Who is going to Allentown

By MrWizzo

5 years ago


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    #51 5 years ago
    Quoted from jackal2001:

    I would expect it to be packed on a Fri-Sat night.

    I hadn't been there on a weekend night either and when I went by the other night I noticed they were pretty busy. So I was thinking about maybe another place. There is Stooges which is a bar. I have heard the food is decent and its within walking distance. Still gets busy on weekends but not as much as Tilted Kilt.

    #52 5 years ago

    I love the 3 stooges. If it has anything to do with that I'm in. Even if it doesn't its fine with me. I'm pretty easy going.

    #53 5 years ago

    Nyuk Nyuk...AND it's Cinco Di Mayo!! Ole!

    #54 5 years ago

    MOE! LARRY! CHEESE!!!!!!

    #55 5 years ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    Nyuk Nyuk...AND it's Cinco Di Mayo!! Ole!

    Oh yea, thats right it is. That's my exwife and my anniversary. To this day (8years later) I still get a F.U. text from her on our anniversary. Guess I left a lasting impression. Lmao!

    #56 5 years ago

    hah! The gift that keeps on giving!

    #57 5 years ago

    I'll be there Friday hanging at the Lets Play Pinball spot or the flea market spot.Scott

    #58 5 years ago

    Prices are kinda high, but I'm fine with bringing them home as well.

    TOTAN: 5,500 OBO. Very little to no cabinet fade. Better than average playfield with low play count (IMO). Shopped out, LED upgrades etc.

    Addams: 4250. Nice cabinet, flipper button wear on left side but mild. Rest of cab has very little fade. Topper is nice, playfield has very little if any mansion wear. Typical hole wear but protected with a cliffy. Full playfield GI upgraded to LEDs. No Mods, just clean and nice.

    Funhouse: Who knows, make cointaker an offer, but I know it will not be cheap. This restore has really kicked my but. Tons of new stuff on it playfield, chrome, decals, leds, etc etc etc.

    #59 5 years ago

    does anyone have the main list of pins to play and for sale in Allentown?


    #60 5 years ago

    Change of plans for me. Im going Friday. Going to get there early and prob be there the whole day. Going with my GF and my Large bald friend Joe.

    #61 5 years ago

    it looks like I am a Saturday arrival, i am trying for a mid Friday through Saturday but probably wont be possible... I had a list of games that would be there and i dont know what i did with it!

    #62 5 years ago

    This list probably changes daily. I would try and get a list on the 3rd..

    #63 5 years ago

    I just talked to Ivan in allentown. He said there's about $160 pin's registered as of now and local people are bringing about 40 more. He also said the venders areas are all full and the flea market area is full and their renting spaces outside now. It's in a bigger building than last year too. It's going to be a heresy time. I'm pumped!

    #64 5 years ago

    So is the Main Flea Market Area indoors?

    #65 5 years ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    So is the Main Flea Market Area indoors?

    I think it is supposed to be this year.

    #66 5 years ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    So is the Main Flea Market Area indoors?

    Yes, mostly. This year it's in a bigger building on the same property. 40,000 sqft. What he was telling me was they are completely full inside and now renting outdoor spaces.

    #68 5 years ago

    Have a soccer game at 8am Saturday.
    Maybe next year.

    #69 5 years ago

    Soccer...Bah!....stick with the Silver Ball!

    #70 5 years ago

    Allentown just got better for me. My son is going to meet me there and spend the weekend playing pinball. Yippee!!


    #71 5 years ago

    man I hope I can find a BG for my old 1975 Big Ben pin

    #72 5 years ago
    Quoted from MrWizzo:

    Allentown just got better for me. My son is going to meet me there and spend the weekend playing pinball. Yippee!!

    Guess that's the one thing that could make the pinfest better. That and topless chicks.

    #73 5 years ago

    Anyone going thru Eau Claire, WI that can haul a pin and drop off on way for $100. Destiny is New Buffalo, MI on I94.

    Let me know and thanks,

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