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Who is in on Tesla model 3 ?

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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#2684 5 months ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

What a shortsighted, cringey outlook. I don’t have an opinion one way or another on Tesla, other than it sounds semi-appealing, but some of the lame commentary by fanboys repels more people than it attracts.
High gas prices cause a lot of things, and the largest group it effects is poor people. You think the minimum wage guy with a 20 year old truck is just going to pop for a new electric car because gas prices rise? Pfft, think again.
I hope Tesla is successful, and that they become a major player in auto manufacturing, but wishing hardship on other consumers is lame and pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Agreed. I work in the energy industry so high oil prices do help me personally. However, when prices get too high it can hurt the economy and really put a burden on lower income families. Not only that but it drives up the cost on pretty much everything. You may not pay for gas at the pump but you pay for it elsewhere. You guys in California should be upset at your local governments that your gas prices are so high. Premium isn't even nearly that high here. Wow. Some people think we should tax gas even more to force people out of there cars. That's not how things should work.

#2704 5 months ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Agree 100% - it should really be inevitable. Sure there will always still be classic ICE cars that people keep. But there will be absolutely no upside to ICE cars once electric cars get better range and faster charging, as well as come down in price a bit more once technology gets cheaper and they are selling more. It's overall such a simpler car - less moving parts, fantastic acceleration, quieter, cheaper to drive, etc. You can throw out the whole environment argument for them - they are simply going to be better, more reliable cars overall. But in the meantime - you have the oil industry that is going to have to undergo one of the greatest changes in the history of the world. It's such a global industry, with entire countries dependent on it - I wouldn't be surprised in the future if the transition from gas cars to electric is actually some sort of age (ie the Stone Age, Iron Age, Electric Age) because it will have such a world-defining impact.

You guys need to put down the kool-aid. I know the electric cars work great for some of you but there is lot of ground to cover to take over the entire world automotive/transportation market. There are a lot of different vehicles out there with variety of different applications. Electric just will not work for commercial vehicles, people in rural areas, and those that need to cover a lot of miles every day. Costs will always be a factor as well as well. Few will be able to buy new and doubt there will be much market for old, high mileage electric cars. Right now you can go buy a $5000 used Toyota Corolla or something like that and still drive it for many miles. The idea that battery technology will just get infinitely better and vastly cheaper is not based on any reality. There are major hurdles to getting an electric car to be inexpensive and meet the demands of the majority of drivers. I'm sure plenty of people that watched the moon landing and then the space shuttle launches thought we would all be flying in rockets ships and living on Mars by now. In 50-100 years, who knows but doubt much will change in my lifetime.

#2708 5 months ago

My point was talking about the masses and not individual people. Fans of these cars will of course make them work and adapt. I know Tesla and other companies will work on solutions for commercial vehicles and other applications. I just see an uphill climb changing an entire industry. One example I can think of is Harley Davidson. They are fixing to sell an electric motorcycle for $30,000. It might be absolutely wonderful and make other bikes seem antique but you can buy a Harley sport bike for less than a third of that cost. Doubt oil changes and fill ups are going to save you more than $20,000. I'm sure there will be some buyers who love electric bikes and will pay the premium. That doesn't mean all bikes will be electric in a few years.

#2720 5 months ago

I know a lot has changed in the past 10 years but I don't see progression as linear. Just because cost of batteries drop a certain amount in a few years doesn't mean they will drop same every year until they cost $1. I looked up used Leaf prices and you guys are right. Some can be found pretty dang cheap with what seems to be low miles. I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with popularity. I looked up used Tesla prices and much different story. Very expensive.

1 month later
#2840 4 months ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

My commute is close to 150 miles a day, which I consider very long and my model 3 handles it fine without me ever waiting to charge. You get home, you plug in and the next day you’re off, it’s actually WAY more convenient than having me stop every 2 1/2 days for gas.
I work with Marines and others in security and there are plenty buying them or consistently asking me about it. There are 3 in my work parking lot alone. I’m near DC.

Not having to deal with gas stations would be cool. My VW has a small gas tank and even though it gets good mpg's, I have to fill up frequently. Still, it only takes literally 2 minutes to pull over, fill up, and get back on the road. Same for oil changes. It would be great to not have that hassle but hardly a selling point imo. I use synthetic and only need to change oil a few times a year. Most cars can easily do 200,000 miles with basic maintenance. Anything that does go wrong is typically easy to fix in any shop. I don't know if that is true for Tesla's. I heard stories that it can be tough to get parts and you have to get work done in a Tesla approved shop. Minor damage from an accident can amount to huge repair bills.

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