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Wild Wild West keeps blowing playfield GI fuse

By c0wb0y

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I completed some cosmetic touch-ups and cleared my WWW recently. At the end of the process I ended up replacing all the metal bulb holders on the 2 passive bumpers and the 3 pop bumpers. After soldering them all in place I plugged the Jones plugs back in, and powered it up. I started a game, played for several seconds, then the playfield GI went out. The game was still playing and scoring, but I turned it off to investigate.

After replacing the 10 amp fuse many times, I can verify sometimes the fuse blows immediately after powering the machine on. Other times it lasts until a game starts, then blows seconds into a game. Since it sometimes blows immediately after power up, I'm thinking of re-inspecting for any debris on the bottom board which may be shorting things someplace.

I've verified the Jones plugs are clean and plugged in correctly. I do not see any loose wires under the playfield. The solder joints appear ok to me, and are all new where the bumpers connect to wires and the ground wire. I did not service the bottom board or head during the cosmetics.

What other suggestions would you have for me?
Dumb question: Are the bulb holders polarized - should they all face one particular direction?

Before the paint and clear work, the game was playable with only minor scoring issues on the 50 pt relay.

#2 3 years ago

The bulb holders are not polarized. Some of the pop bumper bulb holders had bare wires. It’s possible that 2 of these bare wires are touching or almost touching the the pop bumper frame causing the short.

#3 3 years ago

Thanks pinballdaveh for confirming they are not polarized.
These are definitely bare wire, and the solder points are very near the brackets. I'd taken pains to verify there is no contact between the holders and the brackets but will look at it again with fresh eyes.
I've traced every bare GI ground wire on the PF looking for anything touching which shouldn't be.
Last thought was to run a magnet over the bottom board to ensure no metallic debris had fallen and shorted something. That and ensuring no solder dripped to the bottom board.
Been over this thing several times and am really stuck.

#4 3 years ago

Get yourself a resettable test fuse.

#5 3 years ago

Fuse circuit breaker

And if your meter can measure more than the 15 amps that the lamp fuses are rated for, you may be able to hook it in and get an indication of which circuit causes the high current draw.

#6 3 years ago

With the machine unplugged, unplug the playfield jones plugs, starting with the male plug, find the GI wires and test for shorts.
Repeat the test on the females. This narrows down where the short is.

3 months later
#7 3 years ago

Ok, here's what I've done today per pinballdaveh 's instructions...
Unplugged the pin, removed the jones plugs and removed the playfield for ease of access. Visually inspected everything to ensure there were no loose wires or things touching that should not. No other debris noted, like screws, washers or solder splatter.

I located the GI wire on the shorter jones plug for the playfield (black with white). I tested continuity from the jones plug to every GI lamp. Continuity present throughout. Then, tested from ground wire against all other metal objects focusing more on the pop and passive bumpers since I'd replaced the bases for those lamps. Checked against other brackets under the playfield as well.
What other actions should I take on the playfield?

I then verified continuity from transformer to female jones receptacle. Visually inspected it for any wire breaks, contact or debris.
There is one unattached wire for the O coil (Ball Return Relay.) I do not know where it should tie in, but it is a small Grey/white wire. I'm not over concerned with this issue since it is not touching anything and it would be on another circuit from GI. What other actions should I take in the cab?

#8 3 years ago

Ok, I did make two adjustments that may have fixed it. There was a lamp socket that could have been touching the apron, and I also moved the leg of one pop bumper light socket legs slightly away from the pop bumper bracket itself. I put it all back together and it's played a few games now without blowing the GI fuse. Fingers crossed I actually fixed whatever contact was shorting it. The jury is still out.

#9 3 years ago

Have you consulted Artimus Gordon? He solved a lot of James West's technical problems.

#10 3 years ago

Isn’t coin slot illumination powered by the GI fuse? The 2 sockets and wiring should be checked.

#11 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballdaveh:

Isn’t coin slot illumination powered by the GI fuse? The 2 sockets and wiring should be checked.

I think it was the light under the apron where the game rule card goes. Family and I played a good amount of games last night without any problems. Thanks for your ideas!

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