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Who is in on Tesla model 3 ?

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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#2629 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinless:

Are there any options that are must-have or others that you’d advise against?
Very dark tint all the way around is always a must for us.

I've had a Performance Model 3 (without PUP, which is now included) since September of last year. I absolutely love it; I feel like I am visiting from the future when driving around all of the ICE cars on the road. It's not just that it's electric, but also it's just a better car in every tangible way. It's faster, it's safer, it's easier to drive, it's smarter and it DISCOURAGES distraction rather than encourages it. Going back to your typical dashboard after being used to the 3 is unbelievably mind bending. Like why did we have all of these buttons, knobs and dials for so long? AND WHY DO OTHER CARS STILL USE THEM IN 2019!? lol.

I would get Autopilot -- I absolutely love it. Just took a 400 mile road trip and didn't get any of the normal road trip fatigue at all. With "Navigate on Autopilot", it even makes lane changes and takes exits now -- truly next level. I don't think FSD is worth paying for yet because it's not yet available and who knows what sort of issues there will be with rolling it out.

I went with XPel 35% tint all the way around, and it looks fantastic. It blends with the existing tint on the rear window well. I also did a full XPel Stealth wrap on the car, making it a "matte" midnight silver. It protects the paint, looks awesome and is super easy to clean. A full wrap is super pricey though, but they do partial wraps with the non-stealth stuff so it's entirely invisible but still protects the paint from chips.

IMG_20181026_093818 (resized).jpgIMG_20181026_093828 (resized).jpg
#2638 6 months ago
Quoted from DruTheFu:

That looks exactly like mine, same color, same looking tint! I removed the "aero-wheel" covers and got the lug covers and cap. Looks more 'sporty'.

I have the lug/center cap kit, but I actually like the aero covers better. Keeps the "batmobile" look

#2645 6 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

IMO it still has a long way to fall.
If the impact on the first quarter results by the reduced tax credit are anything to go by, second quarter will be as bad if not worse, and 3rd and 4th quarters will be an absolute massacre as it drops to $1,875 and then stops entirely at the end of the year. That whilst competing models simultaneously continue to enter the market, all of which apart from GM's will still qualify for the full subsidy for quite some time.
Panasonic's obvious uneasiness about the weak demand (and probably Tesla's financials too), and then Musk compounding it by publicly blaming them tells a story IMO. Looks like they now want to spend money on battery facilities in Japan rather than the JV with Tesla.
This ace in the hole of a fully autonomous taxi fleet that Musk is harping on about now would either come way too late, or end the company entirely if it's pushed out too early and regulators actually allowed it. The technology isn't good enough yet, and the repercussions would be fatal. Pretty sure he knows that, but he needs to give investors hope.

The subsidy is maybe an issue, but at the end of the day there's no viable competition; all other manufacturers are years behind in design and battery production. They are still trying to retrofit ICE cars with batteries and pawn them off, whereas Teslas are designed from the ground-up as electric vehicles, which is why their safety ratings are off-the-charts.

I think analysis like you offer are a good example of people too busy looking at the flowers to see the forest. At any given point in time there will be highs and lows, but the bigger picture is that Tesla has the largest battery production in the world, the most electric cars on the road, and an entire worldwide network of superchargers already in place. Their cars are faster, safer, sleeker, and longer-range than anyone else. The big picture isn't about sales, it's about innovation -- and they are leading innovation like we haven't seen in decades. The media should be gushing every day about how amazing it is that a 100% American car company is defying all odds and has built car manufacturing plants from the ground-up... How they have proven, against all odds, that electric cars not only can compete with ICE vehicles, but are capable of far surpassing them on virtually every level. But, nope -- every possible bit of news about Tesla is bad, because all people care about are fluctuating stock prices to exploit. They can't keep up with demand? Their failing! They have too much demand? Their failing! They release an expensive car? They can't make an affordable car! They release an affordable car? They must be losing demand!

It's so tiring. The incentives are all backwards, and it's sad. And what's happening? They are being incentivized to start manufacturing in countries that actually care about innovation, like China. Because what Tesla cares about is pushing the world forward in a positive direction, and all people in the US can see are numbers on a spreadsheet. So they will do what they have to do to maintain that momentum, even if it means finding other countries that actually care about investing in the future.

#2649 6 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

This is just your imagination. I don't think anything could be further from the truth given how poor Tesla's showing in reliability surveys has been, and how many corners have been cut wrt quality, safeguards and production methods.

I own one along with several of my neighbors and my whole area has a ton of them around. I also spent time with about 20 different drives on a road trip over the weekend at superchargers. The things you just accused them of are patently false. The "reliability" surveys are a misnomer, because those were issues with early receivers of the cars having aesthetic problems like panel gaps or paint issues. Those things are normal when tooling a new line, and they do right by their customers and have long since resolved it. For example, my 3 has perfect panel alignment.

Everything else is just literal BS, not even going to address it. Mind you, I'm not saying that *you* are BS; I believe that you read those things. But the articles you read are BS, most likely incentivized by short sellers.

#2651 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinless:

I’ll never understand why people revel in bashing a company that’s changing the future in so many different areas while employing thousand of Americans.

First company in 100 years to build an auto manufacturing line from scratch, and the company at the forefront (by a long shot) of 21st century ingenuity. They are bringing nothing but pure innovation and marvels of modern engineering, and they do it all on US soil with American workers... And yet they are maliciously targeted day in and day out and people go buy cars from companies that didn't put a dime into any useful R&D toward sustainable energy for decades and whose cars are all made overseas despite being American brands.

#2658 6 months ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I literally hope gas goes to $5 per gallon. The world will be singing a different tune.

It'll help, but it's not necessary. All people need are exposure to a Tesla, and they'll want one -- it's just a better car. Everyone from teenagers to the elderly that get into my car are blown away and want one. It seems like every day I see more and more on the road now that the 3 is readily available, and that's only going to increase in time and especially with the Y.

Also, keep in mind that they have never spent a dime yet on marketing... None. Never a single ad run anywhere. If/when they decide they are ready to aggressively eat up market share, they can just by investing modestly in advertising. It's kind of funny how these articles never mention that. They have hundreds of thousands of cars on the road worldwide by effing word of mouth.

EDIT: And, to be fair, any electric car that is designed to not intentionally be a "hippiemobile" (re: leaf, prius, etc) will be appealing to people as long as it has range over 200 miles. I mean, the fact that there's literally no maintenance to the cars and they'll likely lasts exponentially longer than an ICE vehicle alone is worth a whole hell of a lot to people -- and that's the type of positive information regarding the technology that gets suppressed while outlets publish complete garbage about Elon smoking pot or X factor (can be anything) is proof they are dying. lol.

#2662 6 months ago
Quoted from MrBally:

If it wasn't Tesla's Marketing budget; what budget was used for Tesla's display at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit? Or the 2018 LA Auto Show?

I guess you missed the spirit of what I was saying... They've not advertised yet. But of course they go to auto shows.

#2665 6 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

jeez! i hope thats for premium at least. its $3.10 for regular in the midwest. i too hope gas prices go up, but it seems like electric cars lowering the demand for fuel is helping keep it relatively down (it did used to be $4.30 gallon the midwest 8 years ago).
i did a calculation.. tesla is about 5 cents per mile to charge. i pay about 10 cents per mile ($3.10 / 30mpg). so if tesla batteries typically have 80% charge capacity by 160,000 miles (i consider this the tipping point of downfall), i save $8k. now if i charge for free in public not at home, that savings doubles. so if the model 3 base were to drop to 35k again, you could potentially factor in an additional $16k in fuel savings making it a $19k car. throw in savings from oil changes youre down another $2k. $17k for an electric car really isnt sounding so bad now.

Assuming $0.16 per kwh, I get only about 3.6 cents per mile... And for much of the country it's probably lower than that.

I'm basing this on a long range AWD model 3 with a 75kwh pack and a range of 310 miles.

#2692 6 months ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

Of course they've spent money on marketing. It's why they shut down their old referral program. It was costing them too much money. Something like 80 people earned Roadsters @ 250k each. If their profit margin on those is 100%, that's 10 million bucks just for that. And no one knows how many of the other prizes have been given out.
Free supercharging for life wasn't marketing?
Marketing is captured on the Income Statement under "Sales, General and Administrative". They spent 700 million on that in the first quarter of 2019. Not all of that is Marketing, but a chunk of it is.
Just because they don't run ads in traditional venues doesn't mean they don't spend on marketing.

I meant ads

#2703 6 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

It does seem to be that way, and I'm not sure how electric differs from gas? (or do they have the same and electric companies are just more aggressive). If you look up something like cruise control wiki, it was first introduced in 1900. Modern cruise control was introduced in 1948, the first patent was filed in 1955, the first low-priced version was added to AMC cars in 1965, the first electronic cruise control patented in 1968, and wasn't really rolled out to most cars until 2 decades later when motorola made it safe with a CMOS chip (plus gas prices were pushing for efficiency). I think maybe it's just a timing thing, we have really good technology today that let's us develop so much faster now. Or maybe it's a "clean sheet" thing where tesla isn't dragged down by all of it's legacy things, so they are 75% of the way with their first tesla model, and all these jumps are because they only have to fix that last 15%.

Electric differs from gas in that electric motors have an instance response to input and instant torque. This is why a RWD Tesla is equal to or better in the snow than an AWD Subaru. The traction control algorithms can be so much more advanced because there is very little delay between sensor input, computer reaction, and motor output. For example, if you hit ice a Tesla can respond in what we can only perceive as "instant" because our senses aren't acute enough to recognize a millisecond response by the motor.

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