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Ideas for a Jimmy Buffett pinball

By pacmanretro

2 years ago

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    #1 2 years ago

    Title changed from "why not" to "Ideas for" to help clarify the point of thread. Thanks, I'm sure a manatee somewhere appreciates it.

    Jimmy Buffett is an amazing artist FAR beyond margaritaville...

    He has dozens and dozens of albums (like 40! Thats right....EVERYBODY knows a couple songs....but he has almost 40!!!!).

    I know Margaritaville is probably way too expensive a licence...and this was touched on mildly in a thread a few years ago. BUT, I would LOVE to hear people's ideas for a Buffett pinball!!

    And not just A title songs....I love it all...lets here some B side title (or less!) Ideas to put into a pinball

    Some gypsies in the palace...This Hotel room (I know that one was a cover)...captain america....many more.

    But would love to include things like we are the people...barefoot children...fruitcakes, etc (of course ANYTHING on songs you know by heart). Ok, everyone gets the point....JB is the man...there are other many great Calypso/steel drum bands as well!

    He is so much more about the mindset of relaxing more than even the music.

    Ohh, and absolutely have to incorporate Pirate looks at 40...´for anyone that may be comin around that bend of life´..."my occupational hazzard being my occupation's just not around"...seems to hit home for this pinball coin op tech geek

    Sooo....what have you got? Obviously pin would have to have a blender, lost shaker of salt, a cheeseburger, a sea plane, and a land shark

    But what kind of modes or shots etc??

    "Magic fingers make you feel alright"
    -This Hotel Room.

    #4 2 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    I think this would be a perfect theme & time to kick some old school SS from Stern.

    I WISH Stern could get a title like JB!...but man, what an AWESOME machine JJP could do with the theme!

    #6 2 years ago
    Quoted from shlockdoc:

    Ugghhhhhhh. Cheeseburger vomit

    Well...find a different song...roughly 1 or 2 others out there....Maybe fruitcake vomit!?

    #8 2 years ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Because they don't want to make a shit load of $$$?
    Parrotheads would buy just to have it and its the right demographic.
    I'll take two thank you. Also been saying its a no brainer for years.
    Spooky needs to do this one. Veer off a little bit from the head banger stuff.

    I liked the bubble in my head of awesome videos etc on a JJP, but not going to lie....Charlie was the first person that popped in my head! If they did it, I would be honored to drive over there to do a little "volunteer work".
    While I understand those guys are a smaller boutique, man do I love their ideas and what they do!

    #21 2 years ago
    Quoted from Yoko2una:

    Honestly mean this as my personal opinion - But so does KISS.
    The only difference is that from the KISS albums, there’s enough to fill an entire pin with songs with enough left over to still be desired (where’s Strutter?!?!?).
    Meanwhile Buffett has, as you say, a few songs over 40 albums people know.
    I think you answered your own question.

    In the last several years, he has made or been a part of many very big songs....when was the last super hit Kiss put out? Not that Kiss hasn't had a lot and certainly more well known. There are definitely younger and older generations that know both.

    I did not "answer my own question". What I meant was he has quite a few big songs that a LOT of people know (plenty for a pinball), a TON of lesser known good music, and a couple songs EVERYBODY knows; Didn't mean nobody knows any other songs.

    If I chat with someone about music and all the Buffett that is referenced is about a margaritas or a cheesburger, then I know they are probably not into his music that much.

    I honestly believe both bands have plenty to offer music wise for a machine. Toys and modes for a Buffet pin....man there is a lot to work with there.

    #24 2 years ago
    Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

    Possibly the worst title i could ever imagine! Please lord, no!

    God's Own Drunk

    #53 2 years ago
    Quoted from Electrocute:

    My first concert was a Jimmy Buffett concert at the Tangerine bowl in 1978. Jimmy had a busted leg and sang sitting on a bar stool while the audience stood in the rain. Never will forget that.
    A Jimmy Buffett pinball machine would be a slam dunk.

    'stepped on a pop top; broke my leg twice, had to limp on back home'

    #55 2 years ago
    Quoted from TrevixClemson:

    I'm 32 and would take Buffett over Iron Maiden any day of the week.
    Also, as a side note, apart from all the other stuff he has going, there is also a new Broadway show called "Escape from Margarita ville" that is very popular. I think that alone shows JB is still very relevant. He came out at end of the show I went to and was selling signed posters with the cast to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief...

    Jimmy as well as the Parrot heads do a lot of various charity work and have raised millions for great causes. Good people.

    Quoted from Psw757:

    It’s because we are all “ growing older but not up”!

    I just wish my metabolic rate would get pleasantly stuck already

    #56 2 years ago

    Somewhere on the backglass art ot would have to have a seaplane, a parrot, a margarita, and many other icons....and definitely also a postcard with "the weather is here..." on it

    #57 2 years ago

    Pretty beat up, but in fairness its been on back of my jeep for nearly 20 years...

    With the top off and some jimmy playing when you pull in it's always a party!

    -throw all your cares away; it's a rag, top day.

    KIMG2531 (resized).jpg

    #63 2 years ago
    Quoted from rs812:

    » YouTube video

    WTF was that stupid ass crap?

    #65 2 years ago

    I have to be honest, when I started this thread, I was having a few and feeling good vibes and expecting this to be a thread about more good vibes, good music, and fun...maybe I should have titled it differently and explained that I wasnt looking for pissy people to debate the theme/topic.

    I inteded this thread to just be a fun chill kind of thing where people could have a good time talking about fun things to put into a semi specific pinball theme.

    You dont like it, cool; more power to you. Go enjoy a thread about something you like instead.

    The topic wasnt supposed to be do you like Buffett, or should someone make it...
    I guess my title didnt come across correctly....
    I didn't mean "why shouldn't they". But more like "HEY!, what an incredibly universal happy chill theme, why not" with the hopes of hearing fun ideas, toys,modes, etc.......

    But all good I guess, everybody has to have an opinion....

    I have never gone in a kiss or other band thread that was about people enjoying that music and been a negative ass, but to each his own; maybe I should have.


    Another Saturday night and I ain't got no body. Got some money cuz I just got paid....how I wish I had someone to talk to; I'm in an awful way.

    #71 2 years ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    Silver ball mania in paradise. It's always good to dream. F any negative vibes who has time for that shit?

    Thanks man....been in high stress mode a lot lately...didnt mean to complain about people's opinions...

    I really did just want some good vibes out of this, though.

    Got my tin cup for a chalice goin tonite and it's all good

    #73 2 years ago
    Quoted from Darcy:

    Also includes Jimmys songs sung by other artist.

    To be honest...there is only ONE Jimmy, but I do like a fair chunk of the covers on there...

    If you look at Buffett over the years, him and the coral reefers have played with MANY other artists over the years, but it's amazing that he has only been teamed up with "main stream" people in the last handful of years..

    Now then, 'would you beam me somewhere Mr. Scott...any old place, here on earth or in space....you pick the century and I'll pick the spot!'

    #75 2 years ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Don't forget "Why Don't We Get Drunk".....with a waterbed hurry up.

    Hey now! Remember...It's a love song! From a slightly different point of view...

    #78 2 years ago
    Quoted from Brazy:

    I could see some slightly delayed drunken flipper mode going on. Volcano check, blender check, 5 ball 5 o'clock multi makes since.. play changes in latitudes while selecting modes.. game ends and plays Lovely Cruise.. yeah.. endless possibilities! Fins plays shots to the left and right. Roaming shots on volcano because..i don't know where ima gonna go.. ok I'll stop now

    Lmao...love the 5 o clock 5 ball!!

    And it's been a lovely cruise!

    #86 2 years ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    No love for his best tune, "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, and I Don't Love Jesus"? It's right up there with Johnny Cash doing "Sunday Morning Coming Down" on the hangover playlist.

    Now there's some good early stuff

    #88 2 years ago

    Fixed title topic to better match title description.

    #90 2 years ago
    Quoted from Psw757:

    There has to be some parrot heads working for Stern, Jimmy plays Chicago every summer and has a nice margaritaville on Navy pier!
    This has to get some traction, I hope someone at Stern/Spooky/JJP is seeing this thread. Some cool ideas!

    I could TOTALLY see Gary dressed up in gear being a parrot head at a show

    #94 2 years ago
    Quoted from JerryB:

    As you drain your last ball, Jimmy says, "Breath In, Breath Out, Move On."

    A little nudging referral ?

    "Dont try to shake it, just nod your head. Breath in, breath out, move on"

    Maybe good for a tilt too

    #98 2 years ago

    A Pirate Looks at Pinball

    #99 2 years ago
    Quoted from FrankJ:

    He only owns the Key West and Orlando Margaritaville locations. He opened many, road the wave to the top, and when he and his team thought they had peaked, he sold the rest. Of course, he still collects a franchise fee for everything sold there.
    5 O'clock Somewhere multi-ball - lock the balls in the (trademarked) Margaritaville blender, spin the balls, and release them in a frenzy - maybe in different directions?
    The flippers are shark fins - fins to the left, fins to the right...

    If it had a gobble hole would it be a cheeseburger shot?

    Or maybe if no gobble hole, a VUK where you sink or lock a ball(s) into a shark mouth...maybe using an upper playfield set of fin flippers

    #102 2 years ago

    Working in garage so decided to use youtube app ad my radio. Typed in jimmy buffett playlist and first one I saw had 387 tracks!!!!

    Guessing there are a couple fans still out there

    At least one of them must be into pinball

    #103 2 years ago

    Ok...how about extra points for going to college and learning how to score!

    #104 2 years ago

    It's my shot. I'll be better than the rest...and that makes the game for me!

    #105 2 years ago

    Feelin all alone on here...there HAS to be more parrot heads lurking in here!?

    "Better watch my step, if the floor caves in, I'll go right straight to hell...there were pinball machines and....."

    See, EVEN JB likes pinball!!!

    #107 2 years ago
    Quoted from ThatOneDude:

    I'm a fan. My dad brought his mom to one of Jimmy's shows back when it was just him and maybe a drummer touring around gulf coast. My grandma dug it until he started singing "why don't we get drunk..." and she was out of there
    I grew up listening to JB on vinyl. Still have a few of his kicking around in storage somewhere. My kids know all the lyrics to the big classics.
    I'd play the heck out of a JB game.

    That's awesome! While not a youngster anymore, I'm too young to have ever been able to experience early stuff...that would have been so cool to see him in his early days...love song and all

    Glad to hear that another generation knows the classics as well

    Thanks for sharing!

    #117 2 years ago
    Quoted from drsfmd:

    Jimmy Buffet hasn't had a hit since long before anyone playing on pop radio was even born.

    Just a tad off on that statement you think?
    Even if that were true, who cares. People constantly talk about other bands that haven't done anything at all in decades...and he is still making music and enjoying many song conglomerations with many popular bands.

    Not worth even getting into though. Your welcome to your opinions.

    But hey, thanks for pursuing bad vibes for no reason on here. Deja Deja Deja Vu....

    #127 2 years ago
    Quoted from drsfmd:

    Not at all. Pop stations play current tunes, and rarely venture out of the current top 100. This Just ne it will be 40 years since Jimmy Buffet made it to the billboard charts on his own (I’m not counting the country songs he was involved with- they weren’t played on pop radio).
    He’s got a big following, and he’s made a lot of money. Does that translate into likely pinball sales? I’m not confident of that... still, it may be a better idea than Iron Maiden or Rush, both of whom are decades past their expiration dates.

    Him, on his own...not 200 chart but 100 chart, yes...it's been a long time for a single song of his own to make main stream pop top 100. Not 40 years...and not for an overall album, and yes with others it has been within last couple years...

    Your trying to make some trivial point to bring yourself up at the expense of other mellow people trying to enjoy their own thing. Your facts are exaggerated and pointless and I fail to see why you care.

    Feel free to drain this topic.

    #128 2 years ago

    How about a "Great Filling Station Jackpot"!

    Have to collect 15 dollars, a can of STP, big ol jar of cashew nuts, and a Japanese TV!

    #132 2 years ago

    Probably all just part of the great peanut butter conspiracy...

    #135 2 years ago
    Quoted from boscokid:

    I made a promise to myself to quit Buffett at the end of the 2000 tour at Great Woods (Boston) Labor Day weekend concert if he didn't play something new and different.
    I'll be damned if he didn't play 'Please Come to Boston' by Dave Loggins. According to Setlist.com that's the only show he ever played that song.

    See, reverend Jimmy saved you almost 18 years ago!

    #136 2 years ago

    Whether it is your thing or not; To those of you that have supported my thread so far with your good vibes...

    Thank you, happy Friday...and looking foward to Another Saturday Night!


    f99b2f5c8740d58ee6b07adbdfdb35b5--funny-picture-quotes-quotes-pics (resized).jpg

    #139 2 years ago
    Quoted from FrankJ:

    His musical “Escape to Margaritaville” just opened on Broadway. Night one, they set the record at the bar and drank them out of Triple Sec (used to make Margaritas). Night two, set a new record.
    Buffett said there are 1800 hotel rooms and six bars in the building above the theater for “vertical tailgating” for fans coming to the show.
    When asked about the show, Buffett said he was selling FUN.
    This would not be a typical Stern superhero or rock music machine.

    GOSH! Don't ANY of those people understand that Jimmy Buffett isnt popular!????


    That is really cool though! Hopefully there will be some YouTube videos or something soon...would love to check it out!

    #140 2 years ago
    Quoted from FrankJ:

    His musical “Escape to Margaritaville” just opened on Broadway. Night one, they set the record at the bar and drank them out of Triple Sec (used to make Margaritas). Night two, set a new record.
    Buffett said there are 1800 hotel rooms and six bars in the building above the theater for “vertical tailgating” for fans coming to the show.
    When asked about the show, Buffett said he was selling FUN.
    This would not be a typical Stern superhero or rock music machine.

    And every room should be playing....

    #142 2 years ago

    On a different note, I have been wanting to do a retheme for a long time....if anyone in my general area has a trashed but complete em that would be a good candidate, for a retheme...please let me know...maybe I can start my own one off EM Buffet game for now.....

    Always liked single player pins (williams especially), but unsure exactly want I want to use. Not a high priority project at the moment, but figured maybe I would mention it.

    Cant promise anything will happen too quick, but promise I will post my work

    #152 2 years ago
    Quoted from Phatchit:

    Hi guys , I Am one of the few lucky ones that is involved in the Margritiville resort going into orlando . It’s a combination of one of his hotels that is also paired with its own private neighborhood . The homes are being built for residents and short term vacations . I’m the gameroom and theming vendor for all the homes , so any arcade , pinball , bars , custom rooms are done by my company . I can tell you right now that there would be a big interest in a JB pinball . I have already have clients going to purchase the new JJ Pirates pin for there rentals because they love that the pirates theme fits jimmy buffet . I’m actually going to reach out to a few people to see if this could actually happen. I can already see what the demand could be just by asking my clients that I’m currently designing rooms for . The demo graphic is perfect for who would buy this game . Parrot heads love anything jimmy buffet and alot of them have the money to buy it . If any manufacture is following this thread pm me and let’s talk . I can get a real gage of interest to see if this could work and also have a way to the imaging and license department . I honestly think this could have some wheels on it even if it was a low production like WNBJM. Of course this is my opinion for what that is worth . Fins Up

    This post can't help but put "it's my job" into my head all day

    #153 2 years ago

    Kick it in, Second Wind - ball save

    #156 2 years ago

    If JJP did it, it would have some sort of data communication....so.....I assume you could hear it on the coconut telegraph!

    Then we would know who scored this or that!

    1 week later
    #159 2 years ago

    It's five O'clock Pinball!

    1 month later
    #160 2 years ago

    It's usually some woman's fault!
    Happy mothers day to so many important people that have brought us Little Miss Magic

    3 weeks later
    #163 1 year ago

    I know not everyone is a parrot head, but there are SOOO many, that I'm unbelievably suprised this thread hasnt taken off :/

    I have plans on at least doing a retheme for myself at this point....so, if anybody in the area has a pin with trashed playfield/backglass to part with, please let me know

    #164 1 year ago

    Pretty much any era is cool with me. An EM makes it easy, but I'm happy with any project for this....I actually have a very personal interest in this now :/

    #171 1 year ago
    Quoted from ThatOneDude:

    Actually, it should be Parrothead multiball, with Fins being saved for a backbox toy game.

    'You got flips to the left, flips to the right...And it's the only pinball in town'

    #172 1 year ago

    Doesnt rhyme well I know....was going to say ball in town....but trying to be remotely clever. Lol

    #174 1 year ago

    Spent the afternoon doin yard work and using the blender...I realized I'll have more to do tmw and the MRS promised me help, though I know it won't happen....... and couldn't keep this funny little thing out of my head.....

    Please don't say manana if you don't mean it....

    'don't try to describe a kiss pinball if you never played it'....well, it went something like that

    Fins up friends!

    #175 1 year ago

    'women into pinball are in short supply; there's not enough scores for us all to have high....'

    Ok, ok....Maybe I had 2 more boat drinks....

    #177 1 year ago
    Quoted from Tigger64:

    The Margaritaville resort in Orlando is up the street where I used to own a vacation rental. It's impressive what it will look like when it's done compared to wasteland it was when they bought the property.
    The resort kind of proves that there is potential with this theme.
    JB essentially took one big hit and parlayed it into an entire industry: restaurants/bars, merch, branded products, and now a whole frikkin resort!
    I'm sure Spooky could make a decent run of this.

    An extra +1 for spooky idea. I bet they would have a blast with it

    2 months later
    #178 1 year ago

    STILL, I just simply CAN NOT believe this thread died....dude sells out like CRAZY, has unbelievable marketing skills, INSANE number of Parrot Heads!....how can it not at least have a marketable interest as a Pinball!!!!????

    We are the people our parents warned us about!!

    #179 1 year ago

    "...Better watch my step if the floor caves in
    I'll go right straight to hell
    There were pinball machines and cajun queens
    Men with knives and scars..."

    See, even Jimmy likes pinball!

    1 month later
    #186 1 year ago

    Had a few margaritas a couple weeks ago and got the drunk balls to contact corporate J.B......sadly, NO response...as expected

    3 months later
    #188 1 year ago

    Family just back from this CRAZY busy place called the Keys....some guy named Jimmy seemed to be a part of EVERYTHING!! Anybody ever heard of this guy????

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