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Who's played Both Ghostbusters and Hobbit

By 3pinballs

3 years ago

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#8 3 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

I've played hobbit and not crazy about it so far.

Well if you played it and didn't like it, then you shouldn't get it. That is a lot of cash to tie up if you're not crazy about the game.

On the other hand, they are finishing up and testing the 1.0 code for Hobbit. I have high expectations of what Keith is doing with it. So it really depends on when your order is. If TH is coming soon, it is a tougher decision. But if you have some time, sit and wait to see what Keith is doing.

As for GB, I still haven't played it. But even seeing video, I'm waiting out the hype. JT designed it (Mustang, WWE), so I want to get some real play time before tossing any money at it. That, and I want to see what kind of code it hits with. I'll never be sitting in the situation the KISS owners are in right now. Any manufacturer taking a year to make a game have good code is much too long.

#23 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I feel bad for JJP. They finally start shipping TH right when Stern releases one of their very best pins.

Calling GB one of Stern's very best pins is a bit premature. That is saying it is as good as LOTR, Tron or AC/DC (and MET, and a couple others that have proven themselves). Hype is fine, but hyperbole is a bit much this early in the release.

#50 3 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

We have a Hobbit on location that I was able to tweak.

How is it earning? I'm asking because the one near me has been filling up the cash box.

1 week later
#99 3 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Disagree. After 3-4 years in the works (and a 1+ delay), I think its more than reasonable to expect a mature release, certainly worth of critique.

As a JJP fan, unfortunately I have to agree with you. There was a shooting whitewood more than 2 years ago, so I had also expected it to arrive with more complete code. Couple that Jack saying at shows how far along the software was, and it leads to disappointment. With all this time, whatever is on the machines when they shipped is the software that is currently there to be judged.

And I do the same thing with Stern. I don't judge a game on what will be there a year after release, I judge it when the game is available to play in Production form. Personally I think it hurts both companies when they can't strike when the iron is hot. MET ended up being a great game... after a year. It was a good seller, but I really think it would have sold more with solid code earlier. It took me a lot longer to come around on it after a year wait. Once a game is established, even if it becomes great, the impression it leaves at release sticks.

#146 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I don't understand what is so complicated regarding the pop-ups.
If you go down a lit inlane, the corresponding pop-up will rise. Hit it and the triangle insert in front of it will turn yellow to let you know you've defeated it. Defeat all four and start a two ball multiball.
They are also used in various modes where appropriate, corresponding to scenes from the movies. During these instances, the oblong insert in front of them will glow orange. The mini LCD will also tell you what needs to be hit as you advance in the mode.
For example, there is one mode where you are trying to escape the orcs and wargs. The orc and warg pop-ups are up, blocking the right vuk and orbit shot you need to hit to complete the mode. You have to hit the left VUK or left orbit to temporarily "hide" (make the orc or warg go down) to open up the shot. This is clearly spelled out on the mini LCD.
Each time you make a shot that advances the mode the scene on the main LCD will change to the next animation in the mode and text will say something like "excellent" or "good shot" or "keep going", etc...
It reminds me of the Dragons Lair video game in this regard. You want to keep hitting the correct shot to advance the mode and see what the next animation/sound bite is.
Again, the mini lcd will tell you what needs to be done as the goals often change as you advance through a mode. The shots you need to hit are also indicated by the playfield inserts, though it may take some playtime to recognize it.
From what I've seen, Keith has done a masterful job of making the mode's goals appropriate for the corresponding movie scene, complete with animations and sound. It's challenging for a player to always keep track of these things, but possible. It's much easier having a friend calling out the goals as you play. Like LOTR, you will eventually learn the modes and not need the mini-LCD, using only the playfield inserts to guide you.
The main thing missing in the code right now is there is no cool animation, sound or score reward for completing a mode.
tl:dr Modes are well integrated with the movie scenes and there is plenty of information to guide the player.

I don't think he actually wants an explanation. If he did maybe he could have read the screen during one of his 60 games on Hobbit. He is having a better time saying over and over that it is too complex. Expect this drum beat to continue.

#154 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

just stating that the rules are a big clusterfuck that is not easily understood after 10 or 20 games. any Stern, DE, B/W, Capcom, and most gottliebs, you know a majority of the objectives or have at least a upfront knowledge on what to do. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

After 60 games the term is "Willful Ignorance". Plain and simple. After that long, not understanding how to start modes, and never being able to decipher anything on either screen, even while the game is holding the ball giving you time to read the instructions is intentional.

Of course, there are less likely explanations. For instance, maybe you can't read. However, I'm fairly certain you can. You could also be a complete moron, but again judging from your posts, you're not. An axe to grind? Possibly. It does seem that you are posting that every chance you get. It seemed a lot more honest when you just said you didn't like the game. Now it is more just a reflection on your abilities.

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