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Who's the greatest Metal singer of all time? (poll)

By vid1900

1 year ago

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Topic poll

“Who is the greatest Metal singer of all time?”

  • Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Solo) 114 votes
  • Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, Solo) 24 votes
  • King Diamond (Mercyful Fate, Solo) 8 votes
  • Lemmy Killmister (Motorhead) 24 votes
  • Klaus Meine (Scorpions) 27 votes
  • Andy LaPlegua (Coil, Combichrist, Panzer AG) 1 vote
  • Alice Cooper 19 votes
  • Tom Araya (Slayer) 12 votes
  • Rob Halford (Judas Priest, Fight) 60 votes

(289 votes)

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#1 1 year ago

Cast your votes!

Argue until you get a 7 day ban from this thread!

Live or Studio?

Manly growling or squealing like a girl?

You call that metal? That's hard rock!

What about XXXXXXX ????? He's the greatest singer on earth!!!!!1

Here's a band you never heard of from Belgium......

31dio-blog480 (resized).jpg

Combichrist-4714 (resized).jpg

Iron-Maiden-turn-metal-in-008 (resized).jpg

JudasPriestPA260411 (resized).jpg

d432faf1 (resized).jpg

singer-king-diamond-metal-hands-morgan-freeman (resized).jpg

kkk (resized).jpg

Klaus-Meine-scorpions-31468472-192-318 (resized).jpg

GettyImages-541103916_alice_cooper_tour_630 (resized).jpg

#2 1 year ago

Hands down Ronnie James Dio.

#3 1 year ago

Not on the list:
Brian Johnson - acdc
Axle Rose - gnr
Ozzy - duh
James Hetfield - Metallica

But from YOUR list, Alice Cooper

#4 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Hands down Ronnie James Dio.

Agree, Halfords my #2

#5 1 year ago

Chris Cornell

#6 1 year ago

From your list Rob Halford or Dio.

Best Metal singer to me is Geoff Tate of Queensryche. Saw them on their Empire tour 91 or 92. They played a 30-40 min Empire set. Took about a 20 min break and then played Operation Mindcrime in its entirety. Incredible show.

#7 1 year ago

None of these answers are bad, but some of them aren’t/ weren’t metal singers

#8 1 year ago

On list- Rob Halford.

Off list- Ozzy and Ian Gillan.

#9 1 year ago

Sebastian Bach

#10 1 year ago

The list is too much of a sausage fest, there are some females worthy of mention too:

1) Kim McAuliffe (Girlschool)
2) Eva Ortiz (Super Heroines)
3) Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)
4) Tarja Turunen (Nightwish)

(Out of the current list I’d pick Dio and Halford, but would not want to be without any of them!)

#11 1 year ago

Voted for Halford since Manilow wasn't on the list...

#12 1 year ago

Wish he was still here

#13 1 year ago
Quoted from Thermionic:

The list is too much of a sausage fest, there are some females worthy of mention too:
4) Tarja Turunen (Nightwish)
(Out of the current list I’d pick Dio and Halford, but would not want to be without any of them!)

Floor > Tarja.

#14 1 year ago

Great singer; not metal.

#15 1 year ago

Dio had the coolest voice. Halford had the best range. Geoff Tate is probably the best trained. Michael Kiske had the power.

#16 1 year ago

Ronnie James Dio from the list for sure,

Special mention,

True Metal God goes to UDO Dirkschneider U.D.O/Accept

#17 1 year ago

Michael Sweet

a0a924af3f517136ff098f32d7a682e8 (resized).jpg

#18 1 year ago

Voted for Dio on this list

Would vote for Doro Pesch off list

And would vote for rock without metal Freddie Mercury

#19 1 year ago

Rob Halford, easily
Ronnie James Dio, runner-up
Case closed!

#20 1 year ago

Robert Plant

#21 1 year ago

Is there even a doubt? Dio.

#22 1 year ago

This list begins and ends with Halford.

Dio is ok but one dimensional. Bruce is pretty annoying in large doses and I don’t think I could
Stand being in the same room with him for more than 10 minutes.

There’s one metal god and it’s halford.

Ozzy I Love actually. Such a unique voice perfect for sabbath. Listen to Dio and Halford, two much “better” singers, do the ozzy sabbath stuff and you’ll see what I mean.

Lemmy was also perfect for Motörhead but he’s not what I’d call a singer. Klaus is whiny and lacks power. I like Udo but he’s a bar band screecher.

Alice cooper and araya don’t belong in the list for consideration.

#23 1 year ago

Bon Scott #1 hands down

#24 1 year ago

Just got back from my tarot card reader. She says that Ronnie says he's the last in line. They're both wrong.

#25 1 year ago

Guys, go on YouTube and listen to Keeper of the seven Keys part 1 by Helloween and tell me Michael Kiske isn't a beast. He isn't as popular as the others but WOW.

#26 1 year ago

What about Kip Winger?

#29 1 year ago

Ironman...he is made of metal.

#30 1 year ago

I personally like Trent Reznor and Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward). I suppose it would be reasonable to argue that either isn't true metal. I just think they are great screamers.

For undeniably metal bands, I'll vote for Burton Bell from Fear Factory.

EDIT: From your poll, I went with Araya. He might not be the best on the list but Slayer kicks so much ass that it doesn't matter.

#31 1 year ago

Devin Townsend is my favorite but I voted Dio from the list.

#32 1 year ago

Burton C Bell from Fear Factory would have the greatest range. Saw him live and was like his recordings.

#33 1 year ago

Voted King Diamond, hard not to vote for Ronnie James Dio. One I would add to the list is John Bush of Armored Saint / Anthrax. As the story goes James Hetfield felt unsure about his singing abilities and wanted to concentrate on his guitar, he personally asked John Bush to join Metallica.

#34 1 year ago

My wife and I used to follow Dio and Black Sabbath around faithfully.

Seen Dio's last live performance at the House of Blues in August 29th 2009 for my birthday....... Diagnosed with stomach cancer shortly after and past away in May 2010.

Sad day indeed for Metal.......... Long live rock and roll!!!

#35 1 year ago

Like priest music but have never liked Halfords voice. Saw Halford open for Maiden in 2000 and he just stood around singing. No antics or energy.
Toss up between Dickinson and Dio for me. Sebastian Bach as a runner up.
Michael Starr of Steel Panther not on the list???? He's awesome, too.

#36 1 year ago

If anyone has any doubt about Dio's prowess, just listen to this one:

Dio - I Speed At Night

#37 1 year ago

King Diamond at his finest.

Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath

#38 1 year ago

Klaus Meine and his amazing range

Scorpions - Pictured Life

Catch a Train

#39 1 year ago

Andy LaPlegua - Why can't we have more immigrants from Norway?

#40 1 year ago

Lets not forget about Geoff Tate. Amazing singer!!!

#42 1 year ago

Who says Cooper is not metal?

Alice Cooper - The One That Got Away

#43 1 year ago

This video probably cost more to produce than the entire album.

Slayer - Repentless

#44 1 year ago

I'm real Old

#45 1 year ago

A wise friend once told me "please the crowd"

#46 1 year ago

Probably the best Priest song singing wise.

Judas Priest - Deal With The Devil

Judas Priest - Electric Eye

#47 1 year ago

Anyone who says the only good Maiden is the early stuff has not heard their best stuff:

Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man

Iron Maiden - Paschendale

#48 1 year ago

Don't you love hearing Motorhead songs are are not Ace of Spades?

Motörhead - Get Back In Line

#49 1 year ago

Rick astlay! Did I just rick roll this thread? Yes yes I did.

#50 1 year ago

Honorable mention #1:

Glen Danzig - Powerful singer mixing Metal, Blues and even a little Elvis & Jim Morrison.

Danzig - Long Way Back From Hell

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