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who likes beer?

By way2wyrd

8 years ago

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#51 8 years ago

This is my beer of choice tonight


#52 8 years ago

I like any beer as long as it doesn't have nasty floral notes.

I keep a keg of draft in the house at all times, and my bar fridge usually has at least three different styles stocked.

Moosehead Lager will always be on draft in my house.


I'm thinking about adding two more taps. I want a great stout, lager, and a bitter IPA at the pull of a handle.

#53 8 years ago

This was a Drunk-Ass nite @ hOOter's !!!!!

#54 8 years ago


I'm suprised no one is talking about this.

I just tried it for the first time on Wednesday. And I gotta say, I'm now a fan...the hype is real. Strong, flavorful, over all easy to drink. Not too hoppy, great balance.

2 weeks later
#55 8 years ago

Brewed a Red for the Seattle Pinball League's PinGolf tournament in mid-September. I brew for most of our tourneys now, usually in the style of the host's choice. Most pinball people favor Pales and IPAs, there's a die-hard PBR faction, and Strongbow is the most popular non-beer drink.

Brand-wise, I think more people favor Deschutes here in Seattle than any other upper-tier brand beer. All varieties, even!

You'll notice I don't mention CBM (Coors, Bud, Miller) and the like. Well, that's because those things are only really good for a game of Fizzball!

What's Fizzball? Glad you asked! Here you go!


#56 8 years ago

Gotta love the Flying Saucer....they have it all to try!

Any beer, all beer......love it....


#57 8 years ago

Ever try this one from Sam Adams.....20% Abv!


#58 8 years ago

New to the pinball scene, very experienced in craft beer scene / home brewing.. cross over threads like this appeal to my interests

Local Favs:
- Alesmith Speedway Stout
- Alesmith Evil Dead Red (almost time again! halloween seasonal)
- Alpine Exponential Hoppiness
- Lost Abbey Lost & Found
- Lightning Old Tempest
- hate most stone beers..

I'm a little saddened though by the number of crappy beer drinkers.. maybe you all aren't my kind of crowd after all

#59 8 years ago

Ever try this one from Sam Adams.....20% Abv!

I missed that one! I've been wanting to try Sam Adams Utopias. It has a 27% alcohol by volume , but has a price tag of around 150 dollars.


#60 8 years ago

Utopias is pretty good. I have a bottle of tactical nuclear penguin I've been waiting to open. It comes in at 32% or something

I've been drinking the great divide oak aged hero with Belgium yeast lately. Yum

#61 8 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

I've been drinking the great divide oak aged hero with Belgium yeast lately. Yum

NICE! I'm a big fan of the yeti's they have.

#62 8 years ago

This thread keeps coming back around, and I like beer so I will finally reply. We're lucky enough to have the Firestone Walker brewery just a few miles up the road. Their DBA (double barrel ale) is awsome. My favorite is Red Nectar Ale, best amber ale I have ever had and its on sale a lot around here. Not that in to stouts usually, but when it comes around seasonally their Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout is pretty darn good.

red_nectar.jpg DBA.jpg

#63 8 years ago

This thread keeps coming back around,

"Lazy Susan" time... Full of BEER!


I wonder if they are still taking orders???

I have tried the "Utopias" SA... It is not worth the price tag. Cool container though!

#64 8 years ago

Velvet Merlin


#65 8 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

I wonder if they are still taking orders???

Seriously, I want one!!

#66 8 years ago

Seriously, I want one!!

Hop in buddy!


It will fit on the roof... Right?!?

#67 8 years ago

This thread keeps coming back around


#68 8 years ago

Two great tastes that taste great together!


I am starting to see double...

#69 8 years ago

some good beer adds from down under
beer is big buisness in australia

post back some good yank adds for me

#70 8 years ago

I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow
I like beer, it helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow.
Whisky's to rough
champagne's not enough
and vodka puts my mouth in gear
So let me explain
and I have to refrain
as a matter of fact I love beer.

#71 8 years ago

APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! Wesperron shines through again!

Here's one of my favorites!

#72 8 years ago
Quoted from LaughingOtter:

Here's one of my favorites!

that songs gold dude

#73 8 years ago

I'm almost slammed in this vid--

#74 8 years ago

Brewing a Belgian IPA and a Hefeweizen this week.

#75 8 years ago
Quoted from BLACK_ROSE:

I'm almost slammed in this vid--

you are slamed

#76 8 years ago

Dont listen to em black rose you rule!!

#77 8 years ago

You should really give Pauwel Kwak a try when you can. But only drink it from the original glass!


#78 8 years ago

But only drink it from the original glass!

Only if I can recreate some classic 'Harpo Marx' shenanigans with the glass after finishing it!


Well after five or six of those...
I wouldn't need the horn!

#79 8 years ago

I will be brewing the Nuptial IPA for the October Seattle Pinball League Tournament in about five hours. It's not just a pinball tournament, it's like the Beer Of The Month Club too! But that's Seattle for you!

#80 8 years ago

I do partake in a few beers from time to time. And I tend to end up brewing massive amounts too. This closet had over 250 full bottles of 7 different homebrews earlier this year. I'm down to a six pack now. I had 100 bottles of mead that I had aged for over 3 years. My favorite brew tho has to be Stones' Arrogant Bastard Oaked. I'm a sucker for anything out of a cask. Coilovers_0171.jpg Coilovers_0191.jpg

#81 8 years ago
Quoted from LaughingOtter:

It's not just a pinball tournament, it's like the Beer Of The Month Club too!

That sounds like a dream to me. If you threw in a " Homemade Pizza of the Month Club" on top of the other two I would have to make the drive!!!

Talk about the proverbial "Holy Trinity" of pinball goodness...

#82 8 years ago

You know I'm trying to organize the very first Beers And Pinballs Tournament, right? Local homebrewers can bring their stuff to be judged by anyone who wants to try it, but anyone who does so has to play in a special pinball tournament for brewers only!
It started when I found out there were six people in the Puget Sound-ish area who played hardcore pinball and brewed beer. Well. Sounded like a match of two great crafts to me!
All I have to do now is find a place that will host it (and 25 pinball machines) and the First Ever Beers And Pinballs Tournament will happen!

#83 8 years ago

That sounds good LO!
Keep us in the loop!

#84 8 years ago

Let me know when Beers and Balls happens!! Id love to brew a Multiball Malt Liquor for it.

Im working on a new barley wine recipe currently

1 week later
#85 8 years ago

I just joined and what do you know my first post is in the beer topic. I love all beer, not prejudiced at all. And hello to all you fellow pinheads.

#86 8 years ago

Ingenious Bastard Belgian IPA is almost ready. Next up Jelly Legs Wheat.

#87 8 years ago
Quoted from robin:

can. But only drink it from the original glass!

That looks like a yard glass from my time in England. There are many evenings I remember starting drinking and forget the end of the night.

#88 8 years ago

what else was she offering up

#89 8 years ago

Sam Adams Octoberfest on Tap kicks ass


#90 8 years ago

Good times deserve a good beer.


#91 8 years ago

For me, it's my states finest >>

Or when I'm in Japan, Asahi 'Master Pilsner' (when I can find it).

#92 8 years ago

Anybody ever had a black IPA? Delicious. I just made one.

#93 8 years ago
Quoted from donjagra:

Good times deserve a good beer.

Best song to listen to with 40oz...

#94 8 years ago

So far fredjockson with delerium tremons and robin with Paul kwak are at the head of the class.....GREAT BEERS. Although I have never seen that kwak glass....do love!

Dogfishhead in DE close to home here makes great IPAs as well....even a crazy 120 minute IPA that will scare some people

#95 8 years ago

I just finished a Saranac Summer and cracked a Bell's Oracle. IMO It's better than their Hopslam or 2 hearted. I bought a case from the brewery on their first batch, only a sixer of this year's.

Also I homebrew and still have a chocolate raspberry port wine in secondary in my closet.

#96 8 years ago

Kegged about 10 gallons of a Red last night. 5 gallons will be served at the Seattle Pinball League's September PinGolf Tournament this Saturday. Also transferred 10 gallons of Nuptial IPA to secondary. Wholly Chao! IPA lover's mouthgasm! All kinds of hop flavors with NO grassy overtones! You're gonna need some sharp cheddar and a warm loaf of good sourdough or French bread for this one!

tiltwizard: Welcome to Pinside! I trust you're getting accustomed and hope to hear more from you! Stay tuned! It only gets better from here!

way2wyrd,pinheadpuckguy: You're exactly the sort of people we need in the Beers And Pinballs competition, because the main tourney centers around the scores/votes you get from blind taste-testing and pinball playing!
We could do the pinball playing virtually by camera but it would be impossible to judge beer that way.

#97 8 years ago

Ommegang!!! By far the best beer I have ever tried...


Drank a glass, then got LITZ on Twilight Zone on my 2nd ball. Yeah... it's that good....

1 month later
#98 8 years ago

Hoegaaden goes back to the year 1445 has a mellow taste without any nasty after bite


#99 8 years ago
Quoted from LaughingOtter:

ou're exactly the sort of people we need in the Beers And Pinballs competition

Im in.

Let me know when the next one is, I love Seattle and need an excuse to come visit

we finally tapped out our rye IPA. Time to make a new keg o something. Im thinking Imperial Hazelnut Stout

#100 8 years ago

It's doppelbock season in the midwest. Good to have some hearty liquid bread for cold months.

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