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Wife's interest in Pinball Poll

By SDFworker

8 years ago

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    Topic poll

    “How interested is your wife in pinball”

    • More interested than husband 4 votes
    • As interested as husband 16 votes
    • Very interested 41 votes
    • Interested 86 votes
    • Doesn't care one way or the other 74 votes
    • Puts up with it 118 votes
    • Very unhappy with it 14 votes
    • Extreemly unhappy with it 1 vote
    • Leaving/Left/Divorded over it 3 votes

    (357 votes)

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    #51 8 years ago
    Quoted from jimjim66:

    Wife will sell them within one month of my death and would only keep one for a memory.
    I hope she doesn't try to get what I told her I paid for them. Somebody would get a deal of a lifetime.

    My wife knows exactly what they are worth and has a list of prices in the event of my untimely demise.
    Cost is not an issue, she has been boat trained.
    She has zero interest in my "bing bong machines" but I did get her to play one game on ELVIS.


    #52 8 years ago

    Mine has no big interest in pinball, although she is a pretty good player when she does play. But thee's one game she likes and wants--a Medieval Madness. The guy I bought my WPT from had a perfect one for sale... for $9.5k. I suspect she may really get into WOZ when it arrives.

    #53 8 years ago

    I voted for "Puts up with it". My wife rarely plays, and pretty much sees the hobby as a huge waste of money. Fortunately, I have a decent amount of room available to devote to my collection. If we were in the situation where pins were spilling over into the dining room or other living areas, I'm sure I'd have to change my vote to "Extremely unhappy with it".

    #54 8 years ago

    I voted for Interested, as my wife was the pinball fan in the family before I got "the sickness". She is pretty understanding with my constantly looking for the next deal. She always wants to go on game runs, but is usually busy working..

    #55 8 years ago

    I thought for sure there would be way more votes for "doesn't care one way or the other".

    #56 8 years ago

    My wife shows some interest, only because she knows its something that I love to do. But it's really just putting up with it; especially when I tell her I'm buying another machine. Told her I was buying one this weekend, and she immediately said she was getting a new purse. Go figure!

    #57 8 years ago

    Given how much pinball machines cost, and how much space they take up, I'm kind of surprised that more wives fall into the categories of liking it rather than being annoyed by it.

    #58 8 years ago

    GF is interested enough (she likes the flashing lights ) but I'm sure she wouldn't put up a fiss if I abandoned liking these things. These machines are just too big in her opinion for just one game, this coming from a girl who can't go anywhere without her ipad, she's hooked on that device. She loves Monster Bash.

    #59 8 years ago

    My fiance has only played my EATPM once and the only reason she did it was to try to make up for being such a huge bitch about my interest in pinball. Its unusual the amount of hate she harbors for these things. She told me that Elvira's part in her hair was just a giant vagina. I thought she might be more into the Simpsons but she has never even watched me play a game.

    #60 8 years ago

    My wife likes playing pinball. TAF is here favorite hence why I plan to buy one eventually. She was just annoyed the first time I got one because she felt we didn't have the room for it and because "I didn't tell her I was buying it". I told her she just forgot. That's why this time I have told her at least once a week for the last 4 months that I will be getting one shorty after we move into the house. Which we should have done three weeks ago it am just is closing on today. But that's a whole other story that's got me freakin mad.

    #61 8 years ago

    Pretty much says it all ...


    #62 8 years ago

    Females are a distractions from pinball.

    #63 8 years ago

    Yesterday I answered the poll as "Doesn't care one way or the other." I was going to qualify here in the comments that she is mildly interested, but I figured that "doesn't care" was a little more accurate.

    So tonight at dinner I told her that I was going to be buying two more pins. She said, "Okay, that's great," and went on about her business. I had to ask her if she wanted to know what they were. So after tonight, I think my "doesn't care" answer is spot on. She likes having them and plays occasionally, but I don't think she really cares when you come down to it.

    #64 8 years ago

    I voted : Puts up with it. I have heard the word divorce a few times, usually comes up when I suggest purchasing another one

    #65 8 years ago

    wow, as of this post there are 170 votes, the most I have ever seen for a poll on here.

    #66 8 years ago
    Quoted from Kane:

    Pretty much says it all ...

    Attachments DSC00642.jpg (247.8 KB, 0 downloads) 4 hours old

    Your wife is your mom?

    #67 8 years ago

    My mom actually plays more when she comes wife sticks to slot machines, she is looking forward to WOZ

    #68 8 years ago
    Quoted from HighProtein:

    Females are a distractions from pinball.


    Is pinball a destraction from females?

    #69 8 years ago
    Quoted from dnhayden:

    VegasAlleycat.....Honestly, your words are inspirational...(Still wondering why I haven't been invited over to check out the Paragon???) My g/f lives at farm and decatur... come on, I'm down twice a month.

    That's just a couple miles from my house. Let me know next time you are down this way and I will see if something can be arranged! I am having some flipper issues with the left flipper, but it is still a great pin to play.

    2 weeks later
    #70 8 years ago
    Quoted from VegasAlleycat:

    That's just a couple miles from my house. Let me know next time you are down this way and I will see if something can be arranged! I am having some flipper issues with the left flipper, but it is still a great pin to play.

    Sweet!!!! I'll let you know. It looks like you have an awesome lineup. Ever played a Baywatch???

    #71 8 years ago

    We have played every day since we got the machine! (still waiting on getting the floor of the new game room)
    good way to unwind from work... and ya know what? we are TALKING to each other more!

    Still, I think it would be big fun to fix up old EM machines.. don't think my bride would want any part of that process...


    #72 8 years ago
    Quoted from TheStranger:

    HighProtein said:

    Females are a distractions from pinball.


    Is pinball a destraction from females?

    I believe You Nailed it.. But ,Since my 2nd daughter was Born, my wife has had NO Interest in Pinball. Competition is Alway's Fun , it's good to have Pinhead Friend's that live close by, Plus I've Sold Pin's to Most of them anyway.. Now, back to my wife,, Since last Sat-nite when I told her about the AC/DC Pin, she has been ask-n question's and watch-n the Pro Ac/Dc on You_Tube with me.. I think this New Premium Im about to get Will Change her out Look on Play-n Pinball.. We Both are Huge AC/DC fan's.. I've Played Alot of Stern's , Owned a Few too , I just Hope that this NIB that is on it's way is Gonna Be as Killer as I'm Hearing it is.. And if it is,, My life is Gonna Change for the Best .
    ( I Hope ) The 1st Song below , I Wish the pin had this 1 in the Jukebox... B_R

    #73 8 years ago

    I picked that she is indifferent, although it isn't that simple...

    When she is stressed about space or the house gets messy, she hates it and wishes we didn't have them. Note -- the house has 7 pins in it, all downstairs, and they aren't the cause of the mess. Our complete lack of closets is.

    When she is having friends over, she loves them and tells people about how we've got a bunch of 'em. That's usually in the summer when I can set up a dozen in the garage too, and my wife will invite over her friends to have a fire in the backyard and have a pinball competition. It's surreal.

    The other times, she doesn't really care one way or another usually. Once in a while, she'll say something totally out of left field that will leave me wondering what is going on, like when I told her I was buying a Twilight Zone recently, she was really excited about the idea and suggested I buy it sooner than later. Other times, she'll half-jokingly offer to sell my games to people for $20.

    My son has started to really get into pinball -- he just turned two, and he loves "Jar Jar Pinball" (aka Star Wars Episode I), and that makes my wife like it more too.

    When she plays, she is surprisingly good. I wish she'd play more, but I can't complain as long as she lets me play / fix the machines

    #74 8 years ago

    The wife never played a pin before she met me. Now she will say, "Watch the kid, I'm going to play a few games." Its the only reason I have more than 3 machines.

    #75 8 years ago

    I clicked "interested", but that interest comes and goes. For example, when I get a new game in the house it can take her several days before she comes down to try it once. But, in Nov 2010 she bought me a NIB SM for our 4th anniversary. She has the GC score on 1 of 9 machines and she is a decent player. But, I worked a ton of hours doing a p/f swap on Centaur, she showed no interest in even trying it. Perhaps because I wasn't around for all the hours I was working!?

    #76 8 years ago

    between 'puts up with it' to 'very unhappy', depending on the day.

    #77 8 years ago

    Not happy but manages to put up, had to force her to play a game . I to have too say I got this awesome deal on a pin, because she would choke at the real cost. Wanted to buy a WOZ but I got shot down , she just doesn't get it!

    #78 8 years ago

    Funny thing was is when we bought our home, the front room which was suppose to be the dining room or family room we were like what the hell we gonna do in this space. The wife says we should get a 'pinball machine"! The light bulb went off in my head! I never even thought about owning a Pinball machine before, loved playing at places where ever they were, but never ever thought about owning them myself. That was 4 years ago, but now trying to get her to agree on a few more has been tough though. I know she'll come around, we have discussed it, just the big thing is finances, as we have other priorities to tend to. I have room for 2 more also!

    #79 8 years ago

    Wife tolerates them. Probably hasn't played even one game in 10 years. Fortunately, my 'kids' (23, 20 and 16) have grown up with them and LOVE that we now have nine of them, versus the meager one that we had up until a year ago. My son and I compete for the GC scores, but my daughter is no slouch, either.

    #80 8 years ago
    Quoted from jimjim66:

    I hope she doesn't try to get what I told her I paid for them. Somebody would get a deal of a lifetime.

    #81 8 years ago

    My wife doesn't care either way and rarely plays. She actually told me she actually liked T2, that was after I sold it of course. Go figure.

    #82 8 years ago

    For my 30th, my wife bought me a NIB SM.... I sold it. Then in theory, she bought me a TFLE!!!

    But she really liked Fish Tales.... Then I sold it.

    3 years later
    #83 4 years ago

    Bump after 3 years

    #84 4 years ago

    Didn't notice this thread three years ago. Back then, I would have said she's completely uninterested. Just this year, however, I discovered that she likes EMs. For that reason, I have moved half the collection to EMs, and we regularly play them together. I'm delighted.

    #85 4 years ago

    Mine is supportive but indifferent. She's fine with me buying, owners, traveling to shows etc. I doubt she would ever play or put money in one in my absence.

    #86 4 years ago

    Indifferent is the best I can hope for.

    #87 4 years ago

    My wife loves Addams Family due to a nostalgia factor, she played it in college. She'll head down to the basement to put in a few games every now and then and has a few of the high scores.

    #88 4 years ago

    Assuming pins were for free, not noisy, would not take any space, and would not keep me busy playing them... she would not care one way or the other.

    Quoted from Astropin:

    Indifferent is the best I can hope for.

    Indifferent is the best I can dream of...

    #89 4 years ago

    My wife really likes Gottlieb's Pinball Pool.

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