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Who's In / Out on Rob Zombie (POLL)

By kaneda

3 years ago

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“Are you In or Out for RZ?”

  • Hell Fucking Yeah I'm In 100 votes
  • Had to Back Out 50 votes
  • Not sure 39 votes
  • On the wait list and praying. 23 votes

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#23 3 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

"Hey look I started another thread to poke/prod Aurich about RZ!"

I disagree. I kinda encouraged the poll in his last post asking who's in or out.
I was curious how many people were in because I think most of the games were sold to pinsiders. I thought it Would be interesting to see how close to 300 "in's" the poll would get to.
So far, I'm surprised at thr percentage of those who are out.
I'm sending in my check today.

#64 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Sorry, man. Not even close to the build quality of other MFG's. Still good for garage built but I look at it for the cost of the machine. For $6K it should be built the same (or better) quality wise as what else is out there for $6K. Here are some examples:
- Screws that are glued back into the under side of the PF. This was done on several mechanisms as well as the slide rail.
- Slide rail, only one rail which is odd enough. PF is fairly light but the one my friend had broke out from where it attached at the front to the PF. Another place hot glue was used with a screw. And no, it didn't happen due to neglect.
- All those damn, stand offs. Stern and JJP use the plastic ones that connect to the plastic. For some reason Spooky had to go with these small metal ones that don't stay put on things.
- Screws put in at angles so that they actually hit wood. This is most prominent with the shooter lane ramp. If they just would drill the hole further to the right it wouldn't be needed. Let's not talk about how the end of that mount is cut to where it protrudes into the hole. This is where most of your ball hang ups happen in that area. Simple 5 mins on a grinder resolved that issue.
- Most of the 3D printed parts are hollow. You will notice this when they start breaking. We went through a dozen or so parts pretty quickly. Spooky's customer support was great and they sent replacements but they are still under built. The most surprising one was the piece that connects to the ball through coil. We finally replaced it with a modified williams unit. No more breaking issues.
- how about that cross over jump ramp. That lane guide leading to it had more bumps and wiggles in it than an old ladys legs full of cottage cheese. Worked on fixing it and quickly realized that they didn't allow for enough room for the screw mounts to allow for it to be smooth.
There's more but, one I don't recall everything as I didn't document it all as we cont to work on things and, two, I'm not trying to get into an argument over this.
My experience with AMH is that, for the cost of the machine, it is under built. At $4K, it wouldn't have been such as an issue but at $6K I would expect a lot more fit and finish. Spooky customer support is great but I still wont buy until I see a major improvement along these lines. They could have very well addressed all these problems but until I see it I'm out for good, no matter what the theme may be. AMH will probably always hold it's value due to the limit of 150 games though.

Do you think your issues are consistent with all amh?
And if so, do you think they can or will be addressed in RZ?

#67 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Can't speak to that. The ones i've seen were all the same. I've spoken to several whom are seeing/feeling the same. We don't post about it as we know it would probably become another pinside epic thread of arguing. I wasn't going to elaborate but felt the need to justify my comments. I hope others experiences are better. I really like Spooky
I just think they could step things up a bit. I also feel that they are getting passes on things that we would complain about to no end if stern or JJP did the same thing. I'm just trying to look at it with the mfg glasses removed and comparing it to like priced games.

I would think the build quality would be better because of the hands on involvement with such a small team. I didn't look at it as a way to cut corners and do things subpar. But it's probably easer to get away with that type of stuff with small production.i hope spooky chimes in to address these issues and hopefully they learned from their mistakes ... Unless they don't think they're mistakes.

#110 3 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Charlie has already said that RZ has a lot more mechs (coils, etc.) than AMH, so either he's lying or you're dead wrong. I assume it's the latter.

we're going to have to weigh them both. i hear the better games weigh more.

#129 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I don't get this. An art "package" is more than just cabinet and translite. I know art is a subjective thing, but I can't help but think if Stern had announced RZ instead of Spooky, the playfield would have received a much harsher response.

It did receive harsh criticism. It sucks compared to the rest of the game. But Charlie spoke up and said they aren't doing anything about it.
That's how you quiet the critics. You're either in or out. It's done.

#133 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

In those two cases JJP and Stern did significant rework on the playfield art as a result of the criticism. I suppose that's the difference between a tiny captive audience and a desire to sell a lot more.

Too bad spooky didn't follow in their steps. It would have made me much more comfortable.
It also would Have kept more people on board. Not that it matters because it appears they'll all sell anyway.

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

I have the 12th built AMH. I thought fo shizzle I was in on an LE. I am getting the standard. I have no idea what the criteria were for getting on what list. I think it was quickest emailer. I think the only thing being an AMH purchaser got you was a spot. and if you were quick, an LE spot
. I still committed. Darn 1st world problems for us grown adult men (and women.. )

Quoted from JeffF:

Was 41st in on AMH and was totally bummed to not get offered an LE. But still in on a standard.

Any build quality issues you can speak of on your amh? It recently came up that they are not great. And it's understandable you wouldn't publicly broadcast it.
I'm assuming if it was horrible, you wouldn't be in on RZ.
Are there any pics of the inside of the cab on amh?

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