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Why does Pinstadium get to flood all market pages

By WackyBrakke

74 days ago

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    #115 73 days ago
    Quoted from robin:

    Obviously, no one is supposed to (nor allowed to) overflow the Pinside marketplace like this. I will discuss this with Pinstadium Scott and make sure he dials this down to acceptable levels.

    He needs to remove every homebrew game from his list - period. Unless; of course, the homebrew becomes a real product and that real product is directly supported by a equivalent product.
    Homebrew Spammers

    Specifically; all 17 of these damn products need to be banned or removed from my Homebrew:

    This means you pinstadium, rock914, Modelvisionary

    #119 73 days ago

    Rock914 I really don't appreciate you claiming compatibility by linking to a game you can't possibly own.
    De-link your product. Your products are NOT compatible with my game.

    #122 73 days ago
    Quoted from Rock914:

    How do you know my products are not compatible?

    Are you telling me your machine has no lights? If it has no lights and is not a re-theme of an actual game then it is reasonable for me to do so. But to me it looks like that is exactly what it is. Am I wrong?

    I know because I own the only copy and I designed it. I don't give a crap wither you THINK your products are compatible or expect them to be... you have NO BASIS for linking your product to my game.

    Remove your products from my game.

    #130 73 days ago
    Quoted from Rock914:

    would love to! Unfortunately some of my products work for your game. Why even list the game on pinside in the first place? Doesn’t make sense especially with the fit you are throwing about mods that work with it.

    YOUR MODS DON'T WORK WITH MY GAME... It takes a special kind of jerk to assume they do.

    Really; it makes perfect since to you that you get to stand on the shoulders of my hard work and put your ad at the bottom of my homebew like you contributed to the project in some way?

    I listed the game on Pinside because this community was DIRECTLY influential to it's creation. I'm actually very disgusted that you think your behavior is some how acceptable. I don't owe you a single explanation why my game is listed... yet you seem to be indifferent to your abuse of the marketing system. Additionally; While you took the low road... My products ARE compatible with the game... yet I didn't link a single product to my own homebrew... yet you think your behavior is acceptable?!?

    Your behavior in this matter is just disappointing and disrespectful.

    Robin: This is my official request to ban these vendors from my homebrew page. If that can't be done; then well - I request that my homebew game be removed from pinside as I do not endorse "promoting" these mods for my game. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss this in private.

    #133 73 days ago
    Quoted from emkay:

    Because women can't get you to do the right thing? Who the fuck still talks like this?

    Since Rock914 claims I didn't ask like a man... and he has stated here he won't be responding to my PM... This doesn't violate Pinside rules because the other party has not responded. This is exactly what I wrote to him Copy Paste:

    I've reported your spamming to Robin; My homebrew (Star Trek: The Mirror Universe) is not compatible with your product - stop spamming it.
    Seems like I did "ask like a man". Maybe I needed to ask like a niceman... true. But I did demand it be de-linked.

    #135 73 days ago
    Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

    Wow, Pinside has gone so far south. It’s pretty unbelievable that people talk to each other like this. Especially with a toy. Yes, pinball is a big boy TOY. Take a step back, take a breath and be glad your alive. Life is too short for all this.

    Hopefully; this wasn't directed at me.
    I talk to people like this when the repeatedly disrespect me and my work. What these vendors have done is disrespect that work.
    You be ok with a random vendor slapping a 20% off sticker on your car it a parking lot? This is exactly the same thing.

    #153 73 days ago
    Quoted from PWhiz:

    Completely out of my element and understanding here. Just cross-posting his response. I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and hopefully it can be addressed and fixed asap.

    Not sure I buy his lame argument.
    If that were really the case; why isn't other vendors showing up in my listing? you know generic things like pop bumper caps or lock backing plates, or wire.... or pinball-bulbs.

    Until Robin comes in here and says that there is a real problem with the "linking of a game"; I'm feel like this is just dismissive behavior of the vendors. I don't believe any of them have taken steps to really fix the problem on their end.

    I've been clear that I want my homebrew game de-linked from this vendors. I don't condone them having a "place" on my hardwork. If you disagree; simply put - you're wrong. Their products have NO PLACE "linked" to my game.

    Edit: and now we have proof. Modelvisionary de-linked his products from my games; and now they don't show. So; rock914 and pinstadium are too busy spamming us with their wares to correct their obvious errors.

    For the last time Both of you (rock914 pinstadium ) need to delink your products from my home brew games.

    #162 73 days ago

    Really? That's pretty petty of you. Thanks for your support!

    It's right there on his pages... he's just got 300 games linked and can't be bothered to "search the list" for one game.
    LinkingGames#1 (resized).png

    So yeah; maybe he does having something special... but I highly doubt it. I think he's just being obtuse on purpose.

    #165 73 days ago
    Quoted from delt31:

    I like that you have 26 unread private messages!

    Not true. They are all read. I think it's 26 threads I haven't "Archived"

    #170 73 days ago

    So, I linked my game to my product... and look:
    Look it shows
    So; yeah... either robin is allowing these vendors to "SPAM" every game in the database with a "special" vendor interface... that doesn't allow editing.

    Or more likely pinstadium has so many games in his products linked to list that he can no longer maintain said list efficiently. He's rather just dismiss this as a "website problem" rather than edit each one of his listings for proper content. IF this is indeed the case; It's my honest opinion that his shop be suspended for abuse.

    #290 72 days ago

    pinstadium could solve his "problems" by actually being a standup guy and going thru and being honest about the games he's products supports... you know; games he has personally installed the product on... or at least has a postive feedback from his customers that it works.

    Instead this shyster has chosen like rock914 to list every damn game in the planet as linked to his products. This is seriously abuse of the system and robin needs to hold them accountable. If robin doesn't hold them accountable ... then maybe it's time to rethink who's interest he really has for the community. I know that seems harsh; but, robin was quick to come in an defend the marketing promo boxes... but he doesn't seem to be taking any serious effort to solve the problems... infact NONE of the admins are. I would have expected him to respond instantaneously w/ regards to the abuse given this is his full time job now.

    So Robin... if you are really taking action please let us know and I'll back off and apologize publicly.

    #295 72 days ago
    Quoted from bobukcat:

    Don't you think "shyster" is a little much here? I get it you don't like that it's linked to your game but in no imaginable way would that ever lead to him making money off of that linking because no one owns the game. Yes the advertising is too much and Robin has said he's addressing it with him. How about you take a break from it for a while and see what happens, no real reason to accuse a person who has a stellar reputation for service and support of being unscrupulous.

    No. I don't.
    The guy is too busy pimpin in his thread... to actually take time to correct the issue he created.
    I'm not sure robin has done anything. I took a break. 12hrs of break. Long enough to Robin to actually respond or have him correct the ads. I don't think it's unreasonable for a "full time" website owner to respond to abuse like this.
    How long do I give them? 8 hours? 80hours? 800 hours?

    He is making money. His "ads" are being promoted on my worklogs... my homebrew page. That's the whole reason he did it. He saw a popular thread here on Pinside and "added" my game to his ads to generate links and eyeballs. That's reprehensible.

    #296 72 days ago
    Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

    Zitt, I get it, I do. But you are coming on real strong.

    Give Robin some time to work it out. It's some ads, it's low impact.

    I call bull.
    If I were to do this and put a virtual finger to these reasonable requests... I'd be banned from Pinside or at least be put on "timeout".

    #298 72 days ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Why are pinball people always having little hissy fits over a whole lot of nothing?

    Where's your car parked? I have a sticker I want to put on it to advertise for my business.

    I'm sorry; but I just don't see why you guys think this is nothing and being dismissive.
    That said; The admins have closed or "paused" stores for not filling orders. Looked at Chroma ...
    I guarantee if the Admins were to pause pinstadium store until he fixes the linked games - he'd be fast to respond.
    Instead; all we get is silence.

    #303 72 days ago
    Quoted from fosaisu:

    Don't mean to trigger you, but I got free parking today thanks to a meter error.

    LMAO. Trigger me? Already triggered. But even I have a sense of humor:

    #306 72 days ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    So this guy broke in your house and installed pinstadium lighting on your homebrew?

    No he's too busy posting single pictures to his thread. He don't have time to figure out how to break in to anything... even a wet paper bag.

    #309 72 days ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    everyone could always report his posts as they are both "broken record" and "over bumping of a topic"

    Up until this thread; I was actually ignoring his thread and products... thinking maybe one day I might actually take the time to see what all the hubub was. I considered breifly getting something for my games like DEST or STNG. But when I was looking at his thread with all the stupid gfx / videos that actually didn't get to the point; I was "done".
    Now I'll never even consider his products... and more importantly; actively work against him with my friends.

    That said; I'm not going to make the admin's work harder by reporting his posts in his thread. That said; if he posts regularly to other threads pimping... then maybe that's grounds.

    #312 72 days ago
    Quoted from Spencer:

    But, was it outside a court house? That's important too.

    Well... If I'm being honest; that other thread ended in a fizzle.
    Let me just say I parked for a full day of jury duty and didn't get a ticket.
    So; all that bitching and frustration... for a non-event.
    Let that sink in. Infact; maybe I should remember all this frustration is going to end up the same way.
    Humm... You guys are right. It's chump change. Life's too short. Robin will make it right. These guys will get "corrected".

    So; When was the last time PoorMan's Pinstadium's thread was bumped?

    #315 72 days ago
    Quoted from yancy:

    It's not your page, it's Robin's page. If you want a pure, unadulterated presentation of your "worklogs," host your own website.

    Let me make this crystal clear for you...

    You and I BOTH know that market ads are a recent invention. One that "pays" robin and his brother to work full time on the site.
    When you and I started on this site; there was no Market Ad. There was no "linking of games" to ads.
    If I knew then what I know now... I would have never Added the game to the pinside database.

    All I'm asking that the admins consider this. It's not unreasonable for me to expect that when I added my worklogs and the game to the database that it would be used as a marketting vehicle for some other dudes crap. I don't think that's unreasonable. Do you?

    Quoted from yancy:

    Lol, it's pretty likely he doesn't even know what your game is. His products are on EVERY game. Last post in your thread was three years ago.

    Because I don't go in an necro-bump my threads unless there is new information. 3 years ago was when the homebrew was "complete".

    #317 72 days ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Goddamn it that's it, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!

    LOL. And?
    Frustrated? Heheheheh
    Welcome to the Dark Side of anger and hate.

    #319 72 days ago
    Quoted from yancy:

    But patting yourself on the back will never end.

    So; your goal here is to what? Flame the fire?
    You're one weird dude.

    #322 72 days ago
    Quoted from littlecammi:

    Since you would be the only potential customer and you are clearly not interested in Scott's products this will never lead to a Pinstadium sale. But I see no real harm being done to you.

    So; just so we're clear...
    You would be ok with Anyone using your hard work to "endorse" a product you don't care for.
    Really? People think this way?

    #328 72 days ago
    Quoted from FlippinJimmy:

    Otherwise stop your whining. You sound ridiculous and I doubt Pinside is making money of a your machine. A machine most of us never heard of and don't give a damn about.

    I'm not a snowflake Jimmy. I don't give a damn what you think. I was going to say something else -but; It'll just enrage you and violate Pinside rules.

    #330 72 days ago
    Quoted from FlippinJimmy:

    Pretty hypocritical for you to have mods or try to push product on a site that you did not create and yet Robin isn't crying about it.

    So you're ignorant. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

    #335 72 days ago
    Quoted from ralphwiggum:

    You can have the game removed if you are truly bothered by it.

    It’s Robin’s site, no one is holding you hostage here. Pull it all, no way you should be “disrespected” by anyone here.

    I specifically asked that - if the ads can't be removed. It's clear that you haven't really read this thread.

    #338 72 days ago
    Quoted from FlippinJimmy:

    ^^^^^^ Exactly. Don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out. You have a lot of nerve telling the admins that if they don't do x you will do y.

    You have a lot of nerve coming into a community with less than a year of experience telling us what to do. Glad you've been so influential in getting the community to this point. Thanks for your service.

    #339 72 days ago
    Quoted from robin:

    Also, Pinside shop items linking to certain games does not mean the manufacturer of said games endorses said items. Most of the mods offered in Pinside Shops are homebrew stuff, that people create out of love for pinball (and perhaps make a buck or two). Please don't tell me I need to add a disclaimer for that.

    Anyways, thanks for your patience while I figure out how to improve your everyday Pinside experience

    Robin, thanks.
    But yes; I honestly believe vendors should not be allowed to link to homebrew games. It's not right.
    If you do believe this should be allowed; then I respectfully ask you to remove my game from the database.

    #342 72 days ago

    No. No I'm not.
    I've taken this to PM with Robin. Because clearly you know how the world works, snowflake.

    #350 72 days ago
    Quoted from robin:

    On a side note, have you asked the shops in question to remove your game link from their items?

    Yes. pinstadium is claiming he can't- sortof implying you have to do it because he can't thru "his" panel.
    rock914 is ... well.. being difficult because he thinks he has the right to do so.

    If these guys are in the right and you will allow this behavior; then yes - please remove my game from the database.

    #358 72 days ago

    I'm publicly thanking Robin for resolving the matter on my behalf.
    All the ads were removed on my Homebrew.

    #362 72 days ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Awesome, please dont remove your game though. I've played it, its cool (at least I'm pretty sure I played it at either expo or tpf). Not just anyone can do a homebrew and it should be part of pinside if nothing else for the history of the game. Dont let some meaningless adds at the bottom take away others ability to find and see your work.

    It didn't come to that. It wasn't an empty threat; but robin was understanding and resolved it without me having to resort to that nuclear option.
    Cooler heads prevaled; and I'm still very much appreciative to the work robin and his bother do on a day-to-day basis.

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