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Who Is Out On Tesla Model 3?

By o-din

1 year ago

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    “Why are you out and won't be buying a Tesla?”

    • The company and CEO are a joke, and the car line is a bigger joke 7 votes
    • Don't want to be stereotyped with some of the owners of this thing 2 votes
    • Stocks are on their way out 1 vote
    • I don't want to have to defend my car purchase on the internet 2 votes
    • Won't be living in Oregon or Canada anytime soon 1 vote
    • Big batteries make a big mess when they explode 2 votes
    • My old shitbox runs great and don't need a $50,000 car with no engine 10 votes
    • All of the above 35 votes

    (60 votes)

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    #294 1 year ago
    Quoted from Brijam:

    the cars tell you if you can make it there AND BACK when you use the in-car navigation, and warn you if you try to navigate somewhere that will run you out of juice.

    If you start to run low your Tesla will also tell you what speed you need to drive to reach a charger as well.

    Also, if you are running low on power you can just slow down. A 270 mile range battery can be extended to 400 miles at 25 miles an hour. That's slow as hell, but it's faster than walking or a tow truck.

    And this is exactly why I do not like EVs. My car is NEVER telling me what to do or how fast to go, because it will bring me there the way I want to drive.

    Just wait until EVs really get sold a lot and you poor guys are in a line of 5 or 6 cars waiting for your "fast" charger, 30 minutes a piece.

    Also the "green" aspect does not apply to a Tesla. Why in the hell would they make cars that go so fast from 0-60 ? That is just so much waisted energy. If they would be green, they would make it so that every Kwh gets you as far as possible, not as fast as possible. What Tesla makes is a fun and fast car that is hiding the fact that you will become the slave of it, calculating every long drive and putting in a connector every time you park it.

    As far as the cars go, I like what Tesla makes. Very much even, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages very much. Here in Europe we do not have that many chargers yet and even a charger every 150 miles in USA does seem far apart.

    #305 1 year ago
    Quoted from AlexF:

    So that's what the cockpit of a luxury car looks like these days?

    Did you know that what the car manufacturers (not only Tesla, but they take it to another level) are selling us as luxury and modern is in fact a very big cost saver for them ?

    I mean the touchscreens they use. It is way more expensive to put in all the knobs with the wiring and the power to illuminate it and everything that it needs to function, than to program it on a touchscreen that only needs a data connection and power.

    I for one dislike touchscreens in cars and think they should be illegal (in cars). Everything you need to adjust in the car you need to look very carefully on the screen where you press and most of the time you also need to activate the needed function first. With knobs most people just can glance to where the knob is and then press it without looking to long at it, or adjust a slider without looking.

    #307 1 year ago
    Quoted from Brijam:

    Maybe but they have scaled the chargers up really well over time. A lot of the locations started with four and have sixteen now.

    Yes it does. The carbon break even versus an older car is substantially less than 100,000 miles, then it’s a net gain. It’s a net gain immediately versus a new car. Check back a few posts for the source.

    Because it’s insanely fun.

    I think you mean wasted. Waisted energy would be what you get from hula hooping.

    You don’t have to charge it every time you park it, nor do you have to calculate long drives. The car does it for you. Just like it unlocks itself when you walk up to it.
    I’d much rather spend two seconds plugging in my car in my garage every night than sitting in line and breathing gasoline fumes at a gas station.

    No, there is excellent supercharger coverage in Europe. Their network has great coverage there.

    I knew you would react to my posting, because you are the guy that when Elon Musk poops you think it smells like roses.

    Even you react on a typo. Sad.

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