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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

9 years ago

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#718 7 years ago

I am doing a total WH20 restoration. Any cool mod or suggestions while it is easy to do?image-892.jpgimage-319.jpgimage.jpg

#720 7 years ago

Thanks, I will look in to that.

1 week later
#805 7 years ago

Yes, the set screw is in back of BF head. It is a hex wrench. Very easy to correct.

#806 7 years ago

#823 7 years ago

I think I have that mountain. I'll go check now.

#825 7 years ago

I guess mine is no better on a lighter note, I am almost done with my complete renovation!image-919.jpgimage-931.jpgimage-649.jpgimage-468.jpgimage.jpg

#829 7 years ago

Thanks, I will look at this

#831 7 years ago

Huh, missed that! Thanks
*FL-15411 Flipper Coil(Orange)
Flipper Notes:
1. * Items for Left Flipper Assembly ONLY.

#840 7 years ago

PM sent on the white mt. set

#856 7 years ago

So, if I switch to white mountains…where do I get the bumble to replace big foot. Is it just the rudolph toy cut and made to fit? or is there a really replacement?

#857 7 years ago

I am 95% done with my restoration but I want to "trick" this thing out. I want to make this look incredible. I need your "wish I did" but did not. I will try it and let you known, but I really want to make this look incredible. Your opinion is always appreciated.

#859 7 years ago

Ok, that's good so far.

#862 7 years ago

This is good stuff, I think I am leaving it more original and add a little more lights to it. I added the bear, color DMD, PinPro speakers, black powder coated on all the outside parts,stickers on the targets and Led lights. I think I am going to leave it at that for now.

#869 7 years ago

I cannot recall, who sells the bigfoot light mod?

#874 7 years ago

Thanks, I will put this light in.

#877 7 years ago

Interesting, I am going to try a prototype with little trees on mine. I will do this today and view for opinions.

#880 7 years ago

Can you alligator clip switches for power? I can do most anything to a game but I am limited on parts on the electrical side - PCB and the like.

#881 7 years ago

Trying to work some mods in. What do you think? Really value everyone ones opinions. image-199.jpgimage-250.jpgimage.jpg

#883 7 years ago

Sweet, yes please post your results. Love to see how it turns out.

#885 7 years ago

Wow, that is impressive

#900 7 years ago

I am having issues with BF spotlight mod. I cannot connect the new PCB to the existing motor PCB! Not enough clearance. Also my motor board does not look like the one in their instructions. Before I call has anyone else experienced this?

#902 7 years ago

If you could post a picture or two that would be great! Thank you.

#905 7 years ago

I attempted to put the warning label but failed. Pic attached. I might trying it again later. I put too much paint on! Learning curve. I got the eagle from Michael's a craft store here. I like the black but wow the blue is incredible, hind site I would do the blue. I moved the eagle and like it there. image-752.jpgimage-469.jpgimage.jpg

#906 7 years ago

Oh the warning label. Rework was not fun though, not hard but time consuming

#909 7 years ago

Looks great. I just put the color DMD in, PinPro speakers a final touches and I will put the playfield back in and connect everything. Hopefully this weekend!

#911 7 years ago

I Just cannot see how this is going to work! The motor is in the way.image-281.jpg

#913 7 years ago

Ah...Bach, I did not know that. Thank you very much.

#920 7 years ago

I lost about 2 hours with that spot light mod! The instructions did say bottom left but dang...so removed from BF. That was my issue. Hope it is cool! Because $98 for $14 of parts is hard to accept.

#927 7 years ago

I put in a orange FL1-15411 for the left flipper, what is the 1 after FL? Does that a concern?

#967 7 years ago

So, after seven months and a whole lot of cash...it is finally done. A few issues but overall I am pleased. This is my second one I did. First was Fish Tales and that game is played the most in my collection. Few pics.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

#970 7 years ago

Well, yes I do like the brightness of yours I really do. The picture is a little misleading because the colors are vivid and do not show the real "in person" look. I think the lenses are the best for LEDs and the above is good for incandescent. I will evaluate this, but the energy and reduced heat you cannot deny.

#974 7 years ago

Thanks. Yes, I did do new decals. Time consuming but not hard. Replaced just about everything but the wire harnesses! Just stopped playing it now. Fun game.

#978 7 years ago

Yes, all my games are led'd. I really like the colors from LEDs. I just put the blue in WH2O where water is suppose to look like image.jpgin the game.

#983 7 years ago

Yes, that is what I did also. Removed old decal, repaired all scratches, dings, dents and anything else to perfection. I took my back box to Sherwin Williams to color match. Bought a good quality paint. I have a LVHP sprayer though. Worked great. If I could ship paint I would send the extra to you. I had to get a 1/2 gallon but only used about 1/5 of the paint.

#985 7 years ago

You can rent sprayers if you are ambitious. You can also put any color paint in an aerosol can. I put multiple coats on mine. The warning decal is a stencil. I botched my stencil by putting too many yellow coats on. Just spray 2x at the max for the stencil.

#1001 7 years ago

I am having Boulder lighting issues. The issue is...they are not lighting. I did a total restoration and the only thing not working is the Boulder lights. If acceptable, if some one can take I picture under the playfield how the lights are suppose to be that would be great. Thank you.

#1003 7 years ago

Hey, thanks. I will go look and compare this with mine. Thanks for this.

#1005 7 years ago

Sweet. Thanks.

#1006 7 years ago

Huh, I have other issues. I did this and it did not work.

1 week later
#1017 7 years ago

I am having a few more issues...both VUK do not work well. The BF arch cannot kick up the ball. I changed springs, but I know I need a better sleeve. Will a new sleeve and cleaning of the linkage and possible very light oil help? Or is there something better? I have the 28-1400 or something but the coil called out in the manual. Also the lost mine...the dang thing drains perfectly! No chance at all to hit it with either flipper. Perfectly down the middle. Pitch set at 6.5 for the game.

#1018 7 years ago

I fixed this.

#1020 7 years ago

The wire frame - arch was not true. Slightly off the guide hole. The lost mine issue, someone suggested to bend the metal so I did and that worked greatly. Just a slight bend. Cannot see it anyway. Plays great now. Fun game.

1 week later
#1026 7 years ago

I just ordered the Lh-6 ROM. I have the L4. I did not see much difference between the L4 and the L5 but there looks to be a lot of changes to the Lh-6! Is this the preferred choice with WHO2!

1 week later
#1034 7 years ago

Yes, left a ball there (lane) many times with no search

1 week later
#1083 7 years ago

Will the skull mod fit with the bear mod?

#1085 7 years ago

Yeah, after I bought that dang bear I found it at Toy R Us! Son of a did'ly Since added a moose, beaver, wolf and a couple of owls!

#1090 7 years ago

Simply beautiful game. Great work.

#1105 7 years ago

I concur.

1 week later
#1111 7 years ago

So I upgraded to the L-h6 chip, all is good. Now in the middle of a game if there is a switch out it stops and does a test. Cancels the game - that might be the best game you are having. Is this normal or is this L-h6 flawed?

#1115 7 years ago

Ok, I will try the ribbon cord first. Thanks.

#1122 7 years ago

I have many 44s and 555s that you can have. Send me a pm with your address and I will send them to you.

1 week later
#1138 7 years ago

So, white and blue 194s for the topper! Alternating !

1 month later
#1182 7 years ago

I am having some GI issues. Just started not to light. I checked J120 and looks good but I do not know why it just started not to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

#1186 7 years ago

Thanks, I will try this. The GI lights are the lower slings.

5 months later
#1440 6 years ago

Wow, most impressive. Is that a sticker/decal or hand painted?

3 weeks later
#1458 6 years ago

Do you have a new PinSound board in it or Williams ?

1 month later
#1532 6 years ago

That is exactly what I had to do.

Quoted from Elicash:Anyone else replace Bigfoot Bluff ramp and have an issue with it fitting correctly? Specifically for me, the metal ramp flap did not sit flush where it attaches to upper pf.
I took a dremel with a grinding bit and smoothed down plastic lip under metal flap. Worked great as the area I thinned down is out of site.
Seems these replacement ramps are durable and beautiful, but the durability comes with the price of not so perfect fitting.

3 weeks later
#1593 6 years ago

I like black. I like it on all my games.


#1605 6 years ago

At the moment this is the best picture I have for showing the black



1 week later
#1641 6 years ago

Where do we get the "missing mountain" and "skull mountain" ? I cannot recall.

#1643 6 years ago

Thanks. Yikes, too much for me.

#1645 6 years ago

Did you perform the test in diagnostics?

1 week later
#1684 6 years ago

45 minutes max. You need to take off the top mini playfield though. I am thinking a 2 beer job maybe 3 depending on how fast you go.

#1746 6 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Damn, the screw holes are broken off the Lost Mine mountains. That's the one I'm hoping to replace. Thank you very much for taking the pictures, but I'm going to past on it. I'm sure someone here could use it though.

Take a small plastic washer and glue it on top or bottom. Then take some paint or marker to blend in. This should work. Also, fill in the gap with the glue. Just take a small rolled up piece of paper and insert this in the washer hole and tape around the washer.

1 month later
#1948 6 years ago
Quoted from aeneas:

If the upkicker assembly is clean then the coil should have enough strength to kick the ball out from the first time. So check it's not dirty..
What most happens is that the ramp itself isn't screwed tight into the playfield anymore. That makes the pinball lose a lot of speed.

This is correct about the wire ball guide and also look to make sure it is slightly back a tad so the ball does not hit the guide right away but gets more air first then comes in contact with the guide.

#1950 6 years ago
Quoted from judremy:

It could also be that the coil bracket is bent below the playfield and needs to be rebent so the stop is supporting it well. This will help it kick up better.

This is very true and forgot about that one.

1 month later
#1981 6 years ago

Very hard to do. I do not know of a repeatable shot for that. Just random luck for that shot.

7 months later
#2432 5 years ago

Make sure your apron is placed well also.

4 weeks later
#2490 5 years ago

Your VUK is too low and not level with the balls lined up. Yes, each ball is leaning on each other. That looks to me what is happening.

1 month later
#2555 5 years ago

And dinner and breakfast and some lunches and maybe some snacks, wait a lot of snacks.

2 weeks later
#2570 5 years ago

The bear is fine the tree, not so much.

8 months later
#2919 4 years ago

I have had the same issue with my VUK. I solved my issue by moving the wire ball guide slightly back. The ball was contacting the guide to soon. I moved the wire ball guide back a tad. The ball was hitting the guide and not following the curve.

1 year later
#3927 3 years ago

That is exactly what I did!

#3931 3 years ago

I did not put rad cals on. They were from Planetary I believe.

3 months later
#4161 3 years ago

I really think the BigFoot light mod is the best mod for this game other than the color DMD.

2 years later
#6625 3 months ago

Where does no skull mountain come from?

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