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White Water - Reorchestration for Pinsound and Warren Davis

By Endprodukt

7 years ago

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#729 1 year ago
Quoted from Endprodukt:

Dear White Water fans.
I have news. I would call them good news.
All SFX and speech samples have been succesfully replaced to my satisfaction. I'm actually fine tuning them now. (Stereo panning and volume)
The music as you heard it in my examples is still not done and will probably not be done for quite some time...BUT:
I will release the package with a completely restored music set and my personal shaker profile.
I used state of the art compressors, limiters, equalizers and restoring tools to make the original soundtrack sound deeper, more punchy and clearer. It's stereo enhanced (not true stereo but wider), harsh frequencies have been dynamicaly removed while missing topend has been reintroduced with complex audio restoration. All in all I would call it a more HiFi version of the original that fades in with all the new sounds very naturally.
To me as an audiophile idiot the restoration is a night and day difference. It really needs a stereo update with good speakers to open it's full potential, though. Also the sfx makes heavy use of stereo panning.
When and how this package is going to be released has yet to be announced.
This is not 100% what you all have been waiting for, but believe me that it sounds fantastic. Having Warren Davis as the original Wet Willie alone is worth a ton.
I'm very sorry you all had to wait for so long.
A little something:

Hi. As there is no music out yet for download I decided to give it a try for myself.

I have two track left to reorchetrate and a couple of tracks a friend of me is going to make some guitars for.

Please send me the sfx folder, then we can merge my music with your sfx and callouts. At least until your music is finished.

Here is a sample from my soundtrack.

#733 1 year ago

To make this?? Just a couple of synthesizers, Korg Triton, Roland XV5080, Korg TR and a Sound Canvas 88

The whole soundtrack is built on a couple of tracks that is built around each other. Every raft/main song is the same exept some instrument add on and some minor adjustment in base/drums. But when you came up to the end things get very fast and there is a lot going on. The last wet willie song for example is crazy.

I try to listen to the original song in FL studio at a very slow rate, as low as 40BPM and try to pinpoint each note for each instrument and the rev it up to original speed, like 114 or 140BPM. Time consuming, yes. But I think it will make a big difference to the game. I started this project i december 2019. It was way more than I thought at the start.

Nice to hear you like it.

#735 1 year ago

Dont know how the original sound is stored in the rom-file. But one thing for sure. They didnt have memory to store songs in 2 minutes chunks. Some midi-like system to play the songs is a must I think.

I will not make a metal version. I just think the original songs used a guitar-like sound in some way. But there is a lot of banjo and other stuff.

#753 1 year ago

Of course I am willing to test your mix. Maybe i should finish my own instead but im interested.

First time testing in the real machine today. Some volumes is a bit off. I have made about 1/3 of all sfx from free sounds from the web/youtube. Also it seams the pinsound board has problems with sound sync. Sometimes when tjere is a lot going on sfx starts to slow, music dont stop when it shound and so on. I’ll try a faste USB drive next time and se if it has something to do with it. I’m using a 1st gen pinsound board


The high score song was quite a challenge for me. But very funny doing. Love the parts just before it loops to near beginning.


#765 1 year ago

Now things go realy deep. I thought th folder structure is fixed? Changes to this structure will end up in no sound at all?

Is there documentation that explains this somewhere?

#766 1 year ago

Sued..? You can allways come to the town of Skellefteå i northen sweden the 21-23 of may. Chris Granner is suposed to be there for himself along with Brian Eddy talking about pinball. Then you can ask for permision ) There is a large game show there. Not only pinball.

Information only in swedish in link below: But try google translate.


#768 1 year ago

Yes. I know. But admit it would be fun to have the opportunity to discuss this topic with chris himself.

#770 1 year ago

Found this on pinsound.org.

Each sound’s sub-folder must be prefixed by the instruction number
from 000000 to 900000, in decimal, followed by a dash “–“
Each instruction number must be unique (even between folders)
The name after this prefix is not important and is only relevant for identification and later modification (so, for example, you could use “000012-engine_starting_loud” or “000012-whatever“
Any compatible sound file placed in the instruction sub-folder will be played

Then there is some info about the folders, sfx, jingle, single etc.

is it possible to move a subfolder from for example voice to jingle to make a sound stop the music, as long as the number in the folders name is intact?

#772 1 year ago


2 weeks later
#775 1 year ago

I’ve been reworking the drums, then there is some mixing work to do to get rid of some heavy bass/muddy sound.

Locking forward to release soon.

1 week later
#780 1 year ago

There will be. Im finished with music. But i’m limited releasing until Endprodukt has released because i have used his sfx, voices and some jingles.

Go ahead and buy a pinsound board. You will not regret it.

#781 1 year ago

Just to clearify. I made a promise I want to keep. He has make great job producing these files.

Sure I can just release the music but it is a lot of tweeking af sound levels with sfx, jingles and so on. Releaseing the music with different sfx and jingles will just make all volumes rhe wrong values.

1 week later
#794 1 year ago

Pending approval it says... Guess they have to look at it first.

#796 1 year ago

They seams to take time to approve the file. Try this in the meantime.


#798 1 year ago

Yeah. Guess the sfx is about 40% new

#802 1 year ago

New version. This with 100% remade sfx and Ollis custom callouts.
Thanks Olli


#813 1 year ago

I will remove the dropbox link made earlier to free up som space. Now its avaiable at pinsound-community.org


#827 1 year ago

All you need is a pinsound board and a usb drive.

#828 1 year ago

Darn.. this quote thing dont work for me.

Was meant to Billy16

1 month later
#843 1 year ago

Thats some realy wierd behaviour. End game video thats is...

It seams that it plays several different wet williy music files after each other and then fades out.

Is this behaviour related to your last ball were lost during wet willy mode or is this every end game?

I’ll check what software version i’ve got in my mashine.

#847 1 year ago

But end game music is not supposed to be the wet willy theme in original rom, right?

#849 1 year ago
Quoted from yaksplat:

Another thing I just found. If the whirlpool challenge goes for a while, it runs out of music. There's a gap with no sound and it starts again.
I don't remember how it sounded with the original rom at the end of the game. It's been years since I had that one in.

There is no solution for this problem, I think. The sound files are in a certain length, aprox 2 minutes. When the sound file is played to the end, it's starts from the beginning. Most of the songs is made with aprox 1 bar with some kind of intro so there is no way to make the system skip that bar. when it plays it the second time. Well, I can make the sound files last 4 minutes, but it would make the sound package quite large.

#852 1 year ago

I may be wrong, but if the game plays a series of wave files, its because the game rom tells the game to do so.

I have thouht about the whirlpool "error" in the first example. I have asked Nicholas at pinsound what difference it is between sfx and voice, they both plays over music and can be played over each other. He told me that there is hardware reservations in pinsound that allows the card to play 2 voice simulanously and 3 sfx, if I got i right. There might be a solution to move the sound thats seams to be interrupted to voice folder and se if it behaves differently.

Also, I have started reorchestrating Fish Tales. I'm happy if someone who like this folder-structure issues to help me with that project, as well with sfx and voices. Music is pretty much completed. Some jingles left and of course a bit of tweeking.


#856 1 year ago

I think most legacy sound packages have serious issues with the folder structure. Some sfx is sometimes jingles, some jingles are singles. So the short answer isbthat it wont play as the original anyways. For this mix ive got Olivers folder structure. What a relief.

I have read about that you can play the game and record the games sound requests and view them in pinsound studio so that you can simulate the mix without have access to the game. This was called the .psrec-file. But it seams that this functionality is not available anymore.

I have asked them at pinsound about this, but have not got an answer yet.

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