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Will JJP make more POTC?

By Nokoro

4 years ago

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“Will JJP make more?”

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#1351 2 years ago
Quoted from Sunsfan23:

Not to mention Disney would probably never re-license it with Johnny Depp on it.

Should be easy to re-license. No actors. No movie scenes (with actors?).
Frankly, I REALLY hope JJP didn't pay much for that license. The game would lose very little if a few things were changed and renamed Black Rose 2.

#1352 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

If there is extremely high demand for a product, and it sells for three times more on the second hand market, you think you would go broke if you started production again?

You're combining two unrelated comments/thoughts. My "go broke" comment had nothing to do with starting production again on POTC. It was in reference to the idea of a company trying to satisfy the needs of every customer by maintaining inventory of parts no longer needed for production. Making business decisions like that will incur extra/unnecessary costs and will hurt profitability & long-term survival.

As for the decision to make more of a product or not, a company can't just look at second hand prices and make the decision. They have to look at their opportunity cost to determine how much they'll earn on their total costs to produce it. Would that return be greater producing more POTC machines or would it be greater producing machines of a different title? Only JJP has the cost, market demand, and other data that is needed to make that decision. Anyone trying to say what JJP "should" do is purely guessing with very limited information.

I'm just a customer buying the machines, so the only thing I'm interested in is whether or not a company makes a game I like and whether or not the company has good quality, service, and support for that game. I trust that JJP and the other pinball companies know how to run their business and make the decisions that are in the best interests for their business. If they don't, then they go out of business. And, full disclosure, I've said before in the forums that I'm not happy with my experience with JJP support on POTC so I won't be buying another JJP machine. So even though I'm not a fan of JJP I still don't pretend to think that I know what games they should build or how they should run their business.

There seem to be many people on Pinside who think they know what machines all the companies should make and how they should make them. For me, I feel that trying to speculate on what any company should or shouldn't make is a waste of my energy because I don't have anywhere near the amount of information truly needed to make those decisions.

On POTC, JJP has stated that their factory is not set up for widebodies and that incurring the costs to change it to produce widebodies isn't in their plans. So there really isn't any speculation about that. It's information straight from JJP.

#1353 2 years ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

Should be easy to re-license. No actors. No movie scenes (with actors?).

Every actor's face is all over the game, they just don't appear in the video clips. There was an interview with Jack where he mentioned that Chow Yun-Fat would not grant them his license, so his character was not included in the game. It sounds like there was at least some licensing involved with each individual actor.

#1354 2 years ago
Quoted from EaglePin:Vous combinez deux commentaires/pensées sans rapport. Mon commentaire "go break" n'avait rien à voir avec le redémarrage de la production sur POTC . C'était en référence à l'idée d'une entreprise essayant de satisfaire les besoins de chaque client en maintenant l'inventaire des pièces qui ne sont plus nécessaires à la production. Prendre de telles décisions commerciales entraînera des coûts supplémentaires/inutiles et nuira à la rentabilité et à la survie à long terme.
Quant à la décision de faire plus d'un produit ou non, une entreprise ne peut pas simplement regarder les prix de l'occasion et prendre la décision. Ils doivent examiner leur coût d'opportunité pour déterminer combien ils gagneront sur leurs coûts totaux pour le produire. Ce rendement serait-il plus important en produisant plus de machines POTC ou s'agirait-il d'une plus grande production de machines d'un titre différent ? Seul JJP dispose du coût, de la demande du marché et d'autres données nécessaires pour prendre cette décision. Quiconque essaie de dire ce que JJP "devrait" faire est purement deviner avec des informations très limitées.
Je suis juste un client qui achète les machines, donc la seule chose qui m'intéresse est de savoir si une entreprise fabrique ou non un jeu que j'aime et si l'entreprise a ou non une bonne qualité, un service et un support pour ce jeu. J'espère que JJP et les autres sociétés de flipper savent comment gérer leur entreprise et prendre les décisions qui sont dans le meilleur intérêt de leur entreprise. S'ils ne le font pas, ils font faillite. Et, divulgation complète, j'ai déjà dit dans les forums que je ne suis pas satisfait de mon expérience avec le support JJP sur POTC, donc je n'achèterai pas une autre machine JJP. Donc, même si je ne suis pas un fan de JJP, je ne prétends toujours pas savoir quels jeux ils devraient construire ou comment ils devraient gérer leur entreprise.
Il semble y avoir beaucoup de gens sur Pinside qui pensent savoir quelles machines toutes les entreprises devraient fabriquer et comment elles devraient les fabriquer. Pour moi, je pense qu'essayer de spéculer sur ce qu'une entreprise devrait ou ne devrait pas faire est un gaspillage d'énergie parce que je n'ai pas la quantité d'informations vraiment nécessaire pour prendre ces décisions.
Sur POTC , JJP a déclaré que son usine n'était pas configurée pour les gros-porteurs et qu'encourir les coûts pour la modifier pour produire des gros-porteurs n'était pas dans ses plans. Il n'y a donc vraiment aucune spéculation à ce sujet. Ce sont des informations directement de JJP.

The minimum would still be to have spare parts for a machine that is not even 4 years old. I do not see how this will put their society at risk. Having spare parts is for me the minimum of customer service. If you have a centerpiece that breaks what do you do? I hope that they will make sure to have a minimum of stock to ensure our peace of mind.

#1355 2 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Every actor's face is all over the game, they just don't appear in the video clips. There was an interview with Jack where he mentioned that Chow Yun-Fat would not grant them his license, so his character was not included in the game. It sounds like there was at least some licensing involved with each individual actor.

Gotcha. Well, I stand by my comment that the character pictures/names add little to the game and so I hope they didn't pay too much. The JJP guys did a great job with the onscreen visuals considering the limited assets.

#1356 2 years ago


#1357 2 years ago

I'm a former owner of POTCLE who loved the game, but not a fan of the movie franchise. I would love to see JJP re-release as a non-licensed generic pirate theme (rebuilt on basically the same code with new assets/story), or retheme it to something else licensed or unlicensed. I always thought it was a super fun game - great shots and fun code. I really think JJP is done with POTC, but one can hope hehe.

#1358 2 years ago
Quoted from brucipher:

non-licensed generic pirate theme

the game kinda seems like this already to me. It's not like I think of the movies while playing it.

#1359 2 years ago
Quoted from TZBen:

the game kinda seems like this already to me. It's not like I think of the movies while playing it.

Exactly - change the mode and character names, assets, and you are there. I'm sure it would still be a lot of work.

#1360 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Define "extremely high demand"?

Used games selling for twice or three times original cost?

Not easy to tell ofc but JJP could easily find out. Lets say a new version like the ruby red concept on woz.
People have to pre-order with cash deposit of 2k. Total price per unit 11k. If more then a thousand customers commit, game is beeing made.¨

Talk about the sure thing for JJP.

BTW all but speculators win. Hobbyists, pinball fans, thoose who want spare parts, everybody that want to be able to play one of the best games ever etc.

#1361 2 years ago

In today's climate, playfield issues aside, I think JJP could easily sell a couple hundred POTCs at like $15k. They could even cut some features like WOZ YBR and still sell them.

But I doubt it'll happen. They got so many designers champing at the bit to get their own game on the line. Even if Lawlor is leaving after his next game, Ritchie has a least one game in him, and then there's Eric and Mark.

Maybe if they could foresee a time where the production line will be slow, but I imagine it takes a year of build up to place all the parts orders and to be delivered.

#1362 2 years ago

Does POTC suffer from the same fate as GNR???

83674D6C-E6CA-4FB7-92A7-4D1977C00ECC (resized).jpeg83674D6C-E6CA-4FB7-92A7-4D1977C00ECC (resized).jpeg
#1363 2 years ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Does POTC suffer from the same fate as GNR???


#1364 2 years ago

GNR apologists say we don’t understand the game of multiball after multiball programmed into GNR. The good thing about POTC is it has lots of interactive mechs, so there is more to program for, where GNR is almost mech free.

#1365 2 years ago

I don't know all the logistical issues with making the games again. We have a few of them on the route and people seem to like them a lot. From a perspective of an operator I hope they make them again because it will benefit the community. I'm sure if they can get 15k from the game NIB then they could find a way to do a short run. Fingers crossed.

#1366 2 years ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Does POTC suffer from the same fate as GNR???
[quoted image]

Both are extremely beautiful and packed with makers imagination, creativity and effort.

They are truuly pieces of art.

You can have opinions on gameplay, style/art, theme choice and whatever, but you just have to acknowledge the spectacular effort that was put in.

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