates.

#816 8 months ago

I like the argument about the cost and pricing of a new run. I find it hard to believe JJP would make them at 9500 ever again. Theirs just too much in the game and they are probably selling plenty of wonkas at 12.5k and know they can get that price out of their games when marketed right. Even a geared down WOZ is selling at 11.5 so why would they sell a run of Pirates under 11? If they ever run another run it would have to be a special limited run to get people all in and the especially given the fact when, or if, it happens we will be seeing a lot of new games to spend our money on.If they were to strip down the game and take the rocking playfield out to hit the 9500 like they did with WOZ I know I would not get one. My crystal ball says no rerun for 2 years out and a special edition of 500 units at 12,500. This will be after they get out 3 new titles, but that said, the game will still be great and will sell out.

#975 8 months ago

I look at JJP games as the BMW of pinball machines. You have a wide body game packed with code, toys, large screen ect. Looking at games like midevil madness royal edition just over 10 k, Big lebowski 11.5, or looking at 9 k for a stern le. I think a JJP game if worth 2k more then a stern Le and to be fair to JJP why do we expect a BMW level pin for and less money then the Ford ? I don't know the true profit margins to base a true opinion as to how much a game should cost but JJP is trying to make the super high-end games, and in comparison, I see their value at 11.5 all day.I would love to see them make a limited run and be able to sell them under 10k but if that's the case and they are making enough on them to stay in business then we are way overpaying for a lot of games that sell out instantly.

1 month later
#1071 7 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I thought the CE games were capped at 200 units, although I have seen games numbered over 200. I believe there a Pinsider who has POTC CE #203

They let people request numbers on the game even if it didn't fit under the limited number.So people could have ordered ant number but the production was still 200. So they say.

3 months later
#1267 3 months ago
Quoted from Mrsiyufy:

To JJP it’s been there done that. Let’s face it at any given time there are examples of pirates for sale on Pinside. I just bought an LE last week for $13,500. I know it’s a inflated price, but it’s basically a CE price. Look how fast the GNR CE’s sold out. If Pirates truly had the demand that warranted another run the ones on Pinside market wouldn’t be sitting there for weeks on end.

Gratzzzz and worth the price if you ask me.

#1268 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I'm not sure if more Pirates will be made but what is odd is that JJP has now released two pins since POTC and yet the games final wizard mode isn't in the game. I could still see JJP timing a final update with the announcement of a new run.

I don't know if it true but I thought the guy who did the code is sick{Had a heart problem or something}.I thought I read the code is delayed until he get better and healthy.

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