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Who Dunnit, working on misc. replacement platics (slot machine, etc)

By Nycon

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

A few weeks ago I have acquired a W?D from a fellow hobbyist more or less on a whim. As there are not so many W?D around (at least not in Germany) this was probably the most important factor in deciding which of the machines available I was going to purchase. I had played the W?D extensively about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it. I am aiming for a bit of restoration work as I will definitely keep that pin in what should be a collection to come

As I happen to have a laser cutter at home I immediately thought of a few parts that I can make myself. Aside from the simple 2D plastic parts I specifically wanted to make a new window for the slot machine as the one that I bought the machine with has seen better days. One of the previous owners seems to have attempted cleaning it with an inappropriate agent, thus creating microscopic cracks inside the material.

The most satisfactory prototype replica I came up with so far can be seen here:
Slotmachine Window installed.jpg

It is made from laser cut and bent extruded acrylics. I have ordered some Evonik Optical acrylics as it has a scratch-resistant coating along with some Evonik Resist which is much less prone to break upon impact shock. With the Evonik Optical there should be no scratches at all, now with the regular acrylics there is the barest hint of scratches after ~100 games. I am also waiting for a few sheets of lexan for other parts I plan to make.

The only thing I am not completely satisfied with is how the glueing turns out (a few bubbles, sightly irregular looking joints), but am working on that. I have tested a few and will get samples of more special application glues soon.

Another part that I made a replacement for is the elevator scoop (the ramp that flings the ball into the three-pronged elevator ramp). The part in my machine was still acceptable, but why be content with what you have when you can happily waste your time making something new
Elevator Scoop.jpg

I am really happy with the result, looks immaculate inside the machine (I know that I missed to screw in the cable tie )
Elevator Scoop installed.jpg

The decal is printed on normal paper and looks acceptable but I will get it printed on glossy adhesive foil as soon as I am finished with working on all of the graphics.

Here you can see a brief overview of the plastic parts I made so farnext to the old/worn ones:

I had a small rest of black acrylics left and tried a dark base as the slot mechanism is sightly visible though the window with the clear base. Looks pretty nice but I didn't like the way the glue turned out. As soon as I recieve the new material and get the glueing sorted out I will make another one and post photos for you.
Slotmachine Windows.jpg

Also in the making are replacements for the slot reels, pretty similar to the ones presented here:
I have found a source for clear tubes that should have exactly the right diameter and material thickness. Unfortunately the tube material is pretty expensive so I have yet to order that. As soon as I have something to show you will be the first ones to know.

If everything works out to my satisfaction I will try to make a replica for the three-pronged elevator ramp. Mine is still in pretty nice shape, but I know some of you out there will be wanting one

It would be nice to know whether anyone of you would be interested in one or more of the parts. As soon as I am satisfied with the quality (I will post photos of course) I would be able to make a few parts.

I have not thought about pricing, but a rough estimates would be as follows:
Slotmachine window (clear or black border, whatever you prefer): 59$
Elevator scoop: 29$
Slotmachine reels: 49$ for a single one or 99$ for a complete set of three

Global signed-for insured shipping is just 10$, payment preferrably via PayPal.

All in all it would be nice to know whether at least some of your are interested in one of the above listed parts and if so, which ones. I will post another thread to collect orders as soon as I can begin making a small batch of parts, which I would guess to be late December or at the start of January next year.

#2 6 years ago

I'd be down for at least a set of the slot reels.

Now if we can get someone to tackle that main ramp....


#3 6 years ago

Looks nice but I don't know you, and you just joined, so I probably wouldn't buy form you until other people do, no offense.

#4 6 years ago

@TheLaw: No worries, I can completely understand. There is nothing to sell yet anyways. I will be giving out my Ebay account name for those who are interested so that you can at least verify that I am a reliable seller, but that will be covered as soon as I have parts to spare.

1 week later
#5 6 years ago

I was unexpectedly busy during the last week, so I could not do further tests regarding the glueing of the slot machine window and other parts.

Many little projects started, intermittent success with all of them, a little bit of a mess really.

I did however recieve another order and could work on the slot machine reels (similar to the ones posted here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/judging-interest-wd-who-dunnit-slot-reels-new-design-reproduction

I got the idea for the wheel hubs from the post above but used a different tube material for the reels as the material of acrylics tubes available is slightly too thick to fit into the opto correctly. I have sourced some PVC tubin with a slightly thinner wall which seems to be a perfect fit although it still is thicker than the original reels. And yes, I will get four appropriate screws for mounting the wheel hub. Also the part is glued, the longer strips of electrical tape are no longer needed to hold the the two parts togeter


I have also taken three videos:
1.) Original slot wheel alignment in opto:

2.) Reproduction slot wheel alignment in opto:

3.) Slot wheels compared in test mode (it is normal that they do not align correctly when in test mode):

I will make a complete set until the beginning of next week and use the time between christmas and new year to finalize the work on the slot machine window. I will also try to see whether I can form the outer tubular part of the reels from thin acrylics which would allow a more coarse alignment of the reel optos.

#6 6 years ago

Looking good!

1 month later
#7 6 years ago

Looking great, I'd be interested in the tube you found, since I couldn't find any the right thickness and had to turn it down on a lathe, which I have since lost access to using

#8 6 years ago

Also, I'd be interested in a new slot machine "window" if your design works out.

#9 6 years ago

The tube was pretty much of a random find in a local aquaristics store that specialize in koi pond equipment. It is a 125mm tube with a 2.5mm wall which is just thin enough to fit into the optos.

Unfortunately there was a family issue that came up and interfered with my alloted free time, so I had to put the slot machine window and reel aside for a while. I will try to come back to it sometime next week, as gluing in a principal issue that I need to resolve as quick as possible. I will post here as soon as I get something done, nocjef ist still waiting for me to finalize and perfect a whole set of reels, sorry nocjef.

1 year later
#10 5 years ago

We just got original tooling slot reels and slot windows in and will be putting them up for sale soon.


#11 5 years ago

Rick .that is good news i need them for my game. Any chance for center ramps ?

#12 5 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

We just got original tooling slot reels and slot windows in and will be putting them up for sale soon.

But the original slot reel design was flawed...

#13 5 years ago

Well, then the replacement will be as well, as otherwise nothing will exist. Another part that otherwise would never exist without the original tooling.

2 weeks later
#15 5 years ago

And the price is extremely fair, I spent almost that much on material for the few I made.
Wish these were around a year ago.

4 months later
#16 4 years ago
Quoted from mjenison:

But the original slot reel design was flawed...

What was the flaw? Only I issue I ever had with Who Dunnits is that the step motors shaft doesn't have a flat area for the set screw to rest. Because of this the set screws need wrenched down leading to stress cracks as the plastic ages. This isn't really a flaw with the reels.

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