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Who is second guessing their jjp potc preorder

By bigd1979

1 year ago

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Post #15 Video from the designer explaining the changes Posted by bigd1979 (1 year ago)

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#50 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

...especially when you can have the same exact effect on a screen.
The vast majority of ball movement was probably generated by the center portion of the sections, so players likely aren’t losing much action by having only one disc.

It sounds like you haven't actually played the game, correct me if I'm wrong.

#100 1 year ago

Playing it at TPF, at least I got to experience what it was meant to be.

#102 1 year ago
Quoted from ViperJelly:

...didn't feel like the disks made a huge difference in gameplay.

#115 1 year ago

They should just scrap the spinning disc altogether and figure something else out for the center of the playfield. The single disc doesn't really make sense either.

#127 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

In talking to Eric at MGC today that Is the final decision and what you see is what is happening! Let production begin. I SO feel for Eric as he is one Super creative and talented guy. This change to his masterpiece would crush most artists spirits.

Wow, that sucks. I still had a shred of hope that they would find a better solution than what is shown in that video.

So, is the pizza version there at MGC?

#168 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Yeah, the announcement is disappointing, but the game will likely still play really well.

You're right, it probably will...just not in my house. There's just no way I would feel good about buying a dumbed down version of this game. It really doesn't matter what the reasons are for these changes, the fact is this is not what the game was meant to be. It's just not as good as it was before, plain and simple.

#176 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmike:

Yeah,sounds like a good idea,I played a few games on Dialed in,I didn't quite understand it but i've been reading more about it and i'm starting to see why it's pretty cool.

I recommend watching Bowen Kerins tutorial. Some good stuff there. DI sounds pretty good right now. Not to mention it's $500 cheaper than POTC too.

#179 1 year ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Replace the discs with magnets under the playfield a la The Addams Family and fix the artwork. Problem solved!!

I'd probably say the same thing if I had no intention of ever buying it.

#183 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmike:

It's worth a shot at least No?

It does sound better than what they're proposing. I do agree that the single disc should be eliminated completely.

Quoted from bigd1979:

Actually if u shop around its even slightly less than 9k.

Even better!

#190 1 year ago
Quoted from scott_freeman:

It appears the pinball show circuit is the only place they are durability testing their mechanism.

.. It is good that they caught the disk troubles *before* they were in the hands of the customers.

Check the JJP stream from March 1st at the 6min mark. Someone posted it in another thread. It was extensively tested with no major issues.

Cost cut, plain and simple.

#212 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

What rumors and speculation?
They released an official video clearly and explicitly detailing their plans. Did you watch it?

He posted that exact same comment, word for word, in about 4 other threads. Not sure what the deal is with that.

#304 1 year ago
Quoted from JY64:

The fact is distributors share for a game is %40 to %50 of retail so an LE POTC JJP makes $4,750 to $5,700

Not sure if I'm reading this right but are you suggesting that distributors are making more per game than the actual manufacturers? A POTC LE costs a distributor $4750 to $5700?

#336 1 year ago
Quoted from spinal:

The leading proposal at
requires no changes at all be made to hardware.
It requires only that:
1. The disc as it is has the ability to report via sensor (optos) what position it is in. I'm pretty sure it can do this as it was made to award random rewards.
2. That a disc that spins quickly can spin slowly. Now I can't really see why a variable speed disc could not more slowly.
I really wish someone else would chime in on this with more knowledge about this hardware but until then I can't see any reason why this is a stretch.
Importantly, this proposal is using the exact same hardware but with very slowly moving discs that have lost their original purpose of imparting spin on the ball, but now instead rotate around each other during gameplay. You make shots and depending on modes or goals, rings rotate around each other. You make a good shot and you get closer to aligning the rings for a mega jackpot or something else, then maybe you miss a shot and it is undone. So the better you are, the better you can align the rings to get the prize - exactly like the movie. Again for those of you new to this idea, there is no spinning except maybe slow spin to an original position at beginning of ball or mode, but rather rings might move to next orientation every once and a while and that's it. Like clock hands that can move in either direction except with discs.
The main point is the 3 rings still look very cool on the playfield and becomes more apart of gameplay - more than just the random prizes as before.
MOST IMPORTANTLY - this proposal should not require hardware changes - only software which makes it amenable to JJP's current rush, cut and run approach so I'm hoping has a greater chance. They could even ship and the code could catch up later if they are in such a rush.
Anyway can't see how this is less crazy than suggesting we throw away the entire mech and replace with a stock motor - I mean, I still can't believe this was suggested! It's called NOT THROWING OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATHWATER.
BTW, aurich's idea is brilliant but I'm going with the easier approach above because it seems as though JJP has already thrown in the towel and is on a rush mission, so trying to salvage with ideas that are the absolute easiest and quickest so that there is a hope.

I love the enthusiasm but IMO this is purely a cost cut so all of these proposals mean nothing unfortunately. This is a bean-counter decision, pure and simple. It's not like JJP hasn't screwed up like this before. The track record is there. Post #330 sums it up nicely. The entire Pinside design team can simmer down a bit and just let JJP do their thing. No sense in fighting it when their profit margin is in jeopardy.

#338 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

You know it’s still a possibility that it is an engineering issue!

The game designer is a mechanical engineer. Do you really think they would have brought it all the way to this point if they questioned the engineering behind it? It would have been scrapped long ago. Believe what you will but if you look at JJP's past debacles, all signs point to the mighty $$$!

#345 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Will you’ve made your mind up already and we know how stubborn folks from Canada can be.

Can you elaborate? Not sure how my country got into this discussion.

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