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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

6 years ago

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#3834 1 year ago

So what's a fair price to pay for a White Water these days. Assume good condition (not perfect) with working topper (dome may or may not be cracked). Some LEDs installed, has cliffy's ramps appear to be intact no breaks or cracks same for boulders. Regular DMD (not color). Little to no fade in cab art, no touch ups, head has some scuffs on one side only. Game is working 100%

Have a lead on a second one that is decent as well same info as above but no cliffy's, targets are wrong type and color, but everything else appears intact. Cab has little to no fade but a few more bumps and bruises. Game plays 100% as well.

#3837 1 year ago
Quoted from Plumonium:

Playfields planked or not? Raised inserts? Ramps condition?
Cab no fade is a plus.

All ramps, plastics, boulders etc have no cracks or breaks in them that I can see. Ramps are dirty but outside of full replacement you aren't getting those nice clear beauties in this game of course.

PF seems fine no chips, raised inserts that I can see.

Both cabs are good but I did compare pics of a newly decaled HEP restore someone sold on pinside to pics of these cabs and there is some fade but its pretty minimal. Basically I wouldn't have said there is fade had I not looked at new decals.

#3839 1 year ago

I was kinda of around 5k myself. The "nicer" one as I would say based on pics does have a few minor extras (cliffy's, correct targets undercab lighting, pinblades etc) I was thinking maybe a touch more although seller is asking more than 5k for it. The other one seems decent as well (no extras and wrong targets) but price is fair bit less. I would have to get it transported as its too far for me to drive but even with that cost its less than 5k.

#3841 1 year ago
Quoted from Plumonium:

I would not care much about the extra bits. As long as the cab is solid, the playfield flat and the plastics (ramps, boulder, etc.) are nice it's a contender.
Those mixed up targets might be a signal the game's been messed around. I would take a good look but may be the price is right.

Around 4k before I pay for transport so assume $4500-$4600 once done

The other "nicer" one with a few extra bits would probably be at least $5500-$5600 not sure I can get him to go lower. It is closer (90 min drive for me) and I would be able to see/touch the game first which means a fair bit. Does it make it worth an extra 1k is questionable but maybe.

#3842 1 year ago

Here are pics of the ~$4000 one

Hard to say just from pics but feel free to share your thoughts

IMG_6500 (resized).jpegIMG_8154 (resized).jpgIMG_8155 (resized).jpgIMG_8156 (resized).jpgIMG_8157 (resized).jpgIMG_8158 (resized).jpgIMG_8159 (resized).jpgIMG_8160 (resized).jpgIMG_8161 (resized).jpg
#3844 1 year ago
Quoted from Plumonium:

Looks nice to me. Can you get him to send you a picture of the playfield at gold mine exit (near the widlcat) see how much wear it has. And the shooter lane.
The stand-up targets at the no way out are not a big deal. I see he has mantis protector installed. Cab looks solid and inserts as well. Big foot is clean. DMD clean and strong.
But what do I know, I'm from Canada so 4k usd is like 10k cad....

LOL here are 3 more shots he sent me

IMG_8312 (resized).jpgIMG_8313 (resized).jpgIMG_8314 (resized).jpg
#3846 1 year ago

Thanks. If I can get the local one lower I would go with that otherwise I think this one is a good option as the price is solid to begin with, don't want a beater game.

#3849 1 year ago

Made an offer to buy the game we will see what happens next.

Only other thing is hoping maybe I can find someone to go and check out the game for me and verify its there, working condition etc since its out of town. Going to use Fast Eddie for transport and of course want to be sure all is in place before he makes the journey.

Any fellow White Water owners near Hampton NH?

#3851 1 year ago

So this game is becoming a huge pain to get now.

Found one made a deal at asking price and asked for details to arrange pick up (4600). An hour later guy goes its sold - WTF

Found another one appeared to be a really good deal (4000). Made a deal called the shipper and then get a message this AM says No deal - what the heck

Have one other on the line appears to be really good shape (best one so far), local to me (which is nice) but also pricey and seller is fixed on price. Can't blame him really. He doesn't need the money, or the space and isn't desperate to sell etc so why let go for a deal. (close to 6k)

Just surprised at how this game has dried up on the sales floor (and how high its price has gotten)

Have to keep searching, searching ...

#3855 1 year ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

WH2O is a better player, IMHO, than games (ex. TOM and TOTAN) that regularly sell in the 6k plus range. WH2O is a one of a kind design and definitely will never be duplicated. From what I’ve been seeing, the floor on these in good, shopped condition is a $5k plus venture now. Under $5k, and it’s probably gonna have topper, ramp and/or boulder issues. That’s where I believe the market currently is.

you are on the money with the occasional exception (one of which I listed above) as it had no real issues.

The last one I have a shot at has no issues at all other than a cracked dome (at the attachment points only) but everything else good to really good - not CQ which I am not looking for at all. Just want a solid game that isn't beat to hell that we can play and have fun with and I don't need to work on every 5 mins. This one is just under 6k. High IMHO at 5k I would have bought it already its definitely nice enough for that.

Another one is now on my radar from a forum member (thank you) but it needs a topper and we all know how impossible that is to get

#3857 1 year ago
Quoted from yaksplat:

It's unreal how much they've gone up. My machine was 1800 in 07 and i thought it was a lot at the time. Beautiful condition too.

Wanna sell it, lol

#3859 1 year ago

Are there any decent options for a topper?

The game I am looking at now has everything but the foil sticker (all other parts yes) and yeah I know like everyone else too.

Wish laseriffic or tilt toppers would do one for those w/o any topper. While not original would be better than nothing, it would probably look pretty cool too.

#3864 1 year ago

Yeah I know just have to suffer w/o one or keep praying with everyone else they repro or one comes up to buy - umm yeah.

#3867 1 year ago

Would be nice but I doubt it

CC is clearly next. After that no idea but guessing TOM or TOTAN or CV

#3871 1 year ago

So I tracked down a very nice White Water - new pf, new boulders, new ramps etc.

I already ordered a colorDMD (LED version), bigfoot hotfoot mod, pinduino - what else essential to get?

It does not have Cliffy's or Mantis am I taking a huge risk not getting these for a home game.

zene10 highly recommended the GI OCD and LED OCD which after seeing videos I really want to get but ouch another $300 for this game.

#3873 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Send back the LED and get the LCD.

I thought the consensus on older games was the LED version newer games MB etc LCD. I had LCD in my OG MB for a while and ran it on hires setting and loved it but I would think with the older games and lesser animation the LED would be better. It's also a direct replacement no funky mounting extending in the back box etc.

#3875 1 year ago
Quoted from robertg130:

Give me 5k and take mine

Are you selling a white water?

#3878 1 year ago
Quoted from robertg130:

Yes,I’m in PR
But the machine is really nice!

Can't imagine the shipping costs for that.

#3885 1 year ago
Quoted from Whitewater:

Looks good , just a bummer that the installation process was not as easy as it should have been hope the sellers sort out the issues for future customers.

Agreed. I would like to add this to the game I am getting but not if its not "simple" plug play as stated on their site. For as much money as it costs I don't want to have to be screwing around with it like you did.

Looks fantastic though, well done.

#3887 1 year ago

Anyone have the Wet Willie's sign from lighted pinball mods? My son wants to add it to the game. I 'm not opposed but I would prefer the skull mountain mod instead though.

s-l1600-20-9 (resized).jpgs-l1600-23-9 (resized).jpg
#3891 1 year ago
Quoted from PinDeLaPin:

If you value your boulder garden plastics then I highly suggest the cliffys and the mantis protectors are definitely a must also if your ramps arent cracked behind the lock targets.

Went ahead and ordered. Cliffy has my money. Only fear I have with the mantis protectors is how tight things get once installed and of course putting holes in a new PF.

Quoted from PinDeLaPin:

No reason you can't have both

because where both mount it makes that area very crowded and blocks a lot of the ramp area. I mean I like both but don't want things to be overly cluttered and look stupid

Quoted from Plumonium:

A second mortage? Grats, sounds like a keeper!
New ramps, yes please get mantis protector.
Drop the mods. Pick whatever DMD you like better.

Yeah need a second mortgage for this hobby period. However we will be (have to be) taking a break on the pin side of things. Just working on them when needed and playing them of course. And yes unless something crazy happens (and it could) this should be a keeper along with our MBRLE. POTC is heading that way as well but we need a lot more time on it to make that decision. We only have one other available spot in the house which I think we will use for rotating a game every 6 months/year or so.

#3894 1 year ago
Quoted from mbeardsley:

I have both the Skull mountain and the Wet Wiley's cabin on my machine. I put the cabin up in the corner where many people put the "missing mountain".
I did have to put in an additional piece of velcro to keep it in place.
Also, I had planned/hoped to hook in its lighting to the switched lamp that activates during Wet Wiley's mode, but apparently that can't be done without soldering it in, so I currently have it just attached to a GI lamp. I will be at TPF this weekend and I hope to find a better solution there. It does look really good though.
Similarly, I had thought that I could connect the "eyes" on the skull mod to the two lock lights. Unfortunately, the eyes are connected together and expect to be hooked to a flasher bulb. I have it connected to the Lost Mine kick-out flasher, which looks cool, but is sort of incongruous.

Thanks for that input, really appreciate it!

Any chance you could snap a pic of your game, really curious to see how they would look.


#3897 1 year ago

I actually like that quite a bit. Gets both items in there without blocking too much at all.

Thanks for the pics!


#3898 1 year ago

So what does everyone have for a colordmd?

I ordered the LED version or so I thought and received my order today and it’s the LCD version

Just wanted to know what’s the concensus is all


#3903 1 year ago

Well we liked the LCD we had on our OG MB so I guess I’ll roll with it here. Thx

#3907 1 year ago

Best place to get the LH6 rom? My game is not coming with it so I need to track one down.

#3911 1 year ago

Delivered earlier today by none other than Fast Eddie. This guy is truly an asset to the community and more importantly the human race. What a nice, humble, and thankful gentleman. And man does he love his shrink wrap, lol!

NOS boulders
NOS ramps
NOS dome
Pristine topper decal
LEDs installed
Completely redone inside (very clean and well done)

Cab is rougher than I would like so at some point it will need to be redone. Legs are temporary till the new ones arrive from PBL. She plays butter smooth!

Got bunches to do but had to get to work (have both OCD boards to install, zene's bigfoot mod, pinduino board, rock pinball backboard and undercab lighting). I did get my colordmd, trough light, and lit flipper buttons all installed before I had to go. She is all playable though and that's all that matters for now.

Can't wait to get some more time with her (and the POTC next to it). Life is good!

WW1 (resized).jpg
#3925 1 year ago

Has anyone put Radcals on their cab?

The inner portion of my cab is fantastic - the outer not so much. Looking at the Radcals thread these seem ideal for me since my cab is not so great (lots of scuffs, scrapes, dings, lock holes, extra lock, inventory plaque etc). My concern is that my head needs touch up work as well. Anyone know the formula for WW blue paint?

#3928 1 year ago
Quoted from PjM:

That is exactly what I did!

Did you put Radcals on a White Water? If so do you like it and can you share pics?

Quoted from mbaumle:

My understanding is that the radcals eliminate the need to paint anything. But you can always buy the radcals, and bring them to like a Sherwin Williams or other paint shop, and that have that special color analyzer where they can exactly match the color you want.

Well I would still have to paint the front of the head where I have plenty of dings and scrapes. Good thought on the SW though, might be my best option unless I want to go full on cab restore

#3938 1 year ago

So the wife has made it clear that she does not like the red bulbs in the whirlpool. She insists they should be blue.

What do you guys suggest I use for blue in the pool? blue covers, blue frosted LEDs?

And is there an easy way to change out these bulbs or am I looking a tear out of the ramps?


#3941 1 year ago

Yeah I know but I'm the one that has to live with the wife not you guys

#3944 1 year ago
Quoted from branlon8:I used 3 white frosted and 3 blue frosted (each grouped together in 3er bundles) so generally one white bulb and one blue bulb is on. It creates kind of a frothing effect - like whitewater.
I usually try to keep my games as original as possible, but I never liked the red.

That sounds pretty cool any chance you have pic of vid of this? I like the idea actually.

#3953 1 year ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

I used blue incandescent bulbs and they work well there. I know there are a lot of people that like the red but it never felt right to me so I changed it.
Word of advice though, when you remove the light board take note of the plastic spacer keeping the long woodscrew at bay. I've seen quite a few Whitewaters where someone has lost or forgotten that spacer and consequently screwed the woodscrew up through the top of the playfield! Be careful not to do that.

Thanks for the advice. Its a small detail that could be forgotten and ruin a playfield. Much appreciated.

#3954 1 year ago

Anyone have a lost mountain mod they want to sell?

That bare hole looks bad and now that I have lit my mountains in the back from underneath that whole area is lit as well and you see blank space and wires.

#3957 1 year ago

Yes I have seen it but the shape is different than the one produced before, which I prefer.

#3963 1 year ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Sanity check pls: Would a repro topper decal devalue an otherwise pristine collector quality WH20?

Yes definitely

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