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WHITEWATER CLUB= Lifejackets not required

By Skypilot

8 years ago

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#575 6 years ago

Who won the Capital auction?

7 months later
#1145 6 years ago

Any way to get the ball to roll out of the VUK landing faster? It seems like it sits up there longer than normal before rolling down into the upper playfield.

#1146 6 years ago

duplicate post

#1148 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Meaning the ball lands, and then rolls up before back down? Check my thread here:
that has the solution, which is little post rubbers on the end of the VUK. Mine is working great now, almost never rolls up. And I fixed the place it was getting stuck if it happens to go up there.

It never gets stuck, but it's just slow to roll back down.

The previous owner had two rubber rings on one side. It works a little better with them removed, but I'll try it all around like you have.

#1153 6 years ago

I've got a question on the rules.

Most the time, the river class resets after each ball. Sometimes it doesn't. Anyone know why?

#1168 6 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

I know some hate leds. I'm curious on the Bigfoot spot mod if most are leaving incandescent or changing to led ? Color choice ?

Warm white frosted looks great.

#1171 6 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

Any way to get the ball to roll out of the VUK landing faster? It seems like it sits up there longer than normal before rolling down into the upper playfield.

This is the most consistent solution I've found regarding getting the pinballs to roll out of the VUK landing quickly.



1 week later
#1187 6 years ago

I had the pleasure of doing some white water rafting near Jackson, Wyoming a few days ago. This photo was taken going into a class III rapid. I'm in the back right with the sunglasses. Sorry about the watermark; I'm not ready to fork over the small fortune for the photo yet.

I did yell out "WHITE WATER" going into a couple obstacles in tribute to the game. Wife and I thought it was pretty funny.


3 weeks later
#1293 6 years ago
Quoted from KingDaddy:

Officially a member
What is the best LED approach? Was looking at Cointaker - their premium frosted kit.... Apologies if this has been covered.


-Color matched inserts with exception of "RIVER", which I did in blue
-->Use Pinball Life's smaller LEDs for small inserts, CoinTaker's supers for larger
-Comet Optimax natural whites under the slings
-Comet 2-LED fluted natural whites under lane dividers (frosted on left)
-Cointaker 4+1 warm white towers under pops and left mountains
-Comet warm white 2-LED fluted under back playfield plastics
-Comet natural white and one blue fluted by whirlpool GI
-Whirlpool is half white and blue Cointaker frosted, looks great when animated
-Upper playfield is Cointaker warm white frosted
-Very back is Comet 2-LED blue fluted
-Pinball Bulbs LED strips and spotlights


#1295 6 years ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

How did you mount the spotlights in the upper left? Is there a screw up there?

There's an existing locknut for the mountains. I used a standoff to elevate them.

2 months later
#1378 6 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Solid thank you. So when you say "the diode", is there a one size fits all standard? Or do I need to consult my schematics to find the relevant one? if anybody has a link for said diode I'd appreciate it. First donation to PS also incoming, I very much appreciate the invaluable help and sweet machines I've received from this site so far!

It's just a standard diode. You could run down to Radio Shack and grab a few for cheap. If you wanted to, you could also get some from Digikey for super cheap.

Lots of types out there, standard is fine. Schottky is also very popular/available and would work.

#1379 6 years ago

So, I've been putting a lot of games on my White Water over the past couple weeks. The game is really great. There's just something special about it.

I particularly enjoy being able to play it without any idea of where it's going to take me. Most games, I strategize how to get scores. This one, I just see where it goes. Lots of fun!

#1381 6 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Thanks. I see you also have Iron Man. I can't stop playing either of them. They both just feel really pure and fun. My other machines are collecting dust and they are all pretty equally new. It's scary to think that in August I did not have any! Luckilly I enjoy working on them as much as playing them and will hopefully avoid too many future tech visits and have some extra money left over for diodes and color dmds

Love Iron Man. Super fun game and a good combo with White Water. It's the second IM I've owned.

Both are keepers for me!

1 year later
#2400 4 years ago
Quoted from Osric:

I am looking for a boulder garden sign (and ideally also the replacement boulder). If anyone has any leads/links I'd appreciate it - everywhere I've looked seems to be out of stock.

I'd like to find this sign as well. This is the only broken plastic I have on my game.

Anyone know where to get one?

bouldergarden (resized).jpg

#2401 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I just ordered the color DMD. I can't wait to see how it looks on this game!

You're going to love it! It looks great on White Water, and I think it's one of their better implementations.

#2414 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Planatery had them and so did Bay Area Amusements.
Both are sold out.
I did get one and it is awesome. Hope they do another run sometime.

How long ago did you buy it?

I've been looking for awhile now. Curious if I missed it.

2 weeks later
#2454 4 years ago
Quoted from shane63026:

I just bought a whitewater does anyone know where I can get the white mountain set? I was very lucky that I found a Original topper for it! I'm looking to put some more mods on it so any help would be great!

Like white water rafting in winter, huh? It's kind of a summer vacation activity. I really never understood the desire to do this, but to each his own.


As far as mods, I'd recommend the bigfoot light mod that illuminates bigfoot when he's active. I also like the missing mountain mod. If you do LEDs, the PinballBulbs GI kit really does a good job lighting it up! The bear mod and rafts mods are okay. ColorDMD looks great on this game.

DSC04605 (resized).jpg

#2466 4 years ago
Quoted from allsportdvd:

How does your missing mountain attach to the game? I have tried one with velcro that didn't hold unfortunately

Double sided tape has held up for me.

1 week later
#2482 4 years ago
Quoted from Elicash:

Allibaster, I really like the way you have lit your game. What did you use to light the mountains along the back? I know it is common to put some light strips under there, but seems alot of people use Red. And the mountains along the left look good too. Let us know how you did yours?

The biggest difference is from PinballBulb's GI upgrade kit. It provides LED strips for above the back mountains, below the flippers, and some spotlights. Kind of expensive, but makes a huge difference. The LED strip for the mountains is mounted above, not under, the mountains.

For the rest of the GI, I used mostly Comet Optix Maximus LEDs. They do a great job of throwing the light sideways.

#2483 4 years ago

Has anyone replaced all their rubbers with Titan rings? What colors did you choose, and how did it turn out?

1 week later
#2501 4 years ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

I felt like the color DMD added a lot of value in that it's easier to digest the information (for me) when it's in color.
One of my favorite mods is the Bigfoot Spotlight mod. It integrates perfectly, interacts with play, and lights up that area when Bigfoot is doing his thing. If you're going to put LEDs in the machine you really need the OCD boards Herg makes. White Water has a lot of fading and scrolling effects with the lighting and you need those OCD boards to preserve that.

I would add the missing mountain mod to this list.

If you do LEDs, consider Pinball Bulb's GI upgrade kit to light up the middle of the playfield.

6 months later
#2738 4 years ago
Quoted from Playdium:

I believe it! Those labor hours add up quick. I'll need to repaint the head blue. Any recommendations to match the original color?

There's a blue color code that you can take to Home Depot or Lowes to have them make. It rarely matches, though, due to age and condition. A previous owner to my machine tried to touch up the cab, and it doesn't look so hot.

1 month later
#2825 3 years ago


Seems like the early 90's B/W DMD games are red hot right now. I just forked over $2800 for a Fish Tales project, although it came with most the parts to complete it. Other than that, these games have been disappearing from the market in no time.

2 weeks later
#2828 3 years ago
Quoted from Willys45:

Joined the club. Great pin to have in the collection. Gets lots of play time when we have friends over.

Not so sure about the snow mods on a white water rafting theme, but it’s a beautiful game!

1 week later
#2838 3 years ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

Yes I do agree that it's pretty blinding. I will need to check it out in person but it seems very blue. Haha

It looks nice. LEDs are an easy change.

As for the game itself, it’s great all around. Unique and fun gameplay. Lots of ramps, if that’s your thing.

If it were me, I’d just wait for a game in similar condition to pop up for much less. But, if you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to have it.

#2849 3 years ago

I recently installed some new side art blades from PinGraffix. It's a good product, and I like the look. They were kind of difficult to install and, unfortunately, I have a wrinkle up by the eagle. Can't really see it if you're not looking for it.

I didn't have very good service with PinGraffix, though. It took three weeks for them to ship out, then they were shipped to the wrong person. Joe said he'd give me a partial refund for the trouble, but that never happened. It's too bad because I'd like to get another set for my Fish Tales, but I probably won't order from them anymore.

IMG_0171 (resized).jpg

IMG_0170 (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#2883 3 years ago

Has anyone tried putting Titan rubbers on their White Water?

What are your opinions on it vs normal rubbers? Is the right outlane more or less problematic with Titan rubbers?

#2889 3 years ago
Quoted from zene10:

Yes. I have mostly titans with some marco rubber. blue flippers, black posts, white everywhere else.
I haven't noticed a difference between the original rubber and titans.
I removed the boulder garden rubber that "blocked" part of the garden (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/white-water-wh2o-boulder-garden-layout).
Slightly more right drains but pop bumper action is so much more fun.


That right outlane centainly is troublesome. I can’t seem to nudge out of it.

1 month later
#2961 3 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find the "Boulder Garden" sign plastic? I've looked every few months for years now. I can't seem to find one!

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 9.08.55 AM (resized).png

4 months later
#3135 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

How much tension should the shooter have? Mine has a good amount. Feel like the shot is a little easier that way? Anyone else?

On my machine, I release the shooter with the shooter rod washer at the lowest mark on the apron shooter window. This puts the ball easily on the upper playfield without over shooting. Seems about right.

#3156 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ha I know....and you hit it up there like 8 times flailing each one Can be frustrating for sure

But when you combo that ramp with the correct upper playfield shot..... oh, it feels so good!

#3159 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

so my dumb question of the day....
can anyone tell me if this is an original power drive board or Rottendog? I don't see the name anywhere and I've never owned a rottendog before but also never owned a HEP restored game before.
[quoted image]

That's original.

1 week later
#3182 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

when did this white mountain mod theme become a reality? It doesn't seem to be in line with the feel of the pin - I'm just wondering who created it?

Everyone knows the best time for white water rafting is in the winter....

I always thought the mod was weird. The entire playfield is a graphic of a canyon, without any reference to snow or winter. Now, if you could change the playfield and translite art to a snow or sledding theme, then it'd be pretty sweet.

1 month later
#3302 3 years ago

Looks awesome! Good work!

1 year later
#4827 1 year ago

What kind of bulbs are under the whirlpool assembly? Has anyone done anything interesting with these bulbs for LEDs?

Currently, I am alternating cool white and blue, but I'd like to change it to a light blue or just cool white. All the same color, or alternating?

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