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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

7 years ago

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#1319 5 years ago

Can I buy the head only decals or need to buy the whole set?

11 months later
#2083 4 years ago

White Water is in the house!



#2106 4 years ago
Quoted from shicketmaster:

I realize a cherry game without topper plays awesome, but it is undeniable that value is affected.
Same for fish tales, same for F14. It's one of the first things mentioned if you ask thise groups what to look for when buying one of the machines.

I got Taxi, Fish Tales and White Water and my basement ceiling is too low for toppers (its fits Pin-Bot though) so all 3 toppers are off and in storage...

Dr Evil says you can have mine for 1 million dollars.

#2113 4 years ago

Anyone, knows where to get the lost mountain mod? I'd be willing to trade for my skull mountain mod.

Lost Mountain mod

Skull Mountain mode

#2118 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Same here. Give him a buzz.

PM sent, let's see...

#2128 4 years ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

I'm working on a missing mountain. Mould is complete and I am about to start testing different mediums to get the best result. I'll post pictures in a couple of weeks once I get a few prototypes produced.

Cool, looking forward to hear more! Put me on the list

1 week later
#2174 4 years ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Missing mountain
The first mould was an epic fail, but I start from scratch and this is the first decent prototype. What do you think?

I think it looks good. As long as it hides the back corner of the game from the player position. Looking forward to see it painted. Did you have trouble mounting it?

#2194 4 years ago

Looks good, I'd have to remove my skull mountain mod though. And it's somewhat expensive for us in Canada, 75$ shipped.

1 week later
#2199 4 years ago
Quoted from pincrazzzy:

I ended up making my own.

You own what? Lost mountain?

#2203 4 years ago

Yeah how did you do that?

#2210 4 years ago

Did you use an extra/new backboard mountain and used only the middle section and create the lost mountain? If I understand.

2 months later
#2255 3 years ago

Nice clean Wh20 buddy!

#2258 3 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Thanks! That's my newly clearcoated upper PF. I'm finally putting her back together! It's been since April!
Got any pics of this area on your pin? My wireramp was held on by a massive panhead 2" Robertson screw. That sucker isn't going back in. I need the proper stuff!

Hey bud, I can peek at it tonight when I'm home.

My gut feeling it's one of those:

BTW, what stuff did you use to CC the mini?

#2261 3 years ago

Hey bud, here is what I got, not sure what screw that is really, looks odd to me.

#2262 3 years ago

On the other side of the wireform, I have the same phillips head with the the washer built in screw as in your picture above.

1 week later
#2282 3 years ago

Nice buddy! How much is shipping?

10 months later
#2751 3 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

I am pretty sure it's the ball drop into the Whirlpool that goes under the playfield. I sold my WW a little while back though...

Did you sell your White Water really?

10 months later
#3148 2 years ago

I have the Skull mountain mod and would probably trade for the missing mountain mod. It slightly blocks the decal for the Insanity falls on the upper playfield. No biggy.

The paint and texture is not identical to the original mountains but it does not look out of place.

Edit: I actually have spare broken mountains and intent and try to build my own missing mountain mod from them. Some people did.

1 week later
#3181 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Also, who has the best cab decals? I remember years ago a buddy of mine did a restore on a WW and the front decal was really off between the bottom and the start button. I asked him and he does not remember where they came from. Thanks Mike

Don't think you can go wrong with PPS

#3192 2 years ago
Quoted from BR80:

Hey Mike - I used the PPS decals with the same color code as FH and it worked well.
See pics here -

Are those new ramps and decals? Nice work buddy!

1 month later
#3341 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Was not happy with the stock color treatment on skull mountain so attempting to match closer almost there. Still needs some work
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Nice man!

#3344 2 years ago

Please take a picture once it's back in the game. I'm wondering if I should do the same when time comes.

1 week later
#3396 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Bought the machine for my fiancé

Yeah right...

2 months later
#3716 1 year ago

I use sunlight 2smd in pretty much all my games now except Diner which I think screams warm lights.

Can't go wrong with Sunlight.

1 week later
#3777 1 year ago
Quoted from PinDeLaPin:

I think that goes out in the pegboard in your garage to hold a tool
[quoted image]

Who's the tool now. Nice find.

3 weeks later
#3826 1 year ago

I bought my Whitewater sight unseen about 2 years ago. Condition was pretty much as described.

The topper was bagged and bubble wrapped. My basement ceiling is too low and never installed it. I never looked at it ever before as well. The seller told me it was in great condition.

Tonight I checked it out. I'm very happy. Foil's perfect, colors are bright, plastic clean and white. Dome is scratch less. Score!

PS, not for sale

#3835 1 year ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

So what's a fair price to pay for a White Water these days. Assume good condition (not perfect) with working topper (dome may or may not be cracked). Some LEDs installed, has cliffy's ramps appear to be intact no breaks or cracks same for boulders. Regular DMD (not color). Little to no fade in cab art, no touch ups, head has some scuffs on one side only. Game is working 100%
Have a lead on a second one that is decent as well same info as above but no cliffy's, targets are wrong type and color, but everything else appears intact. Cab has little to no fade but a few more bumps and bruises. Game plays 100% as well.

Playfields planked or not? Raised inserts? Ramps condition?

Cab no fade is a plus.

#3840 1 year ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

I was kinda of around 5k myself. The "nicer" one as I would say based on pics does have a few minor extras (cliffy's, correct targets undercab lighting, pinblades etc) I was thinking maybe a touch more although seller is asking more than 5k for it. The other one seems decent as well (no extras and wrong targets) but price is fair bit less. I would have to get it transported as its too far for me to drive but even with that cost its less than 5k.

I would not care much about the extra bits. As long as the cab is solid, the playfield flat and the plastics (ramps, boulder, etc.) are nice it's a contender.

Those mixed up targets might be a signal the game's been messed around. I would take a good look but may be the price is right.

#3843 1 year ago

Looks nice to me. Can you get him to send you a picture of the playfield at gold mine exit (near the widlcat) see how much wear it has. And the shooter lane.

The stand-up targets at the no way out are not a big deal. I see he has mantis protector installed. Cab looks solid and inserts as well. Big foot is clean. DMD clean and strong.

But what do I know, I'm from Canada so 4k usd is like 10k cad....

#3845 1 year ago

Clean subway, game's been taken care. Hope it's 100%.

Good luck.

#3858 1 year ago

Yeah that sucks. But like everybody knows: until the game is sitting on your game room a deal is so far from being done. It's tricky...

I paid 5500 cad (4200 usd) at the end of 2016 (2 1/2 years ago). Above average player condition. Which was at the time exact Pinside median sale price.

#3889 1 year ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

So I tracked down a very nice White Water - new pf, new boulders, new ramps etc.
I already ordered a colorDMD (LED version), bigfoot hotfoot mod, pinduino - what else essential to get?
It does not have Cliffy's or Mantis am I taking a huge risk not getting these for a home game.
zene10 highly recommended the GI OCD and LED OCD which after seeing videos I really want to get but ouch another $300 for this game.

A second mortage? Grats, sounds like a keeper!

New ramps, yes please get mantis protector.

Drop the mods. Pick whatever DMD you like better.

1 week later
#3924 1 year ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

OMG not this debate again

White Water pinball name is 2 words. There is no debate.

#3936 1 year ago
Quoted from yaksplat:

Put some nvram in there.

He says he's not familiar with the issue (most likely dead batteries) and you suggesting taking the iron to his CPU board? mmm...

2 weeks later
#3981 1 year ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

i just bought all the twisted pins water fall holograms decals and the white mounting plastics from the going to prison sale. many boxes full.
tainted by the TP name but hoping to salvage this stuff and get them to people who need them. got a lot other stuff too, truckloads.

Did I miss something?

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