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White Rose Gameroom/York Show - 2018 Edition

By bluespin

2 years ago

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    #2 2 years ago

    I'll go ahead and pre-emptively answer the important question that is on everyone's mind. The three closest hotels are the Wyndham Garden (has a discount for show attendees), La Quinta. (just built in the past couple of years and the Best Western.

    #23 2 years ago

    Just like last year both an outdoor and indoor flea market spots will be available. However, last year only one person purchased an outside flea market spot and and eventually decided to get an indoor spot anyways.

    As mentioned earlier, the show is in the same building as last year but in the other hall in the building. It is almost the same size and layout as the hall the show was in last year.

    There are also a lot of places to eat if you drive about a mile towards Route 30 and even more if you actually get on Route 30 heading east. Smokey Bones, Mission BBQ, Hoss, Burger King, Wendy's Chick Fil A, Wild West Wings and many others are all within a couple of miles.

    #42 2 years ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    Someone should notify some of the plethora of food trucks in the region and see if they will set up one day...they have a meet every Thursday at Springettsbury township park on Mount Rose.

    The Fairgrounds has an exclusive contract with their food vendor. Outside food vendors are not permitted.

    #47 2 years ago
    Quoted from Stoomer:

    Great point Rich...they are very strict protecting that crappy food. Even doing everything they could to stop flea mkt guys from cooking their own hotdogs and such. |

    After that debacle, I swore to NEVER buy anything from their vendor ever again...YMMV


    Exactly, I felt bad about that situation as they had been doing that for years. Our hands are tied with the food situation. The only choice I am given is if we want their food vendor or not. Having no food or drinks available at all would be stupid, so we take the only option.

    It is in the contract that I am to be enforcing the Fairground's rules. We have a good relationship with the Fairgrounds but their hands are also tied about it as they have a contract with the food vendor (who watches closes for things like outside food) and also must enforce the rules that are in it. While it isn't 5 star cuisine their food is fine and it isn't worth risking the contract and relationship with the Fairgrounds over it when there are so many options nearby.

    #56 2 years ago
    Quoted from djreddog:

    Any conflicts with the York Motorcycle event this year?

    Shouldn't be any conflicts with the Motorcycles this year. The show was on a different weekend last year due to a date conflict with another show.

    #62 2 years ago

    That is correct, you can set up your games on Thursday. However due to the layout of the hall and location of the garage door, we give the vendors with trucks / trailers in the hall priority on setup.

    Quoted from Coyote:

    In the past, yes. You can come and set your games up Thursday before the show.
    However, I'm not affiliated with the show, so this can't be an 'official' answer.

    #68 2 years ago
    Quoted from pinballtec:

    Hey Rich. First time poster, long time reader here. Hey. Would you like my help with the show again this year? I'm looking forward to exhorting my fake authority to designate bingo row and keeping a tight leash on would be ne'er do wells. Also, my apologies, I will NOT be bringing Champion Pub. That said, if things go well, I'll bring Steve Ritchies personal Hyperball machine. :mic drop:

    Of course we want your help again this year. Look forward to seeing a working Hyperball. I say see because I never have the time to actually play anything at the show. I am considering bringing a Rapid Fire.

    1 month later
    #89 2 years ago

    Why not both?

    Quoted from NicoVolta:

    Normally about this time of year I'd be trekking down to the Houston Arcade Expo, but now it's gonna be York. Looking forward to it! Houston is a fun show but is practically devoid of EM's. Now it is time to GET SERIOUS.
    Hmmmm... which to bring... which to bring? Snow Derby or Skyrocket? Both are TPF winners which have been cleared, stealthed, and rebuilt. This would be for the resto-modders among us, not the preservationists. Though in truth I have won a few of them over... *sheepish grin*.
    And, er, ah, anyone maybe possibly selling anything? Maybe? Could be? On the fence? Yes? Hmmmmmm?

    3 weeks later
    #135 2 years ago

    Yes, it was deleted. Some people decided that since they didn't approve of the shirt artwork that gave them free reign to try to do everything they can think of to hurt the show. The show is about having fun, seeing friends and playing games. It is not the place to be pushing some social agenda.

    #139 2 years ago

    I am not going into it publically. But if hurting the show was your goal, mission accomplished.

    Quoted from westofrome:

    Other than posting their opinion of the shirt what did anyone do to hurt the show?

    #143 2 years ago

    No, you don't get it, comments about the shirt were fine. Going above and beyond that was not. And you are wrong, there was a group of people (most of which have not nor ever had any intention of attending the show) that took it upon themselves to try to punish the show (or the people running the show) for the artwork. I am not going to discuss what was done.
    The Facebook post was removed so we can move on get back to working on the show instead of responding to messages and comments. I've spent far too much time already on what should be a minor detail for the show. Please drop the subject and move on. It isn't important.

    Quoted from wolftownjeff:

    You still don't get it.
    No one was trying to hurt the show. They were trying to help the show.
    If you change the shirt then they helped.

    #151 2 years ago

    For the record, the image that was posted by jar155 is not the image posted by the show and has been poorly photo shopped to further someone's agenda. So does anyone still think that "just trying to help" includes editing images and attributing them to the show?

    #154 2 years ago

    "most People" That leaves some that would consider it the real deal.

    Quoted from westofrome:

    I think most people got that the "BDSM Dungeon" bit was a joke.

    #183 2 years ago

    This is all we want (along with you having a good time at the show). The vendors are what make the show possible and they all spend significant amount of money and time to attend the show. Please support them and buy from them.

    Quoted from tp:

    I'm in for 4 if the design remains available. 2 for my wife and I to wear at the show and two to take home and give to friends Can't wait to attend and support the show by spending money on all kinds of things, and of course there's the pinball....

    3 weeks later
    #217 2 years ago

    Just a quick update about the show

    The show is shaping up to be another great show this year.

    At this point our 80% of our vendor spots have been claimed. We do still have indoor flea market spots available and space in the free play area. The online game registration is up and running at: http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html

    We will be having a drawing this year for those that bring games for the Free play area. For every game that you bring for the free play area you get an entry in the drawing. (games must stay on free play till 4 on Saturday to count towards the entry)

    We are also offering if you bring five games for the free play area, you get one flea market spot for free. (There are only a few spots available with this deal)

    2 weeks later
    #256 2 years ago

    Only one month to go. We are getting close to being sold out of Vendor Spots.

    Still some indoor and outdoor flea market spots left. A few indoor spots remain available for the "bring 5 games for free play and get a free indoor flea market spot" deal.
    Those that bring a game for free play and let the game there till 4 on Saturday will be entered in a special drawing.

    Online game registration is up and running at: http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html

    #260 2 years ago

    Are you planning on using it for free admission to the show?

    #262 2 years ago

    OK, go ahead and register it. http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html You still would get the free admission for bringing it.

    #274 2 years ago

    Some new ones this year in addition to the regular vendors. The list grows every day up to the show. I don't post the list as it is only current for a brief moment in time.

    1 week later
    #286 2 years ago

    The show is only three weeks away. At this point we only have two vendor spots available. There are still some indoor flea market spots available. The online game registration is available at: http://www.theyorkshow.com/game-registration.html Everyone that brings a game for free play, keeps the game on the floor till 4 on Saturday and keeps the owner card on the game will be entered into the drawing. There will be 5 prizes of $100 each.

    And now the part everyone is truly interested in Hotel information
    The hotel has added a few more rooms to the block but when these sell out, they won't add any more rooms.

    #293 2 years ago

    The responses are done manually and I generally wait till have several and do them in bulk (usually I get to them every couple of days). Especially this close to the show when my time is at a premium. Don't be concerned if you don't get a response right away.

    Quoted from Colsond3:

    I wasn’t sure if they are automatically generated, but I never received a confirmation email.

    1 week later
    #296 2 years ago

    Only 10 days till the start of the show! At this point there is only one vendor spot available. Indoor and outdoor flea market spots are still available. There is one indoor flea market spot available under the "bring 5 or more games" deal. There is also still space for more games in the free play area.
    There will be a raffle for those that bring games for the free play area. Everyone that has brought a game for both days of the show and the game on the floor at 4 PM Saturday will be entered into the drawing. Five prizes of $100 each will be drawn. To be eligible, your game must have a for sale / not for sale card on it with your name listed. The prizes will go to five different individuals.

    1 week later
    #360 2 years ago

    Pinsound is scheduled to be a vendor at the show.

    Quoted from davebart5:

    Is anyone selling Pinsound at the show this year that would be a better price than on their site? Obviously shipping is eliminated but that’s only $8.

    #361 2 years ago

    At this point, the following business and people have registered for either a vendor or flea market spot at the show. Please support them as they are the people that make the show possible:
    Rage Tilt Pinball Co
    Pinball Wizard / Chance Tess
    Bob Butch
    Peter Frasciello
    Rob Kahr
    Pinball Gallery
    Arcade Graphix
    Greg Stanish
    Pinball Photos
    Coin Taker
    Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge
    Kevin Meckley breweriana
    Mike Reeder
    Rec Room Specialties
    Pinball Parts +
    Classsic Arcades
    Royal Flush
    StarShip Fantasy
    Mike Frasca Gametime
    Flash & Trash
    Michael Saunders
    Marlin B
    Tolley Mike
    Johnson Robert
    Faber Gerry
    Joe Miller
    Pat Gallagher
    WV Pinball players / Steve Schohy
    Jeff Moorehead

    #367 2 years ago

    I think he said it is a 27 hour drive for him. It is a huge undertaking and expense for him and the other vendors to attend the show. Please support him and the other vendors.

    Quoted from Butch2099:

    Glad to see Starship Fantasy on the list! Buy those ramps guys & keep him coming back. I didn't think he was coming back again. Huge trip for him.

    #377 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, the newer luxury hotels in the York Area are on the other side of town. They are about a ten or 15 minute drive from the fairgrounds. The hotels near the Fairgrounds (with the exception of the LaQuinta) are in the "older but clean and functional) category.

    Quoted from rkahr:

    I haven't found a hotel I like in York so I just stay at the Wyndham.
    -visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my Pinballl 2000 H+V video sync combiner kit

    #390 2 years ago

    The venue is looking great and is almost full already. Lots of people braved the rain today, brought their games and set up.

    Quoted from rkahr:

    How does the venue look? I'm leaving DC at 6:00 am to set up during the pre-show hours
    -visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or my replacement LED display boards for model H and model S Skee Ball

    #466 2 years ago

    Not Yet

    Quoted from ckcsm:

    Are there any dates set for the 2019 show?
    I did see Ivan set Pinfest for May 3rd & 4th 2019.

    #480 2 years ago
    Quoted from ectobar:

    The internet got all internet ragey about the black shirt with the lady on it because blah blah blah dumb shit. It seemed like the shirt design would be changed to appease the cry babies but it didn't and surprise surprise sold well.

    And the shirt that was created to offer an alternative to it didn't sell at all. All I can say is people vote with their money. And I have a lot of new expensive cleaning rags.

    #482 2 years ago

    What's the alternative look like? You never know, might sell online.</blockquote

    Sorry, I don't have the time to deal with shipping shirts. We used to and it cost too much in time and money to continue doing so.

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