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Why Stop and Go Games are the Best.....

By Wizman

7 years ago

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    #51 7 years ago

    Stop and go games can make an hour long game turn into an hour and a half long game. I like both, but who doesn't love flow. And yes every game is stop and go to an extent. There are just those that are categorized as such, because of the stopping of the ball for playfield effect or DMD animations on most every shot.

    #52 7 years ago

    Welcome to the Pinside Wizman!
    As you can see it is a warm, loving environment where everyone can rest their weary flippers.
    You guys are hilarious, picking on poor Lyman SHEATS like that... Tsk! Tsk!
    Don't you know he is "Pin-Royalty"?!?!
    Just look at that sweet trophy!

    #53 7 years ago

    Im not lyman sheets..., I am a tournament winner, I dont feel most of these home arcade boys has the skills to compete with stop and go type games., I feel alot of money, with passion, which is GOOD. But it is ALL GOOD people, dont hate about it, accept, it .

    #54 7 years ago

    And more than tournament play, I play for fun....Just like you, just better, which is all good, don't hate....I just wanted to point out stop and go is a good thing.....

    #55 7 years ago

    Which kid in this picture is Wizman?


    #56 7 years ago

    The ego's of the rich are quite delicate, LOL, why would you care if I am better than you..??

    #57 7 years ago

    Im not lyman sheets...



    I'm pretty sure the TRUE Lyman would've known how to spell his last name by now...
    Just sayin'!

    #58 7 years ago

    This thread seriously brings the LULZ.

    #59 7 years ago

    I am still waiting for some pointers. I am an admitted below average player who'd like to improve.

    #60 7 years ago

    This isnt about playing pointers, it's about skill, it was about stop and go pinball games, a few got carried away with skill, and it hurt their feelings, but when your a very good player, it is for certain youy hurt the feelings of the average players....sorry, I didn't want to do that...

    #61 7 years ago
    Quoted from captainadam_21:

    I am still waiting for some pointers.

    Step 1: Put down the Jack Link's to free up hands.
    Step 2: Shave body. It makes you more aerodynamic! Nobody likes semi-mythical man hair stuck in their shooter rod, or lockdown bar...
    Step 3: Put the front door back on it's hinges so that the owners of said pinball machine are none the wiser when they get home from work.
    Hope that helps Cap'n!

    #62 7 years ago

    Dont feed the Trolls!!!!

    #63 7 years ago

    Dont feed the Trolls!!!!

    But he's just soooo cute smassa!

    Can we keep him? Pleaaaaassseee...?
    I promise to walk him and feed him and brush his hair...
    Pretty pleeease?
    He can even help me with my chores!

    #64 7 years ago

    I guess trolls are inevitable aren't they?

    #66 7 years ago

    , I was trying to state a point.

    What is the point? There was no question in the first post and the only point I see is that you are almost as good as me and you know it.

    I accept your challenge to play but you will need to come to my location. I have been playing the same ball for three weeks and I doubt I will be done before you get here. My location is posted in my profile...got to get back to playing. I was clutching two balls to type this during multiball.
    Best regaurds, D


    #68 7 years ago
    Quoted from ssathre:

    guys, after reading the wizdumb of the grand master, I have come to the conclusion that I suck at pinball. as a result of this epiphany, I'm selling all my pins and retiring to go play blocks with my grand daughter.

    Make ya deal ill bring lego's in trade we'll call it even and ill watch you load them in my truck. Sounds fair right? LOL

    #69 7 years ago

    I'm always up for a challenge, come up to my igloo and play me. I got my pins running on a generator out back by the moose kill.

    I love stop and go and flow games, and new games and old games.

    #70 7 years ago

    Pinball was never about how you do it.
    It's about why you do it

    #71 7 years ago

    If you look at the Wizm's profile you can see he's only in it for the effect (which I suppose goes without saying)... I guess my question is "Is it worth talking to someone who is just doing it for the drama or do you just drop the post and let it go the way of all bs?"

    #72 7 years ago

    hey wizpants! Cleveland Steamer or Hot Carl?

    #73 7 years ago

    wizman, what the hell are you talking about? I'd think someone who claims to have such a proficiency in pin playing, you'd have a better grasp of the fundamentals of design. I think you're mixing style of play with characteristics of a game. As a matter of game design, there are those that have very free-flowing design, contrasted with those that are stop-and-go designed games (e.g., DMDs with video modes, tough shots that require careful aim).

    As a player, I can either just go with what flow the game offers (more casual play) or I can really play (lots of captures and targeted shots based on advancing the rule set). It sounds like you simply want to beat the crap out of every machine you encounter and every player you play with. How unfun can you get? Seems to me you'd miss out on the great flow a machine can offer because you feel the need to stop the flow simply to make the best play as possible.

    #74 7 years ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, the pinball master has entered the forums! You sir may be great at pinball but your social skills are lacking!

    #75 7 years ago

    I read a shirt at a pinball expo that said,

    "Good at pinball, bad at life".

    Made me laugh then, I find it appropriate now.

    #76 7 years ago
    Quoted from Wizman:

    Now, I know that many here are passionate, and financially positioned to obtain games at will. I was never in that position, I was/am a player, But I know Pinball games. I feel pinball games.
    That is why IJ and TZ, and a host of other games that have a little stop and go, I played MM back in the day, great stop and go, almost every game has stop and go, and that is why I started this, very few do not. In fact now that im writing this, Junk Yard, Monopoly, Simpsons party, etc.... In fact someone tell me who doesnt have stop and go..? I can only think back in the 1970's, to be real.

    "Stop and Go" games have nothing to do with cradling, locking a ball, etc. As someone already mentioned, "stop and go" refers to hitting a target (saucer, scoop, etc) and the game holds on to the ball briefly, typically to play a DMD animation, mode start, etc.

    TZ is a classic example since it stops the ball in several places (scoop, piano, camera, dead end, lock), and "semi-stops" it in several more (right ramp dump to piano, spiral magnets, rocket launch).

    In other words, stop and go has many "pauses" in the action. But they aren't "dead stops" such as a ball lock, where you can sit and rest for a minute, or go use the restroom.

    Games like Spiderman, F-14, Tron and Terminator 3 are considered more "flow" games because there are both fewer pauses and the game is designed in such a way that one shot feeds another shot in a smooth and natural-feeling way.

    #77 7 years ago

    Seriously, does this guy really exist or is this some sort of joke here on pinside? If he talked like that in the bar I go to he would have a flipper shoved up his......

    #78 7 years ago

    I'd tell him to put his money where his mouth is, not all of us are new players. I can put up some scores too

    100 bucks on the glass, let's go!

    #79 7 years ago

    I know Lyman Sheats, and he would never come on here and stir things up, nor do I believe this guy has 2 hour long games or even knows what he's talking about for that matter. If you were anyone you would be ranked and as far as I can tell there is only one Lyman ranked 70th. Meet you at pinburgh in March see you in the A division.

    #80 7 years ago

    This guy is here just to start trouble... perhaps a multiple personality.

    #81 7 years ago

    Probably just a wind up......looks like he has gone elsewhere.

    #82 7 years ago

    So much I want to say but won't. Closing this pathetic thread. Don't hate.

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