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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

8 years ago

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#551 7 years ago

Anyone looking at selling or trading for something in my collection (except congo)?

1 month later
#637 6 years ago

Wtb wh20.

Located in buffalo ny. Cash or potentially a trade of the shadow

1 week later
#655 6 years ago

Going to look at one of these bad boys on Sunday and super pumped to possibly be purchasing.

I've read a bit about planking on these playfields, but are there any areas in particular on the pf I should really pay attention to?


#657 6 years ago

Is there a general area where planking usually has occurred?

#658 6 years ago

Another quick question: The pin I'm looking at may have a crack on that center ramp, the one that is generally cracked by the green lock target. I've seen repros with the ramp flap attached, but are there any other things I'd need to rivet onto a new one if I choose to purchase? Not into riveting!

#664 6 years ago

Are there any cliffys for the ramps besides the two target protectors and the upper pf divot protector?

Edit: cliffy found.


#668 6 years ago

Great. Thanks Judremy

Really pumped. Kinda nervous as it's a bit expensive.. but sure it'll be worth it. Has a great topper too...

I'll post pics sunday should things work out.

#671 6 years ago

Let me get this straight, as it's listed differently in different places:

the Manual lists a ramps as Suicide Canyon Ramp, but I've seen the same ramps called the Disaster Drop Ramp, as well as the Spine Chiller Ramp.

Are these denoting the same ramp? (the one to the right of the green lock target?

#676 6 years ago

So Suicide Canyon Ramp = Disaster Drop Ramp


#677 6 years ago

So Spine Chiller Ramp is the ramp to the left of the green lock targets?

#680 6 years ago

That's why it was confusing. The Manual calls disaster drop the suicide canyon ramp.

I think I have it straight now.

Thanks guys. Hopefully grabbing one this [email protected]

#682 6 years ago

Well drove 2.5 hours one way to see a white water. Saw pics first, looked nice.

After phone talks with seller, I go see it: DMD completely gassing out, planked, cracked plastics, ramps, topper was beat up.. etc etc. Credit dot too.

"oh.. the display is fine once it warms up".
All things not told to me prior. I even asked about this stuff. I really had to bite my tongue.

Seller would've let it go for $3300. LOL!!!!

I passed and drove home... another 2.5 hours.

SO If anyone's got any leads.. still looking.

#685 6 years ago

Cool man. Keep me posted.

#689 6 years ago
Quoted from Thor-NL:

Well you took the right descision to walk away.
Often extended trips gets you in a mood of "ahh, well those few flaws ...."
Then back home you really regret buying this, while you wanted a nice one.
Good for you!

Well said

I almost pulled the trigger, but so glad i didn't. I was convincing myself to redo cab decals and buying a complete ramp set.

Glad I made it out empty handed.

I'll find one. Hopefully without planking.

1 week later
#691 6 years ago

Got another lead.. going in tomorrow night......

This one looks promising...

Keep you posted!!

#693 6 years ago

Search over I'm in! Still in my jeep. I'll post some pics tonight

#694 6 years ago

Guys, I remember reading about the time it takes the ball to exit the whirlpool ramp and correcting it if it takes more than the usual time. I can't find the posting.

Is this a leveling issue?

#698 6 years ago

Thanks guys.

I'll play it for a few weeks, figure out what it needs, and then shop it. I like to get most parts I'll need prior to shopping it out as I hate having a pin out of commission for long. Then again, once you start your shop, parts needed seem to just pop up.

#701 6 years ago

Only pic so far. She's still in my jeep image.jpg

#704 6 years ago

Need my pinball minions to help me move it tonight!!

#706 6 years ago
Quoted from tp:

Congrats, your gonna love it.

Thanks buddy. I guess I will stop pestering you for yours now.

#708 6 years ago

So not having the pin set up yet, I am having a hard time understand.

You're saying that the whirlpool ramp is connected together with the subway, and the subway should pull the whirlpool ramp down a bit.

I guess I'm not following..

#710 6 years ago

I see. We may have different issues Industen.

The issue I saw in mine while at the seller's house was that the ball spun in the whirlpool a little bit too long as compared to most wh20 I've seen. In other words, the ball didn't get into the subway ramp fast enough.

I saw this mentioned on a posting somewhere.

#714 6 years ago

Up and running!


#716 6 years ago


Damn thing wouldn't turn on. Thought it was still
Cold from an overnight in the jeep. Turned out it was the three prong adapter! Lol

#721 6 years ago

Fellas: noticing the switch under the mountains near Bigfoot (canyon main #57) isn't registering most of the time. This switch is the one that makes the furry beast spin his head and growl.

My question: as its under the back mountains, is it just a matter of unscrewing a few screws to lift off the mountains to get to that switch to either adjust or replace?


Great game!

#725 6 years ago

Sure. Leds look mostly cointaker.

Sorry for the quality

#726 6 years ago

This was in the Baggie with the pin:

I think it's the same as pinball decals.

#727 6 years ago

Another opinion question : the waterfall effect is amazing on the topper. I do t have the clear dome and was planning on buying it. Does it cloud the effect? It's so prominent without the dome installed.

#736 6 years ago

I'm fearing tonight when I get home and remove that mountain, I'll see the switch is cracked off the ramp some how. Ugh. Hope this isn't the case.

I could get my finger in there to test it, and the switch was just intermittent.. but felt tight to it's base (ramp).

#738 6 years ago

Thanks for the vote of confidence. It seemed attached well, just flaky. Ordered a new one this morning, along with a few other parts just in case I can't adjust it correctly.

#743 6 years ago

Popped off the mountains (2 screws, that's it!!) and the switch was fine. Just needed a bit of adjusting).

Bigfoot is now turning and laughing at me everytime I sink a whirlpool shot. Damn great game. Got to Willy's last night. Set high score, which wasn't very high, but good for me.

Really thinking about a new set of ramps. Think it's a total keeper.

#745 6 years ago

AM thinking about that too. I need to get a junk ramp to practice on first, but it doesn't look difficult at all.

#746 6 years ago

Did you just use new decals? Or did you flame around them?

#749 6 years ago

So basically the process would be something like this:

1. remove decals
2. clean ramp thoroughly with simple green .. (something non flammable I'd think) or the dishwasher.
3. flame on
4. reapply new decals

#752 6 years ago
Quoted from mot:

That's right.
On the game, I got, every single one of the 7 ramps was cracked somewhere. Flame polishing was not a viable option for me.

Well at least you HAD to splurge for beautiful new ramps, right?

#753 6 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I went all new ramps.....smooooth...You will love it!

IMG_20130507_080745_690.jpg 265 KB

IMG_20130507_080754_037.jpg 298 KB

Was there any riveting to do?

#755 6 years ago

Did they install easily? As in, did they fit well? Any riveting to do?

#764 6 years ago

Is it me, or is the skill shot damn hard sometimes?

I ordered a replacement spring just to make sure the correct one is in there, but I make the shot about 4/10 times.

#768 6 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Just you n00b

Hey man! Could be the spring!

#770 6 years ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

Mine is kind of tricky. I don't know if my spring has been replaced or not but it's the stiffer variety, not the loosey goosey type. I wouldn't say it's that hard but it is very common for me to have to take a couple shots where I don't clear the hump, or I overshoot and have to let the ball drain to re-try.

Yep. That's mine.

My marco order arrived today, so I'll install the new spring this week sometime and post back.

#771 6 years ago

Any of you guys apply any mylar on the pf where the ball drops from disaster drop? That area on mine is nice, and I'd like to protect it..


#779 6 years ago

So it was the spring.

Mine had a red one installed. The one ordered was the correct one. Much less stiff.

Another question: noticed no spring in my lock down lever. So I ordered one, but am not seeing holes to attach it to. Now wondering if there isn't supposed to be one.


#782 6 years ago
Quoted from judremy:

I think this was before the spring was added to the part.

Thanks. That's what I'm now thinking too as my bsd doesn't have one either. Oh well it was about a dollar.

#784 6 years ago

I'm looking for a lower right boulder (the one with the "boulder garden" sign on it). Can be used or new as long as not cracked.

#788 6 years ago

Thinking that wh20 is a keeper for a bit, so in my shopping of it, I will possibly look to replace the spine chiller (lower to upper) ramp that has a tiny chip at the entrance. SO, in doing so, I may get the lock target cliffys.

Does anyone have experience with them? I've read a bit and some people say they're difficult to fit, etc.

#790 6 years ago

thanks jam

I may forgo the mantis protectors then, as the pin is huo at this point and won't see a ton of play.. enough to warrant protecting that ramp behind the targets.

#793 6 years ago

Talk about the screwing into the playfield part.... They screw in from the bottom>?

#815 6 years ago

Anyone have an uncracked one of these around (Boulder)?

#817 6 years ago

Yeah, it's not too badly cracked, but I'd like to redo it.

I'm guessing it's the one that most people have cracks on.

#827 6 years ago

Anyone have any experience with the Lost Mine kickout decal?

Thinking of applying it, then spot clearing over it with either clear nail polish or something.


#835 6 years ago


#839 6 years ago

$50 shipped


#841 6 years ago

How the hell does one light RIVER 5 times without losing a ball?!!! Crazy..

#847 6 years ago

Hoping spirit gives me class 6 at some point.

#864 6 years ago

Does anyone have the directions on the install of the lighted Bigfoot mod?

#868 6 years ago
Quoted from bballfan:

Here they are Blackbeard.
I emailed them to you the day that you asked for them.
I guess the spam folder got it

spotlight.jpg 189 KB

spotlight3.jpg 190 KB

spotlight2.jpg 187 KB

Thanks. Must've gone to junk folder.

#870 6 years ago

I think it's on ebay? Can't remember without googling.

#886 6 years ago

This pissed me off this weekend: playing the rare 2 player game with my wife. SHE triggers the mystery prize and gets awarded the Class 6 river award!

It probably only comes up like 10% of the time. Not adjusting the settings either!

#891 6 years ago

Nice write up.

I plan shopping mine in a few months. Just topside though. I've done a few pins who I up for the challenge.

Any issues of note to really watch out for with disassembly/reassembly?

#893 6 years ago

I'm going to try to reuse all ramps by flaming except disaster drop.

#897 6 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

It's always the little things. I had a PITA short after I shopped mine....turns out wire snuck into the screw putting back on the upper PF. Sucks having to take everything off again after you just put it back together

WH20Short.JPG 100 KB

How long did it take you to find that!??

Nothing beats out the moment you find a short or simple fix for a problem on a pin. Best feeling ever. (I have no kids yet)

#923 6 years ago

Anyone have any extra backbox decals>?

#941 6 years ago

Damn good story MOT.

I've only been to Wet Willy's a few times, but haven't be able to reach class 6.

I love Wh20 and liken it a lot to The Shadow (more specifically completing the scarf to get to final battle). However, I give wh20 the edge as I don't care for the theme of Shadow.

#943 6 years ago

Yeah, I believe rev 6.

It does have hold bonus which keeps class level I believe. If I don't get a hold bonus, the levels start over from ball to ball.

#945 6 years ago

In looking at the ruleset, says that "you must reach class 6 at some point during the game".

And I think that ruleset was written based upon early revisions.

#947 6 years ago

Curious though, what's the point of holding the river award to the next ball? If you get that award once, it's good for vacation jackpot.

Maybe just for points?

#949 6 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well it holds your progress...so if you're at River 4 & Hold, you're that much closer to Class 6

ahh! Gotcha.

Spectacular game. It moved up ahead of congo for my favorite in the lineup, but just by a tad!

#951 6 years ago

My kickout sends ball to right flipper and I'm able to kick it up through the rollover, spotting a letter.

#959 6 years ago

Test switch 66. It may be the second switch in completing the ramp.

Think about it... If you get the ball up the ramp just a little past the gate, it wouldn't be fair to receive the millions, right? It should have to go all the way up the ramp.. and hit another switch. I believe TheLaw is correct.

I think the switch is 66 that probably is out or needs adjusting...may be an opto.

#971 6 years ago

LEDs look killer in wh20.

#975 6 years ago

If anyone wants to split a decal set w me let me know.

I just need the backbox decals.

#980 6 years ago

Anyone use Painter's Touch deep blue spray paint to restore a white water backbox and then add new decals? Also, gloss, satin, flat??

Half tempted to do this: remove backbox. Sand. Putty dents and corners etc. Sand.. more sand and putty.. sand. Prime, then try this spray paint.

I don't have a air brush etc.

Any feedback? My white water backbox is dinged up a bit, but the cab is super nice.

#982 6 years ago

Wow. That looks great. All with spray paint!?

Can you describe your process and the products used for backbox repairs ? What did you do about the yellow warning label?

#984 6 years ago

Oh. Ok. You used a sprayer.

I was asking about a specific brand and color of spray paint in a can.

#988 6 years ago

Thanks guys.

Really wanting to use painters touch.

Anyone know if it should be gloss or satin?

#990 6 years ago


Really wanting to use something in a can. I don't have access to a spray gun.

#992 6 years ago

Guys: what are you all using for the lights around the whirlpool? Mine has blue leds installed, and they look good. Just wondering what else may look neat.

I don't think reds look good here even though it's original. What about warm white leds?

What are you guys using?

1 week later
#1010 6 years ago

Fellas: I'd like to paint my topper light shield black. It has some chips in the paint. Is there a good way to do this?

I was thinking sand it a bit with some sandpaper to rough it up, then just spray paint with black. Recommendations on gloss or satin? Brands?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

#1013 6 years ago
Quoted from mot:

Can't help with that in particular, but I do have a good tip for you I picked up from High End Pins via their photos. Two bulb covers over the star posts on the shooter lane will protect it from further scratching that piece when the playfield is raised.
See the photo here: http://christopherhutchins.com/gallery/album362/22_G


Thanks for passing it on.

#1015 6 years ago

I looked at my light strip at lunch and the wear spot that's chipping is right where those posts would be.

Now just to correct the damage. Thinking sand a bit, then just a little black flat spray paint. Anyone ever spray paint that thing?

#1019 6 years ago
Quoted from PjM:

I fixed this.

Tell how for posterity.

2 weeks later
#1036 6 years ago
Quoted from PjM:

Yes, left a ball there (lane) many times with no search

So do you think maybe his shooter lane switch isn't registering?

#1038 6 years ago

Really, that shooter lane takes a HUGE beating with all the failed attempts at a softer plunge for the skill shot. Ball keeps rolling back onto it.

#1041 6 years ago

So it passed the finger test, but not the ball test?

1 month later
#1126 6 years ago

Depends. Mainly mine comes towards left flipper.

3 months later
#1302 6 years ago

@gac: my buddy would trade his congo towards a white water if you're interested. Lives in Buffalo

3 weeks later
#1329 6 years ago

Anyone have any issues with the ball trough on their wh20? Sometimes the balls don't register as drained unless I whack the side of the cab. Im pretty sure it's not switch related, but that the balls aren't rolling onto the switches perfectly every time. I took it apart and cleaned it, but still every once and awhile I have to shake/whack the cab a bit to have the ball hit a trough switch to register as drained.


#1331 6 years ago
Quoted from KingDaddy:

Not on my Wh20, but it happens on my WW occasionally. A little shake solves it, and their doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the switch etc.

Yep. Same here.

I'm wondering if the trough is notched from use over the years and is catching the balls in a specific spot. Thought I saw a video on this somewhere.

#1333 6 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

It's most likely a flakey switch. Check the trough for notches, but I am guessing a flakey switch.

I don't think it's flakey switches. I've run tests and they seem to work fine.

I can almost hear the ball move a bit when I shake the side of the cab. It sounds like it drops into place a bit and hits the switch.

Maybe its a notch somewhere though. That sounds logical.

#1335 6 years ago

It's gotta be either one of the switch arms is bent a bit causing the hold up/closure OR there is a notch somewhere on the trough assembly that needs to be sanded down a bit.

I actually think it's probably a switch arm that is misformed which causes a ball to sometimes not activate it correctly.

#1337 6 years ago

I saw that Skypilot but was thinking it was for the opto driven troughs starting with Indiana Jones. Think they work for older troughs?

"older troughs". Sounds gross.

#1339 6 years ago

Dremel could work to sand things, but I'm thinking it's switch arm related. Not that the switches don't work, but that an arm is bent causing the ball not to sit properly at times, and thus not activate the arm down into the switch button.

#1342 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Take the apron off and play some games till it does it ? Then u can see whats happening .

Did that already. Still trying to figure it out. Thanks though D

#1344 6 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I had a game that was doing something similar and It was one of the switch arms bent at a wrong angle and every now and then id have to nudge the pin . Just mess with the switch arm in question and it will eventually b ok

Exactly what I think is happening. Just annoying.

#1352 6 years ago
Quoted from yaksplat:

I joined the club 8 years ago. I just didn't know there was a club back then. Looks like there a good representation of WH2O around Buffalo, NY.

I have one in Fredonia.. and know a few up in Buff when examples. great Pin!

#1355 6 years ago

Hit vacation jackpot for the first time yesterday. Freakin' great!!!!

Was literally like a 45 mins game.

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