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Who is in on Tesla model 3 ?

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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#9 2 years ago

Autopilot hardware comes standard, but you have to pay to unlock the ability to use it, so you'll have to pay to play.

I'm in on one currently, but have to see some more details. The interior is still a mystery and so is the pricing and performance of the vehicle.

Testa doesn't lose money on the vehicles it sells, and they are better for the environment overall compared to ICE vehicles. But, yes, there is a lot of DISINFORMATION out there.

#121 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

If they are around that long. Battery pack life on other cars like hybrids seems kind of hit and miss. Some say they have never had to replace them, others say it happened in a few short years.

IMG_0274 (resized).PNG

2 years later
#2604 3 months ago

I have two model 3s and love them. With that said, autopilot would’ve killed me 10xs over by now, if I let it. Safer than humans my @$$.

#2605 3 months ago

Phone key has never been an issue for me at all. iphone

#2616 3 months ago

Autopilot is good when the lanes are clearly marked and it tracks a moving car in front of you. It is very dangerous if you are traveling at speed and a car is stopped in your lane, you really can’t trust it at all. This is even with the latest update. It also doesn’t perform great when a lane divides or merges. The drive on have also struggles with lane changes in congested areas. If cars are zooming by and it wants to get over, it reacts way too slow to make it safe. It’s like it second guesses itself.

P3D White on white
Dual motor long range red on black

2 weeks later
#2656 83 days ago

If you have a wireless charging capable phone, the Nomad is an absolute must buy. I also have 20% tint on all windows and the roof glass. 20% may be too aggressive since it’s already tinted though.

#2681 81 days ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Yes it's all very odd - it just doesn't seem to make any sense. American born company, trying to break into an area from scratch that most deemed impossible, and actually created decent product. You'd think almost all Americans would be cheering for a company like that to succeed, yet there are so many that seem to just want it to fail. And no one can really explain why.

It’s really not odd. Tesla threatens big oil, car manufactures, dealerships, and a lot of others in the car mod/repair industry such as the Jiffy Lubes of the world. You don’t think Ford couldn’t easily replicate this? The truth is, that they have very little interest to go electric.

It was the same with Hoover, they had no interest in making a vacuum without a bag because selling bags was a billion dollar industry. They only did it because Dyson stepped in and forced it on them. Tesla is going to do the same to cars. Ford and others still want you to buy belts, pay for oil changes, and etcetera.

#2686 80 days ago

I traded in a 700 hp Corvette Stingray for my performance model 3. Although there are some things I miss about that car, I’m so satisfied with the 3 that I'll never buy a gasoline engine car ever again. It’s just that good and this is only the beginning for electric cars.

#2696 79 days ago

That German study assumes a Prius will only go 109k miles through its use, while it has the H2 go 197k miles. My Prius alone has 140k on its odometer, this calculation seems deeply flawed. I’m not sure why they’d expect a Hummer to last so much longer than a Prius. Weird.

#2727 73 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I thought that Tesla didn't have dealerships. Theres an old Saturn building that got Tesla signage the other day just up the street from me. It's not open yet, but would this just be a service center?

Unlike Other car companies, Tesla sells its car directly, however they do have sales centers. Dealerships aren’t owned by the car manufacturer.

#2729 73 days ago

If Elon has a U.S. security clearance (Space X) he would have to give up any allegiance to any foreign nation.

But, I’m sure that doesn’t impact where Tesla decides to build a factory; however, I don’t think Canada is the answer for assembling custom hardware on the cheap.

#2731 73 days ago

Aspects of the US have certainly been hostile, but they also have a lot of fans and have experienced success here as well. Doesn’t hurt to be in CA where the some of the best software developers in the world are.

Canada itself (along with others in the EU) have also been hostile to Tesla in regards to trying to eliminate them from accessing aspects of tax credits. Just a rough environment for them, but they are trying to change a lot and go against the interest of many influential industries/companies.

2 weeks later
#2752 56 days ago

Tesla will be fine. How do I know? Just drive one. It would take a lot for me to buy anything else.

#2760 55 days ago
Quoted from newmantjn:

When do you plan to buy your next one?

I already have two, so you never know. I usually buy a new car every 3-5 years. I get that’s probably not the average for most people.

I also just bought Tesla solar, so I’m all in on electric.

#2763 55 days ago
Quoted from rplante:

American taxpayers have contributed 1.5 Billion dollars to Tesla in order to subsidize expensive toys for the wealthy.
I'm not a fan of crony capitalism.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the federal tax credit that applies to every car manufacturer. As an individual, you also have to pay that much into taxes to receive it. So, it’s not really like all Americans are flipping the bill for Tesla owners.

Believe me, the government is still getting its taxes out of me.

#2770 54 days ago
Quoted from rodcom:

Love my Tesla model 3 performance. 0-60 in under 3 secs. Tech is awesome and love only going to WAWA to wash my windows and get coffee. So much fun![quoted image]

To be fair, it’s more like 3.4 secs (roll out 3.2), which is still pretty fast. Crazy to think this is only the beginning though and excited to see where it goes.

#2773 52 days ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

Unless you somehow got ludicrous mode installed, your 0-60 time is a weee bit above 3.0, just like my P3D =)
That said, this car CAN do sub 3.0 because the 60 foot times are nerfed hard. Either the axles are made of glass and they couldn't do it, or they don't want to make the S look bad (more likely).
PS: I use that same exact Wawa to wash my windows too!

Who knows, but the Long range dual motor is a software lock from the P3D too, so maybe people will be able to upgrade in the future.

Car may be fast off the line, but it’s kind of slow after 60. My Vette was much faster At that point and so are a lot of other high end performance cars.

Guess it depends on where you like your performance.

#2775 52 days ago
Quoted from JoshPA:

Someone needs to get custom software on these and see what happens.
It's certainly no top end monster, but I'm having more fun in it vs cars I've owned in the past, including a big single turbo Supra. P3D with the new software update dyno'd 462 at the wheels and over 500ft/lb. Not a bad grocery getter. The new S 100D (non-L) I think pulled a 10.3 pass?
Can't wait to see what companies start putting out in 5 years... Going to be crazy. Mid-engine vette going to be interesting!!!

I loved the vette, it had 700hp, but it also had its limitations. You could never really trust the rear-end and obviously it only sat two. The P3D just hooks up and goes and it’s a pretty badass daily driver’s car, not to mention way safer. I’m sure the next vette/gt500 will be nice, but EVs are definitely the future.

I agree the next few years will be interesting once everyone starts competing for EV performance. Exciting times.
C354352D-295A-42FF-A9BA-E34AF0780E0D (resized).jpeg
BDD87E10-BCD9-4ED9-B9E8-6D1B54409F7E (resized).jpeg

#2780 51 days ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

It won't be saudi arabia. They've taken all that oil money and re-invested into solar (lots of sun in a dessert). Now they won't be selling US electricity, but they will be selling lots of it to someone and continue to make money.

Mmm dessert.

#2800 48 days ago

Touch screens in some cars are problematic like the Cadillac, which weren’t very responsive. I haven’t had any issues with Tesla’s. Most controls are actually set it and forget it anyway. The ones that aren’t are usually controlled through the scroll wheel. If I’m going to fiddle around a bit, I’d just put on autopilot.

#2812 47 days ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

+$700 brake job
+$2k console replacement...
6 month plus wait for repairs.
I will not be an early adopter. I encourage everyone else to be though. When it's all sorted out, I'll be a buyer.

You ever own a BMW? How much is a brake job there? Also, the regenerative braking at the motor significantly reduces brake wear.

Why would you need a console replacement? You can play that game with anything. How much is a replacement transmission or an engine? Just silly.

Repairs can take long, but obviously that’s not the norm. Something they probably need to improve though.

#2825 46 days ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

I had read an article about a guy who put 200k miles on a Tesla and he had detailed his repair costs. The screen/console had failed and cost $2k to replace. It's not really silly. I don't expect the engine or transmission on a Honda to just fail. I've never had one fail and I've owned quite a few.
I'd never own a BMW. I've heard enough horror stories about reliability. I have owned a couple of VW TDIs. I won't do that again. The engine (1.9 ALH diesel) was bulletproof with a few mods. The rest of it was not.

Would you like me to find posts where transmissions and engines crap out before 200k miles? It won’t be very hard and I’ll find a lot of examples. I’m also personally owned Honda’s that haven’t made it to 200k. I’m hoping my Toyota Prius lasts that long for my kids (currently 140k), but it’s a piece if crap now and wouldn’t be surprised if it did t make it.

A mini coopers or any bmw usually is 1k for brakes at the dealership. This includes pads, rotors and labor. Throw in belts, fluids, and oil change maintenance over the life of the vehicle and it will seriously add up.

#2826 46 days ago

Kind of funny, I just typed Honda transmission failure into google and this is what came up. I get those are older models, but still. Transmissions and engines have a lot of moving parts, things can easily go wrong.
694B5F2C-8706-4CC9-BCDE-DACC5117CC5D (resized).jpeg

#2829 46 days ago

My corvette had that, but I never made it to 7,500 miles before it needed an oil change. Luckily, my first 3 were free and it took like 9 quarts. Dry sump system and all for performance...cost was little over $100.

#2833 46 days ago
Quoted from loneacer:

I work in IT in KC. My co-workers are the typical nerdy people you would think would be interested in electric vehicles, but I don't know a single one that has a Tesla or has ever even mentioned one. Nearly all of them drive SUVs. With commute distances so high, it makes more sense to fill up with gas for 3 minutes vs charge for an hour.

My commute is close to 150 miles a day, which I consider very long and my model 3 handles it fine without me ever waiting to charge. You get home, you plug in and the next day you’re off, it’s actually WAY more convenient than having me stop every 2 1/2 days for gas.

I work with Marines and others in security and there are plenty buying them or consistently asking me about it. There are 3 in my work parking lot alone. I’m near DC.

#2835 45 days ago

Okay, I’m not going to convince you, it sounds like this is just too big of a chance for you. For me, it didn’t even enter my brain housing group.

I’m enjoying my new car and I’m happy to support the company trying to disrupt the car and oil business. For me, they are worth supporting. Doesn’t hurt the car is absolutely amazing.

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