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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

6 years ago

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#3368 11 months ago

I have the rubber going around all three of those posts, but I don't know if that is "official".

1 week later
#3439 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Nope i wldnt of bought the pin then as the topper is very important for wh20 imo.... it's a original topper that is just in great condition.

Maybe it's just a bad picture, but I wouldn't say that topper looks correct. It seems like the foil layer is missing or something.

1 week later
#3492 10 months ago

The pictures above show yellow rubber posts (to the left of the Spine Chiller, and on both sides of the Extra Ball target). My machine has black rubbers there.

Does anyone know what the "correct/original" rubbers should be?
What color were the original flipper rubbers also (I have seen red, yellow, black and even blue) ?

Nice job on the mountain colors BTW.

I've always thought that Bigfoot would look better if his fur was closer to the color of the mountains, making him more "camouflaged" until he turns around.

3 weeks later
#3533 9 months ago

I just broke a flipper linkage on my Whitewater, and am having trouble finding the correct part number.

The manual states that the correct part is the tapered linkage part A-10656 (and the picture seems to show the tapered one).
And this is what I had on both the left and right lower flippers.

However, Marco specialties lists this as the part for pre-fliptronic flippers only (Whitewater has Fliptronic-II flippers). Additionally, their replacement full flipper assembly for Fliptronic-II flippers shows the non-tapered linkage (part A-15847).

Furthermore, a Fliptronic-II flipper rebuild kit (that I bought a long time ago) has the non-tapered linkage in it too!

So, is the Whitewater manual wrong (and I have been using the wrong linkage in my game for many years), or is Marco selling the wrong flipper parts (both separately and in their complete assemblies/rebuild-kits)?

Perhaps some Fliptronic-II flippers used the tapered linkage and some did not?

Anyone know what the correct piece is? The tapered linkage seems to allow for more flipper travel, so it's kind of important (and I certainly don't want to have different travel on the two flippers).


#3543 9 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

If you already don't have home roms for the game, I recommend it. I know some people say that it makes advancing the river class too easy, but I don't really think it does. The game is still tough as nails to get to class 6 in a single ball. Plus the home roms add some more cool lamp effects and a ball save for a more refined, more modern experience--especially helpful since on a full plunge, the ball will go straight down the middle almost every time. It also clears up some bugs, and adds more of a grace period for the secret passage and that rightmost switch next to the pop bumper nest (so you don't get a credit dot as frequently in the home environment).

The most annoying thing about the home ROM is the "light-show" you get at the end of the game. In the original ROM you only got that show and music after a very high scoring game. With the home ROM, you get the show after any game higher than about 30 million (which is virtually every time). It turned it from something special and cool, to something worthless and annoying.

Most of the other changes are good, though it does make the game a bit easier. The ball save, the grace period timers, the bonus hold, all combine to make the game easier, but do make the game less frustrating.

Back to my other topic, it would really be helpful if some of you guys could tell me which is the correct flipper linkage to use (or at least which you are using). The manual seems to say that the tapered one shown below (A-10656) is the correct one, but all the web sites seem to say this is the "old" style and that the rounded one (A-15847) is correct.

The two different linkages result in different amounts of flipper travel, so it would seem to be important.

tapered (resized).jpgrounded (resized).jpg
#3546 9 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

To me, the game plays pretty much the same. I can’t notice a decernable difference. I think you’re fine either way. But if you want to be 100% original, go with the tapered kind.

Yeah, I had a "new" one in a rebuild kit, but when I put it on the right flipper (along with the left flipper still having an "old" one), the right flipper has noticeably less travel distance (which will drive me nuts). I guess that I will order some of the "old" ones. Thanks.

A couple other questions --

1) I got the "skull boulder mod" for Xmas, which I really like. I tried to install it as the directions said, with the bracket to the back of the Whirlpoool sign, but it just couldn't fit. I was eventually able to make it fit (with significant bending of the bracket) by using the screw on the FRONT of the sign. Is this normal?
Also, I have the lights connected to the Lost Mine flasher (as the instructions seem to say), but this seems inappropriate. Is this what most people are using?
I had sort of expected that the eyes would be individually connected to the lock lights, but there is only one connection for the pair of eyes. Does it have to be connected to a flasher, or can it be connected to a normal GI or switched bulb? If I connected it to the green Whitewater lock bulb (when it's waiting for you to lock ball 3), will it burn out the eyes by being ON rather than FLASHING?

2) My Lost Mine kick-out has always been a bit problematic in that it is quite unpredictable. Sometimes it hits the ball guide behind the right flipper, sometimes it hits the flipper nicely, sometimes (but rarely) it goes down the drain. I've tried some different coil strengths, but that hasn't really helped much. It's very inconsistent, and turns it into an annoying sort of "choose wisely" game. Mantis has an "improved" kicker bracket that I am temped to try, just on the chance that it will be more consistent. Has anyone solved this sort of problem, or used this new bracket?

1 week later
#3604 9 months ago

I just got these for Xmas. I have not installed them yet, maybe next weekend (if I am feeling adventurous).

ebay.com link » Whitewater Pinball Inner Cab Decal Set Mod White Water

There is another artwork style available (somewhere), but I didn't like them nearly as much as these. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference.

#3620 9 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Yeah, looking at the pictures, I'm wondering the same thing. That is why something small, cheap, and non-obstructive like the bear may be an option. Just not sure how to secure it in that spot.
I do think if the lost mountain mod were available, I would probably get that, though.

I just got the Skull mountain for Xmas, and I am really enjoying it. Yes, it does block the view of the Insanity Falls arrow some, but it's not like I don't know when it's lit or when it isn't. The way it ties to the DMD animation is really nice.

I do wish that they had made the eyes light up in conjunction with the ball locks, but that's just my preference.

1 week later
#3677 8 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

You only have to reach level 6 River once in the game for it to stay lit for VJ. The bonus held keeps the river at the same level from one ball to the next, whixh make it easier to get the the 6th level.
I believe the OG software you had to hit river 6 on the same ball with everything for VJ... Like you still have to with multiball

No, on most (all?) ROMS you always had to only get to River Class 6 on any ball for it to count for Vacation Jackpot. While it's possible that on some very early ROMS that you had to get it on the same ball as when you lock the 3rd ball, but that has NOT been true since at least version 3 (and probably earlier).

The Version 6 Home ROMS made it a bit easier to get to Class 6, since you can get a Bonus Hold that will carry the river class over to the next ball, but it didn't change the Vacation Jackpot requirement.

On Versions 5 and earlier the "Bonus Hold" didn't actually do anything at all. It would say that you had earned it, but it did not actually affect the score in any way. Version 6 made the Bonus Hold actually functional.

1 month later
#3862 7 months ago
Quoted from yaksplat:

It's unreal how much they've gone up. My machine was 1800 in 07 and i thought it was a lot at the time. Beautiful condition too.

I bought mine in late '96. Paid $950 for it to an arcade that was closing. Only needed some minor fixes (and a whole lot of cleaning). It's been a great machine for me now for over 20 years.

Actually scored 3.2 Billion on it yesterday (my best game in a long time).

#3893 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

Anyone have the Wet Willie's sign from lighted pinball mods? My son wants to add it to the game. I 'm not opposed but I would prefer the skull mountain mod instead though.

I have both the Skull mountain and the Wet Wiley's cabin on my machine. I put the cabin up in the corner where many people put the "missing mountain".
I did have to put in an additional piece of velcro to keep it in place.

Also, I had planned/hoped to hook in its lighting to the switched lamp that activates during Wet Wiley's mode, but apparently that can't be done without soldering it in, so I currently have it just attached to a GI lamp. I will be at TPF this weekend and I hope to find a better solution there. It does look really good though.

Similarly, I had thought that I could connect the "eyes" on the skull mod to the two lock lights. Unfortunately, the eyes are connected together and expect to be hooked to a flasher bulb. I have it connected to the Lost Mine kick-out flasher, which looks cool, but is sort of incongruous.

#3895 7 months ago

Here are a couple of pics. So what do you think?
Sorry about the glare, it looks better in the daylight.


3 months later
#4128 3 months ago

Cracked / broken mountains are a problem. They have been out of stock for quite a while. Reproductions are supposedly going to be available "in about two months", but they've been saying that for several years now.

1 month later
#4219 62 days ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

One day I would like to get this game but considering it's prices I had a few questions for those who have had serious time on the table.
1. In my experiences the game feels heavy right flipper biased, rarely do I seem to use the left except for some up the middle shots, and you pretty much always need to hit insanity falls to get the ball over to the left.
2. For those that no longer have the game (or those that still have but rarely play it) how long before the honeymoon phase wore off and it got stale?
I appreciate the responses!

I have had mine for over 22 years, still love it. Not only will I never get rid of it, but the rest of the family would kill me if I did.
It may be slightly right flipper biased, but if so, not by a lot.

4 weeks later
#4360 33 days ago

ummm...most of the lights are not working?

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