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Who is in on Tesla model 3 ?

By pinballrockstar

2 years ago

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#161 2 years ago

Day 1 reservation holder. Took the day off work 3/31 last year and stood for 6 hours in the snow.

Sucks that I need AWD so it won't be this year for me. I'm hoping April 2018. I cannot wait until my car drives me around and in 12 months we should be there.

Check out "Tesla Model 3 Owners Club" on YouTube. Fanboys for sure but I love watching them. Also, their inside / unofficial announcements are shockingly good.

The release of this car is going to change the world. The machine learning and AI Tesla is working on is going to apply to so many other aspects of our life, things we never dreamed of. Maybe not next year or even in the next few, but this is the beginning of amazing things.

#171 2 years ago

It was a bit of a punch to the guy seeing that they aren't making any AWD 3's this year. I was hoping to have my car in January, 4 more months (estimated) won't kill me but this wait is already getting hard.

Quoted from pinster68:

Fairly certain I'll get it fully loaded.

#189 2 years ago

This is just 100% false, except the 10 years part. Tesla will constantly be improving and innovating and those improvements and innovations will be used in future cars. So yes, in 10 years, the Model 3 as it currently is will be a dinosaur.

In terms of batteries, there is no way to compare the batteries Nissan is using in the leaf to what Tesla is using in their vehicles.

Quoted from Electrocute:

Same battery technology. Poor investment. Tesla 3 will be a Dinosaur within 10 years.

#210 2 years ago

Yes, false.

Quoted from Electrocute:

Tesla 3 uses a lithium ion battery. Nissan Leaf uses a lithium ion battery. 100% false?

This just came up on AI applications beyond cars:


Also, Tesla is now worth more than Ford.

Besides all that and their space contracts, I wouldn't bet against Tesla.

#212 2 years ago

Nissan did some things wrong, and the industry as a whole has learned from their mistakes. You don't ever need to replace the batteries in an electric car, minus very rare instances of defective cells. Batteries in electric cars are designed to go 250,000 miles plus with a very reasonable amount of degradation.

Batteries are probably the last thing to worry about when it comes to electric cars.

Quoted from DCFAN:

Nissan leaf battery pack replacements were around $5500 in 2014. At that price it does sort of make it not financially practical to replace the battery pack for a car that is over 6 or 7 years old because of the cars value.

#220 2 years ago

This has already happened. Google "Tesla Gigafactory." Mass production and enhanced design is why the Model 3 exists.

Quoted from DCFAN:

Hopefully they can bring the battery prices way down with more mass production and enhanced design.

They don't. The cost of replacement batteries is a non issue. Batteries on EV's have extended warranties, plenty of time to get under warranty replacements, which almost never happens.

Battery replacements are rare, there should be next to no instances of not under warranty battery replacements. Of course batteries can go bad, and of course they can go bad out of warranty, and I'm sure there are horror stories out there (that aren't Leaf related), but it's one of the last things you have to worry about when buying an EV.

Quoted from DCFAN:

Is it going to be $12000 for a new battery pack for the new Tesla car that was $35,000 new? That is not enticing to most people in that price range. The car will not be worth much more than $12k when it is 8 years old.
The replacement batteries need to get to the point where their cost is a fraction of the used car's value.

#228 2 years ago


Quoted from limelime20:

Tesla going to replace the battery for $12,000. 00, if it fails? when it was $35,000 new..
Half value.., and it WILL NEED REPLACING IN ITS LIFETIME., no thank you.

1 week later
#245 2 years ago

I'm thinking the model 3 is going to be the pro version of the model S. The premiums have more features, but the pro models are really fun too and cost a lot less.

#277 2 years ago

All I care about is getting what was promised so far. If the car can go 215 electric, can be configured in AWD, can take advantage of the latest Autopilot technology (with additional cost), I can put a panoramic roof on it, and it can supercharge, I'm good. Everything else is gravy.

I'm afraid the stereo upgrade won't be as good as the model S because it doesn't make sense to put a $2,500 stereo in a $35,000 car. Maybe there will be a medium upgrade option. I guess we'll see. I'm not even assuming the car comes standard with leather seats, though I think it probably does. I think upgrades and options will be cheaper, but they might be compromised as well. Not saying that's a bad thing, just saying it would make sense. Maybe we will have middle tier options.

I think there will be a couple of surprises both ways, a couple of nice things we didn't expect, and a couple of things we assumed would be standard that aren't. This car is 100% about safety and efficiency in production. Since it has to be on time, I'm sure compromises were made. Those compromises could show up as soon as a few months after the car is released, and I'm 100% okay with that. I'll take mine as soon as I can get it.

#281 2 years ago

When did you reserve? There are only a few thousand employees that reserved, they should be done with those 10/1. 10/1 deliveries should start happening to CA, maybe around 1/1 deliveries starting in the mountain region and picking up from there very quickly as production ramps up.

If you reserved on the first day, you should have no problem getting your car this year, even if you are going for an AWD you still should get it this year.

Mid 2018 is when they are planning on right hand drive vehicles for overseas markets, If you reserved early, you should have your car a lot sooner than mid 2018.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

Me too, just not too confident it will happen anytime soon. I am in sothern cali, so I do have some local advantage, but if I here that the first cars are reserved for Tesla and Space X employees and the second batch goes to people who already have an S or X....I won't be seeing anything before mid 2018. ☹

#286 2 years ago

We can't know for sure, but unless Tesla is flat out lying about where they are at, I would not bet against you getting the car this year.

Certainly during Q1 2018. Unless they find a very seeriois or critical problem which can always happen.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

First day, did not stand in line though

#291 2 years ago

True, but unlike the model S and X launches, the #1 priority for Tesla is getting this car out on time. If a feature either wouldn't be done in time and for that budget or less, the feature didn't make the car. That's why, I think the next iteration will be particularly good, there could be all kinds of things that just barely didn't make it.

Tesla's current financial success, maybe it's overall success as a company relies on the Model 3 delivering on what was promised and being on time.

They can be a little late, but they can't be a year late, or anything close to a year late.

Quoted from pezpunk:

Tesla doesn't always meet its own goals and timelines. I think the Model X was like a year and a half late. That said, so far, the Model 3 appears to be on schedule.

#301 2 years ago

Model 3 final unveiling in July.... but we probably could have guessed that. Hopefully August the configurators open up for us, though we'll know the details from employee leaks before that happens.

#318 2 years ago

I think there will be at least 2 battery options if not three. Maybe 45, 60, 75. Or maybe just 60 and 75.

Quoted from Nilroc:

I believe no choice on the battery. Going to be a 75kwh.

#321 2 years ago

In Colorado it's $5,000 and it's not a rebate, it's instant at the time of purchase.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

And I thought California would be front of line with our $2,500 rebate.

#339 2 years ago

So, as a person who only buys black cars, anyone else considering blue after seeing the pics?

model-3-blue-rc-3 (resized).jpg
model-3-blue-rc-2 (resized).jpg

#358 2 years ago

I like their red and blue because they are dark. I like the darker shades...

Quoted from pezpunk:

Not really a fan of any of Tesla's colors.

#378 2 years ago

Only a very small percentage of repairs need to happen at a service center. Tesla will send a tech to do your repair on site. Tesla has also sent out a tow truck with a loaner to drop off and pick up your car if the service center is far away.

Quoted from bob_e:

It is NOT a service center or dealership...so where does one go to get it fixed?

Truck yes, brown probably not. I guess it's possible

Quoted from bob_e:

Does the car get delivered by the Big Brown truck?

1 month later
#415 2 years ago

Don't feed the trolls

i need AWD so unfortunately I won't have a car until early next year, but I can't wait to see the reveal, the options, cars being sold.

Rebate or no rebate, the speed and power you get for around $40k is insane. 0-60 in under 6 seconds, self driving, great range. Tesla can anti sell all they want, this is going to be great.

Quoted from pezpunk:

It takes a particular breed of asshole to revel in sticking it to people who don't want to destroy the planet. Like, actively on-purpose evil. I don't see the appeal of that perspective.

#417 2 years ago

The rumor I heard was that the first model 3 will be RWD and about 75kw. RWD for simplicity, but premium / more expensive cars first hence the higher battery pack option having priority.

Quoted from pezpunk:

the initial Model 3 offering will have only rear drive and 60kw battery (roughly 230 mile range?)

#422 2 years ago

It's been confirmed that the car those guys will be seeing is the alpha car from the launch. However, it doesn't appear to have changed much. They probably won't learn of many, if any, details that haven't already been leaked / released.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

wasn't there somebody on here who got am invitation for the special owner referral event in June? Rumor has it, they will get the first look at the real car.

#432 2 years ago

Which is probably okay. Most of the reviews I've read on the air suspension is that it's not much better but really expensive if it ever needs to be worked on or repaired.

Quoted from Brijam:

There's an air suspension option on the Model S. It looks like they're saying that's not an option on the Model 3.

#452 2 years ago

Zero more full months until the start of production.

#491 2 years ago

In case anyone missed it:

-Deliveries start in July
-The first people to buy will have 2 options, wheel size and color
-A schedule of when other upgrades will be available at launch
-AWD has a slight chance of coming this year, but realistically early next (hopefully very early next)

This shouldn't be an issue for most people. Most people probably wouldn't have got their car much sooner than October or November anyway, so waiting until February (speculative) for AWD for example shouldn't be that big a deal.

I'm waiting for AWD. I'm willing to wait a little bit for a panoramic roof, but not very long, I'm hoping it drops before AWD. I also want black seats and a stereo upgrade, hopefully all those are available so I can order all those in February-ish.

#506 2 years ago

It's getting there..... sooner rather than later.

Quoted from bob_e:

My Big drawback on electric cars it the Range and Recharge time.

#514 2 years ago

It's common for Tesla to under promise and over deliver.

Quoted from bob_e:

I don't know how you got an extra 30 miles in ten fewer minutes...

#531 2 years ago

Tesla said they are about 22 months from full autonomy. Even if it's double that, full autonomy will be around long before 2022.

Quoted from Fytr:

- Self-driving cars will launch around 2021

#535 2 years ago

Rumors are rumors, but this is a fun one:


2 weeks later
#541 2 years ago

I can't wait to get my car, looking like February for me right now.

I was a morning in store pre-order, so I should get car very soon after AWD goes on sale.

#555 2 years ago

I believe the charge rate is 80% in 40 minutes.

However, the battery in the Model 3 is new, and since nothing has been confirmed it's possible that it can charge quicker.

We don't know yet.

Quoted from TZBen:

understand that, but just thinking about that trip to vegas (or wherever) that requires a common stop point

#575 2 years ago

Pretty much the only people not up on Tesla stock are the people who don't have Tesla stock.

Quoted from Chitownpinball:

And yet Im still up 18% on my tesla stock. This just makes me want to buy more!

3 weeks later
#622 2 years ago

It's applied when you checkout.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

Curious where the 1k registration fee that we put down comes into play. Shouldn,t that be applied some where?

100%. Packages suck, but they need to make money and they are providing a large amount of value. Win-win.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

The premium is a must.

You have the capability built in. Supercharging is not free for a 3 owner, but it's still a lot cheaper than gas per mile.

Quoted from goatdan:

do I understand Tesla correctly that you get a fast charger (obviously, without your house wiring) standard with it? That's a big bonus to me if so!

Lot's of people like the Leaf, but is it possible you just love the way electric cars drive in general? I've driven a few, and they are all far superior to ICE cars in every way, not just a Leaf thing

Quoted from goatdan:

we got a Leaf (used for $7600, 84 mile range) and my wife and I like it so much more than our SUV and other gas car that my wife was trying to seriously justify taking it on a trip this week that would have e required 5 hours of charging.

I was hoping the AWD model would come sooner, but at the end of the day I think putting that money toward the larger battery is better in the long run. Premium, large battery, RWD all fine, I'll be taking delivery as soon as I can. My estimate is Nov 2017 - Jan 2018.

#629 2 years ago

Charging wise, here is what's included:

240 volt NEMA 14-50 adapter
120 volt NEMA 5-15 adapter
J1772 public charging adapter
20 foot mobile connector with storage bag

Quoted from goatdan:

For your first, I know the car has it, but do you get the NEMA plug that adds about 25 miles per hour? You only get a trickle charger with the Leaf, and while that is good enough for it usually, being able to plug in to the same fast charging outlet would be a bonus.

Also, I LOVED the idea of a phone dock, but was wondering how they dealt with compatibility. Apparently, the phone dock sits in front of 2 usb ports. You plug the USB in, go through their cable management and clip a right angle iPhone or Android plug in and the phone goes right down on a platform over it all. Pretty smart. I'm guessing it comes with one iPhone and one Android, expect the cables to be about $15 from the Tesla store.

#634 2 years ago

You can't put some of Tesla's best assets on paper, and you can't compare them to other cars. When a reviewer gets in a model 3 and says it feels like a Tesla, that's a big deal. When you get in the car and that all glass roof makes you feel great because of how open the car feels, or the fact that an EV's max torque is at 1MPH... The list goes on.

While Tesla favors well against competitors on paper, it absolutely blows them out of the water with all the intangibles.

Autopilot, tech, UI, frunk, adjustable steering modes... So many advantages to a BMW or Mercedes ICE car.

#658 2 years ago

With promises that large, it's no wonder they are in financial trouble.

Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I will say this, that Air looks pretty friggin' amazing and can hit 235mph with 1000hp!

#671 2 years ago

It seems to me that your entire argument is, "What Tesla is doing isn't a big deal because anyone could do it," which is just plain wrong. Why did the first Leaf only get 80 miles per charge if it's so easy? What about the BMW i3 or why does the Volt only go 40? If these companies could "do it like nothing," then they are purposefully making their cars shitty. I'm not sure that's the case.

You seem to be getting "making an EV" confused with battery technology. What does Toyota know about batteries? Chevy? Nissan? Not enough apparently to make great gen 1 cars.

Quoted from rai:

When startup Croatian electric car company Rimac displayed its first prototype it had 8 employees...

Tesla makes the best batteries by far, and EV's, and solar panels, and has a charging infrastructure, autopilot, and they have knowledge of what we want. Traditional auto makers have either very few or none of those things.

1 week later
#732 2 years ago

It's my understanding that whatever makes your leaf run less efficient, it will also apply to the Tesla. Range will be decreased at speeds over 70mph, cold weather, hard acceleration etc.

Quoted from goatdan:

Hey pezpunk (or any other Tesla owner), how does your Model S do on the freeway? I'm starting to change my mind to my future 3 to one with the larger battery because our Leaf likes to lose miles on the freeway much faster than on streets. If the Teslas lose about the same percentage (about 10-12 percent from what I have calculated), the larger battery is probably a bigger plus for me.

1 month later
#794 2 years ago

It's not unheard of for competitors to pay silly money to buy a car as quick as possible to tear it apart.

Quoted from rai:

stupid, why not buy a loaded S and get a better car all the way around?

1 month later
#901 1 year ago

Model 3 configuration invites started going out to non-Tesla employees today!!

Doesn't mean much time frame wise, but without this milestone, the full roll out can't happen.

#905 1 year ago

Timelines were pushed 1 month on the 1st. Not many people got the invite, but that fact that the process has started is good news.

#910 1 year ago

My email came in 11/1 at 7:18pm. I was under the impression they all got changed at the same time.

1 week later
#921 1 year ago

Tomorrow starts my new 1 month delayed delivery window. I want to believe I'll be able to take delivery mid January, or even the last day of February. My gut tells me sometime in April, my head tells me it can be as late as June.

I'm hoping I'm pleasantly surprised.

1 month later
#1065 1 year ago

More model 3 configuration invites went out today. I'm hoping they are about done with current owners so us new owners can get our orders in.

#1071 1 year ago

Only selling to owners right now.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

are you a current owner of a Tesla?

2 weeks later
#1134 1 year ago

On 11/1, the day of the Q3 conference call my reservation got bumped a month. I wonder if they'll adjust the estimator again tonight. I predict that I'll go from dec-feb to feb-april and deliver in early May.

#1142 1 year ago

Nah. I got bumped from dec-feb to mar-may. The $7,500 will be around until the end of Q3, they aren't going to hit the limit this quarter.

The first bump was 1 month, obvious it wasn't going to happen. I'm happy my window opens again in 3 weeks, but I also expect this to be the last bump.


Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

Who else just got pushed by 3 months?
I was hopeful to still benefit from the full 7,5k rebate.....well, looks like it will only be for previous owners.....

1 week later
#1153 1 year ago

As of now, the steering wheel controls do very little. Once the software is built out and those steering wheel controls contextually adjust to what's being performed, it will fix at least 90% of the gripes I've heard about this.

Quoted from rai:

A lot of reviews dislike the center screen without venter gauges and ancillary adjustment controls.

#1165 1 year ago

LOL. I think the guy who's life was most likely saved because he was in a model 3 will disagree with you.

It's amazing he survived without any serious injuries.


Quoted from rubberducks:

Because I'm not a raving fanboy and it has serious safety issues.

#1171 1 year ago

Not sure why you are nitpicking part of my statement, I was responding to someone who said the car has "serious safety issues." If you take a look at the picture of the car, and then read the account of the person who was involved, the car can't be nearly as bad as the person who I was responding to was implying.

Okay, so fine, the car didn't save his life, so now that your happy, no, the car doesn't have any serious safety issues either. (and not because of this article by itself).

Quoted from rai:

LoL most likely saved his life, everyone says that when they survive a crash, but you have no way of knowing if it was better than being in an Accord or BMW 3 series. I’ve seen same thing said about Subaru or Saturn cars that the driver credits that specific car with saving their life when they have no evidence at all.

I mean has this been proven that it was a fatal crash in another car or just balderdash?

#1200 1 year ago

I'm hoping for mine next week.

4 weeks later
#1272 1 year ago

It's a problem that the driver wasn't paying as much attention as she should have been.

It's a problem that the car didn't even try and slow down.

The pedestrian would have been hit at a high speed no matter what.

We can't blame the system for anything, it's in testing which was the entire point of the person being in the car.

Just all around unfortunate.

2 weeks later
#1308 1 year ago

Just configured!!

Can’t wait, but I’ll have to 3-6 weeks.

#1312 1 year ago

I reserved in person 3/31 around noon. I was in line for 6 hours. Estimator was Mar-May

The P100D is an insane car.

#1318 1 year ago

Some people think color / wheel has more to do with delays than it does. I'm sure they run batches, but the entire point of a config this simple was the ability to run whatever they need when they need it. I don't think they run a week of blue, a week of white, a week of grey and then your color doesn't come back around for 6 weeks. But then again, it's Tesla, so who knows.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

Got invite and configured on 3/22. Said 3 to 6 weeks, but I configured black with aero wheels, and it looks like they won't start another batch of those before in 6 to 8 weeks.

1 week later
#1348 1 year ago

It's hard to say. The problem is, after Canada, they really don't have anywhere else to go. The entire country of Canada has less residents than the state of California, plus with the dollar being so strong making Canadian 3's that much more expensive, offering 3's to Canada isn't much of a delay. Mexico is a right side drive market.

I would not call this an international focus, at least not yet. We aren't going to see any right hand drive 3's this year.

Quoted from Darscot:

I can say my Canadian date was moved up and I got to configure already. My understanding this was to delay the 200K car in the US. So I can confirm they have changed their focus to international.

1 week later
#1355 1 year ago

Friday will be 3 weeks since configure. I'm hoping for a VIN in the next 2 weeks.

#1374 1 year ago

Double post.

#1375 1 year ago

What am I missing?

"With a top track speed of 205 miles per hour and an ability to move from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the fastest vehicle ever to come out of the German car stable."

"We all understand acceleration. It’s the rate of change of velocity. This 4,891-pound Tesla Model S P100D does it best, reaching 30, 40, 50, and 60 mph from a standstill more quickly than any other production vehicle we’ve ever tested, full stop. In our testing, no production car has ever cracked 2.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. But Tesla has, in 2.275507139 seconds."

Quoted from starbase:

Had a 2015 Cayenne and it just destroyed the model s so this was not really surprising.

1 week later
#1395 1 year ago

I have a delivery date for my Model 3! I'm hoping it comes in a bit early, but it doesn't look like it. Assuming nothing goes wrong, I will have the car next week.

#1400 1 year ago

Configured 4/6
Vin 5/3
Delivery specialist call 5/3
Got delivery date of 5/17 on 5/7

Quoted from Adams:

configured over 3 weeks ago but haven't heard anything since. Still no VIN, no delivery date.
Hoping they speed things up a bit

As of now, I’m schedule to take delivery 777 days after I placed the reservation.

Quoted from angus:

Been a long wait.

#1403 1 year ago

The car doesn't count "against" the $7,500 until it is delivered. The new configurations are going live next week for July production. The earliest I'd expect to see a trickle of these new configs is 9/1.

I believe they are throttling US deliveries, they seem to have invited every single canadian before clearing even the first couple days of US orders in the queue.

I believe they are trying to hit that 200,000 US delivery early Q3, around July 1 and keep the full credit alive until 1/1/2019.

Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

I would not bet on that, even though I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. But, with AWD and performance being able to be configured next week, there will be tons of more 3s before they even consider producing the 3 SR. Probably in line with them starting leasing, early 2019.

#1406 1 year ago

It could mean that more people go without AWD. AWD is nice, but if it comes out at $5K, and you are going to lose $3750 of the credit like most people, that puts AWD at $8,750. It's the reason I passed on it, and I'm thinking I'll like the larger battery a lot more than I needed AWD.

Even AWD models trickle out in September, it's going to take them months to fill the backlog. Elon said 6 months, so you can count on it taking a lot longer than that.

Unless you live in a really harsh climate, a good set of snow tires is going to be safer than AWD and not having snow tires.

Quoted from paynemic:

$3750 is nothing to sniff at but I wonder if it’s enough to get some people to pull out.

#1411 1 year ago

I've got about 60 miles on my car, and it has either met, but mostly exceeded my unreasonably high expectations in every way. When Tesla gets their shit together and figures out how to make these, you will see them everywhere.

The car is a pleasure to drive, very fast, handles great, feels great. The glass roof makes the car feel very spacious, and the premium audio is awesome. People rag on Slacker, but once I jumped through a couple hoops and got my custom stations on there I was a lot happier.

Autopilot is going to make rush hour traffic so much easier. However, not like it's a big secret, but Autopilot is not very effective on the surface streets. However, the adaptive cruise control is.

My only regret is that I didn't camp out overnight at the Tesla store on 3/31/2106 so I could have gotten the car sooner.

2 weeks later
#1427 1 year ago

The federal reabate is good for the Bolt. State rebates should, but depends on the state.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

What ARE the tax incentives on a bolt anyway? Seems like the base price is the same as a model3?

1 week later
#1438 1 year ago

I'm about a thousand miles into my Model 3 and I love it. I love it so much. I cannot believe that this car has beat almost every expectation I had.

I see a few Chevy Bolts around town, saw one this weekend in the parking lot of the pinball show. I really like the Chevy Bolt. It's functional, has great range, and does what's advertised, keeping you out of gas stations. If the Model 3 didn't exist, I would be driving a Bolt right now, and I would be very happy doing so.

The only real disadvantage the Bolt has is not having a supercharger network. Besides that, The bolt does everything the base Model 3 does and I think Chevy deserves a lot of credit. They did beat Tesla to market afterall with a $35,000-ish electric car.

#1445 1 year ago

It's not. Walk into a Chevy dealer and try to buy one. Salespeople avoid it because they don't know much about it, Chevy hasn't marketed it at all, and tons of misinformation by the same people who won't sell them is a large reason why it's not doing better.

They aren't selling because it's almost impossible to buy one.

Quoted from Brijam:

The Bolt is a dud. There's just no demand for a boring expensive electric subcompact, as anyone even remotely connected to EVs should have known.

1 week later
#1515 1 year ago

When people want to talk about the gas savings of a Tesla, the fact that electricity isn’t free usually comes up, which is fair and valid.

However, when most people attempt to calculate the savings of electric cars they go off of a car that gets an average MPG or around the MPG of their current car. A ICE P100D would get what? 12MPG? Maybe 15MPG? With Tesla’s effencieny, if your someone who likes to floor it all the time, the electric savings is a lot greater than it may seem. And most people aren’t taking the fact that they are buying a super car into account.

Quoted from pezpunk:

spent zero minutes at gas stations

#1540 1 year ago

Tesla is proprietary, J1772 is more "standard." When you buy a Tesla, it comes with an adapter so you can use J1772 charging stations if you want to. Standards aren't a huge deal if you are able to utilize adapters which you can in most cases, not just for charging stations but other plug types. Tesla sells a wide range of adapters, besides the J1772 the car comes with, so you can plug the portable charger that comes with the car into just about anything.

Quoted from PinSinner:

Is there a standard fitting/port at the charging stations that will work on all types of EV's?

Quoted from Brijam:

BTW the standard for slow charging is the J1772

2 weeks later
#1593 1 year ago

Maybe the automotive component industry needs some new rules...

Quoted from MrBally:

Long-term supply agreements are your honor in the Automotive component industry.

#1628 1 year ago

Why would they want to do business with someone that hates them so much? Why would you?

Quoted from MrBally:

That's an unsubstantiated lie. Besides, they are a customer of mine.

2 weeks later
#1830 1 year ago

I love Tesla, Elon, and most of all my Model 3. But, if he would just shut the fuck up, the cars speak for themselves. All this success in spite of all the negatives, by the time production ramps, the BS will die down.

He is thinking WAY too hard about this.

#1841 1 year ago

There is no such thing as bad publicity?

Quoted from robertmee:

But I'm of the opinion, that Tesla the company, would be better under different leadership.

#1863 1 year ago

It's just crazy that, there are so many people who hate this car, most of these people couldn't have possibly driven one let alone been in one.

This car isn't for everyone, no one car is, but I don't know a single person who has driven one and called it "bad." Not even some of the harshest car reviewers out there, even the tough ones give the car generally high scores.

I'm immediately skeptical of anyone who "hates" this car.

#1917 1 year ago

Even if this is true, and I'm not saying it is, Tesla would be doing so at the customers expense. Car dealers spend a lot of money protecting themselves against Tesla, they must make plenty of money if that's the case. Money in dealers pockets is money out of both Tesla's and the customers. Screw dealers and all the BS that comes with them. I've bought plenty of cars at dealerships, buying a Tesla is worlds better.

Tesla shouldn't use dealerships because they are expensive, antiquated and customers hate it.

Quoted from Outlanes:

We could be SO much further with dealer involvement that it depresses me that we aren't as far as we should be.

1 week later
#1936 1 year ago

Most stores by now should have both a performance and non performance for test drives. I don't think you can just show up though, I think you need to make an appointment.

Quoted from Brijam:

Does anyone know if they are doing test drives yet?

3 weeks later
#2082 1 year ago

5 star crash safety rating in every category and sub-category. I'll give the regulars here a few minutes to find a way to bash this....

#2085 1 year ago

Thanks for proving my point.

Quoted from robertmee:

Yay...It's as a good as a Kia, Chevy Volt, Mustang, subaru, Honda and lots of others. I'm glad it made the grade but let's not pretend it's some over the top accomplishment.

There, that's the best I could do to your challenge

#2098 1 year ago

I'm glad they didn't jack up the look of the back with all kinds of badges, hell of a car.

#2110 1 year ago

There is another thread out there for some of you fools:


You guys are acting like this guy pissed in your Cheerios.

2 weeks later
#2221 1 year ago

I don't like Honda's. Decent price, good tech, but I have never liked how they drive.

I couldn't imagine spending hours upon hours on message boards trying to convince people how bad Honda's are. What a low place in my life I'd have to be in to be doing that.

Quoted from paynemic:

I agree. People will say we are fan-boys, but the data is definitely on our side. Anyone who disagrees with you on this is just a hater, which is really just the negative version of a fan-boy.

#2229 1 year ago

I got version 9 last night. My task for this morning was to drive down to Game Exchange and check out Iron Maiden. Sometimes the stars align.

1 week later
#2264 12 months ago

I think the front end of the model 3 looks great.

However, it’s a mass grave for bugs in the summertime.

1 week later
#2268 11 months ago

The only reason Ford can talk shit right now is because they don't have a luxury car. Not so much when the pickup comes out.

Quoted from Darscot:

If Tesla manages to swing the pickup market Ford will be in serious trouble.

1 week later
#2283 11 months ago

On my way back to work from lunch yesterday there was a huge backup. It's the city, it's not really uncommon, waited it out. It was nice being in the 3, we could see on the map exactly how backed up the street was.

As we near the flashing lights and pass the incident, it was just 1 car, a DeLorean, with both doors open broken down in the middle of the road.

No real point here, just found the timing funny.

Quoted from goatdan:

as well as a DeLorean that had become sort of the ultimate car in my mind.

1 week later
#2307 11 months ago

If your used Tesla doesn’t have auto pilot 2.0+ hardware I would take the 3 all day.

All the used Tesla’s I could get for the same price as the 3 six months ago all had auto pilot 1.0 hardware or no auto pilot at all.

You REALLY want AP 2.0+

Quoted from rad:

Interested in opinions from Tesla S and/or 3 owners... If you were considering purchasing a used S (85D or 90D with under 25k miles) versus a 3, would you pick the 3 or a used S (85/90D) and why? What options(s) would you make sure to get?
Thanks in advance.

#2314 11 months ago

I love my 3 so much, it's been 6 months and I still love it. I love it too much probobably. But I'd trade it for a P100D S in a heartbeat As long as it was AP 2.0+ and similar miles and condition.

Quoted from goatdan:

I have a AWD 3 and honestly wouldn't trade for an S, even if it was a top of the line one

1 week later
#2337 10 months ago

It's going to be hard for them. Tesla did it without having to worry about competing with Tesla, they aren't so lucky. They are going to have to be a lot better than Tesla, and Tesla is really damn good. Only being a little better isn't going to convince many people as the Tesla brand is strong.

Quoted from Brijam:

Absolutely - Rivian could hugely successful. They’ve stayed quiet until they had an actual vehicle to show, got a sweetheart deal on a massive auto plant like Tesla did, and have lots of cash.

I don’t like the looks, but I don’t like pickup trucks, period.

3 weeks later
#2368 10 months ago

I've had my Model 3 about 7 months now, and the honeymoon period hasn't ended yet. Tesla nailed so many things, it just never gets old. I'm very much looking forward to some improvements in self driving next year. Mainly, I can't wait for the day when I don't have to pay attention. I don't mind being there in case the car says I need to take control back, but I just want to pitch my seat back, close my eyes and listen to some music.

Driving is so much less awful in a Model 3....

5 months later
#2844 4 months ago

Full disclosure, I stopped reading this thread a long time ago. The arguments aren't interesting to me.

I've had my Model 3 for 13 months, a little over 11,000 miles. I LOVE this car. I love this car so much. Of course, the car isn't perfect, but the benefits far out way the very minor issues. This car is so fun to drive, the tech is amazing, reliability and total cost of ownership has been phenomenal, HVAC is awesome, stereo is awesome, live traffic is phenomenal..... Auto pilot, auto everything.

Since owning the car Tesla has increased the power, added a dashcam, improved summon drastically and so many other things. No other company is doing that.

By far, my favorite feature is the accelerator pedal. I love driving this thing, I keep wondering when the honeymoon period will end and it just won't.

2 months later
#2876 61 days ago

Here is your dealbreaker. Today they are about the same. Later this year with enhanced summon you are going to start seeing a gap between AP1 and AP2 getting wider and wider.

#2878 60 days ago

I'm pretty sure Tesla sales are the least reliable people on earth. AP1 development is done, there will be no further features. AP2 will be significantly better, in every way, AP1 will never make it to full self driving.

Now, when these features are coming is an entirely different matter. I am guessing that the gap between AP1 and AP2 will start to widen inside of 12 months. Who knows though.

Quoted from sd_tom:

maybe, maybe not.. not clear to me that Autopilot-only AP2 will be anything significantly different than AP1 does now. for instance, talking to sales guy.. traffic lights are going to be part of FSD/not autopilot.

i personally also feel the FSD-AP2 features are much further away than elon thinks. not going to be shelling out $6k or more for vaporware.

either way, slight postponement as we refinance our house.. rates too good

#2881 60 days ago

Maybe for the functions you specifically listed, there are just so many others that don't require full self driving that are crippled or non existent on AP1

Quoted from sd_tom:

but AP2 for the functions above

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