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Why do some Police Force have different decals on the backbox & front

By jmountjoy111

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I picked up a Police Force last weekend and noticed that the front decal and the sides of the backbox were different from some other ones I had seen. I looked around online and found pictures of others like mine as well. Anyone know why there would be two different sets?

Pics of mine



Normal front and sides



#2 6 years ago

Well I have searched the threads and found a similar post that was over a year old. However, there was no answer given.

Surely there is a Williams genius out there that can tell me why they ran two different sets of decals. The cabinet sides appear the same. It is just the backbox and front decals that are different.

#3 6 years ago

We may have the art films and if so we can look and see what is there, and if there is any reason ... alot of things happened with artwork - mid-run changes, mistakes, changes at the printer, etc. Things were not exactly consistent and well tracked back in the day ...

#4 6 years ago

export machine?

#5 6 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

mid-run changes

I am betting you are right on this but I still have no idea. A quick run through on images and I noticed that the promotional flyers have the all yellow text minus the images of the tiger on both the front and sides, just like mine. They may have simply added to it later.

#6 6 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

export machine?

That was my initial thought as well but both stickers have 115V on them.

3 weeks later
#7 6 years ago

WE found the Films for this game...we've noticed differences in the art...some back boxes don't have the character...and the coinboxes i've sen don't have the addtional artwork.
Here's what we found on the films...does anyone have any insights?
Polics Force_BB_Master.jpg
Police Force_Coinbox_Master.jpg
Police Force Cab_Master.jpg

#8 6 years ago

It appears that the side art is the same. On mine there are no figures on the coin door or on the sides of the back box. Also it is all yellow. I noticed that the game flyers I looked at were the same as mine. So I am assuming that they changed mid run




#9 6 years ago

I'd be curious which people would prefer...
with or without...
the additional graphics on the Back box and coinbox

#10 6 years ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Also it is all yellow.

That could just be the red ink fading - this wouldn't be the first machine where the reds faded to nothing, leaving only yellows and blues.

#11 6 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

That could just be the red ink fading - this wouldn't be the first machine where the reds faded to nothing, leaving only yellows and blues.

Well that was my initial thoughts as well but look at these shots of the flyer. Also all yellow



#12 6 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

That could just be the red ink fading - this wouldn't be the first machine where the reds faded to nothing, leaving only yellows and blues.

However, on the backboxes, we're also seeing a lot of reference images that seem to have the blue dropped out which doesn't match our films. You mentioned reds fading---any experience with blues dropping out this badly?

police-force-bg3.JPG police_force_3.jpg index.jpg
#13 6 years ago

I have a HUO PF that's damn near perfect so no fading, my game looks like the OP's.

#14 6 years ago

i personally like the blue in the backbox and the coin door, I think we will offer the cabinet art with that as an option as it appears that at some point that is what was intended.


#15 6 years ago

When? I'm wanting to restore my PF soon.

Quoted from PPS:I think we will offer the cabinet art

#16 6 years ago

soon, before end of the year I would expect as we have all the original films it appears as well as I have a police force that we can compare to, so that is all that is required to get them done quickly.


#17 6 years ago

Sweet, thanks Rick! I've got one with the yellow jaguar cop and gun/ communicator. When you posted the original art with the more colorful look I was very interested in it. Any chance you could just sell that art as a upgrade? My cabinet sides are fine (amazingly, as nothing else was...). No big deal if you can't seperate them, just wondering!

Best wishes,

#18 6 years ago

I can't wait, this is the last thing on my parts list. Thanks from everyone at Pinsides.

#19 6 years ago

we can probably sell the upgraded artwork (sides, door?) - but you may be disappointed as those will stand out due to fade of your original sides (yellows, blues, reds have faded as they were not UV). We'll update when we get the finals out, and then we can figure that out.


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