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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

6 years ago

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#3191 1 year ago

br80 dude amazing work, that WW is beautiful. I may be picking one up soon that I plan on restoring. The only thing I don’t have and have not done before is the backbox screen. Where did you get yours? Thanks!

#3194 1 year ago

Hey guys so I’m going to hopefully be getting ahold of a WW that I’m going to restore. I don’t have a spray gun, and have made out pretty well with spray paint this far. But WW Has a fairly unique blue. anyone know spray paint color that is at least close?

I pulled up an old article that bryan_kelly was mentioning Painter's Touch #1927... but I can’t seem to find it love any help cheers!

#3202 1 year ago

Finally in the club!!! So excited I have been wanting a WW for a long time. Picked one up at an auction and it had the topper!! Going to be my next restoration project

#3210 1 year ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

start off with the boulder shooter

I have scoured the web and con not find them? Any help would be awesome!

#3216 1 year ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Let me know if this doesn't work out. I have a boulder shooter rod on my game that I want to switch out for the standard. We could trade, just pay for my shipping

Yes! I’m totally down I’ll let you know thank you

#3217 1 year ago

Hey guys starting to order parts for my restore. So decals, I have only ever used retro returns and have been very pleased! I love that I can use a heat to work out any wrinkles bubbles and help the bond. They don’t make Whitewater cabinet decals. Planters does but I have never used theirs. Anyone have any input on their quality? Thanks

#3229 1 year ago

Hey fellow rafters need your help, the coin door interlock on a white water is the stacked double switch right? My had been pirated so can’t tell.

4ED08A6E-D92F-4C4E-9156-56C39CF04B00 (resized).jpeg
#3231 1 year ago

Can someone be so kind to post s pic for me. Thankyou

#3241 1 year ago

Anyone know where to get this 9 pin connector?? It’s a Molex connector right? I need both male and female, this is for the power transformer, I found #5792-13224-09 on Marcos site but not sure if that’s it

815A2967-1A02-4BA4-A152-D770CC25E6C6 (resized).jpeg

#3244 1 year ago

Thanks elicash do you know what gauge the wire is used in that connector?

#3246 1 year ago

Hey guys, so digging more into my game today and I noticed the topper lights are not sequencing, is this a menu item that can be toggled? Also, if not, is it typically the board, and should I replace it? thanks

#3250 1 year ago

thelaw yes the lights just stay on pretty sure it’s the sequencer board do u k ow delts username or a link to the post? Cheers

#3260 1 year ago

Nice! dantesmark looks awesome
Wonder if pinstadium could integrate something like this being that they run the length of the playfield could be really cool!

1 week later
#3265 1 year ago

Yeti bath
A9E44963-11B7-4DA2-B0FF-8522F6CAB955 (resized).jpeg
DBA9C2EF-F561-46D0-9E73-54A749CEFBBC (resized).jpeg
And he got some new teeth
AFB06A34-CAFC-4ABE-B1D4-DBE17864D8D2 (resized).jpeg

#3267 1 year ago

I would remove the whole board?

3 weeks later
#3321 11 months ago

blitzburgh99 I had a similar issue on a game and I used some thick weather stripping around the display to prevent light bleed? May help

#3322 11 months ago

Annd the top is done! Just need to move on to the cabinet

075BA410-DB44-4BF0-B72D-67CDB99C4D5B (resized).jpeg577D70D0-E36E-43F2-ABEE-80FEA5A67786 (resized).jpegA01C29AC-15B0-4724-951F-E2D78CE453F7 (resized).jpegBDD0B648-204F-421A-B60C-20D5213CCA03 (resized).jpeg
#3326 11 months ago

Is anyone using Leds in the topper? I'm going to be using an led ocd, and in order for it to work error free all your feature lamps need to be led that would include these I'm,pretty sure .

#3332 11 months ago

Thankyou kind folks!

#3334 11 months ago

Hot or cold garbage? Thanks Def don't want that

#3338 11 months ago

yesh23 that's basically what I was asking consensus... Don't use Leds. Stick with the stock #194 bulbs

#3339 11 months ago

Was not happy with the stock color treatment on skull mountain so attempting to match closer almost there. Still needs some work
ACA4572F-7242-4B26-B164-B4F9B95FD28E (resized).jpeg
18BD3987-4CBA-43D5-9D51-FEBAF769FAC1 (resized).jpeg

#3355 11 months ago

I have LCD's on all my games, the best... had an led on a stern and it was awesome... but man they are bright.... to the point my eyes could not really process the color separation at times. the LCD has a much softer feel, and more configurable just my 2 cents

#3360 11 months ago

Hey fellow Rafters, I need your help. Would one of you mind looking at your female 15 pin connector (harness side) that connects to the transformer?

I just put a new connector on and i may have swapped two wires by accident .

If you look you should have 2 blue wires of the 15, one is a blue/greyish strip, and one blue/violet stripe. see my pic below for reference is mine correct? thanks
wires (resized).png

#3363 11 months ago

Got thanks so much guys.actually looks like it wouldn't even matter of I did swap them? They both do the same thing?

#3365 11 months ago

Does anyone need some used ramps and boulders? I just threw my old ones up on ebay. The ramps have all been flame polished
ebay.com link

allramps (resized).pngbowl1 (resized).png

all (resized).png Added 11 months ago:

Sorry here is correct link
ebay.com link

#3370 11 months ago

I just realized I didn't even put a ring on mine when doing my swap, I'm going to go back and put one on..

8549C5C2-B342-4F28-A2B7-BE2318370678 (resized).jpeg

#3372 11 months ago

blitzburgh99 yup that one has one I ran out lol so that Pic just doesn't have it on yet I'll post one tonight showing it

#3375 11 months ago

Personally I think the post is useless, the star post u circled however I think is needed as it acts as a diverter for the ball... The upper right one... Seems pointless to me

#3382 11 months ago

Her ya go u can see both... Kinda

C1320825-8456-46F8-A40C-BE7597823084 (resized).jpeg
#3384 11 months ago

Ditch it!! Pop bumper mayhem!

#3391 11 months ago

kerry_richard I have a Mirco also and mine was dimpled for both posts.

#3405 11 months ago

yesh23 hey dude looks like your missing a plastic that is supposed to go there that prevents the ball hitting the switch as you mentioned.

Interestingly I just got a new set of plastics, and this piece was not included so I had to use my old one.

Maybe I can pull mine off and scan it, may be able to get it made?

Here u can see

DF13FFBC-2DC1-49A3-8E88-CF1E1FAD9BD2 (resized).jpeg

#3407 11 months ago

Oh interesting! Thanks for clarifying Jam_Burglar I had not clue it looked factory on mine

#3412 10 months ago

If you wanted to make yours super unique, you could take all the fur off your yeti and use it for a template and get some white from a crafts store that would be awesome!

#3420 10 months ago

I like the exploration and craft that some folks have done to create the snow look and I can appreciate that, they are making it their own.

But, I'm one of the those guys that likes keeping things original with functional improvements and minimal theme deviation.

like for me i love the original look, its timeless... and its just my opinion:
2c43c450b7c8471b9abb2acbc82f3d2e86aa36b8 (resized).jpg
4f87e530af3606d57146c1a49466b8a389d225f6 (resized).jpg

Happy Yeti
8bec87d47903a153725b8cd6ba4177343b06c870 (resized).jpg

#3434 10 months ago

For those of you that are considering the Snow re-theme no need, here ya go and she's a beuty:

ventura.craigslist.org link

75C5548B-3BBA-4495-AE8E-40F102402A65 (resized).jpeg

#3448 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

New cab and decals, new playfield, new ramps, new boulders and many new mechs and coils. Also had color dmd , cliffys/mantis and few other mods and upgrades. Im gonna be adding chrome armor,gi and insert ocd boards and some other stuff. Going to be 7500-8000k . Its basically a new wh20 with nice upgrades .

8K estimate for that list is quite a reasonable price as crazy as that sounds.

#3478 10 months ago

LCD all day IMO its a better display. LED, even on a really dim setting is blinding, and colors tend to bleed... Unless you have the eyes of a 15 year old the leds create small halos and it can be harsh. Nothing can beat the smooth crispness of LCD. But this is just my opinion, and I have owned both .

#3489 10 months ago

poleposition you just have to remove the boulders, and can usually squeeze your fingers in there to attach it (if your using machine acres with nuts) if using the wood screw style way easier

0DDBB805-C750-44BF-B07E-62DA092DC627 (resized).jpeg
#3490 10 months ago

Manking progress on pain matching the missing mountain almost there. Also lighting underneath

AD38A90A-A283-43FB-8467-9F22A661EF8D (resized).jpegC731E609-99E5-4A92-BE62-88819B0D6809 (resized).jpeg
#3496 10 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Oh boy... Here comes the puking

LOL are you specially referring to the "rainbow puke club" by chance... If so, Ya well this machine ain't going in that category, hell'd freeze over before I let that happen

#3499 10 months ago

thelaw your opinion, and by definition there will be no rainbows. And umm it's a water theme?? I can count the blue bulbs in this game on 2 fingers.

One can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic...

#3502 10 months ago

Fair enough When I get it all together I'm open to suggestions... And the whirlpool I'm kinda up in the air about, I have seen with blue, red, orange, and warm white I was using ice blue which is basically one step bluer than cool white

IMO it's when u use super saturated Colors that it gets barfy, and ya that blue under the mountain is a good example of it

#3507 10 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

We've lost you already

Then in the words of goldmember "there is no pleeeaasing you." Sorry every single gi bulb in this game is not going to be white... So call it what u will, kinda funny how you clearly disregard any amount of work done to a machine because there is a blue bulb in it and now it's "shit". But like you said it's my machine and I'm definitely not seeking your approval. What a sinner I am to the pinball gods shame on me.

Point of clarification since you seem highly educated in this area... So all woz machines must Clearly be barf city in your book eh?

3 weeks later
#3526 9 months ago

Anyone in need of a decent used playfield set. Just put my old set on eBay starting at $59 cheers
ebay.com link

1 week later
#3579 9 months ago

Well folks I'm pretty pumped the final MAJOR part for my restore is on the way, a brand new cabinet! It looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks to Paul at Virtuapin! And just wait until you see all the chrome that is going on this thing

IMG_0172 (resized).JPG
#3581 9 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

not a restore then. restomod- sure, restore no.

Hmm.. interesting semantics you offer... but your comment appears to have a negative connotation to it? Sorry if i'm taking it wrong.

But I'm still calling this a restoration. Just because I had a cabinet made does not change the fact that its a "restoration." Per your statement would then indicate any person doing a "restore" that used a new playfield, or any "new" parts for that fact would not be doing a restoration?... and I disagree with that.

The word restoration means restoring something to a previous or IMPROVED state. If you don't agree maybe email Webster

#3587 9 months ago

restoration noun
res·to·ra·tion | \ˌre-stə-ˈrā-shən \
Definition of restoration
1 : an act of restoring or the condition of being restored: such as
a : a bringing back to a former position or condition : REINSTATEMENT
the restoration of peace
c : a restoring to an unimpaired or improved condition
the restoration of a painting
d : the replacing of missing teeth or crowns
2 : something that is restored
especially : a representation or reconstruction of the original form (as of a fossil or a building)

See 1c.. anyway, be the negative/pessimistic critical person all you want, and it's your god give right. Just know i kinda chuckle every time I see someone post a blatant negative comment -like marvin - when they had the opportunity to say something supportive or maybe even positive... takes more muscles to frown than smile, just saying.

FYI... NEVER did I claim I RESTORED the chrome or the cabinet, maybe you should read through some of HEP's "RESTORATION" threads that use new cabinets Marvin.

#3592 9 months ago

Well... you clearly are contributing some groundbreaking information here, so thank you sir, for your wisdom. I love pinside

#3594 9 months ago
D4790F00-BC61-44CC-B002-90E35D2BA187 (resized).jpeg
#3597 9 months ago

Your both right I’m disappointed I stopped to that level, but the dude irritates me not gonna lie haha

#3614 9 months ago

Maybe elaborate on why? I love when folks just say “no” or “don’t do that” but never actually elaborate. Have some great reasoning?? Awesome please share

1 week later
#3681 8 months ago

Sneek peek at some of the amazing chrome work by sc93cobra.

Untitled-1 (resized).jpg
#3692 8 months ago

Cabinet wiring is basically done!

cab (resized).jpg
#3707 8 months ago

I need the home rom anyone know who/where to get one cheers!

#3711 8 months ago

Got the Bigfoot mod in!! Was not too bad of an install great instructions zene10

79DD2A69-E994-40A7-85F7-BBF28FE59C84 (resized).jpegA2D125D6-4F2A-419B-BF80-4611B9513B5B (resized).jpegE958C911-2C9E-438C-8BB6-7B38E64D5DB8 (resized).jpegED86A79A-0B04-402F-AFCD-5EFE132914AF (resized).jpeg
#3714 8 months ago

zene10 ya once that clamp is cinched down it’s pretty solid! Hey better over engineered than under!

#3721 8 months ago

I went warm 2smd frosted all around on mine, keeps the warm nostalgia IMO

#3723 8 months ago

Soon as I get the machine wired up I’ll take tons yes ,,, backbox still isn’t on yet and the playfield is not in either maybe this week

#3726 8 months ago

zene10 I actually never thought to use led strips in the backbox, very creative.
I actually think it looks nice... you didn’t go crazy with all Sorts of color so it doesn’t look overstated I’m liking it nice job

#3732 8 months ago

Interesting! and makes sense:

main-qimg-75fdfe09ff27f11cc736ef0fcf0e6176 (resized).jpg
#3734 8 months ago

Hey guys have a major problem. Just put the playfield in my new cabinet and the shooter is roughly 1/2” too low?!
C2173F14-000E-4867-A31A-5F910C1DE470 (resized).jpeg

First thought was the shooter was maybe mounted too low?
2AFFCE44-744D-4B10-95DA-3B7E5251E27E (resized).jpeg

Second was the wrong playfield hangers as I had to replace the old ones , I cross referenced with my creature assuming they use the same size.
23F84D62-4954-4D4B-B28B-04C50E982C94 (resized).jpeg

The playfield clearly looks to high at this end
8D60F71A-A190-4769-BA9E-EC8C0F5ED4CC (resized).jpeg

I’m totally lost love any help please

#3735 8 months ago

Think I may have answered my own question, it would appear whitewater uses longer hangers than creature. So maybe a simple fix

1 week later
#3780 7 months ago

I have a twisted pins nib whitewater topper I’ll be putting up for sale tomorrow. It’s the closet to the original I have seen and is foiled, but still doesn’t beat the original pm me if your interested.

#3784 7 months ago

Anyone need a topper

Archived after 62 days
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Mod - For Sale
New “This is an extremely rare brand new Whie Water topper reproduction by wised pins. It is foil and has texture like the original. The foil treatment is not as pronounced as the origi...”
Walnut Creek, CA
270 (OBO)

2 weeks later
#3809 7 months ago

To each is their own, but I would have to agree the glare could be bad depending on how illuminated you plan to go with your speaker panel.

I had actually bought the lighted speaker for my WH20 panel that lighted pinball mods makes and ended up not installing it, for a few reasons, but one was I could tell it was going to reflect off the glass a lot. NOW this can be partially remedied with a bent plastic protector...https://www.pinballlife.com/bent-plastic.html but I digress

Also, Invisiglass could help glare but that's like another 250.00

#3812 7 months ago

pindelapin I hope you don’t think I was being a nay sayer. Dude it’s your gam man, whatever makes yourself happy.

#3815 7 months ago
Quoted from PinDeLaPin:

You know ultimately it just comes down to me looking to build things for myself and not pay a ton of money to someone else for things that I know I can do or make myself.

Love this man can’t wait to see it!

#3825 7 months ago

Looks Good PinDeLaPin what about rotating the LED so the seam is on top. As when standing in front of the machine you more prone to seeing the bottom of the led in that opening rather than the top, so it could look more "seamless" just an idea .

#3848 7 months ago

Great price, I paid 4500 for mine and it was a pile. This one is in great shape!

#3852 7 months ago

ya pindelapin sadly still on hold waiting for the new cabinet... as the decals are totally out of stock

#3900 6 months ago

gcs2000 be glad u got the LCD, this is a hotly debated topic, but I’m pro LCD on games with lots of animation, and whitewater is one of them. LCD is just much more flexible also May y display options and won’t blind u

1 month later
1 month later
#4100 4 months ago
Quoted from woody76:

Yes it is and also one of the most expensive if you have to start replacing ramps and stuff.

Yes amazingly WH20 is one of the most expensive games to restore, I think the ramps alone cost me close to 700.00

1 week later
#4121 3 months ago

Anyone need some pinblades? Had a spare set, I have some on my WH20 fits the theme perfect

Archived after 1 day
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New “Had a spare set brand new 79.00 new.”
Walnut Creek, CA
48 (OBO)

3 months later
#4384 24 days ago

After over a year, Two brand new cabinets, having to drill the playfield holes (not fun)... moment of truth...

And the playfield fits and glass clears !!!!

56D56FE3-0A45-4E84-BE01-3EBD1A401F05 (resized).jpeg
#4387 23 days ago

Oh yes! The apron, it has el tape mounted to the back of it you got it, lights up!! Can’t wait to see it. I’ll
Share pics soon as I get er wired up.

#4391 23 days ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Nice work, soulrider! Beautiful Whitewater. Is that missing boulder the one currently being sold? I know you paint matched it and looks like it fits right in. Tough to mix and match different boulders when everything looks different.

So... It took me a LOOONG time to find that one. There is a few other "missing mountains" that I have seen and I actually bought one that was on ebay and it looked like a wad of chewed gum LOL. This one I ordered from Australia, and I believe it was the last one they had.

#4393 23 days ago

Thank you so much kerry_richard Yes I Can not wait for you to see it.

#4398 22 days ago

Another small victory the side rails are on and the lockdown bar fits like a charm!!!
Whew... this is where the first cab failed.
Ready for the side rails
C0BA7D71-20D1-448C-B370-5148C8CA9F65 (resized).jpeg
Must say sc93cobra work never ceases to amaze me. Bling bling
B4880C30-6C56-4A7F-8569-0B0FE04EBB71 (resized).jpeg
Annnd... it fits!
0C9FEA39-A3C0-4BCA-9D09-CCA1F221854A (resized).jpeg

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